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The Grand Sound
Welcome to Volume 7 of our Best Progressive House mixing series, featuring our favorite tracks right now. 🎶
Don't miss the latest and best Progressive House music and follow our Spotify playlist. 💕

Comment from : The Grand Sound

Ricardo Maldini
Simplemente 5.5
Comment from : Ricardo Maldini

Дмитрий Васильев
Я того все
Comment from : Дмитрий Васильев

nekro Sorrow
Relax 😎😎
Comment from : nekro Sorrow

isaac mwaura
the finest and positive emotions .. the wold is in peace , big up guys stay blessed ....ONE LOVE FROM KENYA.
Comment from : isaac mwaura

Андрей Мулюкин
Класс... Прям как будто я на берегу океана 😊
Comment from : Андрей Мулюкин

Andrea Carlini
Bella compilation ma per la velocità dei brani sembra trance
Comment from : Andrea Carlini

Comment from : MindBlowingBeast

anil malik
Love from India🇮🇳😍
Comment from : anil malik

unkown 34X
From all the sub genres from electronic music.. "progressive house it's the best one"
Comment from : unkown 34X

unkown 34X
Finally! Good music 👌
Comment from : unkown 34X

Ansi Aldric
I love LTN, Kapan nih show di Indonesia??
Comment from : Ansi Aldric

Francisco Cumbane
Comment from : Francisco Cumbane

Craig Du Plessis
Love 26:00 to 33:00. Actually the whole set is awesome. Thanks for the tunes.
Comment from : Craig Du Plessis

Ian Cahill
Comment from : Ian Cahill

Paul Zanoni
Well, I would love to comment on the entirety of this set but I cannot get past the beauty that is Lumidelic Wonderland. On repeat all night! Thank you for the joy!!
Comment from : Paul Zanoni

Comment from : Mick

Nick T
Those transitions are so smooth
Comment from : Nick T

Garry Crawford
aussie boy in Cairns Queensland, Australia...Bang'n on the Bose by the pool with a long neck...does'nt get any better than this mate.....Garry!
Comment from : Garry Crawford

dado 2728
Qualcosa di spettacolare e meraviglioso. ...ti fa viaggiare con la mente....ti catapulta nei ricordi del passato. ...moto, viaggi, ragazza e divertimento....bei tempi....complimenti davvero....la metterò tra le mie preferite....grazie x permettermi ancora di sognare e....VIVERE....
Comment from : dado 2728

Wilmar Arteaga
Altera los sentidos fuaaa!!!
Comment from : Wilmar Arteaga

Не понимаю одного, почему часто называют ролики прогресив хаос хотя там чистой воды прогерссив транс... Я даже с музыкантом электроннйо музыки спрашивал, показывал ему эти видосы, он подтвердил что есть такое.
Comment from : FlyDream

Николай Гаврись
Забойная тема ......!!! СУПЕР......!!!..)
Comment from : Николай Гаврись

Алексей Коваль
Хотелось бы чтобы музыку можно скачивать сразу на прямую.думаю это повысит популярность ютуба.
Comment from : Алексей Коваль


Comment from : BeastMark

Langelihle Ngubane
Lesh - Flame of Hope is amazing. keep up the good job ;) and also the mix is perfect study music, thank you
Comment from : Langelihle Ngubane

Mustafa Yazıcı
LTN & Atilla Syah - Samurai ❤❤❤
Comment from : Mustafa Yazıcı

Dany Mikellino
amazing remix, greetings from baja california, mexico
Comment from : Dany Mikellino

isn't this progressive trance?
Comment from : doktormatte

ha tran van
Comment from : ha tran van

Menandro Dela Cruz
Who's. Up..I eym wooh!
Comment from : Menandro Dela Cruz

Comment from : ANRVIT

Barry Vrolijk
Great mix. 1.59 Cosmaks Whoop Whoop
Comment from : Barry Vrolijk

ThatNerdBoy 07
Comment from : ThatNerdBoy 07

Progressive house never Dies
Comment from : Dee

Ag Gómez
Great Quallity mix. Especially I like firefly.
Comment from : Ag Gómez

Royz3r Willow
the emotions felt from this mix is simply out of this world
Comment from : Royz3r Willow

I love Hidden Beauty at 1:11:38! It can be the perfect remix for Coming of Age by Foster the People. It has a very similar melody to it.
Comment from : rapha7007

Northgod Starboy
On drug's life is good
Comment from : Northgod Starboy

my ears orgasm. My mind too
Comment from : cityguy0189

yohenes robin robin
Comment from : yohenes robin robin

Eduardo Prado
Minha alma agradece ❤❤❤
Comment from : Eduardo Prado

Oliver S
Great mix & vibe. No vocals. Just melodic. Perfect! Listening to it while studying & at work. Thanks!
Comment from : Oliver S

dan bds
Viajo longe ouvindo ph se é loko ♡
Comment from : dan bds

igor hen
Lindo demais
Comment from : igor hen

Mridul Dutta
Lumidelic wonderland ❤
Comment from : Mridul Dutta

Andrew Christie
Things happen for a reason.........Better you know now. Be your own person, find yourself and when you do that you will be free to move forward. There is one direction you just have explore every all the twists and turns and one day you will reach your destination....Look back and smile.
Comment from : Andrew Christie

jucelyn arizo
Nice mix
Comment from : jucelyn arizo

Andreas Schimack
Ganz excellent super sound mix track
Comment from : Andreas Schimack

E-Line Freelance
Whenever am writing, whenever am sad, whenever I wanna run away from all the noise the world has to offer, this is the music I turn to. I am pretty sure that this is the music we shall be listening to in heaven!
Comment from : E-Line Freelance

Interlink Media Marketing
Supa dope!
Absolutely Fantastic!!!
Love it!!!

Comment from : Interlink Media Marketing

Jace V
Always uplifting and powerful!!
Comment from : Jace V

King Andrew
Anyone want to make some suggestions based on my top played?

Deadmau5 - Saved (9:48)
Deadmau5 - All I Have (7:52)
Deadmau5 - Hit Save (16:09)
Gregory Esayan - Ararat (Sam Davies Remix) (6:51)
Elevven/JES - Heartbeat Tonight (Alex H Remix) (9:30)
Deadmau5 - Jaded (8:54)
Deadmau5 - Polaris (9:45)
Shingo Nakamura - Starstruck (8:06)
Shingo Nakamura - Yesterday's Tears (8:41)
Shingo Nakamura - Sapporo (8:04)
Deadmau5 - 71c (9:23)
Justin Oh - A Distant Space (6:09)
Deadmau5 - HR 8938 Cephei (10:48)
Shingo Nakamura - Hakodate (7:06)
Phase Difference - Utopia (Meridian Remix) (4:26)
Michael Mashkov - Korea (Sam Davies Remix) (6:17)
Shingo Nakamura - Scroll (7:18)
Alex H - Day I Die (6:00)
Talamanca - Infinity (7:15)
Michael Christian - The One (Alex H Remix) (8:04)
Sam Davies - Duskwatch (5:57)
Deadmau5 - Get In The October Cart, Pig (8:26)
New Horizons - Midnight Escape (Axxound Remix) (5:43)
Talamanca - A Day At The Beach (8:47)
Shingo Nakamura - Memory Of The Sea (7:35)
Alex H - Ripples (7:06)
Markus Hakala - Our Story (7:07)
Shingo Nakamura - She Is Killing Me Softly (6:48)
Oza - Remember That (Shingo Nakamura Remix) (7:25)
Kamron Schrader - Transition Period (7:43)
Alex H - Hope For Tomorrow (6:36)
Markus Hakala - Forever & Always (6:13)
Tommy Baynen - Purple Sunset Over The Meadow (6:58)
Kamron Schrader - Transition Period (7:43)
Talamanca - Boardwalk (5:29)
Modest Intentions - What Lies Ahead (6:45)
Sam Davies - Northern Lights (7:38)
Sam Davies - Forever Wandering (7:28)
Alex H - The Avenues (8:30)
Alex H - Nature Valley V2 (3:48)
Deadmau5 - Right This Second (7:23)
Louder Dale - Summer Is Here (7:09)
Shingo Nakamura - Linear Light (7:55)
Shingo Nakamura - Metrour (7:22)
Modest Intentions - What Lies Ahead (6:45)
Basstarget - Snow (8:37)
Markus Hakala - Our Story (7:07)
Kalsy - Deep Space (8:19)
South Pole - Till The Dawn (Lumidelic Remix) (7:14)
Alex H - Sunset (9:08)
Shingo Nakamura - Crystallum (8:13)
Basstarget - Abstract (5:18)
Contracreast - Hidden Realm (4:56)
Blackmill - The Light (5:52)
Talamanca - Sunset Breeze (7:46)
Deadmau5 - Strobe (10:34)
Sam Davies - Blue Dream (7:18)
Aleksey Yakovlev - Space Odyssey (7:08)
Vitodito - Trampas (Mindset Remix) (6:50)
Talamanca - 5ive (6:43)
Vincenzo - The Notebook (8:46)
Alex H - H Town (7:31)
Shingo Nakamura - There For Me (6:43)
Shingo Nakamura - Alien (7:50)
Alex H - Bulawayo (8:41)
Alex H - Silver Lining (7:10)
Mango - Here We Go (8:03)
MitiS - Expose (4:39)
MitiS - There Within (3:16)
Shingo Nakamura - Sumr (7:11)
Alex H - Fort Victoria (the real one) (8:07)
Kryptogram - Bless It (4:22)
Basstarget - Reveal (5:21)
Special Features - You And Me (4:39)
MitiS - Give My Regards (3:33)

Comment from : King Andrew

Erick Fabian Arnoldo Davila Gallegos
A pesar que El titulo es House Progressive veo que Usaste pista Trance Progressive
Comment from : Erick Fabian Arnoldo Davila Gallegos

Luis Enrique Valeriano Alarco
Excelente música para escucharla, y no solo en fiestas, sino, también cuando vas en bicicleta, cuando estás trabajando, cuando estás en casa, etc! Greetings from Perú 🇵🇪
Comment from : Luis Enrique Valeriano Alarco

kariuki maina
I always find peace when I listen this kind of music. It feels like some mental therapy. Music makes the world go round.
Comment from : kariuki maina

amit beniwal
Comment from : amit beniwal

Graham Pont
My cat moved to another country and my dog exploded, I later found out I have type-2 gash and I only have yesterday to live, and to top it all off I never learned how to wipe properly... All that being said I still love these mixes, they are melodic, heart-warming, and relaxing. Keep it up!!!
Comment from : Graham Pont

de ep
Comment from : de ep

Antonio Mora Bautista
Comment from : Antonio Mora Bautista

James Mwaura
i just realized i can't stop listening your mix...big time i hit the button
Comment from : James Mwaura

Guto Homem
Comment from : Guto Homem

rahim khan
This is jus blisss❤❤
Comment from : rahim khan

could this be considered trance? if not, is it just house?
Comment from : SliderX7X

Małgorzata Skórska
Enchanting! Your mixes never get old, even if I listen to them months or years later - and this is another one added to a timeless collection 😊
Comment from : Małgorzata Skórska

ZGOOT always bring that fire!!!
Comment from : keljerel

Brandon M.
You are so amazing for making these mixes, you have no idea how much they help in dark times and struggles. Pure bliss❤️
Comment from : Brandon M.

Shiva's Chimera
Live by the sword, die by the sword.
Don't live next to a sword.

Comment from : Shiva's Chimera

Hamdi Şahin
Comment from : Hamdi Şahin

Bryan Walwa
This is what it feels like waking up from a good dream.
Comment from : Bryan Walwa

Ajay Varma
How in the hell is LTN categorised as progressive house? Stopped playing after few tracks..only got 1 prog house.. Track 3, lumidelic...
Comment from : Ajay Varma

Tiger Jakt
Such a smooth music from end to end.
Comment from : Tiger Jakt

Amix Mix
Love this mix...🎶
Comment from : Amix Mix

8:55 Lumidelic - Wonderland 😍 really represents how I feel about this music: steady, a grand sound😉 , open and spacious, happy, energized, probably the closest feeling to real freedom and anything is possible! Thanx Grand Sound, with every new release you make the world in these challenging times a bit better. I love the positive comments from everywhere on this globe, makes me feel part of a bigger whole.
Comment from : ericgelders

ArieXzion ForkenFire
Hi, i feel like a walking sh*t machine.
How do you feel?

Comment from : ArieXzion ForkenFire

Sonic Moon
This is what electronic music has been blessed with ❤️🕉️
Comment from : Sonic Moon

Tiger Jakt
Comment from : Tiger Jakt

Rash Ash
I'm pretty sure that this is the music that we will be listening to in heaven. Magical
Comment from : Rash Ash

Oskar Lindqvist
Bilal el aly - if we had a chance WHOA!
Comment from : Oskar Lindqvist

Victor Enriquez
Comment from : Victor Enriquez

Wow, this one is just wow. Its 12:30am and i want to go on a drive now. Good or bad thoughts idk, but my emotions are alive.
Comment from : digimon916

Clayton Pascoe
Seriously wonderful tune.
Comment from : Clayton Pascoe

DJ_DBM Music
Wow this mix is so beautiful! 🎶
Comment from : DJ_DBM Music

Thank You, i really need this right now
Comment from : Sanji-Kun

Gee Fanur
From .I.N.D.O.N.E.S.I.A. with L.O.V.E. ^_^
Comment from : Gee Fanur

Sound incredibile anzi unico nel suo genere!!!!!!!!
Comment from : Beppe66

Просто зашла.
Comment from : Irina

appreciation for shareing track list
Comment from : nebulae10

Great tunes! ..(^^,).. sunday is more lazy now <3
Comment from : Aleksander

Sagar Patel
Where is this image taken from?
Comment from : Sagar Patel

Alvaro Diaz Castro
Great set ! Superb.
Comment from : Alvaro Diaz Castro

Timothy Turenne
'Wonderful', love Lumidelic. I am luminous
Comment from : Timothy Turenne

Eduard Caso
music that moves your mind ..
Comment from : Eduard Caso

Reply Soon
80% of these tracks are progressive trance, not house. Still awesome though because I love trance too
Comment from : Reply Soon

Vivek Ranjan
Nothing Like this....❤
Comment from : Vivek Ranjan

Bill Liberati
Thx so much for supporting my remix of distant spirit and your continued support of my music over the past 2 yrs, much love guys
Comment from : Bill Liberati

Kareenaz Love5
58:30 amazing
Comment from : Kareenaz Love5

Kareenaz Love5
Comment from : Kareenaz Love5

Jakub Celý
Very beautiful.
Comment from : Jakub Celý

melchi yan
Thanks for support 😉
Comment from : melchi yan

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