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Onur Reis
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Comment from : Onur Reis

Jessica Veronika
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Comment from : Jessica Veronika

Subarna Bhowmik
Gamecrook (find it on Google) works but I have no idea how.
Comment from : Subarna Bhowmik

sf giants
there were two idiots, one splitting 20 and other hitting 12 against dealer's 6. these two screwed up every one
Comment from : sf giants

i genuinely feel bad for you
Comment from : Yourigames

X class laxxz
Why the earrape
Comment from : X class laxxz

Lenny Anders
Splitting 10s? Then hitting a hard 12 against a dealer 6 and then staying on a soft 16? This dude needs to learn basic strategy. A fool and his money are soon parted.
Comment from : Lenny Anders

Its only money— don’t worry
Comment from : Chrispee75

Gerard Pique
Comment from : Gerard Pique

Osvaldo Encarnacion
That other person didn’t hit that soft
Comment from : Osvaldo Encarnacion

derek felenczak
Should’ve hit 🤷‍♂️
Comment from : derek felenczak

Gulay Sukurova
Comment from : Gulay Sukurova

Breathy Breathy
I'd like to know the name of this website
Comment from : Breathy Breathy


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Comment from : 吉田兼好

That’s sad
Comment from : Jose

u lost from 666 devils number hahahhahaha
Comment from : Trump

It's all rigged. Don't believe? Look into virtual advertising - overlay of what they want you to see. Poor bastards.
Comment from : J J

Deric h
Why wasn’t it a push?
Comment from : Deric h

scumbag youtubers advertising scam gambling sites... scumbags
Comment from : xcmon3yx777

Comment from : 멋쟁

Junior Andrade
Stop the addiction how about that!!
Comment from : Junior Andrade

you never, never, never, EVER split a 20
Comment from : Superbad11

They all are rigged. Why? Because nobody can win against the Casino? And nobody can do anything against the casino. Ive lost 20k in 10 years. Im absolut sure that the casinos are rigged.
Comment from : tha

Brent Tnerb
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Comment from : Brent Tnerb

An Alcoholic Clown
If I lost that much I would literally rip my own head of and roll it to kingdom come lol now I don’t really gamble anymore just ending up losing everything all the time
Comment from : An Alcoholic Clown

Michael J BF
What's the name of this casino ?
Comment from : Michael J BF

Michael J BF
Shitty microphone ...yep
Comment from : Michael J BF

Smug Smugly
What can I do with 5 dollars? Oh I don't know. Buy a bullet and rent a gun?
Comment from : Smug Smugly

My favorite part was when the dealer said sbibobabkakaiwbwkwopwo
Comment from : Skerkler

Mie Mie
I always heard gambling hurts health, it looks no kidding
Comment from : Mie Mie

The people playing this game are stupid. Why you gonna risk 5 grand when you playing with morons? You, and everyone at that table, deserve to lose.
Comment from : RaffleisRight

Dough Boiii
What website is this
Comment from : Dough Boiii

Petja Välimäki
He made 5k from this video easily
Comment from : Petja Välimäki

Keon Jones
Now you can easily get $6512 without any trouble what you need
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Comment from : Keon Jones

4:56 so satisfying lmao. Never gamble bro
Comment from : Learn2Earn

Jewelz EDM
Dealt to 5k bets a few times before. It's always a "holy shit, dont fuck this up" type feeling. Dealing is fun
Comment from : Jewelz EDM

darkking 19845
What site is this?
Comment from : darkking 19845

If he hit again he would have had 19....
Comment from : SS85

Friend banana man
Friend banana man
Comment from : Friend banana man

if he would of hit he would of got the 3
Comment from : MrSavagebeast50

Steve Ptrd
he should hit, omggg he would have the 3 and win, what a Dusche
Comment from : Steve Ptrd

Joyster Michael
This dude literally out of his mind
Comment from : Joyster Michael

Tony Rivas
3:25 John Cena makes an appearance 😅
Comment from : Tony Rivas

Ioannis Hussein
The dealer won against you (16), Nessers (6/16) and lea4nina (14) at 4:56, but loses against LCB113670 (19), Sparcx (20) and joejoejoe (19). LCB107710's first hand lost, then his second hand pushed, so it's a tied bet. Lethal scream at 4:57.
Comment from : Ioannis Hussein

play texas holdem poker for bitcoin swcpoker.eu/a/1Ksu5tRo
Comment from : Nick

Brian Rollins
Dont do dumb bets lil baby
Comment from : Brian Rollins

Damien X
6-6-6 too... WOW.
Comment from : Damien X

Everyone like if u ripping haha
Comment from : Rastaman

Nacht Schreck
This dude probably made at least $5000 from this video, who cares?
Comment from : Nacht Schreck

Fadi Khosho
Who splits on 20 ? He was the reason you lost. I hate playing with stupid people
Comment from : Fadi Khosho

krispy creme
He won "" ""
Comment from : krispy creme

if he didnt bet , he should win the $5000 BE
Comment from : Games

Sounthala Xiong
The only thing I heard dealer said is I win
Comment from : Sounthala Xiong

Sounthala Xiong
He lose
Comment from : Sounthala Xiong

John Nike
IDIOT SPLIT ON J and 10??? Then better yet hit on J2??? What a donkey
Comment from : John Nike

Lol the dude that split 20s fucked it for eveyone
Comment from : kissmyputt247

Ghjrfididjdjdh Regggtitob
666 fuck that a sad ass scary ass number boy
Comment from : Ghjrfididjdjdh Regggtitob

What an idiot. He has a 20 against a 6 and SPLITS. He has to decide whether or not to take a card with a soft 16?? Amateur. He could have saved a lot of time and just given them his money and not even played.
Comment from : dlethe

Bee Dee
R.i.p soda
Comment from : Bee Dee

grent trel
Would havd got 19 if he had hit one more time. Why didnt he react on that?? He would have won...
Comment from : grent trel

mokum amsterdam
i feel you , i got 14 x black in a row and lose my ass .
Comment from : mokum amsterdam

Evan Yee
Why does the dealer sound like a sim
Comment from : Evan Yee

Jaime 1700
Awful! Every player got face cards or a 9 for 2nd card but the guy with 5k riding on it. 🤦‍♂️
Comment from : Jaime 1700

vlad vlad
Wtf this cards is huge:))))
Comment from : vlad vlad

The Podcaster
This dude a fucking bitch
Comment from : The Podcaster

Andris Gindra
Really sad 😔
Comment from : Andris Gindra

Whats the site
Comment from : PraisedWvorm

Sardar Khan
666 is 18 how did he won ?
Comment from : Sardar Khan

Uncle Rico
oh man you fucked up
Comment from : Uncle Rico

Mr Creative
FUUUUU _______
Comment from : Mr Creative

Brice Bowen
LCB107710 should be castrated for splitting those hands. chance would've won hitting on the soft 16 and staying on 14 like any normal player should
Comment from : Brice Bowen

yeah chance needs to learn when enough is enough, this is a problem and his fans fuel that fire
Comment from : vapelordtony

On 16 you stand if he has from 2 to 6
Comment from : NightBlue

All Tech
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Comment from : All Tech

Ced Said
The devil workin hard here
Comment from : Ced Said

Thot Slaya
I knew you were gonna lose when the count went negative
Comment from : Thot Slaya

Funny Boston Accent
The amount of money you're betting, just go to Vegas
and go to a real casino, instead of playing an on line crooked
over seas game

Comment from : Funny Boston Accent

Arie Ulubelu
I like it
Comment from : Arie Ulubelu

Comment from : esantiago70

Lias Khothayer
Wait so how much did he lose?
Comment from : Lias Khothayer

đức ngựa nguyễn
whoever has much money he wins
Comment from : đức ngựa nguyễn

Ignacio Alberto
What playing cards are those? I am searching those on internet
Comment from : Ignacio Alberto

Why couldn't you get that Ace of Diamonds? That would have been gold..... But going back to the hand, Dealer would have bust if everyone knew what they were doing. That is why I never play blackjack on a table with others.
Comment from : chris

Agustin Deda
Your a dealer or a psicolog stop talking,,, you have a bastard face,,,,666 it's impossible fuck of you and this cheating game
Comment from : Agustin Deda

Bob The Builder
Wow i thoufht he would win
Comment from : Bob The Builder

Chris Butler
Comment from : Chris Butler

and that my friends, is the reason why you shouldnt play any gamble games.. i love you all
Comment from : KhaNeroX

John Smith
4.23. Creepiest laugh ever ?
Comment from : John Smith

Yo mom is my mom
Good thing I'm watching with adblock. No revenue from my view to feed your stupid gambling problem.
Comment from : Yo mom is my mom

Daturtle Dylan
Recomanded when he has 400k right now
Comment from : Daturtle Dylan

What a load of crap. You have 1m subscribers, probably a millionaire yourself, and you go nuts after losing 5k? F you clickbait piece of crap
Comment from : J M

William Recinos-Alfaro
That was the slowest blackjack game I’ve ever seen
Comment from : William Recinos-Alfaro

Nito Francisco
Why bet if you going to cry like a bitch
Comment from : Nito Francisco

Al bedo
The funny thing is that he has 5million views this equals ca 5000 Dollars 😂
Comment from : Al bedo

Chaboi Colin
Who stands on 16? Even if it is 5k
Comment from : Chaboi Colin

abdalsalam Fayez
I lost 20k
Comment from : abdalsalam Fayez

Comment from : G G

street kings
This is sort of sad
Comment from : street kings

OYG Peso Brim
That chair after he ran out tho 🤣🤣
Comment from : OYG Peso Brim

If he hit on the 16 the next card to come was a 3 and he would of possibly beat the dealer.
Comment from : ensomniiac

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