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LetsGiveItASpin - Casino Streamer
If you're only interested in the $50 bets on slots you can start around 1:30:00 and $500 video poker starts at 3:12:00
Comment from : LetsGiveItASpin - Casino Streamer

((( Best Quote of the entire 4 hours "I Don't Feel like Dancing" LOL!!! I have to ASK Why oh Why did he not Held single Ace cards in every hand?? Believe it or Not I Actually hit a Royal Flush from holding one Ace Card!! Also, Why did he hold Jack and queen cards of different suite? By the way I Counted 11 Missed Flushes during the entire Session! Flushes and Full Houses are most common and higher payout! Well keep on Playing and watch you later! Congrats!!!)))
Comment from : Alstars2006

Patrick Kyker
Fun to watch. Too bad they didn't know how to play VP.
Comment from : Patrick Kyker

Patrick Kyker
Should have split up the VP and slots.
Comment from : Patrick Kyker

Bigkats Poker
Great video fellas!
And great wins more important. Damn royal

Comment from : Bigkats Poker

Eric Robbins
You people have no idea of how to play video poker. I assumed it was possible you’re just playing JoB when you held AKo, but then I see you held AA99...more idiots with money. Casinos love you. This is why they’re open.
Comment from : Eric Robbins

Attila Morvai
How much did you win ? Or loose?
Comment from : Attila Morvai

Bill Snee
Way to take $900 in the second 1/2 all the way up to 21,000 !!! Fun to watch
Comment from : Bill Snee

Indescribable Love
Spin poker is SO boring
Comment from : Indescribable Love

Indescribable Love
Please play more ultimate X!!!!!
Comment from : Indescribable Love

Indescribable Love
Yes ultimate x we would love!
Comment from : Indescribable Love

Bueq Ray
Kuud wan.
Comment from : Bueq Ray

Bueq Ray
What you doing? Why you filming my head?
Comment from : Bueq Ray

Tonya George
Loved the video poker! Rare to find high limit video poker! I subscribed! Can’t wait to see more play from you guys! Good luck from Mississippi!! ❤️
Comment from : Tonya George

frances womack
Great stream. SO fun to watch. thank you for sharing your trip. Sending good luck wishes from California.
Comment from : frances womack

Jorge Serna
Haha, these crazy guys at it again, give it a spin already.....go go go.....
Comment from : Jorge Serna

Dave Schaub
You won, so my input is just armchair quarterbacking, but I would only keep Aces when dealt 2 pair. A full house is piss. 4 Aces is da bomb.
Comment from : Dave Schaub

Kim - i cannot believe this, imma throw a chair in here, do you think they will mind? 🤣👌🏻
Comment from : Triptothedarkside

Reece hittin the Piece
Would be enjoyable if these guys fat fucking hands didn’t touch the screen every fucking spin
Comment from : Reece hittin the Piece

Rob Richardson
Impossible to crack that code lol
Comment from : Rob Richardson

NG Slot
I hope you had a great trip at Cosmopolitan, it became tight last 1 year !
Comment from : NG Slot

Ryan's slots channel
are these your vlogs for vegas or are they coming?
Comment from : Ryan's slots channel

Hide the code this time Kappa
Comment from : codR

Rakesh Rocky
How you win always hug profit
Comment from : Rakesh Rocky

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