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покажи сиськи
Comment from : YAKUZA

Adriatik Lh
Excelente . Saludos de Argentina
Comment from : Adriatik Lh

Gentiana Emini
Comment from : Gentiana Emini

Ralf Maas
Ein wenig erinnerst du mich an Marusha ;-)
Comment from : Ralf Maas

Broi broi
opeti ribo..... love you
Comment from : Broi broi

Tomek Stil
I really like your music. You progressing a good music and You a such beatifull girl. <3 I Love ya!
Comment from : Tomek Stil

Tomek Stil
I really like your music. You progressing a good music and You a such beatifull girl. <3 I Love ya!
Comment from : Tomek Stil

Frédéric Gardie
Longtemps qu'on a eu de la Miss momo
Comment from : Frédéric Gardie

Juliàn Toobe
You just like me jua :P
Comment from : Juliàn Toobe

Juliàn Toobe
Genia total
Comment from : Juliàn Toobe

patrick silfverroos
You are my progressive house goddess! Before your mixes I did not listen to progressive that much, so thank you!
Comment from : patrick silfverroos

The AG
Like your tunes when cruising around in my car! And watching the vids @home! You nail my musical desires 1k%...
And okay if you were near my hometown, and i were 3 decades younger .... sorry. I hope dreaming is allowed! :D I've really could have used this Music while i was driving some Millions of Km through Europe, when i was a Truck driver.
But these Days are long gone! Thumbs up, a big shoutout from Austria and THANKS AN AWFUL LOT!

Comment from : The AG

All sounds the same
Comment from : MrRaretunes

Dobromir Brezoev
I feel like I am going to come back to this URL over and over again for the next months
Comment from : Dobromir Brezoev

ayhan kuş
Aynı yere bakıp farklı şeyler görmek nokta
Comment from : ayhan kuş

privacy privacy
Bello dal 52 anche tutto👍
Comment from : privacy privacy

Lucie Meric
Un set juste ENORME !!!! ❤️
Comment from : Lucie Meric

Павлин Панов
Unique again :)))))))
Comment from : Павлин Панов

tamian vanessa
Comment from : tamian vanessa

Cool!!!😎🤙🤙🤙!! I love you.
Comment from : JUAN VERA

Jaqueline Laurentino
Comment from : Jaqueline Laurentino

Cool T-ShiRt this is.
Comment from : DegenWoW

Adam Continenza
i just found your channel today and i've been jamming it non-stop. i don't typically fuck with this kind of music, but you're so smooth... truly dope. i would love to see what you can do on a melodic mix like you mentioned in your comment.
Comment from : Adam Continenza

Sehr guter Mix! Bitte, bitte weiter so! 🔥
Comment from : Сергей

kool krypt studio
This mix was sensational! Id say more but there are no words in the world to properly describe it.
Comment from : kool krypt studio

Alejandro Saya
Fascinante tu musica ! Saludos desde Cordoba Argentina !
Comment from : Alejandro Saya

Compliments!!! :) You are on "LOST IN MUSIC": www.systemichabitats.it/extra/lost-in-music/techno-rave-mix/
Comment from : CRITICVS

domeko :D
You gave us so much love!
Comment from : domeko :D

Мисс ты всегда на высоте просто класс .
Comment from : MAKS PEIN

Paulo Coder
Fantastic t-shit, what is says?
Comment from : Paulo Coder

Michael Blocker
Anyway had fun and it was awesome to meet u must do it again soon
Comment from : Michael Blocker

Michael Blocker
Will u still talk to me after last nite or was that just a one nite stand
Comment from : Michael Blocker

David Dhannoo
Comment from : David Dhannoo

Adara Colon
I love this track I am listening to it again December 01, 2019
Comment from : Adara Colon

anekzdwg g
Comment from : anekzdwg g

Breno Bigman
q bosta e dai ? pior
Comment from : Breno Bigman

Martin Smith
let me know when your in england ? i bet you,ve got many fans here who want to see you live
Comment from : Martin Smith

Martin Smith
a great mix.that good i,m listening to it again
Comment from : Martin Smith

Alexandr Ilchenko
Алеська, а мне что-то не понра этот сет, 13:00 - 18:30 слишком монотонная музыка, ваще драйва нет. Понравилась только концовочка ) 50:22, это класс! 👍👍👍
Comment from : Alexandr Ilchenko

Salvador Vazquez
Comment from : Salvador Vazquez

Ашот Ашот
Misis Люблю😍🥰💗🧨💚
Comment from : Ашот Ашот

S Golzari
More Persian @ 20.00 - ♪(^∇^*)
Comment from : S Golzari

Шахрух Тураханов
Ты супер✌
Comment from : Шахрух Тураханов

Huggy Thomven
I'm a rock and hardstyle guy, but love your music to calm down after party. Greetz from Germany and Thx a lot Miss
Comment from : Huggy Thomven

juan lp
espero vengas a colombia voy sin mente
Comment from : juan lp

Petr Bohac
miluju te :)
Comment from : Petr Bohac

damaso muñoz
It is a tremendous set MIMO, excellent melodic, thanks for your music !! I'm your number 1 fan in Chile,
Comment from : damaso muñoz

Martin Smith
like all your stuff techno progressive house its all good.call one of your tracks pleasure seeker or just PLEASURE.just like listening to you.
Comment from : Martin Smith

Alexander Talavera Karslake
Do you have any personal creations? Would love to hear that too! Awesome mixes!
Comment from : Alexander Talavera Karslake

Tata Granata
Шо та обезяна там придумала ) я про картыну
Comment from : Tata Granata

Adonay Rocha
I keep coming back, this is the one i like the most!
Comment from : Adonay Rocha

Mentor Pozhegu
Miss Monique never disappoints.
Comment from : Mentor Pozhegu

xLuis 66
Comment from : xLuis 66

kaizak mouradian
love it to death .more................
Comment from : kaizak mouradian

Michael Blocker
Love this one
Comment from : Michael Blocker

päivi bergqvist
One day you will be the most ingredible person who has this intellehgent major achievent to make music which we love. Love ya !
Comment from : päivi bergqvist

Aaron Shlush
Comment from : Aaron Shlush

Yücel Yağcı
great enjoy listening each time thank you miss monique...
Comment from : Yücel Yağcı

Deep Tunes
very nice <3
Comment from : Deep Tunes

Very good mixing sounds. Do programming while listening to the vibes.
Comment from : ms78cpu

Miguel Angel Bonilla
Monique when you will come to Barcelona?!!! Maybe with the DGTL or in SONAR?? I love your style and the fresh mixes you make!! ;)
Comment from : Miguel Angel Bonilla

Dominik Panas
This is faaaaar better than many latest MiMo weekly.
Comment from : Dominik Panas

Viss Pa
🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😁😁😁😁😁👍👍👍👍👍👋👋👋👋👋👋👋🌍🌍🌍🌍 Come to Greece please 🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷
Comment from : Viss Pa

Gabriela Betinsoli
Comment from : Gabriela Betinsoli

Erik G
Miss Monique, I have been listening to your sets since I found your channel a few days ago and so far, no disappointments. I greatly enjoy what you share with us. Definitely made me a fan and hope you tour the US one day, mainly Texas.
Comment from : Erik G

Michael Toohey
This young Lady needs to be on the Resistance Stage at Ultra 2020 Miami
Comment from : Michael Toohey

Comment from : FRNK DJ

Adara Colon
as always great track 2019
Comment from : Adara Colon

Adrian Brown
Comment from : Adrian Brown

lisa fletcher
I want stickers to buy LOL love your sets btw <3. This one is dope. Powerful and mellow as Progressive House should be IMHO
Comment from : lisa fletcher

Mela Suda
Hello miss monike good DJ
Comment from : Mela Suda

William Ashley
Like the 27 just wow this mix just keeps getting better.
Comment from : William Ashley

Lance Wells
listing to you every day its one of the things that help me get my work done thanks so glad I found you!
Comment from : Lance Wells

Fatima Santiago
Moni ven a México prontoo
Comment from : Fatima Santiago

Victor Menshchikov
Мой любимый сет 2019го года!
Comment from : Victor Menshchikov

Christian Schlesinger
ahhhh minimal :)
Comment from : Christian Schlesinger

biohazard Kandi Kid
Hey let's colab together and make some music hit me up on my YouTube channel biohazardkandikid I also have an email and a what's app
Comment from : biohazard Kandi Kid

Zoltán Papp
Miss Monique is the Godness!
This mix is the future!

My webpage: mayden.gportal.hu/

Comment from : Zoltán Papp

nice <3
Comment from : voxuzz

Wilson Dias
Hey @Miss Monique again another amazing song from you :) when do you come to a Festival in Portugal?
Comment from : Wilson Dias

Спасибо за музыку. Совсем другое дело по вечерам выгуливать хаски теперь.
П.С. Привет из Лос-Анжелеса. Если когда-то будешь в Калифорнии, постараюсь сходить послушать, уж очень торкнуло.

Comment from : ILLYA SOTNIK

Big Bang
Comment from : FABRSANTO

Ambidexter w
Безгранично талантливо!
Comment from : Ambidexter w

Zsolt Nagy
Hello! You're a cool girl !! I love you !! Have a nice day!!! Kiss ...
Comment from : Zsolt Nagy

mehmet ozgat
25:10 my song
Comment from : mehmet ozgat

Hi Monique! I really like your remixes, especially the melodic technos. Very cool the passage at 7:00 min. Kisses. Dalton from Brazil
Comment from : DALTON M. VIRGÍLIO

Dima Tantsiura
lovely vibes
Comment from : Dima Tantsiura

I just discovered your youtube channel and absolutely love your style. Keep it up. You should seriously consider coming to Washington DC to perform at the Anthem venue, I would be there to listen for sure.
Comment from : lchimenz

Hans Blix
I placed the comment while i wasnt listening to the mix => the mix is cool... btw i also liked the mixes with that muezzin sounds in it..id mades the sounds more melodramatic..very cool
Comment from : Hans Blix

Hans Blix
huhu miss :D i very like your mixes - you had a realy good run in 2018 for my opinion i very prefer the mixes of the middle of the year...I very prefer melodic stuff but its often cool if its mixed with some deep dark ambience ... a little bit like you play it rigt now but it would be cool to go in both directions more extremly. Mixing it. ... Dark, melodic atmospheric sounds maybe with some space radio transmission in it. Difficult to explain. I´m exited of your next mix. GLG keep on doing. Cathug :P
Comment from : Hans Blix

Wonderland power
You so cool i love you!❤❤❤❤❤
Comment from : Wonderland power

It's a really chill set. I like it. Although I prefer your usual sets because they set the mood when I work out.
Comment from : MrRimuzz

Vlad Sotnikov
Сколько лет слушаю тебя всегда радуешь в своём стиле не изменяя традициям ты прелесть)
Comment from : Vlad Sotnikov

Peter PiotrPeter
Monika, you're an angel who came to play for us!!!
Comment from : Peter PiotrPeter

David Wright
I just want you to know that I appreciate you and everything you do. I have ADHD really bad so music with a lot of words in it is super-distracting for me, which is the reason I listen to your channel a LOT, especially at work as i'm sure many of us do.. might I suggest an additional live stream for your channel based on your previous works.. have someone stitch that together and let it roll and your channel will skyrocket.. trust me, i listen to a lot of them that are out there and yours is my overall favorite and right up there with the best. it would be an automated system where you just add tracks..other sample channels include 'Chilled Cow' and 'Mixhound' and 'Chillhop music' for format options.. or just take all previous videos and put a few longer ones up, like 8 hour work mix...Thanks so much and keep on doing what you're doing..
Comment from : David Wright

David krstic
this is so good mix like your music miss <3 ceep it doing :)
Comment from : David krstic

Классный техно микс как всегда! Chill! <3
Comment from : Atomic

Андрей Самчук
Не надо ничего менять
Comment from : Андрей Самчук

Андрей Самчук
Очень крутенько))!!!
Comment from : Андрей Самчук

Daniel Petrides
perfect progressive bits..
Comment from : Daniel Petrides

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