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JK DeMartino
Your boy knows you dont hit quads everytime right? It's called gambling not winning every hand
Comment from : JK DeMartino

John Schmidt
Was that a NO QUADS MACHINE??? unbelievable!!
Comment from : John Schmidt

stephen Hill
This is the worst game in a casino. Hard to make money.
Comment from : stephen Hill

Tony Bologna
What!? no QUADS, brah!? i mean you'd be so friggin rich off of QUADS! Still no QUADS!? QUADS! i mean, QUADS brah! seriously?!?! QUADS!!!!! Fuckin idiot.. hahahaha
Comment from : Tony Bologna

Mike Sutliff
I didn't see 125. I seen 25 a hand. Bullshit.
Comment from : Mike Sutliff

John Harveey
Read about strategies... you are seriously throwing money away
Comment from : John Harveey

Squarehead Coughlin
you move ur camera way to much hard to follow good luck !
Comment from : Squarehead Coughlin

Robert Stack
Doesn’t have the making of a varsity athlete
Comment from : Robert Stack

John Schmidt
Wtf,should be called no quads game !!!!@! Unbelievable
Comment from : John Schmidt

Curtis Hammond
And to think this guy thinks hes a professional poker player. Haha lol.
Comment from : Curtis Hammond

Badbad Manly
Yeah, that’s a hit and run machine. If you don’t hit early...run.
Comment from : Badbad Manly

Robert Hein
Johnathan, bet 500/ win 250,
You may know how to play cards.
But you’re not looking at the picture.
Get one good win, move, not a giving machine!

Comment from : Robert Hein

Joseph Benzon
Would ve been$1,125

Comment from : Joseph Benzon

Cajun Slot
Got to keep the camera still and more cometary while playing to get subscribers
Comment from : Cajun Slot

Dylan Newman
I don’t know what your end goal was but at one point you were up to 1600$ shoulda walked away
Comment from : Dylan Newman

Russell Denton
No fucking quads?!
Comment from : Russell Denton

Mgo Kassabian
now thats what i call chasing Jesus
Comment from : Mgo Kassabian

Trevor Grier
Two times chasing inside straights. WOW!!
Comment from : Trevor Grier

Nathan T
Wow that game would really piss me off. That many opportunities and it don't give you shit. Bogus...
Comment from : Nathan T

Storage Invaders 702
you know the saying about a fool and his money ????
Comment from : Storage Invaders 702

dao ist
you totally don't use correct strategy. if you have 2 of the same cards, dont click on jack or better cards, just go for the 3 of a kind (or 4 of a kind, or full house). learn strategy. you make many many many other mistakes
Comment from : dao ist

Robert Dale
Throw away a pair of five's and keep the Ace, King suited? That doesn't make sense.
Comment from : Robert Dale

Which casino?
Comment from : scooterqueen8

Sally Gomez
Don't like the draw deal buttons?
Comment from : Sally Gomez

Carpe Diem
The only way to best the casino is to go ONE time and win. Then leave and NEVER return.
Comment from : Carpe Diem

Dave Schaub
Looks like it was fun. I prefer the $1 denomination, so you can hit some handpays with $500 a hand.
Comment from : Dave Schaub

Why hold a pair of fours instead of 4 cards to a club flush?
Comment from : BigGuyBoleslaw

Your not even giving the board time to set and your raping the button! Really hard to watch and annoying let shit pan out "RELAX"
Comment from : J GrUBbS

Ricky Chau
This game looks good to build up tier credits but not to win money
Comment from : Ricky Chau

I have that issue sometimes of not knowing when to get out but having 1500 I wouldve left lol...It was a nice play until once you got close to your original 500 it shouldve been a sign to go and try again later
Comment from : hatleopard45

That's a serious ass kicking. Should've taken that grand and got out.
Comment from : RaffleisRight

Change the denomination for a higher pay rate if ur betting that much anyway
Comment from : TheCoffeePie

Todd Levine
Learn perfect strategy before you put any money in the machine! Way too many misplayed hands. Cheers!
Comment from : Todd Levine

Kevin Pyne
100 play is a fool's game. The reason I say this is that you need to be dealt four of a kind or higher to win any real money. Once you draw to any hand less than four of a kind, the law of averages takes over and any really good hands are minimal.
Comment from : Kevin Pyne

Desmond Castro
I would've been cashing the you know what OUT at around $1250.00 ! Bye ! Live to spin another weekend. 😳
Comment from : Desmond Castro

I like the game selection. ..The camera moving continually and the commentary from the guy watching isn't good...
Comment from : anonomous63

john harper
How much did you start with?
Comment from : john harper

Theresia Riggs
Wow!~ Full of Mistakes! lol. It hurt my eyes just to watch!
Comment from : Theresia Riggs

James Espin
Only 2 four of a kinds!
That was more than $500 you won though!
You got some good wins.
Do you always do this well on hundred play?

Comment from : James Espin

james jenkins
Comment from : james jenkins

Dylann Roof
Should've taken some cues from Stephen Paddock. Guess that didn't happen
Comment from : Dylann Roof

GameRage Dad
10 minutes of terrible sub-optimal decisions at Jacks or Better.
Comment from : GameRage Dad

Stephen McAllister
you should of left at 4:16 lol
Comment from : Stephen McAllister

Chip van meter
WOW! Not one Quad? I saw nothing coming there for you. was this a game king or IGT ?
Comment from : Chip van meter

I am the Dax
I heard the word heaps and way over EV gotta be poker players....with backpacks.
Comment from : I am the Dax

this looks like easy money every time lmao
Comment from : nuclearthreat545

Be Offensive
I'm more interested in the guy apologizing in the backgrounde
Comment from : Be Offensive

Sara Sarah
iOS: itunes.apple.com/us/app/deuces-wild-video-poker/id1328784177?l=zh&ls=1&mt=8
Android: play.google.com/store/apps/dev?id=8957107062136112050
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Comment from : Sara Sarah

Chewing ice into the microphone is a disgusting habit.
Comment from : Dan

1202 Program Alarm
Should've asked Stephen Paddock for advice. He's staying over at the Mandalay
Comment from : 1202 Program Alarm

Matt Braynard
Seems as if there's a math solution here either indicating how the game can be beat OR that it's cheating (not truly random) and you ought not waste your money.
Comment from : Matt Braynard

Jim Pimmers
Ten minutes of how these machines take all of your money.
Comment from : Jim Pimmers

4:16 - peak
10:10 - the end

Comment from : Zepper2019

Steven Runyon
Hell yeah I love playing 100 hand poker.
Comment from : Steven Runyon

Was 600 up at one stage and lost it all .What a cock end lol
Comment from : FreezinFury

James Lotz
At 0:00 you made a mistake. Should have kept your money in your wallet, went home and played with the dog.
Comment from : James Lotz

"Just two! God Damn it!" I lmao!
Comment from : Will090681

JD Williams
Wow.... Last hand hoping for a 9?also keeping 5's is a better play than holding only 2 to the royal. Anyhow thanks for the content. Good luck!
Comment from : JD Williams

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