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Rob Tierney
So does it let you tip?
Comment from : Rob Tierney

po pi
this game is truly gambling no skills required
Comment from : po pi

_4sUno1 Александр
10:59 ooh blackjack
Comment from : _4sUno1 Александр

Ville Pakarinen
Damn i love that first girl! I hope you dont lose all your money.
Comment from : Ville Pakarinen

Jonathan Gray
it's funny because watching this is just as much fun as actually doing it myself lol
Comment from : Jonathan Gray

0:43 user' card is 12 point why after dealer hit 14 and win she still wants to hit more card?
Comment from : 一行杂谈

Eisley Zhang
Omg that second boy is so adorable , the way he said"Hi~~" lol
Comment from : Eisley Zhang

Stop playing the side bets
Comment from : BaconPlays

Silv Hom
Min 43' karate kid 😂

Comment from : Silv Hom

John W
You seem to try and get 21....... play against the dealer.. not 21.. let them bust.. the dealer has to try and get 21.. you have the control of the cards..not the dealer
Comment from : John W

My only Gambling problem...not Winning...lol
Comment from : weerobot

͔ ͔
When that one guy that recognized hypa said no homo I lost it
Comment from : ͔ ͔

jovani bear
Holy shit if you woulda been playing blazing 7s lmao
Comment from : jovani bear

wizard Of life
We does it all end...IN A MESS
Comment from : wizard Of life

10:58 Two blackjacks...
Comment from : lukas

im sorry
You dont nothing about this game, only the card values
Comment from : im sorry

Nat Soc
When native english speaker doesn’t know the difference between to and too
Comment from : Nat Soc

hani badji
Cheers for the Video clip! Forgive me for butting in, I am interested in your initial thoughts. Have you thought about - Trentvorty Generate Links Theorem (erm, check it on google should be there)? It is a great one of a kind product for making money with a clever roulette system minus the hard work. Ive heard some decent things about it and my mate finally got excellent success with it.
Comment from : hani badji

Daniel Spargo
21:00 love the smirk on her face, like u lucky prick 😂😂
Comment from : Daniel Spargo

iRollerz Gaming
you are an addict! pleas stop doing this to your friends and family
Comment from : iRollerz Gaming

Sheldon Cooper
Please don't switch until after the shoe is over. I want to count it down.
Comment from : Sheldon Cooper

Kevin K Adj
is live blackjack better than the computer one? i have tried playing live black jack and all i experience is dealer either hitting 18/19/20/21 . numbers they bearly bust thier cards. even if i have 17 or 18 dealer either gets me with a blackjack or 21. how do you guys do this man i use pretty much same account size but cant make any progress... i though bigger account helps but clearly not as this guy using small account but building it up
Comment from : Kevin K Adj

1:00:23 This exact same dialogue can be found in another one of your videos (which happens to be my favourite) where you're like "31? Is that 31? Please say that's 31? It's 13 isn't it? No it is 31, my eyes are all over the place!" I swear to you that is all exactly what you said in another video. If you are anything it is consistent. Consistently entertaining (:
Comment from : Adam

9:00 that IS bazil! I recognised him as soon as I saw him then he recognised you I was like omfg yes but why the different name and has lost his strong accent
Comment from : dwarfer777

Comment from : saigonosikyaku0113

immersive = rigged
Comment from : TAYLOR TAYLOR

39:00 I've been told I deal fast. I probably look like this guy. Certainly hope I don't sound like some of his cheesy jokes XD
Comment from : Bladeofwar94

15:30 bro really said he Shrek and this is his swamp
Comment from : StrongPvckSupply

You should have quit when you had over 300
Comment from : lalala

Hawk Eye
probs to the 2nd dealer
Comment from : Hawk Eye

RayD Official
Can someone tell me what the insurance is about? Somehow I never really got what it is eventho I’m playing for a while now.
Comment from : RayD Official

Benjamin DeCostas
Please, Hypalinx, "to" and "too" are not the same word!
Comment from : Benjamin DeCostas

I love you too, no Homo - 14:15 xD this guy is funny
Comment from : Kiremi

ezio auditor
Uu hot brunette
Comment from : ezio auditor

Ewoch Able
Wooohooo first 2 comment this video

I am best FOKK the rest

Comment from : Ewoch Able

SLR Edition
Man this is what I try to do monthly but you’re levels above what I risk. I do it to win money towards paying my bills & to stack & save! It’s a great feeling (when you’re winning) but I don’t have to tell you that 😂👏🏼 fucking love your channel man Subbed 🔔✅ do you have insta channel??
Comment from : SLR Edition

2nd dealer was great
Comment from : Royale

I’d fuck the shit out of that first dealer
Comment from : emon377

Marcel Bijsterveld
Always enjoy your table sessions 👍🏻
Comment from : Marcel Bijsterveld

You would definitely been those creeps in the casinos that don’t leave the young lady’s alone
Comment from : ZK G

Dark Souls
Damm you betting 200 pounds on a bet that’s my entire bank roll lol
Comment from : Dark Souls

That second dealer was so smooth with it hahahaha
Comment from : Plags

Sabine Karlsone
please try 888 dome time, i want to see your review
Comment from : Sabine Karlsone

Timo Lange
in which casino do you play?
Comment from : Timo Lange

u haven't management of risk, man. work it.
Comment from : DecleR

Rub Jan
I hit Suited Trips 3,5K. win Check out the video on my channel
Comment from : Rub Jan

BlackJack Sucks You need to Join when dealer is cold another time its not to play if ofc you want to lose all our money :) a little advace :D
Comment from : BG RAP

That 2000 pound loss at 32:00 was brutal man :(
Comment from : Ithyphallic

dont hit 15 against a 7 please hurts
Comment from : CaptainDDY

Patrick Negro
Smashing, you made it to a grand! What currency is used on that on-line BlackJack?
Comment from : Patrick Negro

Dooran w
Don't play at casumo it took 8000 euros from me. Rigged casino!
Comment from : Dooran w

Mystical Child
Get in there!!!
Comment from : Mystical Child

God's Boy
I think we can all agree on one thing here and I am not speaking on behalf of every person but at least 50%. We have gambling problems lol.
Comment from : God's Boy

The Invisible
You should start blackjack again
Comment from : The Invisible

daniel charlton
One of my favourite youtubers. I do hope you don't gamble more than you can afford to lose. Where in the uk u from bro?? I play alot of poker so haved played most casino's up n down the country at some point or other.
Comment from : daniel charlton

hugh moore
It's long been known that side bets in casino card games favour the casino a lot more than a straight up bet ? Don't believe me than add up all your side bets & see ? Better to put the extra money straight up. Play progression & multiple hands. Play to win for yourself, don't worry about entertaining viewers as your subscribe base is only 29K & that only pays peanuts. Viewers don't lose or win anything, so why worry about them ? Only play live dealer games, Non dealer games like slots/pokies massively favour the casino because the RNG program always gives the casino a % advantage. That's why they have so many slot games & heavily promote them because they are a CASH COW for them. Sure some people get a nice jackpot but the majority eventually lose. The general play is 2 steps forward & 3 steps back, so eventually most go out backwards.

Comment from : hugh moore

I know those laughs near the end, where you KNOW you have to stop but have ZERO desire to do so. So powerful this shit is, can't get enough of it - playing or spectating. Thanks for the raw, quality content Hypa, will be coming to visit you in London if you're there in September, let's get to the grand!! Cheers!
Comment from : chronitized

Daniel Klochenok
cute dealer lol
Comment from : Daniel Klochenok

Weekend Foods
How many people here after losing money at real casino and trying to get back on there daily life ?
Comment from : Weekend Foods

A. S
There is was no need for the last bet, I cant tell you have lost already because it was at the end of the stream.
Comment from : A. S

A. S
21:00 I cant believe that .
Comment from : A. S

Sky Dreams
Loved that dealer , he knows your channel. And you couldn’t stop giggling ❤️
Comment from : Sky Dreams

Raw & Uncut Media
Do you sell your arse for gambling tokens hypa
Comment from : Raw & Uncut Media

Hypa my man you're going crazy again just to let you know :D haha hope you're in profit, otherwise its unhealthy my brother. If you win a lot in BJ, you should run for it, cash out and re-deposit and start anew. :) realize the profit haha
Comment from : FricoHUN

are you that drunk in these sessions you call all the side bets wrong names ahha
Comment from : isuckatififa

corni gawrys
hypa Legend
Comment from : corni gawrys

calls a mixed pair a perfect pair
Comment from : isuckatififa

That f**kin' Roulette man... (BUUURP...) pardon me… That's just Gordon's gin and tonic… Get IN there!!!
Comment from : voicetube

Phill Blacken
You should learn basic strategy and just play the same way every time. Playing by “feel” is what loosing players do. It’s really painful to watch you try and play bu seriously. Cheers mate
Comment from : Phill Blacken

Роман Ахтямов
1:01:30 it took me a long time to get this feeling to control "there is no tilt"
Comment from : Роман Ахтямов

Роман Ахтямов
Love your videos.
Comment from : Роман Ахтямов

Роман Ахтямов
insane how much money you lose on side bets
Comment from : Роман Ахтямов

Васко Братков
Play poker !
Comment from : Васко Братков

Stephen bubba b
Your in there hyper
Comment from : Stephen bubba b

Nikos Kalantas
Man, that's the problem with gambling. Even if you win a lot you will still go back and gamble it. Its a never ending cycle
Comment from : Nikos Kalantas

Not ‘to’ bad. Ffs
Comment from : suitsyousir1980

Hey bro, I love your videos :) they're very enjoyable to watch. However, I'm curious to ask what you do for a living because you have the balls of some god to go all in every fcking time you're on £300+ profits :')
Comment from : LeoTracks

Bjørn Suldvart
11:00 You should double that Soft 18 and hit 12 vs 2. If so you would have won both hands and dealer would bust with 22. Just use the sheet you find online. Optimal play is the Way you make the most. Great video btw.
Comment from : Bjørn Suldvart

Nevermind though
love watching your videos especially blackjack and roulette..and wish you luck for your upcoming games.
Comment from : Nevermind though

One Team in Bristol BCFC
The guy who watches your channel is s ringer lol
Comment from : One Team in Bristol BCFC

Adrian Lee
You should play at the Casumo tables more. The dealers are cute 😏 you should play with Bonny. She's the girls behind the last that recognised you. She knows about you from Basil
Comment from : Adrian Lee

Tfi Slots
Hypa, when the blackjack dealer deals the cards are scanned yeah! So how come when playing their hand they re scan the second card? Been bugging me for ages. Surely it’s scanned as the the cards are dealt as they know if they have blackjack or not. Also when you bust a hand they don’t scan the card when flipping their second card over. Do you know why this is at all?
Comment from : Tfi Slots

Brad Austin
That second dealer had me rolling. Thanks for the fix by proxy, Hypa.
Comment from : Brad Austin

Conor Jumper
Love seeing another blackjack video
Comment from : Conor Jumper

ette Productions
Comment from : ette Productions

What’s the difference between YouTube and Twitch?
Comment from : craigr98

Uncle Eggnog
Wheyyy it’s me at 43:10 you joined my table as I win a £400 hand :p
Comment from : Uncle Eggnog

Me and You Hello
i only get some of your videos, don't know why
Comment from : Me and You Hello

Adam Mok
Ariana is fucking amazing
Comment from : Adam Mok

Should bet on crypto hypa
Comment from : .

Alexander Leppink
Hahaha I will never forget Basil
Comment from : Alexander Leppink

James Kopetchny
She would be the reason I'd lose a kidney...
Comment from : James Kopetchny

danny hill
Nice to see you playing blackjack again hypa, keep it up 👍👍
Comment from : danny hill

Thomas Fahey
When are you next streaming?
Comment from : Thomas Fahey

Raoul Carusone
I love when u play blackjack,sometimes we've meet on a table
Comment from : Raoul Carusone

Jasematey 007
Love your videos bud, fuck u make me laugh with the sarcasm 😄, I only play on blackjack with a fit female dealer lol 👍👍
Comment from : Jasematey 007

Simon Curtis
This guy is so scatty when he gambles
Comment from : Simon Curtis

first :-)
Comment from : NDABE ZITHA

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