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Sir Neymz
Anyone realised without that the audio it be like they just playing around in the rain? 😁
Comment from : Sir Neymz

Luiz Cubez
1:11:50 pause there there’s like 8m given to him wtf 1:11:52

Comment from : Luiz Cubez

marion gunter
please help me know in the comments
Comment from : marion gunter

marion gunter
why cant i get in the chat??????
Comment from : marion gunter

your mom
6:28 he got 8m just he bought penthouse :/
Comment from : your mom

Sammi Shaw
black and blue
Comment from : Sammi Shaw

Dheon fan 69
I have 550,000 chips just from getting max
Comment from : Dheon fan 69

John Moniz
Never seen someone have such bad taste in car customization!
Comment from : John Moniz

0:52 wow
Comment from : KingCristhian2003

Wyatt Gardner
Lol I clicked the vid,and then I saw the ad count. Me be like X T-Tripple double addssss ohh GGGGG
Comment from : Wyatt Gardner

Justin Hurtado
i didn’t think you could make the can any worse than the shark then you went and made it 10x worse.
Comment from : Justin Hurtado

Big boy B I L L B O
1st one
Comment from : Big boy B I L L B O

Jung Hoseok
1:44:00 that was the best hood ( Primary/Carbon Race Hood )
Comment from : Jung Hoseok

Arlene Meno
best car kevin your the best broooooo
Comment from : Arlene Meno

Ben Mihalus
Comment from : Ben Mihalus

joseph guenzel
Comment from : joseph guenzel

Pink and blue is pretty good
Comment from : Superkai64

Sendion Alloy
Almost every body forgot the kawai mobile
Comment from : Sendion Alloy

chandler houchin
6:30 where di that 8mil. come from?
Comment from : chandler houchin

polar express
Comment from : polar express

jarleyz 2.0
Who's pulling up in Walmart in a bugatti
Comment from : jarleyz 2.0

cardin boice
i like the red car but since im 5 months late you probably sold it already
Comment from : cardin boice

Leon Cyclone
How he get so much
Comment from : Leon Cyclone

JustJohnny 07
Comment from : JustJohnny 07

Sprung Family
Comment from : Sprung Family

1:36:23 Kevin roasting Thano’s skin care routine
Comment from : Namoa

Tyler Hopkins
Comment from : Tyler Hopkins

Comment from : Steve

Kaitlin Hill
10,10 for all
Comment from : Kaitlin Hill

Been a fan when I was 5
Comment from : GHN PYSCHO 215

johannes jensen
First time watching a stream till the end
Comment from : johannes jensen

King_games 64
6:32 how you get that money
Comment from : King_games 64

Emma Turner
Comment from : Emma Turner

Kelly Rogers
Its 2020 whos watching
Comment from : Kelly Rogers

He bought the casino then got 8000000 dollars
Comment from : Daymion

Comment from : jeezy

Christopher Aceves
Who else saw Eric said yeah and it looked like the worker said
Comment from : Christopher Aceves

The Crazy Leprehaun
A 100/10
Comment from : The Crazy Leprehaun

The Crazy Leprehaun
Comment from : The Crazy Leprehaun

Will Herculson
Anyone else watch videos at night u got nothing 2 do
Comment from : Will Herculson

XxTheGodxX killens
That gold on that car is trash the rimes should be black a get new tires on it😂
Comment from : XxTheGodxX killens

Psycho Mortal
15,000 chips
Comment from : Psycho Mortal

Psycho Mortal
Erick left and you won
Comment from : Psycho Mortal

Kevin jorgensson
Comment from : Kevin jorgensson

uR_m0m_1029384765 65
Buys all this stuff but never uses it.
Comment from : uR_m0m_1029384765 65

Julian Nevarez
I like the bugtiti 100,000,000/100,000,000
Comment from : Julian Nevarez

Lisa Hasty
Comment from : Lisa Hasty

Lisa Aulsberry
You can customize your cars in the Arena workshop also when your on your way to the Arena workshop it doesn't matter if you crash cause your going in your garage
Comment from : Lisa Aulsberry

Amanda Castillo
Bro you are bad
Comment from : Amanda Castillo

Prestin James
Comment from : Prestin James

Gayla Ann
Comment from : Gayla Ann

Ahmed .Q
Worst customization goes to expert😂😂😂💯🤷🏽‍♂️
Comment from : Ahmed .Q

Julie Comer
Comment from : Julie Comer

Heroicsoldier401 YT
Sports spoiler with cheetah rims lol money wheels dont look good bro
Comment from : Heroicsoldier401 YT

giovonnie zayas
Comment from : giovonnie zayas

Trey Adair
It sucks balls
Comment from : Trey Adair

Brody Gray
I like both
Comment from : Brody Gray

Keith Vollert
Spitting fire
Comment from : Keith Vollert

Brody Gray
Comment from : Brody Gray

i bet ya all the people that hated those cars just wanted attention
Comment from : RyanObryaN

Anthony Muller
10 at fo 10
Comment from : Anthony Muller

Nathan Tucker
It was nice now ugly from dome fans
Comment from : Nathan Tucker

Nathan Tucker
I like the shark car before
Comment from : Nathan Tucker

Jayden Crespo
Comment from : Jayden Crespo

Jez Durel
Comment from : Jez Durel

Pls tell me how did you get so much moneyyyyyy
Comment from : DistinctPlay

Nubby Games
i have 6 billion dollars
im rich

Comment from : Nubby Games

Clxnce_ YT
It should be the supreme car bro it’s nicer unlike thanos
Comment from : Clxnce_ YT

Clxnce_ YT
Get carbon fibred wheels it’s the best
Comment from : Clxnce_ YT

Marcel Olszewski
Xpert female shoes

Xperts brother. Ha ha ha ha ha ha

Xpert. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Comment from : Marcel Olszewski

Octavius Mosca
Put good on the roof
Comment from : Octavius Mosca

Bosten Allred
Comment from : Bosten Allred

Eden Arman
you talk wayyyy to muh jeez
Comment from : Eden Arman

Comment from : JUSTICE SKILES

Caiden Cunningham
6:30, wtf, how do you get 8 mil
Comment from : Caiden Cunningham

Kertan Bollers
You should use a cargobob and pick up a boat,drop it in the middle of the ocean 🌊 and find a shark and kill if you can
Comment from : Kertan Bollers

pyro bosco
Comment from : pyro bosco

fire kay
hey 50,000,000$ casino 5 minits ago only 5,000,000 only lol
Comment from : fire kay

moive life
Let the car live by not modifying it
Comment from : moive life

Amanda Derr
Comment from : Amanda Derr

Malachi Speck
It is a 10
Comment from : Malachi Speck

Jackie Gordon
What is the name of the car at the start
Comment from : Jackie Gordon

David Austin
Comment from : David Austin

Killer Lizard
Go red 2 to 1 on 34
Comment from : Killer Lizard

Bradack Benefield
While watching this i got an ad for the diamond casino heist
Comment from : Bradack Benefield

sonya cassis
10 o boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooy.
Comment from : sonya cassis

Secret Sincere
Comment from : Secret Sincere

Those wheels looked terrible
Comment from : Finessekid

Matthew McVay
He's so bad at choosing rims 😆😂 LOL
Comment from : Matthew McVay

It was my birthday on the 24th

Edit: my car is like this and I have never watch this

Comment from : Bronx

NBA Addict
Comment from : NBA Addict

Tobias Clark
Who thinks that Xpert has made these cars bad
Comment from : Tobias Clark

Tobias Clark
Who watches this with head phones when your little brother is being annoying
Comment from : Tobias Clark

monster adventures 1
Does any buddy else love watching these vids
Comment from : monster adventures 1

Jennifer Phelps
Comment from : Jennifer Phelps

Yo designing is trash
Comment from : SlayGL

[shift] Lava
Comment from : [shift] Lava

DnA Slasher
I one thrax first spin
Comment from : DnA Slasher

MEME Giggarafe
Instead of doing xenon lights u should go to the arena workshop and get colored ones
Comment from : MEME Giggarafe

xxx_savge _rackoon_xxx
I like to watch your videos and you
Comment from : xxx_savge _rackoon_xxx

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