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networksrr rr
Comment from : networksrr rr

Dylan Tman
Bull shits his buddy about a story and looses all his chips ahahah
Comment from : Dylan Tman

Changshan Li
Comment from : Changshan Li

Paraj C
Casino gives him money to play and he earns through videos he is not investing anything...
Comment from : Paraj C

dr spond
You need learn how to win strategies ruollete...
Comment from : dr spond

ivan ivanec
Worst player ever!!
Comment from : ivan ivanec

Brian Michaud
What a fukn tool.
Comment from : Brian Michaud

Duncan Winter
These are the two lousiest roulette players, Ever !!!!!!!!
Comment from : Duncan Winter

Casino Crazy
Love seeing u play high stakes roulette it just makes my day !!! keep it up mate
Comment from : Casino Crazy

Kee Ppe
Two clowns 🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : Kee Ppe

james taylor
Comment from : james taylor

Ken J
Where’s are you?the star?
Comment from : Ken J

Joel Sadler
how much do you owe the on your bank loan to cover your gambling losses
Comment from : Joel Sadler

Subin Nair
You can't win the game no strategy is there always the house will win if you win by mistake it will take 5 times more
Comment from : Subin Nair

QSCorp Javha
They have no experience to play roulette
Comment from : QSCorp Javha

Vamsi krishna Velaga
I need help from India
Comment from : Vamsi krishna Velaga

I really want to smash his brainless skull into the table
Comment from : THE LIGHT

what a stupid antipodean
Comment from : THE LIGHT

These guys have no strat when playing roulette. Before you play, always have a strat. Just like BJ. There are basic strats to give yourself a slightly higher chance of winning. Even though roulette is a straight chance game, having basic strat can raise your chances to win with profit after every play you make. They're just trying to hit big in a single hit without any goal to stop. These guys were going to lose no matter what even if they won over $10,000 because the way they play, you can clearly see they have no idea when to stop. The lost the moment they stepped into this table. They need to start taking advantage of each column, dozen boxes, and even 1-1 spots. They're not counting their money nor counting the winning per hit. Roulette isn't only about hitting a single number. I literally face palm`d myself when I saw the guy put it in every single number in 2nd dozen only WITH corners. Casino literally LOVE players like these guys.
Comment from : sneaky

Note to self, never take tips from davo
Comment from : Trigga

Worst roulette player ive ever seen
Comment from : ARORIDE OO

Chris Benaloga
Idiots =D
This casino loves numbskulls like these 2 Einstein's

Comment from : Chris Benaloga

Chris Smith
How's the spedos old mate is wearing
Comment from : Chris Smith

Squid Six-Nine
Wow. This idiot just lost how much money? Jesus buddy take that money and spent it on something worthwhile. Donate it or something.
Comment from : Squid Six-Nine

Zia Khan
Please don't come back.
Comment from : Zia Khan

guys got 10k in chips and wearing $3 worth of clothing.
Comment from : Mike

Zamuel Jacobs
Mate your lucky your casino let u in in shorts boys
Comment from : Zamuel Jacobs

M. Al Omari
I wonder if Vegas or Atlantic city ever contacted this guy. All he does is lose , they will legit bring you at all costs
Comment from : M. Al Omari

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Comment from : BXN APPLICATION

Jeff Andrejas
Australia is getting dumber by the spin.
Comment from : Jeff Andrejas

Vasile B
With 6000 i Could turn it in to 15000-20000
Comment from : Vasile B

TitoM Vera
LMAO you telling your friend how to loose his money is so bad.. i dont like how u made him move his pack and he lose it.. like...
Comment from : TitoM Vera

useless play man
Comment from : PokemonShinyHunter

Sid Australia
I’m 34+31 +35 +8+7+15+12+2+0
Comment from : Sid Australia

Sid Australia
34 -8 -34 -2 -35 good 😂
Comment from : Sid Australia

Sid Australia
Comment from : Sid Australia

Росен Гацов
This is the dumbest way i ever seen to play roulette XD
Comment from : Росен Гацов

Apex Gadgetz
Where do you get this cash to gamble with?
Comment from : Apex Gadgetz

Complete Wash 86
Definition of degenerate gambling
Comment from : Complete Wash 86

Vadim VeeVoit
The strategy folklore about pilot was gold. Degenerate but gold 😂
Comment from : Vadim VeeVoit

John Doe
LOL "Shit! I just realized, I've got a strategy! I might jump in!" As they say, Vegas LOOOOOVES players with systems. (I know this isn't Vegas, but it applies here too.)
Comment from : John Doe

Frank B
you shoulda bet 6 k on 1 numbers...if you hit ist glory otherwise you are losing that 6 k anyways
Comment from : Frank B

Zeeshan Qureshi
Love your videos. Keep it up!
Comment from : Zeeshan Qureshi

donato demagistris
Ciao sono un ragazzo italiano posso chiederti se da quando giochi sei in attivo o passivo? Se sei in attivo mi regali 5000 euro per giocare?? Grazie.
Comment from : donato demagistris

dylan g
there’s a reason that casino is always empty
Comment from : dylan g

Gina_m Panda
Such a dumb tutorial on roulette lol
Comment from : Gina_m Panda

lol fish
Maybe go back to the strategy of yr7 mathematics and learn independent events......
Comment from : lol fish

Zed Baron
You lot keep saying "he has no strategy! That's not how you're supposed to play roulette, mate!!" Shut the f**k up! You mean to tell me there's anything other than luck when someone else is spinning a ball and letting gravity do its job? I dont care where you place your bets, it's LUCK!
Comment from : Zed Baron

Absolute disaster...
Comment from : ametllet

john smith
Only strategy is to bet on RED or BLACK. you have 50% of winning/losing.
Comment from : john smith

aaron alba
This shit was comical
Comment from : aaron alba

Alexander Zolotov
I can teach you to be constantly in + in online casinos. 200% per month is the minimum.
Comment from : Alexander Zolotov

Sizzlin sossie banger
God what a tool .................. I am reassured that apart from Antarctica Australia is isolated and this knobjockey VB swilling ape can stay there !!
Comment from : Sizzlin sossie banger

Fu dochi
Poor guy has lost his shirt and trousers.
Comment from : Fu dochi

Alfonso Alonso
This guys suck in gambling
Comment from : Alfonso Alonso

James Farmer
Let that man play his own game!!!!!
Comment from : James Farmer

Dr. Z
these guys have no clue on money management or strategy. just throw the chips and play them where they land.
Comment from : Dr. Z

Yes Man
Don’t you think if there was a winning strategy the dealer would be on your side of the table.
Comment from : Yes Man

Joe Joe johnson
I hope you win soon. ..All I see is BJ tables from hell..
Comment from : Joe Joe johnson

Karl k
How do you make money to camble? Or i mean what do you do for living Captain?
Comment from : Karl k

when you lose a few k and still be so calm I already freak out by like €100
Comment from : NL RS

Shuaib Usman
This dude is playing like he are home, if i’ve showed up in pyjamas like him in my country i would have get the kick
Comment from : Shuaib Usman

Kevin Hill
Ha ha ha haaaaaaaah
Comment from : Kevin Hill

richard nesbitt
Basically davo mate was playing well an davo plays an loses it all
Comment from : richard nesbitt

Caleb Lawrence
Why go to a casino? They can track you bro. You should play online at home, its much safer since you dont have to worry about all the crazy people.
Comment from : Caleb Lawrence


TagEast TagWest
Set betting works when the dealer is not interrupted also you can look of the direction of which way they are spinning the ball left or right to estimate where it could land the croupier could be back good that they can make the ball land in the same spot every time good luck next time
Comment from : TagEast TagWest

What a bad strategy.... what was.... I mean..... why do you..... what???
Comment from : Youpanny

Lets shake hands with the people that just took my money 😂😂😂
Comment from : swthero

Sheldon Cooper
Your strategies are terrible 😂 might as well let me have a go
Comment from : Sheldon Cooper

Paul Neale
And the casino said come back anytime 🎉🍾
Comment from : Paul Neale

Solfurio Attila
Thank you very much hahahahahahahahahahhahhaahahahahah :))))))))))))))))))))))))
Comment from : Solfurio Attila

Solfurio Attila
disaster :)))))
Comment from : Solfurio Attila

Andy Fahey
Real life is different to online. Physically dealing out the chips and the girl isn't some Ukrainian dropout.
Comment from : Andy Fahey

how to not play roulette, but still they are super lucky with those crap that they play
Comment from : CptChrizzo

TheGoos Biertje
This is the dumbest way ever to play roulette.
Comment from : TheGoos Biertje

Fastfunpoker Jamie
Brooo.. you’re missing the one main component of that strategy the pilot told you.. you’re supposed to pay attention to where the dealer lets go and make sure the dealer has a constant speed. Then you can figure out where the ball is landing and bet around the area given the speed of the dealer, the release point, and where the prior balls have landed.
Comment from : Fastfunpoker Jamie

all roulette strategy is useless. "get lucky" is the only one.
Comment from : Smoer1

I like it. Get the free drink in whilst still playing before going bust. Entertainment. Cheers Davo. Matt
Comment from : kautothelegend

Ryan Brooks
He’s he wearing blue boxer briefs
Comment from : Ryan Brooks

mortex batty_11
Unlucky dave youll get em next time
Comment from : mortex batty_11

What a waste. Davo's an actual fuckhead. Give up on roulette.
Comment from : TheAnonymousCunt

noob way of playing roulette ;/ have to say, like throwing money in the garbage playing that way lol
Comment from : Faz

Adam Brake
Dude you are all over the place???
Comment from : Adam Brake

Eric J. Ortiz
Win or lose, i really enjoy watching your videos
Comment from : Eric J. Ortiz

Ramón Castaños Manguart
Omg u still sucking. You have lost everything in blackjack and roulette.
Comment from : Ramón Castaños Manguart

Jimmy Wan
The title should be : [Tutorial : How to donate $6000 to a Casino in 10 minutes]
Comment from : Jimmy Wan

Reece hittin the Piece
The casinos love this guy.
Comment from : Reece hittin the Piece

Josh Metz
13:20 looks like its time for a nose cone.
Comment from : Josh Metz

Ryan Williams
You must almost be broke. I can't remember the last time you won
Comment from : Ryan Williams

Josh Metz
I've got a strategy for you Captain. ASX code MCR. Have a serious think about it. If it hits $5 get out. NOT advice.
Comment from : Josh Metz

Bruce Piston
I think you should play poker against real people
Comment from : Bruce Piston

Rui Moreira
Casino Pays To Them......Publicity
Comment from : Rui Moreira

Sloth Father
Just go all in on red and call it a day. Better chance of winning than what you're doing. Although then again, a longer youtube video makes more too. ;)
Comment from : Sloth Father

Brandon Laiti
Easy wagering to max your money is 1st or 3rd along with the opposite 18! Add zero you only lose on 6 numbers break even on 18 and profit on 13 and major profit on zero figure out math and you never work another day!
Comment from : Brandon Laiti

Alan Pang
Davo omg roulette cover tier and zero disperse your bets tier 8 32 23 24 13 36 23 etc and zero 26 12 35 28 29 9 20 zero sectio 19 4 34 17 good luck gamble reasonably as roulette dangerous game or don't gamble at all good luck davo
Comment from : Alan Pang

Alan Pang
Omg rouletter lethal
Comment from : Alan Pang

Vladimir Nesic
Buddy if you are not very familiar with this game start playing neighbours from last number or neighbours from the other side of wheel, or just stick with one quarter( 9number) around last number... just opinion 👋
Comment from : Vladimir Nesic

aartaxx aartaxx
That intro song is fire, what is it?
Comment from : aartaxx aartaxx

He has lost sooo much money...Davo had to sell his car not so long ago...this started off as something spectacular but now...I’m afraid his gambling addiction is quite sad to watch these days...
Comment from : Shemtastic

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