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The Grand Sound
Welcome to our first Progressive House Mix of 2019, featuring our favorite tracks right now. 🎶
Please support the artists and record labels, we can't thank them enough for providing us with the best music out there. 💕

Comment from : The Grand Sound

Rafael Dainotto
Nice mix...also, it has nothing to do with progressive house
Comment from : Rafael Dainotto

Сэм Просто
Первый трек это Progressive Trance!
Comment from : Сэм Просто

Tomas Česnauskas
Download link not working 😑 thank you so much ! 😑😑
Comment from : Tomas Česnauskas

Royz3r Willow
keep doing what you are doing.........double thumbs up
Comment from : Royz3r Willow

Shingo Nakamura - Orphic @ 4:29: Play loud, feel that bass line like a BIG HAPPY bouncing ball 😍I'm revisiting some of yr older stuf @TheGrandSound, peace and respect! 😍
Comment from : ericgelders

Avad saputra channel
I like 😍😍😍
Comment from : Avad saputra channel

mounir aderrab
Comment from : mounir aderrab

Ravin Florenso
men kayfini cixariram, qalanlari yatsada olar !
Comment from : Ravin Florenso

The best sleep remedy out there. Gorgeous ear fodder.
Comment from : skYcunian

respect from Russia ! :DDD
Comment from : LeoLeo

Denis Ingognito
отличный релакс
Comment from : Denis Ingognito

Dario Pavlovic
Really excellent mix, nice job and thank you!
Comment from : Dario Pavlovic

Иван Бояркин
О да😋
Comment from : Иван Бояркин

Adis Kamarić
Comment from : Adis Kamarić

This is a great mix -
top work!

Comment from : hirst01

Self Elements
1:22:27 Beautiful.
Comment from : Self Elements

Андрей Иванов
Comment from : Андрей Иванов

Baptiste Goutiers
Very, very good mix. Amazing tracks .
Comment from : Baptiste Goutiers

Shahzad Khuram
Comment from : Shahzad Khuram

Aaron Miller
How do I get a girl like that? The ones I get take up the whole screen
Comment from : Aaron Miller

Aaron Miller
This is the best one I've heard yet
Comment from : Aaron Miller

Karakala Balaswamy
I want it to be like real clean,no disturbances...only one type of slow progression.
Comment from : Karakala Balaswamy

Proud American Man
Great Mix! Sending Gratitude from Santa Fe, New Mexico!
Comment from : Proud American Man

This is a great mix! Love it! Thank you for sharing with us.
Comment from : broThreePointOh

Smbdy Someone
Thank you sooooo much! Kiss, hug!
Comment from : Smbdy Someone

pandu brata
Nice Mixing and The Best Sound...
Comment from : pandu brata

Cергей Неустроев
Классная музыка
Comment from : Cергей Неустроев

April Santa Ana
Looooove ♥️. Thank you so much for all of your mixes. This music takes me away 🥰.
Comment from : April Santa Ana

Très beau mix à un détail près... c'est de la trance et pas de la house progressive.
Comment from : Progression

roger canelo
lo maximo....esta musica me motiba..aser lo que quiero aser.....

Comment from : roger canelo

Lumewa Agent
This is just awesome... thanks
Comment from : Lumewa Agent

Daqwino Galatia
Comment from : Daqwino Galatia

Cristóbal malaguista castañeda
Mix music infinity... 😍🎵🎵🎵🎧😎
Comment from : Cristóbal malaguista castañeda

SubFire 2nd channel
Hola gente! Parese que estoy unico español por aqui???)))
Comment from : SubFire 2nd channel

The Necromancer
Unfortunately, the download link does not work anymore. :(
Comment from : The Necromancer

After 23:35 suppeerrbb
Comment from : Rahul

Emmanuel Obigolu
Great job 👍🏿
Comment from : Emmanuel Obigolu

alejandro astudillo
i like it
Comment from : alejandro astudillo

Jungwoo Ha
Comment from : Jungwoo Ha

Mahr Shmokh
For you our most beautiful greetings quieter than the walls of Acre 🌹
Comment from : Mahr Shmokh

Алексей Репин
Супер. Поднимает настроение )
Comment from : Алексей Репин

thy great altime
You are Truro grando
Comment from : thy great altime

Akmal Kemal
This channel so inspiration for me🥰
Comment from : Akmal Kemal

muhamad fadilah
suara nya bagus dan main nya hebat saya puasa
Comment from : muhamad fadilah

muhamad fadilah
Comment from : muhamad fadilah

liddle Icecreem
My upcumin album "Minion" haz 4 Billy pre stresms
Comment from : liddle Icecreem

diego arraes
🔝🎵🎶❤️🇧🇷 2019
Comment from : diego arraes

deddy purnama
Coolest music inspiring music and music that brings life to life...😊😊😊😊
Comment from : deddy purnama

matse wunderlich
Great Mix! I love it 👍
Comment from : matse wunderlich

Nikhil Bhardwaj
This is something which definitely gives you intense goosebumps..... Whoever made this extremely satisfied sound..... God bless him 😇😘😘😘😍😍😍🙌🙏
Comment from : Nikhil Bhardwaj

Think about it
I flew 3 hours in AN airplane hearing this several times. Just amazing 😉
Comment from : Think about it

Артур Эпиев
Comment from : Артур Эпиев

Eza Muhajir
I like it :-*
Comment from : Eza Muhajir

Goswami Amit
Beautiful track ~
Comment from : Goswami Amit

Israel Gonzalez
Minuto 58... brutallll!!!!! ;
Comment from : Israel Gonzalez

Adam Gunn
at 26:26 - this is majestic..
Comment from : Adam Gunn

Comment from : あっちゅ寝子

Seb Dinatale
please continue to release more progressive house mix
Comment from : Seb Dinatale

Brenda Marz
At a moment of despair and being totally lost, this music brings me back to life.
Comment from : Brenda Marz

I’m the only one in my group that likes this sort of music 😎
Comment from : Kiwikid

Leonety Music
Great selection, beautiful music!. 💙 💛 ❤️
Comment from : Leonety Music

Itay C
This mix brought me up from the deepest places... thanks ❤️
Comment from : Itay C

Laken Vegg
i don't have a lot of knowledge about electronic music, so i wonder, what makes this progressive? (what's the difference between this and just house etc
Comment from : Laken Vegg

Belle R
Comment from : Belle R

Mixo f Life.
Comment from : DegenWoW

Dadaş Erzurum
Comment from : Dadaş Erzurum

Brendan Audi
I just received news that someone close to me has passed on. I clicked on this mix and when I heard the first track, I cried 😭😭😭 May she rest in eternal peace. Forever and always in my heart
Comment from : Brendan Audi

c20h25n30 c12h16n2
LSDance 🕺✨🌈🦒❤️
Comment from : c20h25n30 c12h16n2

Alex Hann
По кайфу особенно когда ночью в Голашку по аутобанну 300kmh летишь машин почти рядом нету вот так вот надо в Rotterdam ездить,всем кайфоваво вечера и ночи
Comment from : Alex Hann

Ryders Nice
this is not progressive house.
Comment from : Ryders Nice

Kai Be
More like prog trance.
Comment from : Kai Be

Gợi Ý Nhỏ
So melodious
Comment from : Gợi Ý Nhỏ

solo RELAXXXX me encanta

I cant live without you .. such a right to me .. it is just like me about me .. amazing set you made for me
Comment from : Lenamusic

this sound will never die
Comment from : nebulae10

Alex MacDougall
I play GS while at my desk at work ALL the time. Thank you! Reminds me of trance back in early 2000s
Comment from : Alex MacDougall

Josh S-TV
First one best
Comment from : Josh S-TV

Jungwoo Ha
Comment from : Jungwoo Ha

Comment from : PES

Alexandre Silva
beautifull sounds, and great songs, I loved it👍💕💕💖🎶🎼🔊🎧
Comment from : Alexandre Silva

Сергей Ежов
Это не Прогрессив-хаус. Скорее Прогрессив-транс. Но точно не хаус.
Comment from : Сергей Ежов

Matthew White
What a divine mix! Praise God!! I imagine this will be the music in heaven, only probably not streaming in mp3 quality. lol Jesus is king.
Comment from : Matthew White

Jakub Celý
Very beautiful.
Comment from : Jakub Celý

Working my way through editing a couple of hundred photos. Excellent music for such work. Thank you.
Comment from : SolarWebsite

Seems like this sound is from heaven
Comment from : IWanttoBelieve36

ау )))
Comment from : ИЛ ЬЯ

Varrsha Mathur
Comment from : Varrsha Mathur

Thank you for sharing this, that is very deep, it brings me to the next level, coongrats
Comment from : YIG CAPITAL

Mark shelford
Comment from : Mark shelford

gevorg asatryan
Comment from : gevorg asatryan

leaboz zawia
who dislike comment here please
Comment from : leaboz zawia

Planet Great
Great selection music! I am a big progressive house music fan! For me it's good for chilling and travelling the country side! Most power to this channel and the artists!
Comment from : Planet Great

Brandon Brown
Marfen - Moments at 8:00 is my favorite on this list, who agrees?!?!
Comment from : Brandon Brown

Evan Blair Whitfield
Now just put this phhhaaattttt mix to some great video, and we, well, got a SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTTTTTTTTTTTT THANG goin on.....LMFAO!!!!!!
Comment from : Evan Blair Whitfield

House? Really? C'mon, it's clearly trance melodies, and they're pretty solid ones!
Comment from : KowalDW

I am undergoing a really tough time..
A girl broke my heart,
my family lost the faith in me,
I don't know how I am supposed to pass my final exam...
I don't know if I decided myself for the right industry because it damages the environment so much..
It feels like my blood in my body is blue instead of red because I am full of tears. This songs helps me a bit to relax...

Comment from : TheSoprah

Gee Fanur
Terbaik !!! Makasih bossku
Comment from : Gee Fanur

This is TOP ,... GJ ;)
Comment from : login

Calvin Yap
As a rock/metal person, I could never really appreciate electronic music, aside from a few songs here and there.

But these mixes are eye-opening. I wouldn't believe you if you told me I'd be listening to hours of electronic music by my own choice, but here I am.

Progressive house is awesome. Thanks for making this mix.

Comment from : Calvin Yap

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