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Smid 429
Just lost 3 consecutive bets on red (300€) I'm now broke till the end of the month 😕
Comment from : Smid 429

Mike LoVetere
Better to play this with baccarat. You have a better edge. A couple of zeros and it could ruing your day.,Especially with double zeros.
Comment from : Mike LoVetere

Bora Andrei
There is no wining strategy at roulette you need to play dynamic and to know how and when to change that's one of the secrets of this game and here is why all lose at roulet in the end
Comment from : Bora Andrei

George G
if the table is trending this is gold
Comment from : George G

Where can I find this roulette game?
I like how fast it spins to the number, saves time testing strategies.

Comment from : hobie0001

Mr Marvellous
If you really want to win at Roulette here is my advice, pick nine numbers that you will play forever, birthdays etc. Now place straight up bets of $5 on each number (Need bank of 675 dollars) for only 15 spins, no more or less and hope they hit at least 4 out of the 15 spins, but be prepared to lose all your money then walk away for another day. Don't get greedy. No double Zero wheels and no online roulette. 4 Hits will result in winiing 9 units (5x9) $45 profit, three his is a loss of 27 units or a losss of $135 dollars. two hits is a loss of 325 dollars and one hit loss of 99 units or $495 and no hits is a loss of $675 dollarts so that is your actual starting bank.
Comment from : Mr Marvellous

Sticking my neck, as giraffes do ;-) Interesting Regression strategy. I think this would work even better if you precede it with another of RouletteMan's strategies called Red/Black Strategy Easy Wins. See video ;-)
Comment from : JulesRulesOK

Brain Washing Videos [[[ WIPE your MIND ]]]
Comment from : TAYLOR13961

balaji karthik
I think you could play both sides at the same time with this system..... same n opposite , if you hit a losing streak with 1, say 6 in a row , u hit winning with the other, ud be up 5 after 6 in a row ? Rrbbrrbb is the bad streak here...which is very rare from my experience..
Comment from : balaji karthik

Graham Coote
I asked what happens if you lose the first 5 spins.You would be minus 10 units, very hard to get that back.You should do another demo with the imaginary proviso that youve already lost 10 units .Perhaps the reason you havent seen this mentioned anywhere else, (given that Roulette has been around a couple of hundered years ), is that it doesnt work!!!!
Comment from : Graham Coote

Cypß Cddy
When appear 0 ?
Comment from : Cypß Cddy

U can't do it on a computer u can't win this don't work I've tried I lost 8 spins in a row
Comment from : 2 SUSS

Graham Coote
I think you should show everyone how it pans out if you lose the first 5 spins.You will be minus 10 units, very hard to recover from even a small loss like that.You really have to "hit the ground running"with this-do another demo where you lose the first 5 or so spins.
Comment from : Graham Coote

Graham Coote
As with most demos, not playing with real cash, you can EASILY lose 6-10 bets consecutively, and it will happen more often than you think.
Comment from : Graham Coote

A lot of merit to this conservative money management system. I use it often. Is it perfect? No. There will be frustrating losses, guaranteed but with the regression to limit loss amounts makes this system attractive. Set a win goal and loss limit and stick to it.
Comment from : JIMI T

jose luis furio gomez
Is there any sequence bet for dozens? I have a good system, just I need to improve my bet strategy. Thanks for your help.
Comment from : jose luis furio gomez

Paul Roos
Im very serious about this, u are confusing as hell and id bet alot of money u did very well in school, i finished high school 344 out of 350 students, some years later i went to a v. a. Rehab for booze, they gave me some test, i turned the page upside down and aced the test with an awful hangover, they said i eas the 1st one in 9 years to ace the test, they gave me another test and determined i have an i.q of 144, genuis according to them, turns out i have learning disabilities of evry sort, almost invented a new one, i play roulette often, man i wish i knew what the hell ur talking about.
Comment from : Paul Roos

Adam Preece
If you can find a gambling game or sports betting or horse racing paying 2/1 with more than a 50 % chance it could work really well . Any ideas ???
Comment from : Adam Preece

This thing sure looks like a lot of work and a nic way to lose a lot of money.
Comment from : xworkerbee

salvatore apicella
Wonder how it performs on columns.
Comment from : salvatore apicella

John Patrick wrote about this type of progression in a few of his books back in the 80's. He also used it to place the 6 and 8 in craps. It IS a rarely talked about progression,but I like it because it starts out conservative early,but can give you a big win if you hit a long winning streak.
Comment from : allgems

Not bad
Comment from : TC TC

That's a John Patrick money management thing
Comment from : Fred

Ok you showed us the progression of units. Show us the bet design. Is it low and high. Red black. Or pick your type. Thanks
Comment from : Megzamani

I use something close to this. I like the value of this
Comment from : Megzamani

Raul the Boss
I do thank you 4 that. But be better if u could please do an other video like this, but this time explain it in a easy way please. I think u talk to fast and should be more careful cause there other people not such good as u in inglish sorry about that. I did enjoy veryyyyy much, thank you,
for your help, and great video yesssass. Thank you

Comment from : Raul the Boss

Roman Gora
Hardly a strategy because what if it always hits the opposite to what you bet? Then your losing money so its not really worth it
Comment from : Roman Gora

Dan The Man
What happens if you lose the 1st 2 unit bet, 10 times in a row right off the bat?
Comment from : Dan The Man

BTC Wolfcub
Comment from : BTC Wolfcub

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