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Mali M
Hi mr boss
Comment from : Mali M

Ali Raza
I don5 like pubg assiance and etc am GTA lover rockstar presents
Comment from : Ali Raza

Ali Raza
Holy God GTA osm
Comment from : Ali Raza

Theo Tran
Where's the face cam at, Ross? 😂
Comment from : Theo Tran

max orina
not to brag or anything but i won the trax but it was my 14 day free triol and it was finished now im just watching gta online vids. and i was like the first people to see the dimond casino trailer but nice vids and taste on cars
Comment from : max orina

Triston Booth
Why are his lips so huge
Comment from : Triston Booth

Dr Bubble
i bought the high roller :( cant afford customization.
Comment from : Dr Bubble

Jacob Pore
Can you get the diamond casino update for xbox 360?
Comment from : Jacob Pore

Diamond casino GTA 5
Comment from : Dilly

8_SadSide _8
This casino is on ps3 ?
Comment from : 8_SadSide _8

Sport Highlights everyday108
You update got boring the day it came out
Comment from : Sport Highlights everyday108

Jerman Jeroone
Comment from : KRS KA

How does mr boss get all his money ?
Comment from : LBBIKELIFE

Maxton Wrhel
Im sad 😭
Comment from : Maxton Wrhel

Thariq aqil Pasha
You buy money for dolar?
Comment from : Thariq aqil Pasha

Thariq aqil Pasha
How to make money?
Comment from : Thariq aqil Pasha

The red python
Comment from : The red python

Tj Nunaz
Ur welcome
Comment from : Tj Nunaz

man gamer add
What's your ps4 gamertag bud
Comment from : man gamer add

Edgar Lopez
Hey thanks for calling hey I like the sound of this car😂😂😂
Comment from : Edgar Lopez

Love the part where he laughs at 2:20:38
Comment from : SPECOPS66

Kathryn Brittain
If you got v car I will donate 1000
Comment from : Kathryn Brittain

Matthew Anderson
they should bring back the rail gun for gtav online
Comment from : Matthew Anderson

Just spin, who cares
Comment from : GOAT One

I legit had to set aside a whole 3 hours to watch this video but it was totally worth it. I don't think you actually got to the call for the helicopter service, I kind of really wanted to see that but it's fine. I really like the video I hope to see more like this
Comment from : xJinx116x

Ángel Ramirez
Comment from : Ángel Ramirez

Colej Smith
hi bossftw im big fan
Comment from : Colej Smith

Sharky Skull
I liked pls shout me out
Comment from : Sharky Skull

Lemar Sivnarain
Comment from : Lemar Sivnarain

Sammie Bow
go get fucket
Comment from : Sammie Bow

Sammie Bow
how did you get all of that fucking money
Comment from : Sammie Bow

Jackyboy 2001
The “NFS” livery should be on a BMW look alike...not the AUDI look alike☹️
Comment from : Jackyboy 2001

btw guys does the ps3 also have the update????
Comment from : Charli

Sunxi Lugo
How do you buy the casino if you only have 100,000 dollars
Comment from : Sunxi Lugo

Borister 9
Where you on ps4 on that stream
Comment from : Borister 9

Comment from : Cc CMC

Comment from : Cc CMC

Milkton Royas
I wanna see if any of these cars can be customized in Benny’s
Comment from : Milkton Royas

Comment from : SmartClam

Comment from : DOSH BALI

Žilvinas Jimmy
Why fake audi has bmw from most wanted decals ?
Comment from : Žilvinas Jimmy

This_ Gen
Why is almost everything on his cars stock it’s boring
Comment from : This_ Gen

Anthony Byers
Wot a idiot not even 60s in and asks if your enjoying the stream haha
Comment from : Anthony Byers

Furious Adidas Gamer
Dropped a like
Comment from : Furious Adidas Gamer

Comment from : Rhpwetyi

King Ferg
The New Thrax is based off of the New Buggatti Chiron 🤯🤯
Comment from : King Ferg

Brown Suga
Comment from : Brown Suga

tmg-tmgc Channel
How do u get cockpit view?
Comment from : tmg-tmgc Channel

I1I Froggy I1I
I can’t stop hearing Jerry Smith
Comment from : I1I Froggy I1I

x Lidz
1.25 speed
Comment from : x Lidz

Urrr a faagggg
Comment from : RJIVHalo

I Must Have Spent like 20 Million Between my Two Character's, so i Don't know where this idea of 100 Million spending spree Has come from and Ms Baker Looks like She Could be Agent14's Sister, They Look Alike
Comment from : MrTamiya89

Shannon Poore
Comment from : Shannon Poore

The Enus Paragon r looks like a Porsche from the back and a Bentley from the front
Comment from : XBOX GAMING

Ryder Frericks
Your a poopie head
Comment from : Ryder Frericks

how tf do you get all the money
Comment from : lx42

Wish I had this game
Comment from : ItzDJB_123

Turismo R Grotti
1:36:00 Vidoes get demonetized for encouraging virtual casino with non profitable reasons, you can gamble your real money by spending it on shark cards thought...
Comment from : Turismo R Grotti

Baba Ajetunmobi
Maybe ĎAVID Member Myself Data F 888Xxxx Data F 888Xxxx 888Xxxx Data ALLOWED 777 Data ALLOWED 5 Data Data F 888Xxxx Data ALLOWED 888Xxxx Data F Z MNEMONIC A Z MNEMONI 888Xxxx Data ALLOWED DATA 888Xxxx 888Xxxx 888Xxxx
Comment from : Baba Ajetunmobi

I got 300m by using this glitch : trevorzone. site
Comment from : Piquant

Charles Lopez
U forgot to put turbo on the annis car
Comment from : Charles Lopez

cole reilly
playback speed 1.25

ur welcome

Comment from : cole reilly

Funny cos I remember buying my penthouse with all features and still costed me 200000000
Wait I meant 6million

Comment from : Trooperシ

XxGripzXx Xx
Funny thing is i could go to the sims 4 an get a penthouse and make it rain action for much cheaper 😂😂
Comment from : XxGripzXx Xx

Itz Nayem
Damn gta took it to the next level
Comment from : Itz Nayem

nicole arno
I wish i had that ammount of money fr...
Comment from : nicole arno

Y did u put the mclaren in if it hasn't been released yet
Comment from : TANAYA

Mr JaRell dot com
Just bought gta5 online today. Traveled to casino right away and the doors dont open. What am I doing wrong?
Comment from : Mr JaRell dot com

David Walbridge
644k views. I stand corrected. GTA Online was not dead. It was just taking a nap. Unbelievable.
Comment from : David Walbridge

black foxy
Arrg is this on PC
Comment from : black foxy

dead channel
Comment from : AWildMarsh

The Car Hub
Dude you're so boring with car customization
Comment from : The Car Hub

T Nation
@6:56 well you’ll soon see that happen in a mission haha
Comment from : T Nation

T Nation
@4:31 when I first seen your person I was like ohh shit yous to are gonna look the same when yous meet haha look like brothers or father and son hahahahaha
Comment from : T Nation

Logan Howard
This dude leaves so much stock😂
Comment from : Logan Howard

Nightmares Tv
What’s up with you tubers stating the obvious and reading stuff that we can clearly see on the screen ? Are people really that dumb ? Oop don’t answer that
Comment from : Nightmares Tv

Pearla Zoughibah
Comment from : Pearla Zoughibah

Pearla Zoughibah
Comment from : Pearla Zoughibah

Lil Bennie Bahamas
Comment from : Lil Bennie Bahamas

rich boy Ingram
Hey bro
Comment from : rich boy Ingram

Joey Freestyles
How do you upgrade your membership
Comment from : Joey Freestyles

Benjamin Hernandez
Comment from : Benjamin Hernandez

gery jajo
Anyone knwos the trailer music of the diamond casino trailer at the begining at 1:10 in this vid
Comment from : gery jajo

I love how he randomly has 100Mil on him. Let me know when you quit modding and saying that you legit earn that.
Comment from : Joey2K

Mr Mayan
Not even going to watch...14ads...get a job
Comment from : Mr Mayan

Boss_Kicks 6
Comment from : Boss_Kicks 6

I think he thought that car was from fast and furious not need for speed
Comment from : DRJ71

Update is already boring gambling is boring after a while and I can’t be in passive on my Mk2 when I want to get away from tryhards and griefers. I like to use the Mk2 for making money and now I am subject to griefers attacking me thanks to rockstars retarded change to passive plus the other retarded passive mode changes.
Comment from : HENRY JENZEN

Layton williams
Comment from : Layton williams

Alex Melanson
This guy pisses me off
Comment from : Alex Melanson

Red Penguin
I got car 1st try
Comment from : Red Penguin

Josh Potts
Have you tried getting a limo in the penthouse garage
Comment from : Josh Potts

Alex Rechez
They should get some of these vehicles in story mode
Comment from : Alex Rechez

Luis Lopez
Sees Greek like statue of a lady twerking. Says nothing...... this fuckin guy.
Comment from : Luis Lopez

I just bought gta 5 again and got a shark card so i have 8 million 😁
Comment from : Clutchz

The Enus paragon R needs a drop top version.
Comment from : Valid-Koi

Donald Fousek
Comment from : Donald Fousek

slutta duck
Got the car the 1st spin too yesterday
Comment from : slutta duck

Comment from : MUFFY Cohn

ngl his customizations are horrible
Comment from : _CLIPPED._ _

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