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NOW CHANGE YOUR BLADE ANGLE TO 45 DEGREES? You keep cutting huge lumber like that, and you’ll be changing your blades every 45 seconds.
Start at the top, then cut downwards with the blade nearest to you going forward; pushing the blade away from you, then repeat until you’re through the wood. 🙄🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧

Comment from : agrafes6

Mebel DIY
Comment from : Mebel DIY

сергей панфилов
Всё внимание соблазнительные линии тела отвлекают.Ну ни какой работы!!!!!
Comment from : сергей панфилов

Al Yaz
Those Loulou Lemon outfits make great shop clothes... 3:36 and 5:55 proves my theory.
Comment from : Al Yaz

Brent Bugg
Do you ever get tired of the comments on here? Just curious?
Comment from : Brent Bugg

I’d love to make a pokeher table with Amanda ;)
Comment from : P T

left foot forward
I'd poker on that table.
Comment from : left foot forward

Demon King
Clever marketing. Lol use what ya got, I guess. Always impressed with your knowledge, though- it’s fun to learn a few things from you that I didn’t learn from dad.
Comment from : Demon King

jack deegan
She loves her hard wood.
Comment from : jack deegan

r govern
Is that liquor and poker table lol
Comment from : r govern

G Man
Poker in the rear
Comment from : G Man

Richard Fisher
That is awesome. I know what I'm doing next week.

How about building some kind of chip holders or chip case

Comment from : Richard Fisher

Why did these end?
Comment from : Kermit

Dale Masyk
ok watch afew video....and just wonderin sweety are you sellin any of your projects ? if not where are you puttin them :)
Comment from : Dale Masyk

Rade Korać
Uhhh....’screw the bottom’ is where I lost it !?
Comment from : Rade Korać

God of Thunder Designs
Oh I thought it said poke her table ....
Comment from : God of Thunder Designs

Could you build an 8 ft castle door as i need 2
Comment from : ANTONIOS

Thanks, Amanda for the info to build the table. I need to build 4 of them. It's very good actually.
From Cyprus

Comment from : ANTONIOS

S Steel
I wouldn't dream of watching these videos without a pocket hole.
Comment from : S Steel

Ohh.., a 'poker table'. This whole time, I thought she was making a pool table 🤦‍♂️
Comment from : BelowAverageLuke

My table keeps leaking oil.., is that normal??
Comment from : BelowAverageLuke

Daniyar T
КРАСАВИЦА отличную стремянку сделала .😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
Comment from : Daniyar T

frank fiscal
Love your energy and your skills!!!!!!
Comment from : frank fiscal

Kush Kuniss
What a women I need one
Comment from : Kush Kuniss

Why wats wrong with pocket holes?
Comment from : Sarah

Perfect. The table is great, too.
Comment from : Sivaas_

Evgeny M. / Ευγένιος M.
Poker Table during 3 min. Well done! Much faster than a factory. Could you record a video how to make a garage during 20 min? :)
Comment from : Evgeny M. / Ευγένιος M.

Just Magic Mostly
I was with you until you wrapped it in felt instead of speed cloth!
Comment from : Just Magic Mostly

Konstantin Berman
Иду в ученики!
Comment from : Konstantin Berman

Pretty nice butt.
Comment from : ataricombat

Имя Фамилия
Я её канал смотрю только из-за её шикарной фигурки! Она идеальная просто! Целовал бы ее всю и сутками
Comment from : Имя Фамилия

Phil Sheldon
Lovely thigh gap 😘
Comment from : Phil Sheldon

Snakebite MaGee
I'll screw you in from the bottom
Comment from : Snakebite MaGee

Zachary Wright
What did she build... I never seen it in the video
Comment from : Zachary Wright

anas Maksouma
Comment from : anas Maksouma

Jerhett Lee
Does anyone know where I can find the spec' to build this table?
Comment from : Jerhett Lee

David Barbee
Anyone wanna see her play strip poker? Poker....Get it? Well, I’ve got wood now, guess it’s time to build something.
Comment from : David Barbee

Karl Johansen
flimsy and it looks like shit too GiRl
Comment from : Karl Johansen

ThE sToRy Of My LiFe
I thought I watched the video very clearly and closely yet I don’t remember a thing about how to build a poker table. All I remember was a beautiful girl
Comment from : ThE sToRy Of My LiFe

Robert Thomas
I cold listen to Amanda for hours!
Comment from : Robert Thomas

Mopar_ Dude
What is the point? Just do a channel where you do jumping jacks in a tight shirt, or try on your bikini haul, like the rest of the THOTs on YT. At least then you would be honest. Pretty sad that this turned up under wood working as a recommended video.
Comment from : Mopar_ Dude

Bloody hell she's gorgeous.
Comment from : memyselfandi

Isadore Isadore
Just another arts and crafts weekend
Comment from : Isadore Isadore

James Magness
Comment from : James Magness

daniel garrett
How about making large storage garage cabinets
Comment from : daniel garrett

kelsi lenard
you brushed over explaining a few important steps..
Comment from : kelsi lenard

What color stain is that ? Has very good color
Comment from : 235cacti

Txvet Dan
Havent seen any new builds for a while.
Comment from : Txvet Dan

Patrick Goetzke
I hope that strip poker she's playing
Comment from : Patrick Goetzke

David Shockley
She clearly stated to do so.
Comment from : David Shockley

So hot!
Comment from : TCB *

Greg Cameron
Great project
Comment from : Greg Cameron

ty nechee
Theirs a lot of benches and tables being made... Is that a sign for something?
Comment from : ty nechee

The only thing she truly made in this video was my dick hard...!
Comment from : richard4788

Ryan seas
Shit build me a table to eat that pussy on your mighty fine
Comment from : Ryan seas

I’d like to screw her from the bottom
Comment from : 1114maniacmike

6:03 Look at that joint hahahahha, on the other hand tits.
Comment from : EDKH

Isam Alhor
Sie bellezzima e artista
Comment from : Isam Alhor

Viktor Guzenko
Особенно увлекательно в этом видео то что делает изделие очаровательная девушка. Обтягивающая спец одежда возмещает все его недостатки с лихвой.
Comment from : Viktor Guzenko

Rogério Cunha
5:55 good very good
Comment from : Rogério Cunha

Nacho biz
Lighter brighter pants shorts would get more views
Comment from : Nacho biz

joey dubbs76
Love capable women.
Comment from : joey dubbs76

Um No
Good looking girl showing her ass while building/cleaning/breaking things. I wonder what your mom thinks.
Comment from : Um No

Roger McCaslin
Nice looking but the woodworking skills could be improved. I guess you really can't expect much for a quick build like this.
Comment from : Roger McCaslin

Ranaldo Bobsled
Sloppy job channel. Lol.
Comment from : Ranaldo Bobsled

Каримов Дамир
Девочка что надо!
Comment from : Каримов Дамир

Benjamin Kitanovic
God damn... i wanna marry her 😂
Comment from : Benjamin Kitanovic

Cup holders should be on the rail
Comment from : John

ed wellman
Jesus Christopher.
Comment from : ed wellman

Michael Mitchell
Don’t really need a table for it. I could poke her just about anywhere.
Comment from : Michael Mitchell

Its a good thing women do not use their bodies for any type of life advantages! Right guys?
Comment from : wabash

tim ovel
Yeah, I’d poker table!
Comment from : tim ovel

Jeremy Kaufmann
What she did works but it is not what i would have chosen to do
Comment from : Jeremy Kaufmann

Dylan's DIY Workshop
those look like real 4x4s not the 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" we have here
Comment from : Dylan's DIY Workshop

Dan Johnson
I feel sorry for Amanda. She shows us how to build a solid Poker table and all she gets in return is grief. Nice project for any Friday night poker player!!
Comment from : Dan Johnson

Luka Rogović
Dont love the work, its amature.
Comment from : Luka Rogović

Seth _
This was on my recommended list for some reason. Just kidding! I got here by putting “wood working in yoga pants and sports top to share carpentry skills as opposed to seeking attention with well considered filming angles for accentuation” in the search bar. THEN I had to conduct the search again only this time I added the word “woman”.
Comment from : Seth _

Miles J.

"JK, I'm incapable of making anything that without pocket holes"

Comment from : Miles J.

Fred V.
Crappy build and crappy finish. Get a job selling nice stuff other people make since you care so much about showing t&a
Comment from : Fred V.

Can u build a blackjack table with a racetrack for drink holders, a padded rail and chip tray insert?
Comment from : goalie5630

Yah Noah King
I’d like you to build a table so I can bend you over it, and give it to you real hot Rated!!!😜
Comment from : Yah Noah King

OK design but why are the cup holders in the center of there the person is sitting? Detail work is also lacking. Especially with the filler and wavy gap between fabric and arm rest. This type of project is all about details, especially the playing surface where everyone is looking. Yeah, a lot of people come here for the eye candy, but take the extra time to do it right.
Comment from : bicivelo

Jerry Doyle
Never known a Carpenter to wear a tank top push up bra and spandex. Amazing she keeps those polished fingernails so clean.
Comment from : Jerry Doyle

Robert Wilson
I like the build. I would only stress the importance of lung safety. otherwise great plan.
Comment from : Robert Wilson

Vid Skaza
Comment from : Vid Skaza

Chad Thunder Koch
pretty decent build. I used cream colored leather for my out wrap though, looks much nicer and also matched my couches.
Comment from : Chad Thunder Koch

Aleksandar Markovic
What a girl!
Comment from : Aleksandar Markovic

J Bujanos
Red Thot Building
Comment from : J Bujanos

The reason for the hate on pocket holes is that they're garbage. Joinery allows you to build significantly stronger structures that are far more beautiful. Joinery is much stronger because it uses the woods natural strength. Any time you use screws, you tear and compress the wood fibres.
Comment from : RustyPitchforkStudio

Jonathan Taylor
Is it bad I only watched it for her lol.
Comment from : Jonathan Taylor

Rich Anderson
I'm sorry did you build something?
Comment from : Rich Anderson

Diários de Garagem
5:55 my favorite part.
Comment from : Diários de Garagem

Owen Daly
At 5:55 I had it on pause for at least 10 minutes
Comment from : Owen Daly

Jason Doza
Comment from : Jason Doza

Rated and Reviewed V.T.E.
You have Totaly inspired my 7 yr old Daughter shes a Handygal Diva alsonnot scared to get Firty and look Beautiful while doing it she saw you make this table and now she can wait to build in the Shed thanks for being such a positive Role model
Comment from : Rated and Reviewed V.T.E.

Israel Serbin
Love it Amanda please do more videos.
Comment from : Israel Serbin

Chris Spite
Your s o gorgeous sexy and very beautiful 😎😎😎👍👍👍💕💕💕💕💕💞💞💞💖💖💖💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋
Comment from : Chris Spite

2" X 4"fers!
Comment from : Cten

David Vaughan
I would love to see how to build a tabletop gaming table. These are different from poker tables in that the playing surface is inset several inches from the top of the table which acts as an arm rest and allows for rolling dice without falling off of the table.
Comment from : David Vaughan

Dom Ward
Really enjoyed watching. Was touching to see right at the end that you're a right-hander who deals left-handed - I'm not the only one after all.
Comment from : Dom Ward

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