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Andréa Italiana
Comment from : Andréa Italiana

Shirley Crooms
You sound like a true artist, you create a masterpiece; AND I'm not sure 🤔 well I love it perfect clips, perfect song! Thank You for your work❤️👏!
Comment from : Shirley Crooms

kristina tollefson
so love thsi video it so good
Comment from : kristina tollefson

arrow best show ever ...
Comment from : rGGamer

Arjun Mamidala
0:56, what episode is that
Comment from : Arjun Mamidala

Ville Koponen
What episode is this 3:02???
Comment from : Ville Koponen

Arrow is so unrecognizable now. Fuck Olicity.
Comment from : mcolottiboy

Everton mathias
Comment from : Everton mathias

bickette DeLaPrairie
which song did you use ?
Comment from : bickette DeLaPrairie

Екатерина Курач
Из какой серии момент который начинается с 3:00????? Пожалуйста
Comment from : Екатерина Курач

bradley crites
I am obsessed over this song and it goes great with arrow make more like this
Comment from : bradley crites

Owen Honican
Thx to this I rewatching it from season 1 again even tho season 7 going on one is still good and I’m looking forward to rewatching 2 again
Comment from : Owen Honican

Phillip Rasmussen
love this song and fit pretty good to the scene you have taken great work
Comment from : Phillip Rasmussen

nl ese
What episode is 0:49 from?
Comment from : nl ese

new favorite of all time
Comment from : Elssworlds

Eslam Boshka
Comment from : Eslam Boshka

Laís Miranda
Que homem lindo ❤
Comment from : Laís Miranda

Matt Wilson
What’s ur IG love your videos
Comment from : Matt Wilson

Sandeep Kumar
Comment from : Sandeep Kumar

Vũ Kỳ Trần Hữu
i need lyrics this song, any one else help me?
Comment from : Vũ Kỳ Trần Hữu

Halfmoon Fullmoon
which episode is 3:00 from?
Comment from : Halfmoon Fullmoon

Ekemini Akpan
its official, I love Arrow from season 1. excellent production quality
Comment from : Ekemini Akpan

This is the best Arrow video I've seen. You are a master.
Comment from : Looneyville

Bianca Kwiek
Comment from : Bianca Kwiek

Bianca Kwiek
Comment from : Bianca Kwiek

Linda Gironella
olicity forever..
Comment from : Linda Gironella

Janaína pardo
arqueiro verde 😉
Comment from : Janaína pardo

Yaro ibrahim shandian
it's fun being here always
Comment from : Yaro ibrahim shandian

Marko Milo
wow this is awesome!! love this video hun <3
Comment from : Marko Milo

Innocent Nkome
its fabulous Oliver Queen and ur team.......
Comment from : Innocent Nkome

santiago rojas
Comment from : santiago rojas

Fay Phillips
I love this show keep up the good work guy and keep them coming
Comment from : Fay Phillips


Comment from : TheMarines97warrior

Great vid :) What episode is clip is 3:55 from??
Comment from : CupcakeMiss

Claudia Sc
my new favorite video! 
Comment from : Claudia Sc

Jason Staubach
Stumbled onto this, and was amazed. Great Job
Comment from : Jason Staubach

kristina tollefson
I so love this video it so cool and sweet
Comment from : kristina tollefson

Tomas Niaves
Comment from : Tomas Niaves

Cedric Ohler
I fell in love with Arrow from the 1st episode. To me, it's one of the best shows in the world. I simply love it, as much as your videos! The music fits really great, but you know what's kinda funny? Here in Germany, we have an idiom that says (translated): "Less is more." And it fits just fine here: In this video, the singer's voice is actually VERY monotonous. But that's what makes it so emotional. Kinda weird. Anyway, keep up the good work!
Comment from : Cedric Ohler

Kennedy Brennan
What episode is 1:16?
Comment from : Kennedy Brennan

It's official: I love your work.  Truly excellent production quality and you captured the characters and conflicts so well.

Watching your last two videos makes me realize I really miss Tommy. :(

Comment from : NocturnalRites

Ru New
Best quality videos I've ever seen, super job
Comment from : Ru New

cool vid
Comment from : funtime

Great job:)
Comment from : berrybubblesbear

So far every vid I've seen of yours is awesome. I'm gonna have to go through and watch them all.
Comment from : weirdgirl5685

OMG I really really love every single video of yours!
Comment from : Ilaria

I must agree with you about Arrow and Elementary, two new shows that I hope will last very very long!!
Comment from : xxsatinangelxx

Wow amazing
Comment from : germery

::is dead::
Comment from : lolilie

awesome vid :) i loove the couloring :) great job :) ♥
Comment from : ♡MadaLore1994♡

This was beautiful, thank you! I'm now obsessed with this song too. You, Arrow, and Elementary bring so much goodness to the world. You were great at setting up little moments from the show to the lyrics -- I especially the beginning moments with Laurel and "adults from the first day breathing."
Comment from : velony

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