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Nancy Fratz
If you had a good time, and can afford to play, then good for you.
Comment from : Nancy Fratz

Where is this game at?
Comment from : shelz8

Jorge Nobili
Jesús. You sucks for play this fall.
Comment from : Jorge Nobili

Kelby Edmonson
That set up is retarded.
Comment from : Kelby Edmonson

Christina Reynolds
Never count your winnings.
Comment from : Christina Reynolds

Zachary Teter
This woman doesn't know what she's doing
Comment from : Zachary Teter

Thida Swe
she is quite good!!! And her voice is quite nice 👍🏼 to listen 👂 not squkikki like that one ☝️ girl we had one ☝️ time !!!
Comment from : Thida Swe

Evan Morgan
why do you stack so many,you lose money doing that!!!!,duh
Comment from : Evan Morgan

Xtreme Performance
and you put a silver coin in there what a waste!!!
Comment from : Xtreme Performance

Xtreme Performance
learn how to put coins in the machine so you dont lose money when end up on other coins and dont push shit!!!!
Comment from : Xtreme Performance

artkarydez artkarydez
golf, hunting., fishing, scraping. ..
Comment from : artkarydez artkarydez

artkarydez artkarydez
I love it... get more hobbies you love eachother
Comment from : artkarydez artkarydez

Your not good at this game. Don't let them overlap because it doesn't do anything for u just makes your pocket lighter
Comment from : wildcupcake12

Mitch Drabenstott
When you had 8 bucks you should have kept half of it, and played with the other half
Comment from : Mitch Drabenstott

you need to leave when you made 8 bucks :)
Comment from : Garnik-Davids

Best decision ever!
Comment from : ScratchTicketsHere

You'll get em next time
Comment from : thechrisde

Sam Sitar
two if not all three blocks are moving.
Comment from : Sam Sitar

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