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Christine Kilpatrick
It's so painful to watch you play video poker... please just play slots ♥️
Comment from : Christine Kilpatrick

kdct kdct
Nice video, but as others have said, don't hold the ace when it is not suited.
Comment from : kdct kdct

I am The Batman
You found 9/6 double bonus poker ? With $25 a hand ? How is that even possible?
Comment from : I am The Batman

Pumpkin’s Mom
Thanks for sharing, I just learning how to play and I’m actually making some of the moves you are, hopefully I will get better!
Comment from : Pumpkin’s Mom

Bill Harned
Dude only hold ace when it’s not suited
Comment from : Bill Harned

yielded vessel
5:40 missed out on a straight flush
Comment from : yielded vessel

Coco Loco Community
In Germany we got american poker there u win a lot more with 4 of a kind or royal flush and u can get 5 of a kind with joker
Comment from : Coco Loco Community

Playing W Gaming
I know it worked out once. But When you're playing double bonus or whenever 2 pair pays the same as jacks or better, just take the jacks or better to give yourself better odds at a 3 of a kind or better
Comment from : Playing W Gaming

You are a super noob playing 9/6 DDB.
Comment from : nomearod

Paul Dyche
I had Aces & Eights a few times throughout the eights and got to more Aces a few times
Comment from : Paul Dyche

Paul Dyche
When I have to pair with Jack's over I throw out their lower ones and go for four of a kind
Comment from : Paul Dyche

james jenicek
Got a luv those flashes
Comment from : james jenicek

james jenicek
Got a luv those charries
Comment from : james jenicek

Peter deWolf
Too much WORK! Slots are more...relaxing...
Comment from : Peter deWolf

Jodi Liles
this would have be great if you only you knew how to play...
Comment from : Jodi Liles

Dianne Febles
I would never have held what you did.
Comment from : Dianne Febles

Someone help me out, but when playing double double type games and your dealt 2 pair...say, 2277Q, I always dump the 2-7's and the Q in hopes of getting the other two 2's. Yes, I'm giving up a winning hand, but shouldn't you be trying for the bonus 4-of-a-kind hand?
Comment from : TheGarylee66

ed b
OMG. I could only watch about 2 minutes. This guy has no clue how to play a double bonus (and probably not a triple bonus) poker game. Learn the game young man!
Comment from : ed b

John Reed
You need to learn how to play this game
Comment from : John Reed

David Gentile
Boy does it take long to learn how to play this game? No I don't think so but it takes a lot longer to develop your brain power when you playing a machine that pays even money on to pair. And you actually post this wow
Comment from : David Gentile

You can't hit the royal flush hold mixed suits. Also, back side pairs (4 and 5th positions) usually dont pan out.
Comment from : KushkingLA

Liz Vic
You, Brian Christopher, and SDGuy should make a video together.
Comment from : Liz Vic

5:39 missed Straight Flush
10:39 Straight flush chance that would have been a flush
Total missed: 280 credits = $1400

Comment from : TheInkinJapan

Jacob Kitchens
What a waste of my time
Comment from : Jacob Kitchens

Phil McKracken
Never hold those deuces.. you'll get major stomach cramps
Comment from : Phil McKracken

Sheldon Cooper
Double Double Bonus strategy is really funky. I prefer Jacks or Better.
Comment from : Sheldon Cooper

Anthony R
Thank you for making a video poker video! :)
Comment from : Anthony R

Rick Smith
The guy has no idea how to play the game for long term gains. You always hold your royal flush cards
Comment from : Rick Smith

Looks like you hated Jack’s playing jacks a better
Comment from : MrTruth1253

Carpe Diem
A lot of experts in the comments here....experts on losing money on gambling machines
Comment from : Carpe Diem

U only hold two low pairs to get even money .. if u have pair of kings and pair of 5s u don’t go for
Full house u go bigger

Comment from : Tooktoomuchmolly

Pat Roberts
When you play games with A's/kicker, you should only hold the A's to get the chance to get four A's/kicker.
Comment from : Pat Roberts

Angelo Cianfrocco
I’m gonna call you the Toilet, Cuz you keep Flushing!
Comment from : Angelo Cianfrocco

Angelo Cianfrocco
Regular Bonus Poker pays 2 to 1 on 2 pair. Check the game menu!!! I want you to WIN!!!
Comment from : Angelo Cianfrocco

Why are the payouts so low if you're betting 25$ a spin?
Comment from : itchydiscoman

Bigkats Poker
That royal is coming.
Comment from : Bigkats Poker

Valorie Bracken
U don’t know how to make play, ur holding the wrong cards
Comment from : Valorie Bracken

Your strat would be fine for jacks or better or regular bonus. But you are a bit off here
Comment from : hoytster88

You were playing fine for regular Jack's or better. Double double is different
Comment from : mwint1982

If you get dealt A-A-10-10 . You dont go for the Full House . Cause if the 1st card dealt is a Ace and you hit your Full House you blew your chance of getting Four Of A Kind with Aces . I saw your hit your full house here. But in Double Bonus Poker you never Go for the Full House if you have 2 Aces in the hand. Cause if you dont hit the Full House you only get even money where as if you hit at least 1 Ace you get 3 times and you were going for that 800 or 2000 pay out.
Comment from : MaRiNuS ScHuNcK

If youre playing double Bonus poker and you get dealt 2-3-4-K-A and the AK are not suited you either go for the straight or hold only the Ace . Cause if the machine deals you 3 more Aces and a 2-3-4- thats pays 2000 compared to 20 for the straight or even for AK two pair. Youre always going after the best highest possible hand. Ive had The machine many times deal me three cards to a Four Of A Kind and with Aces . If you are dealt A-A K-Q-10 Unless all for are suited you dont go for the straight you keep only the Aces and go for the 4 of a kid with Aces that at least pays 800. At $5 max bet($25) that would pay $4000 if it hits and $10,000 if hit with the Kicker .
Comment from : MaRiNuS ScHuNcK

Yo udont hold an ACE with an unsuited Picture card in Double DOuble..just hold the Ace. it pays 2000 credits for 4 Aces and a kicker. the Picture unsuited is of no purpose.
Comment from : Piggy-218

George B
That is very poor play, you must hold the tens for a possible Royal.
Comment from : George B

jabba da hutt
Quit while u r ahead , after a big win , if u r up 200 after 10 minutes cash out. Money management.
Comment from : jabba da hutt

Jesse golestani
I hatroyal flush posted on my channel check it out
Comment from : Jesse golestani

Comment from : JIM RICK

Nathan Serna
I chase more flushes
Comment from : Nathan Serna

Johnny Daniels
Boring 11 minute video...was expecting a big win....
Comment from : Johnny Daniels

Aaron Norakus
Such a bad player.
Comment from : Aaron Norakus

Gregory Perlman
At this level...learn the right holds! Your killing me. Get Video Poker For Winners Software and practice!
Comment from : Gregory Perlman

Jonathan Blatman
Dude. Your strategy sucks. You’re giving up a heck of a lot of edge. You’re holding A+something when you should just hold aces. 🤦‍♂️
Comment from : Jonathan Blatman

Matt Nighstalker
Passed up 4 plus flushes when felt 3 cards of same suit, that sucks
Comment from : Matt Nighstalker

Terrible play odds wise
Comment from : evofd

Wade Atkinson
You play really good...I only play the quarter machines because I don’t really understand the game. I have heard the odds are better if you know how to play video poker. Love the commentary!
Comment from : Wade Atkinson

Jordan Starr
I was going to say u don't know how to play
Comment from : Jordan Starr

It's so hard to find video poker videos on Youtube. Thank you for making the effort. I don't post my videos on YT because I can't deal with the critics. I hope you continue to do more! Even with the mistakes, it's better nothing! Ignore the haters.
Comment from : pjcletrac

Kao Saelee
You miss the chance to hit royal flush...should of held AJ10 of diamonds instead of AA.
Comment from : Kao Saelee

Steve DeWitt
Dude, you keep on taking the 2 pair looking for a full house - every time you do that it takes away from a possible 4 of a kind. ONLY keep 2 pair if both pair are less than Jacks. Also, every time you are dealt 2 royality cards like a Jack and a King you should ONLY keep both if they are of the same suite.
Comment from : Steve DeWitt

Derrick Wedding
Comment from : Derrick Wedding

Brad Figiel
Click bait
Comment from : Brad Figiel

Michael Lechner
There are apps you can download that will teach you how to play. I suggest you buy one.
Comment from : Michael Lechner

Mister X
Comment from : Mister X

Bobby Madera
YOU CAN'T complain YOU do better WITH THIS machine THAN THE OTHER ONES
Comment from : Bobby Madera

susu channel
you noober
Comment from : susu channel

JK DeMartino
What I'll do on 2 pair if one or both pair are better than Jack's I just hold them, since payout for Jack's or better and 2 pair are the same
Comment from : JK DeMartino

Lola Vibe
Hard to watch your strategy 😣
Comment from : Lola Vibe

Another BS slot channel where the player never loses. Zzzzzz boring
Comment from : J

Rich Aikin
That's a terrible game-no double up option.
Comment from : Rich Aikin

norman charles
hold ace four
Comment from : norman charles

Undertoker83 PS4
Should always hold the high card 4 chances at one particular card vs 3?
Comment from : Undertoker83 PS4

"Top Dollar Mike loves the video poker though." LOL vs you playing slots...maybe that's why you call him Top Dollar Mike!?! Terrible play...really should know the odds if you're giving advice on video.
Comment from : evofd

John Goncalves
I'm really surprised they didnt catch you filming
Comment from : John Goncalves

Never hold 2 pair in this game unless both pairs are under jacks!!!!!
You playing for four of a kind!!!
2 pair and jacks or better both pay the same. Your not playing for full house

Comment from : jdmazzocc1

Local Gambler
Too bad this game doesn't have a joker or a second draw.
Comment from : Local Gambler

Randy Powell
You should stick to slots :)
Comment from : Randy Powell

David Santosuosso
On the pairs below jacks or better u ALWAYS hold the cards above 10s not the pairs to win.
Comment from : David Santosuosso

Vincent Colonna
casino loves players like this that dont really know the odds and what cards to keep
Comment from : Vincent Colonna

Video Poker Master
I saw you misplay an A-high hand and went directly to comments... and see that you did not claim to know expert strategy yet... no worries.

Your "expert" friend made mistakes as well... lol.

Comment from : Video Poker Master

Nick PappaGiorgio
Lots of basic strategy mistakes:
1) When dealt three aces, hold one kicker (2, 3 or 4) if deal it. Otherwise, just hold the three aces.
2) Just hold Ace, unless the face card is suited.
3) When dealt Aces and another pair, just hold the aces.
4) Hold the low pair (2-4), not two suited face cards.

Comment from : Nick PappaGiorgio

william sheikewitz
9/6 double double is a 98.8% payback game...u were playing it at about 95%...there is plenty of software that teaches u perfect play...at $25 a hand it might make sense to learn it.
Comment from : william sheikewitz

Jeffrey Medved
Statistically speaking, when dealt a low pair (10's or lower) with one or more face cards, you're odds are better to ditch the low pair and hold (up to) 2 face cards/aces to draw on.
Comment from : Jeffrey Medved

Bronx zoo
WTF? Hold the King and Jack instead of just the Ace? You need a new advisor ASAP!
Comment from : Bronx zoo

Hold Jack and king?? Has this guy ever played before?
Comment from : R F

Like your channel....but your play is horrifically bad.

-don’t hold AK or AQ or AJ unless suited (just hold A)

-only hold two pair when neither is KQJA if you have AA1010x then hold AA.

-lastly hold low pairs (holding the 234 suited instead of 33 was a horrible decision....

Comment from : R F

Bigkats Poker
Thanks for the content my man.
Comment from : Bigkats Poker

Ian Caldwell
Lots of mistakes.
Comment from : Ian Caldwell

Chip F
You are not consistent with your play.
Comment from : Chip F

Vegas City Madman
Come here to Vegas and play the $500 a spin slot machine at the Rio 😎
Comment from : Vegas City Madman

Everytime you hold Ace and a face card I cringe. Basic strategy says to just hold the Ace. You are limiting your chance of 4 aces by holding the face card.
Comment from : Truuf

Kris Green
maybe stick to slots lol otherwise, you're gonna get roasted unless you learn how to play. I'd stick to Jacks or Better if you don't know how to play. Thanks for trying video poker, though!
Comment from : Kris Green

Joe Blow
Nice video poker play! Fun to watch!
Comment from : Joe Blow

A few mistakes, but thats ok. Just remember the most important thing about video poker, no matter how you play someone will always be willing to tell you how you're doing it wrong. (Even if you play perfect)
Comment from : DudeMcAwesome

Rosemary leonetti/finelli
Just keep your Ace do not go out of suit keep one card
Comment from : Rosemary leonetti/finelli

Rosemary leonetti/finelli
Comment from : Rosemary leonetti/finelli

Rosemary leonetti/finelli
Favorite Game
Comment from : Rosemary leonetti/finelli

Sue Lee
Deuce as two? That’s funny!
Comment from : Sue Lee

I am surprised you don't know how to play poker.
Comment from : DennisPH1

Linda K
What you said: not as fun as spinning the wheel! Thanks for showing
Comment from : Linda K

Red Screen Ninjas
Good Play! I always wanted to see how others hold their cards in this games!
Comment from : Red Screen Ninjas

the big d zone
Heard you at the end do more cometary when playing VP.
Comment from : the big d zone

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