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Marlene Ash
Comment from : Marlene Ash

Jon Runyan
It’s fairly obvious Gold bugs are jealous of Bitcoin and concerned about the competition for store-of-value and flight-to-safety status.

Get over it. Get educated on Bitcoin and understand why it’s properties are same as gold. And Buy both.

Comment from : Jon Runyan

Bárbara Herda
If you have bit coin on your personal hard wallet, it will NOT “evaporate”. When power back up and running you, only you, will have access o it, not the government.
Comment from : Bárbara Herda

john j
Pitching gold now is like making an investment in gold in the early 1990s. Being too early in the market is indistinguishable form being wrong, unless you are willing to hold gold for more than 10 years. Let's see how the gold market reacts.
Comment from : john j

Island Aerial
Every punter knows something big is going to happen. Just look at the REPO BS currently going on.
Metals are a safety play plain and simple...

Comment from : Island Aerial

john j
HAHAHAHA. After the big bull market of commodities of 2000~2010, smaller gold miners got into this market by high prices. Expect more consolidation in the gold market.
Comment from : john j

Josh Webb
Only Danielle should be allowed to interview people for Kitco.
Comment from : Josh Webb

Fantastic interview. Thanks Kitco!
Comment from : Batman

maraton kosucusu
Gold is every thing verey good than all moneys
Comment from : maraton kosucusu

Marius M
why nobody comment on Daniela?
Comment from : Marius M

Shefali Mahajan
Sir please translate in Hindi episode
Comment from : Shefali Mahajan

marcel klein de groot
He knows nothing about bitcoin. Gold, silver and bitcoin!!!!! Do not lie about bitcoin, to make a good story for gold. Everyone can see right through this.
Comment from : marcel klein de groot

marcelino Perez
AUY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!cheapest Goldstock
Comment from : marcelino Perez

Bitcoin doesn't disappear but it is conditional on Technology.
Comment from : davenetdog

Weigh in on both Gold and Bitcoin season with Silver. 👍
Comment from : Seadreamer_

Mark Nordgård
Today 29 okt is 90 years since the big crack inn 1929 and yesterday we have new ath inn wall street and gold silver dropped down and news about no Brexit this year and maybee never
Comment from : Mark Nordgård

Bear b8
A globalist!
Comment from : Bear b8

How about testing $1550 or $1,600 instead of the silly bs talk of testing $3,000?
Comment from : 888strummer

William Wilson
7:17...he means Gold Bugs are smarter fools. Glad to hear him lay it on the line about gold in the 70s and 80s.

I’ve said nearly exactly the same in comments but the pushback from the gold faithful is overwhelming. They usually witter on about nominal values without considering inflation and the havoc it wreaks on your gains...and how it magnifies your losses.

I was 21 in 1980...remember the times well.

Comment from : William Wilson

Anthony Brookes
Crypto-currencies are the construct of Central Banksters and CIA which published the White Paper in 1996, Its the New System to enslave the masses to a level not seen since whips and chains, Crypto is the most purest form of Fiat Currency and total power to Banksters
Comment from : Anthony Brookes

pelin simone
The guest is all about US. I am not looking for US leadership. I like the metal itself! I did not like his aspect of view
Comment from : pelin simone

kang shinok
The interviewee has a Very unique and precise view. I like it. Humty dumty had a fall...
Comment from : kang shinok

Paul in Las Vegas
He makes a lot of great points. Excellent insight.
Comment from : Paul in Las Vegas

David Yuhas
“It’s really important for the new generation to understand this.“OK so why doesn’t he tell us where to go look for it?
Comment from : David Yuhas

Alvin Smith
Where you find this socialist? He is taking unnecessary shots at my President. The Liberals just can't help themselves.
Comment from : Alvin Smith

Matthew James
As soon as the rest of the world decides they no longer want our currency and it starts flooding back into our borders, that's when we're going to see real inflation. I hope you all have your precious metals ready for that day because that day is right around the corner.
Comment from : Matthew James

philip stallwood
The 70s had a different set of circumstances, now it's all about global debt, money printing, low interest rates, QE and dollar degradation.
Comment from : philip stallwood

Eddy & Vic Carrasco, la cruz
Bitcoin is worthless it’s regulated lol and it’s tracked and traced . Let’s see who sold at the top at $19,000 Bitcoin then you will see. Peoples lives were destroyed this isn’t honest Money and is speculation not fair trade for labour. Gold $60,000 Silver $500 to 2000 per ounce Soon . It’s all about credit and the Fed is in pánic mode . The yield curve is being suppressed by fed injections of $100 ‘a of billions a day . Sliding like a snake from one bank to the other. Get physical India and China will have the purchasing power . The paper shinaniggins are almost over end of November explosions in the derivatives will occur. The Fed is bailing out even European Banks lol
Comment from : Eddy & Vic Carrasco, la cruz

Eddy & Vic Carrasco, la cruz
This Guy doesn’t see The hidden QE in the REPO scam and the Fed buying everything. Silver will be $500 in a month or three . I suggest you add the $21trillion that’s not being accounted for . Europe is toast also Duetch bank and everyone who has derivatives will be Toast there is too much fiat and there is too little silver around for delivery. The world Can’t move forward without Silver
Comment from : Eddy & Vic Carrasco, la cruz

Great analysis.
Comment from : keyman77ca

No inflation? this guy obviously doesn't spend any money.
Comment from : Stone881

George Cranston
The “official” rate of inflation doesn’t reflect the actual cost increases.
Comment from : George Cranston

Sifu Wing
Where is Daniela!? =(
Comment from : Sifu Wing

Vinh Pham
Good morning everybody!! Love comes from New Zealand
Comment from : Vinh Pham

that was pretty interesting
Comment from : Dutchy

Hastur of Carcosa
The public knows the inflation is there, which is the reason for the gold price surge. The Fed, with the help of banks is just targeting the inflation into real estate, education, equities and health care. To attain any type of yield, the public is forced into riskier behavior than it normally would. When this limbo conga line dance ends, everyone will be lying on the floor with zero interest rates and zero yields. This is going to be one very dead global economy.
Comment from : Hastur of Carcosa

It just can’t seem to hang on to that $1500 level...........
Comment from : THE Q

Amy Vonlanken
Let people know the benefits of lithium orotate that will never go out of style...
Comment from : Amy Vonlanken

Which Jrs????
Comment from : R N

Amy Vonlanken
Usa needs to keep gold prices LOW these 3rd world countries own most of the gold...
Comment from : Amy Vonlanken

Dave Hoffman
I hope that your Lady Anchor is ok. Haven't seen for a few days
Comment from : Dave Hoffman

Amy Vonlanken
Gold is totally unstable
Comment from : Amy Vonlanken

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