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Vue Vang
Okay so u won 450 lol this guy smh....
Comment from : Vue Vang

Betting against yourselves 3x seems odd...
Comment from : W4Rnerv

abdul SOAD
Comment from : abdul SOAD

Stuart Little
Question of the day

: When you bring thousands to the table
Don’t they ask you for your personal information
When it comes to gambling big?

Comment from : Stuart Little

Dale Parker
The only thing more exciting would have been a $1000 on black also! YouTube is a terrible thing for stupid people! And I'm an idiot for watching
Comment from : Dale Parker

You risked losing $1,550 to win $450. That seems dumb.
Comment from : Marcus

On a double 00 wheel? Morons
Comment from : hollymatterson

Since when the casino let u record?
Comment from : CASHSTRO215

harry chua
They can use video inside a casino??? Other casinos can't even let get a picture inside.
Comment from : harry chua

What the fuck is this bullshit?
Comment from : rickyomason

Kate Wild
Don't play on a table with a double zero.thats one tip the other is don't play on a table with one zero.
Comment from : Kate Wild

Videospiele Sammler
Marco van Basten spielt jetzt also Roulette 🤔 Junge 😜
Comment from : Videospiele Sammler

Rick Smith
I've been at that table where guys were betting 20k a spin
Comment from : Rick Smith

Rava Ravi
Ia Allah smga uang dollar nya Dan yg Judi Kelas kakap smga uang dollar nya ludes semua pindah kerekeningku ato rumahku skrang juga 😂.. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Comment from : Rava Ravi

Furious 454
Bad idea on betting on black and red at the same time you still make a little profit, you want the bigger fish, not the smaller fish.
Comment from : Furious 454

stars superstar
Get best offers n packages.. msg me
Comment from : stars superstar

Manuel Sedillo
Comment from : Manuel Sedillo

Dr Nike
I set a hot blonde Woman on red , now i have two of them🤗
Comment from : Dr Nike

Brady Dog
Didn’t he just break even?
Comment from : Brady Dog

Jimm From Denmark
risking 1550 to win 2000. Wow... Fine u put 1000 on red, but then at least put 50 on 11 red numbers lol
Comment from : Jimm From Denmark

Brandon Stufflebean
Comment from : Brandon Stufflebean

Henry Gonzalez
Almost 👍🏽
Comment from : Henry Gonzalez

Randall Gonzalez
U won 450 that’s nothing wow
Comment from : Randall Gonzalez

moe mann
Did I really just waste 3 mins of my life on a $350 win? Damn those 3 miss just made me lose $350
Comment from : moe mann

Glock _The _God XXX
Nigga only won $500🤔
Comment from : Glock _The _God XXX

kue chang
Ok so he profited 350 dollars. I dont think its really that big of a win.
Comment from : kue chang

I’m trying to figure out
what the cheering is about should’ve put it all on red!

Comment from : NYC4 LITT44

Brad Parker
Next time, the first thing not to do is bet against yourself. You put money on red and money on two black numbers? That’s just dumb. They can’t both win. In other words you intentionally put money on a loser.
Comment from : Brad Parker

Steven Karel
het js dinsdag avond ! het maakt niet uit
Comment from : Steven Karel

Hugh Neutron
Nigga stop gambling yo retirement money 😂☠️
Comment from : Hugh Neutron

Torq Auto
Comment from : Torq Auto

LINDA Dimattia
Wow! So you won even money on your $1k red bet, lost $500 on the 17/20 combo, and lost $50 bucks on 00. A whopping profit of $450. Just imagine if you would of moved the $500 bet over to the right and bet the 17/18/20/21 combo. I don't know the odds of a 4 number combo bet, but I'm guessing you would of made a profit of at least $5k!
Comment from : LINDA Dimattia

Sam Riley
Worst gambler ever award 🥇 that $500 has to go on RED NUMBERS!
Comment from : Sam Riley

Loud, obnoxious, and act like winning 450 is high roller. Please send these dopes back to whatever country they come from.
Comment from : J P

Nuttie Trend Channel
A very daring bet, but he won, I just shut up. If It was for me, 300 on red, smaller risk and almost the same win rate. if it comes out black. I'll bet even 700. but HE WON. I just shut up.
Comment from : Nuttie Trend Channel

Evan Jensen
Where was the big win? I seen you hit red paying 2:1 is there a second part of this video with the big win?
Comment from : Evan Jensen

La Sombra Del LoBo
These people have more dollars then they do have sense... gesh

Comment from : La Sombra Del LoBo

David Lima
Stupid bet...

Red risk 500$ on 2 numbers to make 9k sure... but 5.28% chance to win
- that’s good as gone

1k on red risked but it that hits it won’t even give you even money

You’d only make 450$

& 50$ on one green? Better would be 100$ covering both

Comment from : David Lima

Euro trash. Annoying
Comment from : peterk814

orkan yalcin
ich werde demnächst hier zeigen das jedes roulette auf der welt mit magnet betrieben wird , und wie mann das selbst ohne viel mühe feststellen kann . mein ziel ist allen spielern zu zeigen das man keine chance hat am roulette tisch zu gewinnen wenn der croupier ( oder das computer , am elektronischen gerätten ) nicht will das deine zahl kommt , egal auch wenn du 35 zahlen setzt um nur 1 punkt bzw. 1 euro zu gewinnen . dieser text ist an alle casino betreibe gerichtet , zieht euch warm an , den ich werde demnächst euern betrug aufdecken . an alle spieler die ihr leben lang nur verloren haben , schreibt mich an , und ich werde euch erklären was ihr machen müsst , um an jedem roulette tisch zu sehen , das es mit magnet arbeitet . mit der zeit wisst ihr auch bei bestimmten spiel auch welche zahlen kommen werden . ja richtig gelessen , ihr werden vorraus sagen können welche zahl dann kommt . ihr könnt dann natürlich , durch euer wissen , welche zahl kommt auch gewinne erziehlen , aber das muss man wirklich sehr schlau anstellen , es klappt dann 1-2 mal an einem gerät , dann blickt der computer was "gespielt" wird . das selbe wäre auch ihm richtigen casino möglich , aber dazu müsst ihr mehrere leute sein , und die casino betreiber dürfen nicht merken das ihr zusammen seit , dann könnt ihr auch gewinnen aber auch dann höchsten 1-2 mal , den dann sehen die betreieber das ihr ein spiel spielt , das das magnetspiel der roulettes überlistet .
Comment from : orkan yalcin

I just wasted 3 min of my life. Thx
Comment from : J D

Badass SS 396
Only won $300 lol
Comment from : Badass SS 396

Don John
Wow , one of the biggest wins on Youtube , well done !!!
Comment from : Don John

Rido Febrian
Hoy bandar judi anjeng Galo . Visi y merusak in org . Y ikut judi mudah2 Han lah dapat ajap dr tuhan.
Comment from : Rido Febrian

ilovechickennuggets '
it took me way too long to figure out htey were speaking english
Comment from : ilovechickennuggets '

What a dumb ass bet.He bet against himself by by putting $500.00 on black when he had $1,000.00 on red.Always bet the same color rookie.You should have bet the red 18 & red 21.
Vegas loves you.

Comment from : SCOTT CLARKE

amy chen
How many dollars is worth winning 25 chips?
Comment from : amy chen

amy chen
How many dollars is worth winning 10 chips?
Comment from : amy chen

Classic hit n run bet but ....yes a big 1 time bet. Better odds: pick a color & bet $1100, then put the $300 in the 1 to 18 or 19 to 36 (or better yet, place it in the 2nd twelve numbers >13 to 24 < . Betting the 12 numbers is 2 to 1 and always split the zeros with $200 !!! Anyways, I hope Las Vegas helped make Neatherlands "Great Again"....lol. All in great fun. Thx for the video.
Comment from : LEFTaTIP

Eddie Rodriguez
Dumb shit
Comment from : Eddie Rodriguez

roelant kant
Nice guys! Congratz! Looks like you’re having fun;)
Comment from : roelant kant

Deniz Akdeniz
I come as a tourist and I play games :)
Comment from : Deniz Akdeniz

Funny Boston Accent
I remember years ago I was drunk, I was up $8200, so for the hell
of it I went to the roulette table and put 100 each on 0 and 00 and 0 came up
for 3500, couldn't believe it. Wouldn't of done it if I were sober.

Comment from : Funny Boston Accent

James Medina
big thumbs down. haha.
Comment from : James Medina

Solo Lay
No disrespect but this is not a good way to bet. Should have put that 500 on the second.
Comment from : Solo Lay

Can’t believe they let them film usually no phones allowed out
Comment from : Rooster217

The guys are having fun .. good energy
n obviously that $1000 isn’t much to them.

Comment from : A T

Ruthy Miranda
Only one criticism. Next time put $250 on 17 and 20 each, instead of the $500 split. You are costing yourselves $250 if you hit.
Comment from : Ruthy Miranda

George Go matos
U won 450 big deal
Comment from : George Go matos

Rumpelstiltskin Van Dam
Single zero tables are high roller tables, not single and double zero tables.
Comment from : Rumpelstiltskin Van Dam

Dylan Hicks
This is far from a big win lmao
Comment from : Dylan Hicks

Danny Brockman
Hope you lost all that
Comment from : Danny Brockman

Spencer Perry
That's far from high rolling 😂
Comment from : Spencer Perry

riley Cannon
So u won 500 ?
Comment from : riley Cannon

such a misleading title. Chump change
Comment from : Kevin

nas pierce
idiot ugly peasant europeans.
Comment from : nas pierce

nas pierce
i hate the way these slavic peasant retards speak when they enter advance civilised nations. netherlandis such a shit hoel and all the men and guys are so ugly nasty creepy ugly looking like slavic mongol yellow skinned polish russian slavic german french greek italian zombie retards.
Comment from : nas pierce

Slot Karma
My number s
Comment from : Slot Karma

i won a good life from not gambling
Comment from : t508

Aimim fan
So u won 450
Comment from : Aimim fan

If you're going to be putting down that kind of money you should find a single zero roulette wheel...
Comment from : FunAndGames

John Angelo
Total Skill..Oh Yeah Nice Shirt..

Comment from : John Angelo

You risked $1550 to win $450 at 57%.. you need at least 75% chance to play this.
Comment from : pimpballer3

Hot4 Teacherz
Exciting! Happy Holidays!!!!
Comment from : Hot4 Teacherz

Raymond Kapala
then they lost it all on the next roll ..they just didn't post it.
Comment from : Raymond Kapala

Jorge Serna
47 days to go, Vegas here I come.
Comment from : Jorge Serna

JeNeSaisQuoi Jones
So you lost 500 on the 17/20 and 200 on the 00 but won 1k on red so you won 300? Did I miss something?
Comment from : JeNeSaisQuoi Jones

Jorge Serna
I guess a win is a win. I want to go back to Vegas.
Comment from : Jorge Serna

coinmaster1000 coinmaster1000
De winst van 450 ook weer ingezet Armijn?😆😃
Comment from : coinmaster1000 coinmaster1000

coinmaster1000 coinmaster1000
Make The Netherlands great again😂😂
Comment from : coinmaster1000 coinmaster1000

Nice Win! Als jullie trouwens nog een casino zoeken waar je mag filmen op de strip. De Cosmopolitan is het enige casino waar filmen wordt toegestaan. Filmen van de gezichten van de gasten is wel verboden. Als je loopt door het casino gewoon het beeld op de vloer richten.
Comment from : dus

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