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Adam I
Best description on YouTube. Learning for pomerstar vr😂
Comment from : Adam I

Damon Carter
Maybe I'll learn Magic: the gathering instead
Comment from : Damon Carter

Germán Moreno
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Comment from : Germán Moreno

Ananya Anand
Uno? Yes
Poker? [17/10 10:26 PM] ~Surya~: Wushup bro Wushup bro
[17/10 10:26 PM] ~Surya~: Wushup bro
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[17/10 10:26 PM] ~Surya~: Wushup bro
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[17/10 10:26 PM] ~Surya~: Wushup bro
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[17/10 10:27 PM] ~Surya~: Wushup bro

Comment from : Ananya Anand

Michael Slater
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Comment from : Michael Slater

Abraham Colon
What if two players have a royal flush
Comment from : Abraham Colon

Divyendu Kashyap
Anyone here coz of How to Minecraft?
Comment from : Divyendu Kashyap

Pranav Kumar
Nice Video. Whatever we think will not happen always. Everyone has to play with their own trick & also they need to have some luck to win in poker. I had luck most of the time while I play poker and won more than 3 lakh rupees in just a few months. PokerStellar is my favourite to play poker online. If you are interested to play poker online then give a try at PokerStellar. Register & get Rs.100 Signup Bonus. Visit: www.pokerstellar.com/
Comment from : Pranav Kumar

Water Bear
Uh... What?
Comment from : Water Bear

In the river round if you want to form a hand you have to use at least one your cards + 4 of the community cards? or you have to use your both cards + any 3 of the community cards?
Comment from : hmm?

Fugly Mongraal
If folding is throwing your cards away shouldn’t it be called throwing
Comment from : Fugly Mongraal

The only thing that will make you poorer then poker is a wife.
Comment from : bhgtree

Reed N
I wish I had this video when I first learned to play (I am watching this because I didn’t understand one thing)
Comment from : Reed N

अंशुमान अवस्थी
In flop round if first one checks do I have the option to check as well?
Comment from : अंशुमान अवस्थी

I was Batman
Awesome, thank you. Nice video.
Comment from : I was Batman

can someone explain to me. so when does it move to the flop round is that after everyone has called
Comment from : NAlder

Zaheer Ahmed
Your voice is like Ygritte
Please say you know nothing Jon snow once

Comment from : Zaheer Ahmed

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Comment from : MOKHTAR ERRZIEQ

Srikar thati
Hand name plz at 4:08
Comment from : Srikar thati

jon carley
I never understand why they don’t explain the rules of checking properly. For anybody wondering, if a hand is checked you can continue and only continue to check around the table until somebody places a bet then you must call, raise or fold
Comment from : jon carley

Στράτος Δημάκης
Why do you even have the exact same video linked in the description?
Comment from : Στράτος Δημάκης

Gerry Whitelaw
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Comment from : Gerry Whitelaw

Modes Apps
Check out this android game to help you learn: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nrobneppu.pokertrainer
Comment from : Modes Apps

who the fuck invented this game? what is a small and big blind?
Comment from : Cano

The video starts with poker terminology and keeps talking as if viewer has a background of poker. I didn't understand anything...
Comment from : Egyfitness.com

Klara S
what if I want to use all the community cards to form my poker hand and another player wants them all too? is that even possible and who can use them in the end?
Comment from : Klara S

Snow Storm
Wow this is the first tutorial that I actually kinda understand thank you
Comment from : Snow Storm

shane Sebastian
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Comment from : shane Sebastian

Pi Rank
I didn't understand a shit.. It's hard.. I'm gonna stay with BS,Call Bridge & 29
Comment from : Pi Rank

Random Stuff
so many questions this btch hasnt covered.
Comment from : Random Stuff

Random Stuff
hold em! i dont understand em!
Comment from : Random Stuff

Mostafa Abodaif
thank you my lady
Comment from : Mostafa Abodaif

One Hit Wizard
I now know de wei
Comment from : One Hit Wizard

Well well well...
Comment from : THE CHOSEN ONE

sachin yadav
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Comment from : sachin yadav

Gnarly Garlic
who came here because of poker night in the inventory
Comment from : Gnarly Garlic

Amogh Mulge
Wtf does bigblind and small blind mean. First explain that
Comment from : Amogh Mulge

Unusual scales on guitar
most concise and satisfactory vid on texes hold em i seen yet! and ive been watching a ton believe me
Comment from : Unusual scales on guitar

sachin yadav
Comment from : sachin yadav

sachin yadav
Comment from : sachin yadav

Dana omar j
guys, try to download a free poker for your phone and just play, you will learn soon, it was very difficult for me at the beginning, come to watch this video again after you have played for a couple of days, and repeat it.
the most difficult part is comparing poker hands at the beginning, ignore it and keep playing.
I am trying to make it simple and I hope it helps,
you start with two cards in your hand and 3 on table, keep going with the game if you have a good poker hand, and then two more cards will be dealt on the table, so now you have 7 cards to make any of the 10 poker hands she explained here. you are not lucky always so do not expect to have a good poker hand always.
ask me if you have any questions please.

Comment from : Dana omar j

The only thing I don't understand from poker is what happens if you aren't able to pay the raise. if a player raises the bet to an amount that I can't pay, or say if everyone else at the table can't match their bet, Do they just win automatically?
Comment from : ProtoQuigg

Miguel Olsen
Tho a bit longer this is the only vid that truly made me understand the game. I just have one doubt if anyone cares to answer.
On an hypothetical situation where the 2 players with the best hands both have lets say, 2 pairs, both have an A's pair, a king's pair, and a 5 card extra. Which one would win?

Comment from : Miguel Olsen

Veikka Joensuu
Thanks now I can lose my all money! So helpful!
Comment from : Veikka Joensuu

Can you bet edible chips in poker?
Comment from : Zippy

Jamall Peart
Comment from : Jamall Peart

Jesstin Estavillo
What if they all throw there cards by the flop round
Comment from : Jesstin Estavillo

Jonathan Conwell
she needed to show an example of what happens in the pre-flop rounds when someone raises...actually she need to show more raise bet examples period. I thought that during the pre flop round if the "under the gun" player next to big blind raises that in the very same round the small and big blinds had to match the 3rd players raise. the question about texas holdem i've always had is how do you know when each round of betting is over? is it over once the dealer (last player to bet) makes their move OR is it when everybody has contributed the same amount to the pot??
Comment from : Jonathan Conwell

Ben Mushak
Finally a video that makes sense!! Thank you!
Comment from : Ben Mushak

Wayne Lambert
Next episode, how to play strip poker.
Comment from : Wayne Lambert

Comment from : Վեժ

So if the small blind, folds and the small blind. Does everybody have to contribute the same amount??. What happens if the big blind raises then does everybody else have to too
Comment from : FUCK RAP

Ingrida Miceikaite
What are comunity cards and where do they come from ?
Comment from : Ingrida Miceikaite

Gunfire 81
A little bit confusing, but basics are understandable.
Comment from : Gunfire 81

R Fadae
amazing video
Comment from : R Fadae

It’s called poker.. yet you can’t have poker.
Comment from : GBatT

Michael Boobyer
GTA casino prep😂
Comment from : Michael Boobyer

Marvin Kagiso
My name is Mike Ross, and I still didn't understand that.
Comment from : Marvin Kagiso

Shams awara
Sir make video about the breslate logic in poker
Comment from : Shams awara

great game
Comment from : Milwokee

Complicated shit
Comment from : sydmmr1985

I came here from Far Cry 3
Comment from : Cyndrick

Time to lose a shit ton of money
Comment from : Ferox

Far cry 3,red dead redemption 2 got me here.
Comment from : NeaVastuica

Joshua Walker
I taught my first graders this with oreos.
Comment from : Joshua Walker

John Dillinger
Comment from : John Dillinger

Clint Smith
Comment from : Clint Smith

Walter Taylor
Comment from : Walter Taylor

Alienated Alien
"The ultimate daddy"
Comment from : Alienated Alien

Dain Swenson
Am I the only person who sees the irony in a digital voice using a british accent to explain a game called texas hold em
Comment from : Dain Swenson

Restricted Videos
But how do theey know who has the best 5 cards?
Comment from : Restricted Videos

Random User
What if I play a +4 wild card?
Comment from : Random User

Thomas Hill
In * * SUITS * * is a four two to eight players card game with one deck of 52 playing cards, Each player is dealt six cards in total, In this game you are trying to get as many of your cars in one suit preferably in a running order, the suits are in order of strength ( HEARTS ,SPADES, DIAMONDS and CLUBS ). Three cards are dealt to each player as starting cards ( Three in the hand ) then three on the table on a four hand rotation ( Three on the table ) The three table cards are dealt four ways FACE UP , COMMUNITY , FACE DOWN and OPEN HAND. EACH WAY IS A CHALLENGE to players and keeps the game exciting / All player put in an ante at being of each hand NO BLINDS antes are determined at the beginning of the game by all player game manager. In * * SUITS * * there are four betting rounds except on OPEN HAND deal. Check, Raise or Fold NO RAISING THE DEALER in * * SUITS ** the dealer is last to act in betting round and can't be raise. / In * * SUITS * * the first way it is dealt FACE UP After all player are dealt the three stating cards, then the first round of betting The dealer will deal each player the first table cards face up in front of each player ( only the card in front of you is yours to add to your hand ), after assessing your hand the second round of betting take place repeat two more cards and three more betting rounds. IF YOU WISH TO KNOW MORE PLEASE REPLY and I will be glade to share.
Comment from : Thomas Hill

After several unsuccessful attempts to learn this game, it's finally clicked. This is by far the best video for learning poker.
Comment from : TrainOfThought

Karl Erik Aas
Do the big blind have to go over the small blind?
Comment from : Karl Erik Aas

I am 14 yo and I love this tutorial as it is much easier to understand lol
Comment from : TheJabSamYT

João Silva
if i got 20$ and bet 10$, then a guy raises with 25$ what happenss? I cant match cus i dont have money, do i loose the money that i put in and im forced to fold? that would be unfair
Comment from : João Silva

Jam adapun
Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else trying to find out poker secrets online try Jaffacter Poker Secrets Coach (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my neighbor got great results with it.
Comment from : Jam adapun

here cuz of gta
Comment from : MØBĪÑ ĞÄMĖŘ

Me, not knowing what Red Redemtion 2 is, but understanding this...
Comment from : natherry1828

Ricky De Gove
What does the dealer do?
Comment from : Ricky De Gove

Self -Deprecation
So the headshot is an automatic kill, right?
Comment from : Self -Deprecation

Bot_ Haydo
im learning for pokerstars vr
Comment from : Bot_ Haydo

Hopefully ok
7:20 lol
Comment from : Hopefully ok

Dev Kumar
Thank you so much❤
Comment from : Dev Kumar

what if everyone folds ?
Comment from : XenoContact

"Jooo Fackkkkin cheat. Jooo Facking looked at my cahrds joooo Fackin cheat."
Comment from : TheLegend

Let's admit it. Most of us are here because of red dead redemption 1 or 2. Rdr 2 would be the ideal one in this case though since it's recent.
Comment from : TheLegend

patato mejia
Nice i only needed to watch it once to understand everything.
Comment from : patato mejia

Sam Gill
Thank yoh
Comment from : Sam Gill

If someone raises then i call do i pay the original bet or the raised?
Comment from : AWESOM3king

Can someone explain me flush? Everyone says 5 cards of the same suit but when I play poker often that is not a flush.
Comment from : TonicSounds

Visit pokerprof.net to learn some great strategies to win poker
Comment from : amritpaul010

Chiradeep Ghosh
What if both the hands are exactly the same? That is the 2 cards in my hand say 6 and Queen is exactly same as the other guy ?
Comment from : Chiradeep Ghosh

dimches сhannel
who likes to play in Chinese rooms? As for me, playing in Chinese rooms is easier, do you think?

Comment from : dimches сhannel

Crystal CCC
Thanks for the tutorial. 😊
Comment from : Crystal CCC

Cole Addison
I feel really dumb 4 asking this but aces are better than kings?
Comment from : Cole Addison

Muhammed Taha Sharjeel Ahmed
What if two people have straight flush of same rank, who wins
Comment from : Muhammed Taha Sharjeel Ahmed

Dolph Winter
Comment from : Dolph Winter

On Today’s Episode of what’s in my recommended How To Play Poker Texas Hold Em But I already know how to play
Comment from : Epic

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