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mike spilligan
Bubba gump.
Comment from : mike spilligan

Perma pumpers will love this, but has this guy called anything right
Comment from : TheInvisibleOne

Nonsense PoopyPants
This dude has definitely been drinking lol. He's had at least 3 or 4 beers before this interview.
Comment from : Nonsense PoopyPants

Russian Bot
when someone makes up what gold is worth Every single day,and it has nothing to do with the Free Markets you can say anything if you are friends with that asshole or you know what its going to do well in advance
Comment from : Russian Bot

Joyce Koch
Gold is an incredible buy right now. We will likely see gold at 1600 in the next 5 years.
Comment from : Joyce Koch

Rolf Eliason
Part of patience is not knowing how much patience you need. The other part is a feeling for when the manipulation will stop.
Comment from : Rolf Eliason

Among other things, amazing outfit Daniella 👍😜
Comment from : 526Nitin

Mike OZ
Ho hum....same old sad story. You'll be here this time next year repeating the same old stories you told last year & the year before etc. The Banksters have created a chest trove of over 40 Trillion dollars to use everywhere that's needed for propping up the financial system. Gold will say in limbo!
Comment from : Mike OZ

will edwards
Can we first see gold reach $1,300 and silver reach $16 before we talk about a rally?
Comment from : will edwards

Eric B
Comment from : Eric B

Bubbas the man
Comment from : \\/\//

Comment from : WizWaz

Jeff Barber
Great interview Daniella. I always enjoy Bubba's comments. Have fun in Vancouver
Comment from : Jeff Barber

Buy Silver 73
Love her
Comment from : Buy Silver 73

9 6
Daniela 😍😍
Comment from : 9 6

Jan Sasha
Outstanding guest
Comment from : Jan Sasha

Mike Fani
Sell stock buy gold gold gold
Comment from : Mike Fani

andras nemeth
I love it when these two talk!!
Comment from : andras nemeth

The traveling My funds are low
Daniella looking good with that snake skin shirt...who oh I wanna rock!
Comment from : The traveling My funds are low

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