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Bruce M.
After watching this there is no f'ing way i'm sitting down at a table with Bart~
Comment from : Bruce M.

Alfredo Gomez
Newly subscribed. Ive watched you play on LATB and you're a BEAST. I play lower stakes 1-2, 1-3 and I have a very loose image at my local card room. I want to change it up without making it to obvious does your website offer this type of info/advice?
Comment from : Alfredo Gomez

Ben Pon
The way to get pros to pay you off is to play unorthodox lines. The way to bluff pros is to play strong lines. Play the leveling game vs pros.
Comment from : Ben Pon

john Mud
why am i subscribed to this? I never subscribed
Comment from : john Mud

Jack Miao
Great fold. From China like your video. Do you think you can add the subtitles when you do the CLP analysis? Because English is not good enough to understand everything you and caller is saying, especially sometimes their phone seems having reception issue. Use a China brand phone :)
Comment from : Jack Miao

With 5 10 blinds and 1000 behind Jh,10h hole cards im ug 2 players to the flop for 50 pot is 115 flop is qh,9s,6h I check op goes all in for 1200 do I call?do u call? Why?
Comment from : Me

Martin M
" I like to bet my middle and bottom sets because I block top pair" strong-
Comment from : Martin M

Anthony Fox
"I have pocket Aces in my range". Um...who doesn't?
Comment from : Anthony Fox

Geng Wang
great content! for that last hand tho, probably should always bet the set 10s on the turn considering he might have AK of spade and will gladly see a free card on the river.
Comment from : Geng Wang

Justin Case
Anyways isn't a word: it's anyway. Just saying...
Comment from : Justin Case

Luke Stewart
Nice video. Should probably bet like $600 to $800 in A8 river spot imo, given his flop betsize into two people I think he has a decent amount of pot controlling Ax in his distribution that will hero river and then basically a inelastic autofold range. Since he has 33 he probably folds, but in practice I prefer overbet to pot size bet even for value. If you were bluffing this spot, I think you would advocate a much bigger size haha.
Comment from : Luke Stewart

jim smith
Flops top set against brain dead monkeys and wins the hand. Well done.
Comment from : jim smith

In the sweat hand, if mark had cbet a normal size, why wouldnt he have to fear the turn 9? By keeping her range wide he keeps her 9x hands in. At that point, how can he get value?
Comment from : niemand262

Great insight as always, Bart. I don't know if you're already aware of this and/or you balance it accordingly, but fwiw you displayed a pretty reliable strength tell with your facial expression when you bet the river (the "confused/pained" look).
Comment from : Brad

Tony V
Comment from : Tony V

Fish hansen
Comment from : V V

Chuck m81
Wow, thanks Bart for that video, was super interesting!
Comment from : Chuck m81

Mark Simpson
I love your content and I'm still and always learning new things that should be obvious. Your explanation for why you didn't expect Mark to have a set (55) was really helpful. Keep up the fabulous contributions to helping us get better. Good to see Barry is still enjoying poker ! (And Kenna and Matt) ☺
Comment from : Mark Simpson

I really hope barry woods watches this and starts valuebetting 3rd pair against you and your making the games WORSE forever for PERSONAL FINANCIAL GAIN comes back to personally bite you
Comment from : Millnoc

David Zhao
congrats on ur tourney cash!
Comment from : David Zhao

John  Scott
Should Mark have raised on the flop w/ his set of 5s?
Comment from : John Scott

Your knowledge and insight are really profound, Bart. I look forward to your videos, as it helps me become a better poker player. Thank you for sharing with us.
Comment from : MicroMagicMysteryMan

G Sam
I love that Bart's wearing a "Crush Live Poker" shirt while playing poker against live opponents who are seeing the shirt ;)
Comment from : G Sam

Ben Zhang
People always say why do u donk bet/lead? A a perfect example here, If u don’t bet to protect ur hand (set 10s), a tight bluffer will NOT put another cent into the pot unless he bad beats the shit out of u on the river. Max Pain for No $. Went from winning to losing 😵
Comment from : Ben Zhang

Ben Zhang
Mark is a Tight Nit Fish 🐟 🎣
Comment from : Ben Zhang

gerry o sullivan
The first hand,what bluffs can you have here? 67s,maybe QJs that continues to barrel a gutter when Ace comes on the turn,but that’s about it really.
Comment from : gerry o sullivan

Can't wait for the high quality vlog. Thanks as always for the content. You're insight is amazing.
Comment from : bubba316999

Milton Amarante
Great vid! Thanks Bart!!! 👍
Comment from : Milton Amarante

Jay P
Bart, I think you mean don't "cold call 3 bets"? Talking about the 55 vs. AK hand.
Comment from : Jay P

Travis Gillihan
Great video! Thank you!
Comment from : Travis Gillihan

Cameron Gill
You are gonna make a member out of me soon enough. Brutal nit roll, hate it when that happens
Comment from : Cameron Gill

Paul Hamilton
Thanks for your content and the analysis
Comment from : Paul Hamilton

Todd Zickel
Great video. I understood your thought process and learned a lot. Thanks!!
Comment from : Todd Zickel

trin seastrand
But obv the big pay off is the thin bet/fold on the riv in later hands
Comment from : trin seastrand

trin seastrand
You were totally nit rolled in the 555 hand sir! If you played $1/3 like me you would be kinda used to it as it happens pretty often. LOL
Comment from : trin seastrand

jc jones
Good job!
Comment from : jc jones

Hey Bart what did you think of structure changes in relation to the limit games; specifically O8? I think you said last year you didn't like the structure.
Comment from : LO8GRINDER

Yijun Lin
Thanks for this video and can’t wait for the monster stack and main event videos. Thumb up!
Comment from : Yijun Lin

Aaron Hope
Natalia hand was revealed preflop
Comment from : Aaron Hope

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