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Gripsed Poker Training - Evan Jarvis
Table of contents for this video
1:00 - Why talk about selection
2:17 - AD #Pokercoaching
2:57 - Goals of the presentation
4:04 - Benefits of Optimal Range Construction
7:02 - What Exactly is Range Construction
9:39 - Why it's beneficial to balance your ranges
11:37 - The Golden Ratio for various bet sizes
14:11 - When you don't need to balance your range
17:22 - Minimum Defense Frequency (what, why, how)
21:39 - Breakeven Success Frequency (when betting)
22:11 - Types of ranges (linear vs polarized)
26:10 - How to rank hands preflop
29:20 - Choosing what hands to continue with postflop
31:56 - Intro to Stack to Pot Ratio
36:20 - Adjusting the 'best hands' based on SPR
37:23 - How to rank hands postflop (key properties)
41:41 - Building your poker pyramids after the flop
44:11 - How to rank hands on the river in poker
46:57 - How to plan your hand vs a perfect opponent (GTO)
47:53 - How to plan your hand vs a human opponent (Exploitative)
50:05 - Summary / Conclusion / Key Takeaways
53:48 - AD Get 75% off @Pokercoaching - gripsed.com/pc
56:00 - Like if you learned, Leave a comment w/ a Question

Comment from : Gripsed Poker Training - Evan Jarvis

Lonny White
hammer down runner runner home slice !
Comment from : Lonny White

John Garza
Did i hear someone drop the name james sweeney? Yeah, im in the right place. Been watching his videos for years trying to become a master.
Comment from : John Garza

+1. Appreciate the great content. Thank you very much!
Comment from : Alan

David Novacich
where can i find an equity calculator 37:53
Comment from : David Novacich

This is gold! Thank you Evan :D
Comment from : T5P

Bold Broadcasting Channel
Great info! This is something that I’ve struggled with every since I started playing. I have to understand and wrap my head around ranges if I ever want to be top ranked or even a winning player 🔥🔥🔥
Comment from : Bold Broadcasting Channel

Slim Shady
Great information! Hey I chopped final 2 at ballys last night in 8pm tournament 2300 each! 59 entries!
Comment from : Slim Shady

Jun Yan
This is your another classic video after triple threat and player classification. Good work, really appreciate!
Comment from : Jun Yan

Straight Flizzy
All of this was great! Really needed to hear the stack to pot ratio portion. Makes so much sense!
Comment from : Straight Flizzy

Ethan Baker
In lower stakes in live poker, the PSR tends to be very low, since the pot grows big preflop with all the loose callers. How does this change things? For example, in a $1-$3 game, a standard raise to $13 preflop will often have 3 callers, for at least $50 in the pot. With a buy in in the $400 max range and several small stacks probably making poor calls with $100, this strategy you suggest gets tricky.
Comment from : Ethan Baker

Gripsed Poker Training - Evan Jarvis
If you have Any Questions, ANY AT ALL, Please reply to this comment with them.
I know this is a lot of advanced material, and I want to help ensure you understand it fully!
Note: at the 32:04 mark my dislexia got me, it's Stack to Pot Ratio (SPR) not Pot to stack ratio 🙄

Comment from : Gripsed Poker Training - Evan Jarvis

Straight Flizzy
Comment from : Straight Flizzy

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