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DJ Electric Samurai
Donation goal : Get the Samurai to Ozora festival 2019
paypal link Click Here www.paypal.me/ElectricSamurai
25 euro/ 27 dollar mixes from dec 2018 till end of 2019
50 euro /54 dollar all mixes from 2017 ,2018 and 2019
to get the samurai to the festivals.
as its harder and harder to use other video's
with my own content ,i can keep on producing
new video mixes weekly!!
all donations welcome small or big, always will send you mixes
★Get a original Electric Samurai T-Shirt or Hoodie go check it out★
please Donate , bitte spenden, Para la donación, por favor done, Faites un don,

per favore dona, tolong donasi , παρακαλώ δωρίστε, Пожалуйста пожертвуйте, לתרום,
5 euro - 2 mixes , 10 euro - 5 mixes , 20 euro - 10 mixes ,
as soon i got a donation i send the files via email to you and you get an email with download link
all donations goes to NEW music, for upcoming mixes, NEW festival video footage etc etc

Comment from : DJ Electric Samurai

DJ Andy Lexx
Very Nice Video and Audio Mix
Comment from : DJ Andy Lexx

shahroz riazati
Comment from : shahroz riazati

Fox The King
a minha namorada é lindab
Comment from : Fox The King

Rudolf Kilian
OK cool
Comment from : Rudolf Kilian

muy bueno +1
Comment from : DrWickborn

Dillinger Sam
Fantastic Music Video
One Love
From Niagara Fall's - Canada 😀❤

Comment from : Dillinger Sam

Comment from : GlaXiss

palumbosmallsize Palumbo
Comment from : palumbosmallsize Palumbo

Kara-Kujur Media
42:55 Phanatic-out of body experience
Comment from : Kara-Kujur Media

Diablo DemonHD
Comment from : Diablo DemonHD

Diablo DemonHD
Te amo Samurai Forever jajajajajaja
Comment from : Diablo DemonHD

Chinazo Super Poderoso
My friend already exists Stabilizares
Comment from : Chinazo Super Poderoso

please choose adds that dont interrupts the video. I need your music to train my body. adds bring me out of my concentration.
Comment from : Treborianus

Thanks fuckin' ya for this mix , You rock ! Lettin'it play in the kitchen of the restaurant while cookin it's awesome 😍😎
Comment from : MegaMr04

michael hunt
I so wanna go to a boom fest
Comment from : michael hunt

Supa sly
danced 8 days in a row i 2010!!!!!!still recovering!!!!!
Comment from : Supa sly

Jorge Valdivia Ramirez
que buenas rolas esos beats estan con madre y los sonidos
Comment from : Jorge Valdivia Ramirez

Matteo Gallo
Song for summers 2020
Comment from : Matteo Gallo

Matteo Gallo
Comment from : Matteo Gallo

Hedley Abnett
Will visit one day
Comment from : Hedley Abnett

Nico Mendez
Comment from : Nico Mendez

what's it got to do with deja vu?
Comment from : Steven1993

Memento Mori
Todo mundo tem de correr pelado
Comment from : Memento Mori

James Jim Moriaty
Danke ♥️ für diesen Trip
Comment from : James Jim Moriaty

Toni Sanchez Molina
Fliiiipa que buena fiesta chaval
Comment from : Toni Sanchez Molina

Gilson Carlos
Comment from : Gilson Carlos

Behshad Samimi
how can i get rid off these fucking commercials between the videos?? it pisses me off exactly when i on the song going to the sky fucking commercial comes with their fucking shittt products
Comment from : Behshad Samimi

Deníz Costa
Boabă music
Comment from : Deníz Costa

Veronica Ccarhuani Choqye
Repontence los que hablan español 🇵🇪
Comment from : Veronica Ccarhuani Choqye

Васян Багров
Ставь лайк кто из России! покажем сколько нас!
Comment from : Васян Багров

Mon Indy
love this mix!
Comment from : Mon Indy

ZORLAC der Verfaulte
ADDS ADDS ADDS - cant listen to the musik becourse to much ADDS
Comment from : ZORLAC der Verfaulte

10 mal Werbung. Du butterbirne
Comment from : Lando

Dmitriy K
Awesome! But so much advertisement
Comment from : Dmitriy K

Einzigartige Atmosphäre, ein kleiner zeitlich begrenzter Kosmos in dem die Luft nach Liebe riecht. Sei du, mach was dich glücklich macht auch wenn es andere vielleicht komisch finden. Kein Scham keine Angst keine schlechten Gedanken. Sie alle wollen dich sowie du bist.
Comment from : Bane

Daleee daleee daleee
Comment from : PeiDoGamePlays

Hello from India man🙏 they all are nagasadhus with trishul in their hands😁
Comment from : FLATOUT #46

So many advertisements. no bueno.
Comment from : 77kirkwood

Matt Bamford
Absolute twat of a videographer who prefers to work when everyone represents the freedom of thought without any parameters. Being videoed is just exposure. Why not focus on those who came to be filmed and stop those in a moment who reject your mentality. Have fun!
Comment from : Matt Bamford

MalexaGAKi Susman
Que bien que bien que buena musica esta psytrance en boom festival en alemania mi nombre es dj goa y estube en siva moom festival en el 1998 muchos salidos de Venezuela para la familia goa
Comment from : MalexaGAKi Susman

Amoral Community
Бля,я к ним хочу(
Comment from : Amoral Community

Dave Walker
Which country is this at?
Comment from : Dave Walker

Dj Fernandes Oficial
Comment from : Dj Fernandes Oficial

Fedora dude @ 27m30s - bucket list - party with you u cunny funt
Comment from : mat41174

Paul Van-OzDutch
Boom18 rocked beats B2B light&night.. but.. @asot lights & Lazer is trance-eye candy!! 🥳☯️
Comment from : Paul Van-OzDutch

Roma Makushev
Ha ha that ginger guy
Comment from : Roma Makushev

I watch this on 600mcg acid its so nice
Comment from : MightyStev

Eliud Portillo
Good psytrance I LOVE
Comment from : Eliud Portillo

Fran Molina
Comment from : Fran Molina

Commercials every 5 min : (
Comment from : fsgohha

José Fernando Flores
Que rica música me transporta al éxtasis esta noche nocturna
Comment from : José Fernando Flores

Otac Pavle Macola
gREAT JOURNEYč=== ===)))))
Comment from : Otac Pavle Macola

Luan Steenkamp
Image the Smell of BO! 😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Comment from : Luan Steenkamp

cosma shiva
Jahre .endlich mal vollgas
Comment from : cosma shiva

Dat Scammer
Hi from Delhi, India! Spread the psy love!
Comment from : Dat Scammer

Zia Junaidi
I like it better in the dark with visuals
Comment from : Zia Junaidi

Love this and dancing to it on my own at home, gets rid of stress :)
Comment from : MsAmanzi

The FlaminViendetta
I turned up the bass and my neighbour called the police.

They arrested him.

Comment from : The FlaminViendetta

Fumando Respectivo
Top 👑 great mix and video. Love play in full screen on my house (feel i was inside the party) 🎧🎧🎶🎶🎶🔥🔥🔥🕉️
Cheers from Portugal

Comment from : Fumando Respectivo

Deus Abençoame
E isso ai mano detonou na moral
Comment from : Deus Abençoame

Петя Вальцман
Улёт полный!
Comment from : Петя Вальцман

Pyromanehd Fireworks
Comment from : Pyromanehd Fireworks

Tobias Hermansson
I was here
Comment from : Tobias Hermansson

Fidel Jorrín Novo
Gracias :)
Comment from : Fidel Jorrín Novo

Dylan Smit
Buen mix a volar con un cuadrito del gato felix buen viaje a todos.
Comment from : Dylan Smit

Wish Imagine
Comment from : Wish Imagine

Tomas Grigas
Va čia tušas😎
Comment from : Tomas Grigas

Comment from : BulbasaurUseVinewhip

Crhistian Adrìan
Gracias amigo por tu aporte buena musica Felicidades y NAMASTE !!
Comment from : Crhistian Adrìan

Zu viel Werbung
Comment from : Bermuda

Neurotic Trader
to the 1.1k dislikes - you are a bunch of morons! Tainted souls all there is to it
Comment from : Neurotic Trader

Allyson Franken
Didn't know Dothraki would be at this party.
Comment from : Allyson Franken

Jane Doe
Comment from : Jane Doe

jassy omm
Meega Mix aber alle par minuten Werbung :( :( :( Kannste net laufen lassen schade
Comment from : jassy omm

OFF ¿?
Energy never die.
Comment from : OFF ¿?

Χριστός Κουσης
Comment from : Χριστός Κουσης

Techno Viking has really let himself go at the 1:11 mark Lmao
Comment from : MikayelS

Raul Herrero Falero
I have a question, what is that 'psychedelic ''stick''' in the minute 42:55? I want to learn to do it but I do not know what it's called. Help pls XD
Comment from : Raul Herrero Falero

Nikhil Sharma
Just gave free medicine and money for dinner to someone . Feeling wealthier.
Comment from : Nikhil Sharma

caio magno
Comment from : caio magno

Arthur Ker
Comment from : Arthur Ker

Alexkidd Miracleworld
continuer as teuff mes teuffeurs ravers cheries...
Comment from : Alexkidd Miracleworld

Miroslav Matúš
Comfortobly numb
Comment from : Miroslav Matúš

Comment from : czarek22c

j hoffa
Thumbnail image?
Comment from : j hoffa

Jonathan Henrique
Meus amigo meus amigo posso te dizer que tão tudo pego na bala rs.! Coment brazil yes ♡
Comment from : Jonathan Henrique

Isma X
Mad Max?
Comment from : Isma X

Danny Walker
My favourite guy 10:40 2:10
Comment from : Danny Walker

deyer vargas ibarra
Sere el unico comentario en español ?
Comment from : deyer vargas ibarra

.75 speed got me chilled out
Comment from : Tomp4ul

1a Freakshow!

Ist irgendwer nicht auf LSD?

Comment from : Schessüfaah

Daniel Rieger
i love that girl at 33:58! pure joy, friendliness and happiness
Comment from : Daniel Rieger

Максим Светлов
Кто все эти люди🙈🤩
Comment from : Максим Светлов

Kristof Alexy
around 16:17 ppl with a tent, camping, at the front of the stage in the middle of the ''dancefloor'' lmao loving it.
Comment from : Kristof Alexy

Chris taylor
And people still believe in evolution, ha ha ha.
Comment from : Chris taylor

Slip GT
Dude the video... couldnt scroll down to the commentaries.
Comment from : Slip GT

Pozdro z Fracji!
Comment from : #David

the earthly paradise
Comment from : BZH TeK

Un buen evento.
Me gustaría que hicieran eventos así en mi país Costa Rica.

Comment from : Sharkyc12

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