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Tony Silva
Silver is a more important precious metal than gold, it is using thousands applications many hundreds of applications that are necessity for life oh, it has much more of a utility even in the future as we move into nanotechnology silver is the metal for that application. It is even being used in the development of cloaking devices, and yes you read correctly. Anyway, all throughout history is when things began to get dystopian the people redeem their currencies and other assets for gold and silver buried it deep under the ground cross their fingers waited out the dark horrifying parts of humanities history and then proceeded to dig up their gold and silver when things began to get back to normal, and Presto, their ability to preserve their wealth was achieved. There's nothing new Under the Sun oh, this is been going on for thousands of years. PS most importantly don't expect silver to shoot through the roof while a loaf of bread remains at the price of $5 LMAO, don't buy into those get quick Rich schemes on silver, silver is to be seen as the ultimate insurance policy, and that's it, you don't buy it to learn prophets and take profits early it's for long-term storage, for big enormous global wind down turn events, such as the massive ending to our global economic super cycle, which will end with the impoverishment of many, likely the majority well those who did the right thing may end time reap the rewards of their wisdom. You have to understand the silver industry relies on price controls, the entire world economy relies on the manipulation through price controls because of the very fact there is no economic freedom we live in a world built around the massive monopolistic system that has a dance Foundation ever-growing inflation and thus the need for Price suppression also called price controls LMAO, but rest assured when the currencies of the world died and they always do and always reach their intrinsic value of 0, and this has been the case all throughout history, so rest assured lifting generational wealthy Elites would definitely have healthy good solid Holdings in physical gold and silver for precisely what is going on today and has been occurring for thousands of years. You also have to understand that the Monopoly over the economy and the money supply has been part of our reality going back four Thousand Years to the Sumerians. Anyway good luck folks
Comment from : Tony Silva

Capt Canada
What does he mean, held back "for whatever reason" gold price manipulation has gone on for a decade now. Does he even pay attention to any of the fraud cases against major banks for price manipulation?
Comment from : Capt Canada

kali koka
End the Fed. Gold backed dollar
. Qanon

Comment from : kali koka

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