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fabio segalla
Your Tumbnail "don't say to anyone" is so holarius, when you post a video on youtube about it ;)
Comment from : fabio segalla

The Market Gamer
Doing this in a real casino you would need around $2000 bankroll for maybe $30 an hour if you start over when even or make profit after a losing streak, though 1 bad streak and you're down $2000 in an hour. Sooo yeah, absolutely not worth it.
Comment from : The Market Gamer

Inside the Casino
Never heard it called a double street. It's always been the Line or 6-Line bet.
Comment from : Inside the Casino

mikebandon see
Why none of these Roulette strategy in You Tube ever win against my real records from the Casino. I mean NONE cause I try every one of them. So the best strategy is to stay home and play in paper gambling only . DO NOT GAMBLE my friends it'll ruin your life.
Comment from : mikebandon see

Easy Care Landscaping
So many of these are actually made by the casinos themselves.
Comment from : Easy Care Landscaping

Владимир Герасимов
I recently counted the statistics in one casino for 2018: deposits of $ 253,000
Comment from : Владимир Герасимов

shaheen ally
How do you select which double street to track when a number is rolled. For example if the ball lands on number 7 which double street do you use.. 4-9 or 7-12 ?
Comment from : shaheen ally

Jaems K
Martingale is double up... 1,2,4

Comment from : Jaems K

Mike Hebert
How many spins do you go back looking for the double streets for the hot streets? are you looking at the last 12 spins?
Comment from : Mike Hebert

Is the same probability to play 3 double street or R/B to use martingale .... so why you complicate your life?
Comment from : mostweb

How you choose your 3 street on the board? casually?
Comment from : mostweb

Joe Sikow
Anyone can tell what is the music at the beginning? Like it!
Comment from : Joe Sikow

Hamid Bohluli
You didn't explain what would you do when online roulette is switched on riggid or fix mode
All the online roulette finally would switched on riggid mode to force you loose
In rigid mode if you cover even 35 number
The result would be empty number

Comment from : Hamid Bohluli

Givenchy Papiii
This type of guys works with casino, they give false information
Comment from : Givenchy Papiii

Hottest? That ball doesn't give 2 shits where it has been
Comment from : tommydukes

Cortland Allen
Lol like how the thumbnail is shhhhh dont tell anyone while they tell everyone! Thanks for the vid have to try it
Comment from : Cortland Allen

arthur yeo
You didn't explain what did you base on what number to bet. Past winning number?
Comment from : arthur yeo

Martin Sage
Streets routinely miss 50-60 times
Comment from : Martin Sage

Frank D
Raju N- to loose…?
Comment from : Frank D

Raju N
Very gud strategy to loss. Keep it up
Comment from : Raju N

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