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james david
The bonehead on this program lowering gold expectations reminds me of the "genius" football experts that made the best player in the draft, Tom Brady, an overall 6th round pick at number 199. Five teams passed him over, claiming he would go nowhere. This clown on your show fits right in....if he says go left, better go right....
Comment from : james david

Ed Palmieri
Comment from : Ed Palmieri

Matt K
This guy must be hoping for the train to back up so he can jump on this time
Comment from : Matt K

His hedge fund will end up broken if he shorts gold.
Comment from : garyseeseverything

Hanapixel Tokki
Yeah yeah yeah, talk it down while you DREAM of buying it lower to line your own pockets. What a P.O.S. Expect a retracement but DON'T sell your GOLD!
Comment from : Hanapixel Tokki

james david
Just how stupid do you have to be to recommend selling gold just when it is started it's journey to ten grand an ounce? This Thornton guy better not quit his day job. They don't have night jobs for morons... I just feel sorry for the investors that actually give him their cash...say it isn't so...
Comment from : james david

Learning and Liberty
This guy is an absolute clown, he just proved it. Yeah, short gold on the verge of a currency war/crisis. What an idiot.
Comment from : Learning and Liberty

Mike King
Let's be clear. Bloomberg is a member of the banking cartels (Illuminati's) media machine. Nothing they tell you can be used constructively. It is ALL the purpose of propaganda to cause the citizens of the world to think and act in their best interest. Keep in mind the following truths when listening to their bullshit. One, there is NO FREE MARKET mechanics of ANY kind in today's world. It is ALL under direct manipulation. Two, the price of metals is determined by the comex market which is COMPLETELY controlled by the banking cartel. The price of metals is exactly where they want them to be. Low to keep investors in fiat currency and high to provide a means for them to extract wealth from them after hammering it down at a later date. It is all agenda. Nothing is through market mechanics.....NOTHING.
Comment from : Mike King

Oldfogey Oldfogey
You should never rely on TV to make your investment decisions...remember TV is for entertainment only.
Comment from : Oldfogey Oldfogey

John Hamlett
I think he misses it by calling it "good seasonality." Gold's recent rise has nothing to do with seasonality. I have a business that deals in gold/silver and seasonality doesn't normally improve prices/sales until Oct/Nov... could mean business cycle seasonality though, I haven't been in the business long enough to know what long-term seasonality would look like in a business cycle? This move has more to do with bonds paying extremely low rates, and calls to lower interest rates even further definitely doesn't help the situation. As well as countries with negative interest rates, which I can't wrap my head around. The Chinese seem to want out of the Yuan, and it's possible they're going to gold because going to the dollar is risky given the calls to lower interest rates and the focus on the dollar being too strong. The dollar is overvalued according to the IMF and in the face of all this gold is still going up, which means gold is even more undervalued currently. Gold may pull back, hopefully, to shake out the speculators. Little chance it'd go back to 1400 though, from wherever it ends up, it will go higher as the economy resets. $4000 gold is a possibility, 4-5 years off... and fair value for physical gold, probably higher as everyone knows there's far more paper gold than actual gold out there. Funny thing is, anyone paying attention knows global economy is all F'd, there's a whole lot of effort to push it out and delay the inevitability of it, that's just going to add to the misery and the time it will take to stabilize... the fed raised rates so they can lower them to stave it off just a bit longer. Pretty obvious banks will start failing in other parts of the world very soon, starting to hear of bailouts already for banks in China, and of course Deutsche Bank... the first domino is starting to fall. I'd actually raise interest rates and then set a fractional gold amount to the currency in the face of a global economic meltdown, but we'd really have to actually have gold to do that, I'm not sure the US has what they report to have. We'd have the only currency left standing at the end.
Comment from : John Hamlett

Jens Hestermann
Genauso sieht es aus. Deshalb ist es besser Gold zu kaufen.

Comment from : Jens Hestermann

Spectral lim
Ya shorted didn't ya
Comment from : Spectral lim

Bryan Evans
No, no you pesky peasants don't buy gold...how then can we control your purchasing power when fiat fails?
Comment from : Bryan Evans

donald erickson
In other words gold is going down unless it goes up.
Comment from : donald erickson

Savers all over the world buying gold because fiat currency pays ZERO and cost of living keeps going up.
Comment from : R R

Fuzzy Camel
Gold is due for a pullback, any rally has them, but the trend will be up, with people buying gold/treasuries as the trade/currency war gets more aggressive.
Comment from : Fuzzy Camel

Jorge Gomez
it just broke, smash to be honest, two resistence levels 1370 and 1500... this is a big animal waking up
Comment from : Jorge Gomez

Jorge Gomez
because?....( it will go down a little sure but not that low)
Comment from : Jorge Gomez

Salad Sandwich Steak on the side
Comment from : Salad Sandwich Steak on the side

Desmond Schinkel
None of these reporters have their savings shorting the gold, Nothing is ever a battle between bears and bulls. Its naive.
Comment from : Desmond Schinkel

Danny Harumitah
So, why central bank all over the world buying gold?
Comment from : Danny Harumitah

Dan North Tampa
Buy gold and silver
Comment from : Dan North Tampa

Gordon Farkas
This is a comedy show. Whatever!!!
Comment from : Gordon Farkas

................attention inside info trading here.............. everyone is dumping all loser stocks cause all stocks are all going to hell trash..... everyone getting gold now selling there loser stocks..... he wants stocks to go higher he is losing most of his money ....go Buy stocks people im getting scared all stocks are crashing.... 50 to 75 percent this year all stocks will Be of the pass history gold will take over the world from here forward. ...all stocks is a loser game from here forward i promise.... 100 percent...
Comment from : ANGELMUSIC

Brian Gardine
You go looking for $1300 gold and I'll go looking for big foot
Comment from : Brian Gardine

Sigmundy Freud
www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-2A2-y3Z2k another example OF FAKE NEWS market is not OVER VALUATED ???? lol DJ 30 was just at it s highest point since .... ever LOL What is the level OF FED rates ??? how can we listen so much garbage ????
Comment from : Sigmundy Freud

Sigmundy Freud
www.youtube.com/watch?v=gVQFxRFnRmI since this EXPERT BLOMMBERG REVIEW Euro rise from 1,10 to 1,12 $ the biggest week from 6 weeks LOL BLOOMBERG i cant stopping laugthing how much you and your " EXPERTS " are ever out of the market !
Comment from : Sigmundy Freud

Sigmundy Freud
FAKE NEWS, investors manipulation AS USUAL, MONEY MONSTER movie talk you about HOW CNBC BLOOMBERG AND friends scam you ALL THE DAY ! Gold will go to 3000 in the next 2 years it will drops hard some time but it rise harder ! Dollar is dying every day more as all the worldwide currency system ! Worldwide elites had choosen in 2008 to kill the MONEY to save market CAPITALISM system ...
Comment from : Sigmundy Freud

Ray Vincent
Overview Is Overhauls In Large Retail In Low Cost Markets
Comment from : Ray Vincent

A MtF baphomet
Comment from : xxxchurch100

Chess Dad
$2000 is only a tweet away
Comment from : Chess Dad

Comment from : jamrollz

Yeah, short gold, you fart sniffer.
Comment from : Matt

Pl CK7_0_7
Gold ist going much higher. Buying Barrick and Newmont Goldcorp. 🥇
Comment from : Pl CK7_0_7

Disney Dollars
We'll take your hedge fund money off your hands zero sums!
Comment from : Disney Dollars

philip stallwood
Maybe, before it goes higher when fiat currency fails.
Comment from : philip stallwood

I couldn’t stop looking at Abigails legs.
Comment from : FuckILoveYouTubby

ko ki
Gold will drop below 1400? This guy is high on crack
Comment from : ko ki

Mark Neilson
I think this guy has no clue.
Comment from : Mark Neilson

Jesse Livermore
gold dropping thats a joke right?
Comment from : Jesse Livermore

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