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Sen 206
awesome! if you dont mind me asking what casino were you at?
Comment from : Sen 206

Andy Simmons
Comment from : Andy Simmons

Comment from : ТОП СЛОТОВ

Lorie Kodiak
Haha..you're so funny!!!!! Makes me laugh....you get so excited!!!
Comment from : Lorie Kodiak

Judy Clark
Cool. Game. Ok. Hope you. Win
Comment from : Judy Clark

Linda Danz
Wow VEGAS your the funniest guy on here and I'm serious ....when I feel down and lonely I just turn your channel on and I'm hurting from the laughing !!!!thanks and I'm so glad I found you.I'm 68 yrs.old I was lucky enough to make it to Vegas in 2007 I'm Canadian so going there was a real treat, Don't stop making me laugh it makes my day.......
Comment from : Linda Danz

Frank A
looking for name of alot machine at the d that has dollar bills as symbols
Comment from : Frank A

Income Taxes
9.54 min you only have $ 106.12 how you get other 1800. ???
Comment from : Income Taxes

Income Taxes
hahahahah your voice sounds funny
Comment from : Income Taxes

waldo Leon
shakalaka you are the best!!!
Comment from : waldo Leon

Rosemary Gibbs
Hey VLR, I believe the machine will be looking through your "Butt" if you play it again. Get ready for that. You're so Hilarious!!!!!.
Comment from : Rosemary Gibbs

New Subscriber here. Great video awesome attitude.
Comment from : uhavemooface

Rachel Silva
OMG!! You made me nervous!! LOL!
Comment from : Rachel Silva

JMarie Slot Videos
Congrats! The casinos there pay much batter consistently than where I live. I need a trip to Vegas!
Comment from : JMarie Slot Videos

Judy Lynn
Thanks for showing a game I don't have at my casino. It looks like fun.
Comment from : Judy Lynn

warmachine 808
great vid!
Comment from : warmachine 808

dude u are funny man.. your comments are on point. You MO Fo... classic.!
Comment from : JAY BEE

Love your comments in the videos! So funny! Thanks for sharing! Wishing you many hand pays!!!
Comment from : Sunny

Never been to Vegas before. If I happen to go.. Where is a good casino where someone might win?? We have a Indian casino here, and you can never win. Thanks
Comment from : westgateblvd

Liliana Alvarez
nice great wins
Comment from : Liliana Alvarez

Oh awesome.
Comment from : Mymzik

Gisele Dorsey
I just love you!!! Keep em coming...
Comment from : Gisele Dorsey

Jimmy Wyckoff
Lmao how drunk were you at the end 😂😂 love your videos
Comment from : Jimmy Wyckoff

Scary Skye
haha you crack me up
Comment from : Scary Skye

FYI, IGT never pays good, ever. IGT is the worst paying slot. I have yet to find an IGT that pays anywhere close to WMS, Aristocratic, Konami, etc...
Comment from : Vernon

Katie Faircloth
That has to be the CLOSEST I've ever seen or heard you actually be angry/disgusted with a bonus. Good to know you're human too!!
Comment from : Katie Faircloth

Love your videos my friend
Comment from : StevieDrama

Lashonda Carter
whenever I have a bad day I look at your videos and crack up Lol I always feel better your sp funny
Comment from : Lashonda Carter

wow just awesome
Comment from : Mymzik

Frugally retired
LOL - see you in my butt! You are always entertaining and love seeing the new slots- thanks.
Comment from : Frugally retired

Rosemary leonetti/finelli
I do not know what that Means LOL
Comment from : Rosemary leonetti/finelli

Rosemary leonetti/finelli
So sorry mrgee. He is so funny
Comment from : Rosemary leonetti/finelli

Rosemary leonetti/finelli
So sorry
Comment from : Rosemary leonetti/finelli

Rosemary leonetti/finelli
Comment from : Rosemary leonetti/finelli

Rosemary leonetti/finelli
just wondering
Comment from : Rosemary leonetti/finelli

pretty to be petty Beliard
up in my butt lol i can't
Comment from : pretty to be petty Beliard

Katherine Hawk
really liked all those games would love to try all
Comment from : Katherine Hawk

Vernon Goodwin
hell of a good win
Comment from : Vernon Goodwin

Vernon Goodwin
awesome but you didn't show how you made to 2000 k may I ask why not ?
Comment from : Vernon Goodwin

Steve Ault
We love your commentary over in the UK
Comment from : Steve Ault

"see you in my butt"😂😂😭😭 I love your reactions lol
Comment from : Sarcharfnbabyy

Susan Hunn
That looked like an awesome time! 👍😌🍀
Comment from : Susan Hunn

Slotting with angbuzz
Nice games. Different. I like you can hold the reels on the first one
Comment from : Slotting with angbuzz

Shenanigan King
great video! we all know frequent gamblers give their winnings back eventually so I hope you bought something nice for yourself with your obvious huge win or two . keep it up
Comment from : Shenanigan King

Howard Newman
"see you in my butt" Hilarious, I nearly choked on my coffee
Comment from : Howard Newman

Jim Freitag
I'll bet you pooped..a little bit.
Comment from : Jim Freitag

miss nisha
Comment from : miss nisha

Rosemary leonetti/finelli
Great Win. Have to ask if you are Married. She is Lucky. especially with that laugh
Comment from : Rosemary leonetti/finelli

Rosemary leonetti/finelli
That was awesone over 2 thousand
Comment from : Rosemary leonetti/finelli

Pa Slot Player
Is Red Queen new? My home casino would be 6 to 12 months behind YouTube. Red Queen is always played so far. Have not played yet.
Comment from : Pa Slot Player

have you noticed new games in the last year or so are more about the bonus rounds than the actual reel game
Comment from : firstwest247

Nanii Lopez
See you again!!

"NO! See you in my butt!" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Comment from : Nanii Lopez

Steve Habercom
See you in my butt.... made me spit out my skittles bro wtf
Comment from : Steve Habercom

Ross Sohappy Jr
good games and the last hit was nice. Ross
Comment from : Ross Sohappy Jr

Lori Thomas
Wow that last game looks cool!!
Comment from : Lori Thomas

Super Dave
Your videos really are the BEST on youtube!!! Hands down #1!!!!
Comment from : Super Dave

Machine: see you again
Him: No! see you in my butt

LOL you're awesome :)

Comment from : galaxytasty

Sam Seattle
I'm the best in the world👍thx for the videos😝
Comment from : Sam Seattle

Where is the part driving to the casino ?
Like those Q&A

Comment from : Flax

Albert's Slot Channel - Slot Machine Videos
Nice way to end it! And loved watching you try the new Ainsworth LOL. You won! :)
Comment from : Albert's Slot Channel - Slot Machine Videos

Dr. Nick's Slot Hits
That Ainsworth game looked actually fun haha! And looking forward to how you made $2000!!! Nice wins, VLR!!! 😀
Comment from : Dr. Nick's Slot Hits

Question....When your recording is people sitting next to you ? Lol. I think it awkward that your recording. But at the same time so hilarious. lol
Comment from : FGTwoizzlePF

Scotty B
That Ainsworth game looked like fun and I am NOT a fan of Ainsworth.
Comment from : Scotty B

Michael Farley
"See you in my butt!" lol. I'm dying.
Comment from : Michael Farley

eydieaz slots
That was fun!  I love seeing the new games, then I know what to look for when I'm in Vegas (at Gold Coast or Red Rock)
Comment from : eydieaz slots

Paul McKeever
I really like that last machine. I hope I can find it when I go to a casino later this year. Much later this year unfortunately.
Comment from : Paul McKeever

That was COOL,VLR !!! Some great games in VEGAS!!!
Comment from : wlwal1

how did you go from $100 to $2,000?
Comment from : maxouthi

Catherine P
Wow, that was fun? Really like the new games, thanks for showing them to us. Great wins btw! Congrats!!💴💴🤑
Comment from : Catherine P

Shawn Collette
What casino was Win Storm at?
Comment from : Shawn Collette

wheres the nice lil drive you always do to the casino
Comment from : TAYZ STYLZ

Richard Head
Were you sippin Granddads cough syrup? lol Too funny
Comment from : Richard Head

Monique Billie-Chom
you should try the mega vault
Comment from : Monique Billie-Chom

"See you in my butt." lol! Where did you get that other $1,900?
Comment from : EmanRocknSlots

Gamers Ahoy
Now this is a nice win!
Comment from : Gamers Ahoy

Claudia Day
I love seeing new slots, VLR👍Sorry Konami didn't treat you better😕
Comment from : Claudia Day

Claire Pierson
yur so funny
Comment from : Claire Pierson

Monique S
I'm ready I'm ready I'm ready. See you in my butt?? Lol you're silly!! Nice video 😘
Comment from : Monique S

Please could you try to play Wild stack lion more often? That was the most fun I've ever had watching someone play a slot!!!
Comment from : RKOFan777

Super Dave
You ever show a pic of yourself VLR? I vision you as a 6'1" to 6'3" husky guy, not fat but definitely corn fed, a full head of hair and a full mustache, not no 5 o'clock shadow, I mean the real mountain man stash...am I close at all???
Comment from : Super Dave

Where's my action drive-in scene?
Comment from : jlee1522

Dick Trickel
You were quite the gentleman to the person next to you. Very nice vid also.
Comment from : Dick Trickel

I actually watched twice. Good stuff!
Comment from : Seventizz

Nice day sir!
Comment from : happyhands05

Dlane Greene
"see you in my butt"😅
Comment from : Dlane Greene

John Bacon
Touch of the Vegas High Roller at $4 a spin, but nice hit and a fun bunch of games.
Good luck to you til next week.

Comment from : John Bacon

Michelle Becker
What FUN! Love your vids!
Comment from : Michelle Becker

sandy baum
nice! hope you took that $2000 & went home. lol
Comment from : sandy baum

alain alains
Tros bien vos vidéo, j'aime. Faite une vidéo de 30 minutes merci  ( Paris , France )
Comment from : alain alains

Slot Traveler
It's good to see your hefty bankroll VLR!! Love it! I really like that pile'emup progressive feature because that game on it's own it's not very good! That Ainsworth game looks very good! Thanks for sharing!
Comment from : Slot Traveler

Vladimir Ortega
I don't know what the HELL IM PLAYING!! - Vegas low roller 😂😂😂 great video !!
Comment from : Vladimir Ortega

Jose Jp
wow !!!
Comment from : Jose Jp

How was your right hand pushing the spin button on the tower game when it was coming from the left of the screen? (i'm sure someone was with you, I had to say something silly though) :)
Comment from : snuffereet

Nice compilation of new games! Nice bonus on the tower game! Could never get over $30 on the bonus. Also, just FYI, the Winstorm game has the winstorm feature both the base and feature game :)
Comment from : Alex

Carlos Rosales
good job on your winnings !!!! those games looked fun
Comment from : Carlos Rosales

Mihail Ivanov
dude how u went from 100 $ to 1900 $ ???
Comment from : Mihail Ivanov

smokin joe
cool new games. Fantastic commentary! 👍
Comment from : smokin joe

Wait a second. $1922 worth of credits in that last bonus spin? ...how? Were you paid to test it or something?
Comment from : ConfusedPerspective

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