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Idk Hairline
Josh's laugh is priceless
Comment from : Idk Hairline

Ethan Elston
2:05:43 I’m dying 😂😂😭
Comment from : Ethan Elston

Connor 1998
I just noticed this stream is not gtamen it’s someone else because I just saw gtamen walking around.

Or is it just me ? Idk ?

Comment from : Connor 1998

Great Work As Always Sir!
See You At The Tables.

Comment from : 5150jc559

Guys I can’t go Online
Comment from : GLottie

Shadow_Spark72 ‘
When do I get my status rewards and where can I check my status
Comment from : Shadow_Spark72 ‘

cole lappan
Playing blackjack gives me flashbacks of the gambler challenges from rdr2
Comment from : cole lappan

Dude do the missions in order as Agatha calls you, doing them in order nets you 500k.
Comment from : AllenTheGamer

Eduardo Cespedes
2:05:14 I'm laughing so hard lol 😂.
Comment from : Eduardo Cespedes

Ethan dp456
I just realised now that u are a different person to gta series videos I thought u both we're the same person
Comment from : Ethan dp456

R3ALITY Official
Comment from : R3ALITY Official

LS Crazy Cab Co. TM
great a phone contact that has move something usefull.. again...
Comment from : LS Crazy Cab Co. TM

So this update is pretty trash. The Oppressor MK2 is still OP, the Savage hitbox got patched, shunt hopping got patched, etc. The passive cool down doesn't mean shit, tryhards will just attack while ghosted now, which is much worse than the predictable passive-pop.
Comment from : Walpurgisnacht

Builder Ivo
He actually cancelled the sale when he was almost done to get the update? At least it wasn't that much he was selling.
Comment from : Builder Ivo

Cykä Blyät - Mizore
This update actually seems to not be a massive waste and the chances to win are decently high
Comment from : Cykä Blyät - Mizore

Invite me for missions on xbox: Frosty Mk II
Comment from : Frosty

Your not that good of a streamer
Comment from : Ben

The penthouse is too big for my taste. It needs a business computer like they had in the terrorbyte. It makes me less interested in mansions.
Comment from : tankdogization

Sweaty Swimmer
Comment from : Sweaty Swimmer

Evan Jensen
Evrytime I run into the mission marker it keeps putting me in the loose chnage mission. Help please?
Comment from : Evan Jensen

Pro Gamer
Am I the only one who can't gamble and buy stuff in casino?
Comment from : Pro Gamer

If you win the car can you sell it for it's market price?...and can you get it more than twice?
Comment from : DarkRipper117

Everyone should go spin the wheel before they patch it to decrease the chance for good stuff....
Comment from : DarkRipper117

LIL Reinforcement
What about the mission s
Comment from : LIL Reinforcement

Where is that woman to trig first mission!
Comment from : Jona

First wheel spin got the new supercar 👍🙏😃
Comment from : Superkiwi

I linked my twitch prime account, but cant find the Free Master Penthouse anywhere. Any info would be a huge help. Wicked DLC to loose millions in lol.
Comment from : evo8nut

How do you get the new missions with that avery texan guy?
Comment from : criminal322

Đorđe Đuričić
Please make a vid about how to access the gambling for those who can't access it
Comment from : Đorđe Đuričić

I got the car on my first spin
Comment from : zZReFlexyZz

Aidan Lane
Anybody know how to start a mission it's fucking with me
Comment from : Aidan Lane

Galax Space
Gtamen, do you think the penthouse is worth it for the people who can’t play the casino?
Comment from : Galax Space

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