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Lady Luck HQ
If you liked this video, please consider subscribing to our channel for other large slot victories like this. Thank you so much for stopping by 😁😁
Comment from : Lady Luck HQ

Arauzo Life
that,s for the taxi to go home
Comment from : Arauzo Life

Jackpot Video Girls
Welcome to Jackpot machine channel
Comment from : Jackpot Video Girls

John Damage
Shes rude that show girl
Comment from : John Damage

GREAT WIN!! Check out mine!!!

Luiz Claudio Cursino Teixeira
This machine is about Carnival in Brazil?
Comment from : Luiz Claudio Cursino Teixeira

You're so pretty
Comment from : Gabe

Luiz Claudio Cursino Teixeira
18K is nothing for a big casino
Comment from : Luiz Claudio Cursino Teixeira

miriam fuentes fernandez
Omg amazing!
When you win all that money can you take it all home or you get taxed

Comment from : miriam fuentes fernandez

Donald Trump
Couldn't happen to a more beautiful woman. Congrats 👏
Comment from : Donald Trump

Adrian Cristian
Lol u never lose?
Comment from : Adrian Cristian

Meanwhile, two slots over we all just lost another $100.00 for the 3rd time in a row.
Comment from : windows10suxalot

You are hot😍😍
Comment from : Hower323

You took a video knowing that you are going to win $18k.
Comment from : T H

Bob Dabuilder
So what happens once you win big and it says call attendant?? Does it still print a ticket? Or what is the point in waiting for the attendant??
Comment from : Bob Dabuilder

onur 579
I would like to buy my brother he's first car 😊
Comment from : onur 579

Wan Abdul Muttalib Wan Ahmad Anuar
Comment from : Wan Abdul Muttalib Wan Ahmad Anuar

Wow that is awesome!!! Congrats on the major wins!!!
Comment from : ScratchTilYouWin

Richard Kager
Congratulations, your reaction was priceless!
Comment from : Richard Kager

marie jordan
How much money do you gamble a month?
Comment from : marie jordan

to soon GPL
So beautiful game lady lucky ia good
Comment from : to soon GPL

Daniela Garcia
Eso es tener suerte
Comment from : Daniela Garcia

Joel C
“Well that is just sheer luck, right?” Um well yes... it is slot machines 😂
Comment from : Joel C

Santiago Mendoza
Wow just watched it 11/26/2019. Damn that’s so crazy.
Comment from : Santiago Mendoza

Bobby Bellingham
Casinos are the best place to buy designer goods. Cheapest prices!! I recently bought a pair of Levi jeans at my local casino for the bargain price of $600.00.
Comment from : Bobby Bellingham

aminex gamer
lucky u :*
Comment from : aminex gamer

Marcin Bartosiewicz
Great perfect games so i liked
Comment from : Marcin Bartosiewicz

nick buell
Wow loved it felt like I was winning 😎👌
Comment from : nick buell

she even made a lot of money on this video good job lol enjoy the money
Comment from : LIL BRY

Anonymous Squad
My guitar that I always wanted
Comment from : Anonymous Squad

Leyman leyman
I like that voice madam. Tan tan tan taaan taaa....
Comment from : Leyman leyman

Андрей Петрович
Comment from : Андрей Петрович

John Wilkening
But the real question is how much money have u spent to win 18,000, the house always wins.
Comment from : John Wilkening

rajesh r
I love ur smile
Comment from : rajesh r

Comment from : Milena

Enjoy the Money Lol
Comment from : LIFE IS GOOD

Wins 18 grand.
Buys a purse .

Comment from : CollectorsLuck

John Payne
I need you to gamble with me
Comment from : John Payne

Judi McAulife
who wants to marry her? Miss RNG
Comment from : Judi McAulife

Rekenzy PC
"what did u just get?" "i got...." DUDUDUDUDUDU UDUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUUDD funky music
Comment from : Rekenzy PC

Who else is scrolling through the comments to see if this is fake 😂😂?
Comment from : 3kGaming

David Raful
That's about a 2 month mortgage payment for a Californian.
Comment from : David Raful

Gene Crow
That's great! I hope you enjoyed your winnings! Best of luck to you !
Comment from : Gene Crow

Vlad Stevenson
Who's needs a full time job? When you can win 18 grand in a matter of seconds!
Comment from : Vlad Stevenson

Yueyi Hu
omg ur best lucky day ever👍
Comment from : Yueyi Hu

El ratón Soviético
Since im playing a game which have gambling, and now im seeing your channel, im more interested on gambling
Comment from : El ratón Soviético

Her laugh is mad cute
Comment from : Vincent

Dat roblox guy
Wow Im broke i have just 200 euros wow nice
Comment from : Dat roblox guy

Илья Цыганов
Очень круто cool like
Comment from : Илья Цыганов


Xavier Collier
😲 omg i was in the living room like is this possible or am im jest seeing thing i have $2.38 in my pocket and i screamed we won 😂😂 congrats tho wish me luck imma go play like 40 dollars when i get paid
Comment from : Xavier Collier

Eric Cook
Zoot suits
Comment from : Eric Cook

Peter Fenton
It's all relative. Could she afford to lose 18k, I'm guessing yes. It's just another day for someone who has more money than time.
Comment from : Peter Fenton

john wing kay Ip
Comment from : john wing kay Ip

олесь голубев
У нас в России столько выигрывает только казино с каждого лудомана , пока вены себе не вскроет все выкачают )
Comment from : олесь голубев

Cute Vault
damn I dont even have that much in savings and I work like a dog. good win
Comment from : Cute Vault

GemAnon TV - JackPot 777
Oh My !!! TEN TEN TEN~~
Comment from : GemAnon TV - JackPot 777

Mr Ken No
I'd freak out. Lol
Comment from : Mr Ken No

Jason 24natic
How did you? Any tips?
Comment from : Jason 24natic

Jason 24natic
Made me so happy watching this
Comment from : Jason 24natic

jet Knight
I love her laugh. ..so cute. . •~`▪¿▪`~
Comment from : jet Knight

Andrew Spotted Bull
That was so cool 😂 it almost looked like a bloody glitch 😂right on mate 👍🏽👌🏽
Comment from : Andrew Spotted Bull


jmarie w
so nice to see someone wind there Congrats
Comment from : jmarie w

Dee Hhfcc
Comment from : Dee Hhfcc

Josie Cedillo
Lady Luck HQ l just LOVE your giggle so cute
Comment from : Josie Cedillo

Md Sabdul786
Omg 🎇
Comment from : Md Sabdul786

Worldwide Movies
I m lost 10k...🤣🤣🤣
playing very good but time lose so angry .

Comment from : Worldwide Movies

Lanese Leo
New subscriber! Good for you!!! That was really exciting to watch...and people are so jealous...laugh all the way to the bank😉 you deserved that money!!!
Comment from : Lanese Leo

I'm Sundanese
Amazing babe
Comment from : I'm Sundanese

Caleb Lawrence
Must be nice.
Comment from : Caleb Lawrence

The only machine that pays when i go gamble is the ATM🤑
Comment from : DjSmileyofLasVegas

Sorry but great win jealous as hell tbh well done I’d be legging it round casino you did well congrats 😀
Comment from : damiano

Lol I am cliff
Comment from : damiano

Nathaniel Lee
Did you got a full screen of wild on Rio dreams
Comment from : Nathaniel Lee

Nathaniel Lee
Oh my goodness you are rich I love you so much I wish I can come with you to Las Vegas and play the slot machine oh my God honest
Comment from : Nathaniel Lee

Nathaniel Lee
Congratulations that is a big win I wish I can go Las Vegas
Comment from : Nathaniel Lee

Nathaniel Lee
Omg I loved this game on slot machine
Comment from : Nathaniel Lee

Frank Silva
Quero vontade joga cassino ganhar dinheiro dólar vale a pena .👍👍👍💰💰💰💰💰💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲
Comment from : Frank Silva

Frenkz No Fear
Lady luck + U tube Luck
Comment from : Frenkz No Fear

Hey how much money did the machine eat before you hit if you dont mind me asking. Great win btw!!
Comment from : GUERILLA GAMING

Sonnyboy Valdvso
I like you❤️❤️❤️
Comment from : Sonnyboy Valdvso

Hector Patino
This is where I started watching you. wow, super big win.
Comment from : Hector Patino

David Brown
Thats what happen when you say, God God God and on and on and God of blessing and give abundantly and more.....to that woman its her thanks to God Ohhhh my God.....and if she continue to say and say God....she'll get more and more....but let you all know that gambling is an abomination to God Almighty.....please don't support this....go to church and praise God.
Comment from : David Brown

OMG❤😍👍u are so lucky😍😘❤👍
Comment from : TitanKing

O wings
Awesome Congrats cheers
Comment from : O wings

Phouvan Sengsulin
Ilove you
Comment from : Phouvan Sengsulin

bjorn joseph
First time I did the slots I won maybe 40 free spins. I got bored watching. But walked away with 800 on a 20 dollar investment
Comment from : bjorn joseph

bjorn joseph
No malfunction??! Lolz
Comment from : bjorn joseph

Your teeth are gorgeous!
Comment from : Fuzzipiffen

Pete P
Who bets 30 typical addict , I guarantee you she is broke now
Comment from : Pete P

I’d of saved that money for sure.. but then again, I’m frugal.. lol!
Comment from : Brad

Decipher Thetrack
Lady luck nice win
Comment from : Decipher Thetrack

John Adams
Congrats. And you’re cute ass heck
Comment from : John Adams

Ok calm down your betting 30 bucks a spin. So stop making people think this is easy.
Comment from : poopdeckpappy..

zig zag Tv
Comment from : zig zag Tv

Boss Slot
Nice 👍✌️🇬🇷
Comment from : Boss Slot

Comment from : RAUL

kuldip dhuna
Wow your so sexy may I enter your ???
Comment from : kuldip dhuna

Gorilla Cookies
Casinos where I live in NorCal would claim machine error and not pay. I hit a $22,000 jackpot and got exactly 0 due to their claim of machine error. Funny that they dont have a malfuction on a $20 dollar win. Just the big ones
Comment from : Gorilla Cookies

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