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Douglas Marques de Macedo
27 de janeiro de 2020. 11. (0:59:53-1:04:58) Estiva - Make A Wish (Original Mix)
Comment from : Douglas Marques de Macedo

So impressed.. every year.. again and again, again,again,again,again,again,again
Comment from : SAMATO ED

juandi tan
This is masterpiece.
Comment from : juandi tan

Beautiful mix!!!!
Comment from : CedricLavieFacile

robert gotze
Good compilcation
Comment from : robert gotze

Nonato Silva
Love tudo
Comment from : Nonato Silva

Amado Barranco
Esquisito rremix para bailar toda la noche.....
Comment from : Amado Barranco

Emma T.
Who's still listening to this in 2060?! Still damn good after half a century. 😂 👍
Comment from : Emma T.

We blasted off to another dimension after listening to this. me and my lover is in the attic of space , listening to this watching the starts and the galaxies. I love you, A <3
Comment from : FelicityGemini

It sucks ass with all the commercials.
Comment from : MoscowBaseStation

Neuzeli Duarte
Music Beautiful FOREVER
Comment from : Neuzeli Duarte

Виталий Конотопкин
Hi everyone from russia👍👍👍 nice music😁
Comment from : Виталий Конотопкин

Still the best after all these years ...
Comment from : trev21ish

dev sagar
Comment from : dev sagar

Kevin Covins
Yes this is nice trance
Comment from : Kevin Covins

andy reyes
excelente musica de la primera pista.
Comment from : andy reyes

andy reyes
excelente musica de la primera pista.
Comment from : andy reyes

andy reyes
excelente musica de la primera pista.
Comment from : andy reyes

andy reyes
excelente musica de la primera pista.
Comment from : andy reyes

Paul Long
Still makes me feel good about life.thanks.keep smokin it up people of the world.love to all nations 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿♥️
Comment from : Paul Long

Sarah Daniel
KevEd here in 2020 💙
Comment from : Sarah Daniel

Javi España
I'm listening this in 2020, and still amazed. Who else?
Comment from : Javi España

Askri Henda
I like atb very much
Comment from : Askri Henda

Piotr C
2020 welcome :)
Comment from : Piotr C


Matthews Legend pres. Socotra
Comment from : Matthews Legend pres. Socotra

Man the nostalgia I get from memories that this song was associated during some point of my life.
Comment from : DurrtyBuck

Екатерина Ибраева
Классные треки
Comment from : Екатерина Ибраева

Dougie McBriar
Me, still valid today...timeless
Comment from : Dougie McBriar

Mia Hansen
Who's the retard destroying thise tracks with all this cormacials Grrr#@*%
Comment from : Mia Hansen

Eric crow
Time flies... 9 years ago... Driving along foothills and scenic views.
Comment from : Eric crow

Naomi Den Blanken
So beautiful
Comment from : Naomi Den Blanken

Esteban Chavez
Me gusta este track me motiva😎😊
Comment from : Esteban Chavez

Михаил Кац
Well, what can I tell you Ancl Sem ?
Comment from : Михаил Кац

Михаил Кац
right question from uncle sema Who is listening ? Unfortunately, our protests and warnings fell on deaf ears and, as events have shown, the provocateurs were emboldened by their impunity and the provocations became more frequent and more intense. He feels his impunity Uncle Sem sells oil and uncle Bens noodles
Comment from : Михаил Кац

Ellis Lockwood
subscribe to me
Comment from : Ellis Lockwood

Que chida musica

Corazón De León
Esta de alante estas música
Comment from : Corazón De León

Eric Armodio Stalin S
Te Amo 💖💖💖💖😍
Comment from : Eric Armodio Stalin S

Muhammad Bilal Saad
My all time favorite
Comment from : Muhammad Bilal Saad

Evelyn Gómez
Esto es pura mierda
Comment from : Evelyn Gómez

Falling stars so great and thanks
Comment from : ORI CHANNEL

Patrizia Bonini
Ho acceso una candela per sOttilia
Fatto foto
Foto est blocked

Comment from : Patrizia Bonini

Михаил Кац
Prospects are for oil prices to sink
Comment from : Михаил Кац

Lowe this music
Comment from : SANJA 99

Михаил Ашихин
Is there anyone from XIXth century?
Comment from : Михаил Ашихин

Saad Tazi
Best song 2019/11
Comment from : Saad Tazi

Sarah I
You know it’s good when you’ve been coming back to this one for six years straight 😍
Comment from : Sarah I

Rodger Carr
Great track from beginning to End👽
Comment from : Rodger Carr

E m a r
Comment from : E m a r

walter rios ruiz
Aunque pasen los años seguiré escuchando esta música es lo máximo.
Comment from : walter rios ruiz

nelson dsouza gabbar
I love the first track of this song and the second track 28.01 min.
Comment from : nelson dsouza gabbar

Memelord McMeme
This mix has gone many places with me.
Comment from : Memelord McMeme

Essam Albudayr
I really cant express enough how much I needed this video from 2012 till this day.
Comment from : Essam Albudayr

Paolo Guerrero Gallardo
Since 2011 i come for 01:22.15 i looking for the compilation 6 8 9 :c y didnt foun yet :(
Comment from : Paolo Guerrero Gallardo

Tony Espín
De lo mejor que he escuchado en YouTube, no dejo de alucinar, cada canción me gusta más, y además me evoca momentos del pasado... amo esta música.
Comment from : Tony Espín

Chris S
this track is just so amazing
Comment from : Chris S

Brad Wolf
Time Mark: 19:35
Kalmavaghletempest. - Eugene Kwok

Comment from : Brad Wolf

Rubblex27 OMG
Comment from : Rubblex27 OMG

Brad Wolf
Time Mark: 16:40

This is what I like.

Comment from : Brad Wolf

Franciele Souza
Ai sim, amo esse batidao, e minha praia , aqui e Brasil Navegantes sc.
Comment from : Franciele Souza

Been listening to this since it came out, still listening to it in my playlist Lovely Noise
Comment from : SC2Klepto

Max Rockenbach
Comment from : Max Rockenbach

Christopher Suminski
2019 - Detroit, Michigan USA
Comment from : Christopher Suminski

Pack sr Redfeather
This mix i listen to everyday... Here's to better days!!!
Comment from : Pack sr Redfeather

Khalifa Rmili
Less ads please ! Come on. Takes the fun out of the experience
Comment from : Khalifa Rmili

All the ads have ruined this
Comment from : ROFLCOPTERLOL

Storytravel With Lokesh
listening this from 2015 , and still my favorite
Comment from : Storytravel With Lokesh

Arturo Wiemer
Comment from : Arturo Wiemer

Patrizia Bonini
I would like a quiet death🍀
Comment from : Patrizia Bonini

A Khrushchev
I remember when this was posted. Only 11k
Comment from : A Khrushchev

Joselito Siquina
Amo este género de música 😎🎧🎶
Comment from : Joselito Siquina

Виталий Конотопкин
Cool music...😀✌️
Comment from : Виталий Конотопкин

xane cp
15. September 2019..2.07 in the morning .. weekend, and i hear this fantastic mix - Twisted Head..Love it
Comment from : xane cp

Comment from : #SoberFest

pimpón es un muñeco
Is the root
Comment from : pimpón es un muñeco

You want fresh progressive trance,house,deep?)Go on my channel)))
Comment from : EDM GRIZZLY

Still one of my favorites
Comment from : JohnnyJohn116

Above & Beyond - Prelude (Original Mix) -
Comment from : Sandiso

Ronja M
Can’t believe this was uploaded almost 8 years ago... still amazing
Comment from : Ronja M

Who is listening to this in 1894?
Comment from : Oakleaf700

I still can’t believe how good this. I’ve been listening to it regularly for 7 years. Much love to this mix (2019)
Comment from : HymnSake

This is wonderful. So fresh and uplifting. I feel open, light, and alive ✷
Comment from : NVC

David Engel
2019? I am. And beyond...
Comment from : David Engel

Douglas Marques de Macedo
In Heaven!
Comment from : Douglas Marques de Macedo

Fabian G
Here in Atlanta buckhead district in Georgia USA
Comment from : Fabian G

Patrizia Bonini
Comment from : Patrizia Bonini

Patrizia Bonini
Comment from : Patrizia Bonini

damn i'm starting to get hook'd on progressive music, it's so chill
Comment from : Ryuxx

Let's float into a realm where time does not exist. Great mix. Thanks. :)
Comment from : Andreas

Patrizia Bonini
Comment from : Patrizia Bonini

Patrizia Bonini
Comment from : Patrizia Bonini

Zach Lafferty
WOW. Why did it take me till now to discover this mix??? This mix is beautiful. Super helpful for continuing to have a productive workflow in the afternoon part of the workday.
Comment from : Zach Lafferty

William Aleman
Best track ever.
Comment from : William Aleman

Patrizia Bonini
Good morning and day
Comment from : Patrizia Bonini

Brandon LaBianco
You had me at Twisted
Comment from : Brandon LaBianco

Miles Anderson
32:00 has got to be one of the happiest moments of any trance mixes out there.
Comment from : Miles Anderson

Michael B
Sad that this song now has 15 ads on it now
Comment from : Michael B

O inicio me faz lembrar Mirro's edge
Comment from : ZB M

Марат Гаджибеков
Русские есть?
Comment from : Марат Гаджибеков

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