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Lucas Melendez
He takes forever to do the missions
Comment from : Lucas Melendez

Alóisha Gillanders
I love the way that avery says " I'm a strawberry"
Comment from : Alóisha Gillanders

Keishawn Begay
Gta v online takes place before GTA V story
Comment from : Keishawn Begay

I love how you spoke in slow motion instead of talking drunk 😂😂
Comment from : Nick

Ciara Gilchrist
Red car
Comment from : Ciara Gilchrist

Liam Biggs
What is the youtubers names
Comment from : Liam Biggs

Kimindiri Mwangi
Comment from : Kimindiri Mwangi

Botty Corey
Yon Hegan Fleish Blytha.
Comment from : Botty Corey

ambaliya ajay
How dawonlod GTA 5
Comment from : ambaliya ajay

Name Unavailable
Why does the game in this video say fortnite?
Comment from : Name Unavailable

Lovely Thomas
Typical Gamer the best YouTuber ever
Comment from : Lovely Thomas

Rebecca Nikias
Got on GTA right after seeing about the wheel and won the car!!!!!! First try😍
Comment from : Rebecca Nikias

Rebecca Nikias
these missions are awesome! cant wait for part 2 and im glad you're enjoying gta 5 again


Comment from : Rebecca Nikias

Earnest Jones
bro whats your gamer tag anyone wanna play gta 5 online?
Comment from : Earnest Jones

Alan Paredes
Comment from : Alan Paredes

Emma Clasher
Around 12:30 idk wtf was going on but that was hilarious
Comment from : Emma Clasher

Abhi Chauhan
This is one reason why I don't play with women
Comment from : Abhi Chauhan

Holden Fitterer
Roses are red
Violets are blue
The mission starts at 40:37

Comment from : Holden Fitterer

History Cracker
This video has as much midrolls as a 20 minute morgz video
Comment from : History Cracker

leighs mixerr
petition for more gta fortntie is boring now
Comment from : leighs mixerr

Tevita Taufa
Are u and samara together
Comment from : Tevita Taufa

That dude avery don't do nun but ruin the mission for you guys driving like an idiot where's the help
Comment from : Therebel

Erik Breaman
"story mode"... Another crappy online video by some beta
Comment from : Erik Breaman

jp construction
hey typical gamer can play this game called vehicle simulator on roblox is a very fun game
Comment from : jp construction

william Archibald
Comment from : william Archibald

Baconator883 gaming
Yes show your lady your penthouse 😉😉
Comment from : Baconator883 gaming

jorge rodriguez
Hey man
Comment from : jorge rodriguez

Supreme David
Comment from : Supreme David

ABL Gaming
The Girl voice is anoying LOL
Comment from : ABL Gaming

Georgia French
Why does samaras character look like black widow 😂
Comment from : Georgia French

Edgar Aguilar
Took me a while till I got the car. But I didn’t get the one I wanted
Comment from : Edgar Aguilar

Elyas Alghaffari
When you act dead in a school shooting but the shooters friend said “double kill everyone one” what do you do??????
Comment from : Elyas Alghaffari

Adonis Williams
Trey can i call you trey
Comment from : Adonis Williams

Adan Magdaleno
Dam wonder how Vincent died🤔?🤣🤣🤣‼️‼️
Comment from : Adan Magdaleno

Dirty Dan
Dude TG has to be the most patient nicest person ever if Avery was with me I would’ve screamed at him
Comment from : Dirty Dan

Foyin Wunmi
Nice game tg
Comment from : Foyin Wunmi

Sundonis King
I have that car
Comment from : Sundonis King

Dawson Simpson
Story mode missions?
Comment from : Dawson Simpson

talan plane
You can not sell the car
Comment from : talan plane

Nate Stollkribus
I love you tg ❤️
Comment from : Nate Stollkribus

Avery is actually annoying me. I would stop watching and change videos but I like TG too much.
Comment from : It'sSchai

SeekN Dstroy86
Love the strawberry head dude. Hilarious lol.
Comment from : SeekN Dstroy86

Erika jauregui
what car was avery driving??
Comment from : Erika jauregui

Game Time
Oh yes good video
Comment from : Game Time

Game Time
Comment from : Game Time

Myshayla Lee
Comment from : Myshayla Lee

Niecie Habeeb
This was soooo funny lmao when Avery jumped out of the helicopter and ran you over 2wice and the part where you guys were going to get Chines guy and he started shooting and ramming you guys😂😂😂😂. The funniest part though was when Samara jumped down in the car retrieval mission and said, "Wheeeee"... I don't know why but I was laughing super hard😂😂😂
Comment from : Niecie Habeeb

Boris Lekše
This is gta online , wtf ????????
Story mode my a.s

Comment from : Boris Lekše

The only reason I don’t like fortnite is because of its players. They say Minecraft is for babaies but look at their game. They only play it for the skins.
Comment from : CornwallisOrDie

IMLaykaYT _
Avery is so annoying when he fucks up the missions
Comment from : IMLaykaYT _

Gannon Hershberger
I won the car on my second spin
Comment from : Gannon Hershberger

Tyler Hutchens
When I try to do the mission it never loads for me do I need a another person for it to load?
Comment from : Tyler Hutchens

Robert Teed
How do I get the GTA the casino
Comment from : Robert Teed

pavonis jr
Love you TG
Comment from : pavonis jr

smile more
Avxry makes the streams funny asf 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 laughing my head off
Comment from : smile more

Jason Homedew
I agree with the Strawberry about Fortnite lol
Comment from : Jason Homedew

JacksonGeetarguy 97
When he said story mode missions, lol. This is GTA Online
Comment from : JacksonGeetarguy 97

Joseph Lee
I'm a native Mandarin speaker and I don't get a thing wtf Cheng said… broken pronunciation and grammar
Comment from : Joseph Lee

De De
Ahhhh, your Friends... they suck
Comment from : De De

Lee Leedham
Comment from : Lee Leedham


They actually start.

Comment from : Josh

Osei Wilburg
No cap tg..but that Avery guy is annoying....find someone else that can drive without crashing into you so often🤧
Comment from : Osei Wilburg

Ryan Gallagher
When I was playing blackjack I won 50000 and the guy didn’t even give me my chips this happens twice
Comment from : Ryan Gallagher

Nishant Kalavar
samara and avery was SUCH a big help
Comment from : Nishant Kalavar

Captain Deadpool
I Just Missed Another Stream Again!
Comment from : Captain Deadpool

I am definitely the real one I promise
I got the vehicle today but it was in my arena garage and I replaced it with another car because my garage was full and the car vanished, I tried the mechanic, mors mutual insurance and couldn’t find it anywhere.😭
Comment from : I am definitely the real one I promise

the robloxian
I’m 8 and I play gta 5 online
Comment from : the robloxian

Kidd kaos79
That car you win looks like the kit car called G36 vaydor
Comment from : Kidd kaos79

Gambling definitely will lose you money but going to the track (Hastings Park for Mr. TG) can be a fun afternoon with friends.
Comment from : mllClam

Samuel Suardi
Your playing gta online right? Then how can you have the penthouse to yourself ( i know that you bought it ) but there are other people as well that might buy it. Someone pls help explain
Comment from : Samuel Suardi

Story mode mission start after 42minute. Your welcome.
Comment from : Syafiq

U SHOULD play GTA 5 redlineRP it's like online but with mods
Comment from : ShAgGy4ScOobYdOo

Andy Cruz
Avery speaking facts. Fortnite is dying and it sucks😤 my man
Comment from : Andy Cruz

Zac Roulias
I swear I am going broke playing this. I had about 18 million and and hour later I had 7 million
Comment from : Zac Roulias

Dannyboi417 ._.
Hey tg i’ve been watching you since 2016 and can you play more GTA
Comment from : Dannyboi417 ._.

Peggy Robinette
Samara looks like a stirper
Comment from : Peggy Robinette

Sredna Kor
Ya Avery is still a big annoying douche bag
Comment from : Sredna Kor

Yeah a male is the owner of Victoria secret
Comment from : SYMONE BANXX

Millah_knows_ b3st
Wouldn't samara have to buy the penthouse 4 the missions to pop up for her saved progress.
Comment from : Millah_knows_ b3st

Pavonis Plays
While Avery is quite funny, he doesnt take anything seriously. It's quite annoying.
Comment from : Pavonis Plays

Ben Tomlison
Avery is well annoying
Comment from : Ben Tomlison

kinsgley nomdo
Comment from : kinsgley nomdo

Packer fan93
Do you need the penthouse to do the missions
Comment from : Packer fan93

Oh Yeah
Can we get a like spike? Lol
Comment from : Oh Yeah

Tiny Bruiser
Im sad tg even forgot how to join ceo or jobs.....
Comment from : Tiny Bruiser

trey brown
Man avory so funny 😂😂 do more videos with him
Comment from : trey brown

Venice Lockjaw
Skip to 42:00 for actual Story Missions
Comment from : Venice Lockjaw

In which website does typical buy the gta money?
Comment from : MrStrafey

Robert G.
he didnt have money how he got more money ?
Comment from : Robert G.

Life with Riirii
Comment from : Life with Riirii

Miguel Cisneros
Ofc samara knows a dude named Ashley
Comment from : Miguel Cisneros

PSX Cloud
Person: Why does samara’s character look like black widow

Me: Is that why she jumped

Comment from : PSX Cloud

Its Snowiii
Is samara his wife or gf?
Comment from : Its Snowiii

Jonathan Barron
Avery is a b**
Comment from : Jonathan Barron

Mr.gnarly J Q
I won the car on my third spin
Comment from : Mr.gnarly J Q

Leo Ruiz
Tg: driving his car

random lady on the side of the road talking on the phone: “ is this for real”

Samara: “no”

Comment from : Leo Ruiz

The 9-2-5 Outlaw Reviews
The biker chick you just shot and sat ablaze. She was about that life, so no sympathy for her when you got to rescue Cheng Jr.
Comment from : The 9-2-5 Outlaw Reviews

Wooden Heart
Comment from : Wooden Heart

Samoyaa Myrie
That guy is annoying
Comment from : Samoyaa Myrie

Darth switch
i only bet zeros on roulette and i keep getting them
Comment from : Darth switch

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