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Michell Castillo
Comment from : Michell Castillo

R Vr
e adivinha quem morre no final?

bateu uma? leva tanta, mais tanta, porrada que nem entenderá o mal que fez.
nem a cadeia perdoa ( ue nao sou mulher de bandido? conheço todas as leis deles)

tenho pena do macho gay que nao assume sua IMPOTENCIA total diante da vida.
os scheidts que usam nininhus....e defendem estupradores.

Comment from : R Vr

fatma ciftci
she is best women in the World♥️💥 👀
Comment from : fatma ciftci

Khronus Entretenimento
O que vc estava fazendo a dez anos atrás?
Comment from : Khronus Entretenimento

• devil •
December 2019 ??
Comment from : • devil •

Poor Marcus 😢
Comment from : KRIS MAN

So many memories brings back to me when I listen to this song... ☺️
Comment from : Rémi

Lyrical Lee
December 2019???💁🏾‍♀️💁🏾‍♀️💁🏾‍♀️
Comment from : Lyrical Lee

This song is so awesome..
Comment from : casper2yall

Scott Moxie
I love this song so much 😍
Comment from : Scott Moxie

Moni Claud
December 2019 ❤️❤️❤️
Comment from : Moni Claud

Djamel Mazozi
Tenk of Algérie
Comment from : Djamel Mazozi

Djamel Mazozi
Waw nic chonson
Comment from : Djamel Mazozi

Alessandro Augusto
I love you
Comment from : Alessandro Augusto

lynn skany
Rihana is verry fantastic
Comment from : lynn skany

lydia azman
Still my favo song dec 2019..
Comment from : lydia azman

So when will Rihanna have a comeback
Comment from : Rishita

Eman Datsun
13 December 2019 🙋🏻‍♂️
Comment from : Eman Datsun

Matthias Piano
Rameau - Les Sauvages


Comment from : Matthias Piano

Ilham 'Digits_15
T’a gagner
Comment from : Ilham 'Digits_15

ابن المملكه الهاشميه
Sad man
Comment from : ابن المملكه الهاشميه

Bad Blood
So many won't get the chance to say goodbye
Comment from : Bad Blood

Who still listen to RIRI old songs. December 2019

uwu gachajazzy __
This was my favorite childhood song back in the 2008's
Comment from : uwu gachajazzy __

Ionara Almeida
Escuto até hoje em dezembro de 2019..
Comment from : Ionara Almeida

Cameron Osrs
i remember listening to this at age 13 thinking i was all depressed LMAAOOO
Comment from : Cameron Osrs

Anita Pelich
Meine Liebe war dein gift Bernd man sicht sich 2 mal im Leben wieder
Comment from : Anita Pelich

Kelly Samaniego
December 2019. 🤠
Comment from : Kelly Samaniego

artık yok
Comment from : artık yok

Quinisha Collier
Then I get a scary thought that his here, it means his never lost.
Comment from : Quinisha Collier

Żaneta Korny
2019 hi! 🖐🏽🌏
Comment from : Żaneta Korny

Дядя Вова
Comment from : Дядя Вова

W peace
The toughest of the genre
Comment from : W peace

Maria Kylie Hilton Girl Genius
Comment from : Maria Kylie Hilton Girl Genius

Guadalupe Santiago Santiago
Por esta canción conocí a Rihanna :3
Comment from : Guadalupe Santiago Santiago

God. I love Rihanna. I really do!

Even my cat loves it. Anytime she comes on.

Comment from : J P S

augusto severino
Dezembro 2019, muita festa prk não passar momentos emociantes da cantora Rihanna com título Russian Roulette xta doce.
Comment from : augusto severino

augusto severino
Rihanna vce é uma contara em termo das hierarquias nas necessidades vce é cmo água prk o ouro é mais valioso que o petróleo mas a água é mais necessitada por todos vce é furor na música
Comment from : augusto severino

Kellynha Christine
10 anos já??

Comment from : Kellynha Christine

Made By Sergio
Comment from : Made By Sergio

Cloudy Blossom Uwu
My friend was a pro at russian roullete! He only lost once!
Comment from : Cloudy Blossom Uwu

Amit Prulov
December 19
Comment from : Amit Prulov

Yanely Hernández
Que linda es una de mis canciones favoritas 😀😀😀😀
Comment from : Yanely Hernández

Wieslaw Sobocinski
Comment from : Wieslaw Sobocinski

Dan Malcher
Comment from : Dan Malcher

sdria fk
this is one of the most great songs of Ri, and guess what? just realized im about to take exam and without realizing it, i miss to hear this song and heard the lyrics, it suits me well lol
Comment from : sdria fk

Shadrick Cassell
Am feeling RiRi right at the end of 2019
Comment from : Shadrick Cassell

Josue Santiago
Star wars
Comment from : Josue Santiago

Fernando Muñoz
#justiexratedr uwu
Comment from : Fernando Muñoz

Shalin Chantal
December 2019 it hit me different 🔥 🔥
Comment from : Shalin Chantal

Jean Santos
Dezembro 2019
Comment from : Jean Santos

xxᴛᴀᴇ ᴛᴇᴅɪ
Я че я только щас узнала про эту песню? Русская рулетка? 😆😂
Comment from : xxᴛᴀᴇ ᴛᴇᴅɪ

Mr.eragon Aragon
never bored with this song😎😎
Comment from : Mr.eragon Aragon

Edward Moon III Music
V... I miss you. I'm sorry what happened to you, I wish I'd never let you get on that bus.
Comment from : Edward Moon III Music

Madu Stipula
Dude I just realized that guy is Jackson from Grey's Anatomy. What the fuck
Comment from : Madu Stipula

Kirigwi Mwangi
Man....this song is over 10 years old now (Dec 4th)....I know some of y'all we're not born then. Riri's the queen, a legend. 👸👸👸👸
Comment from : Kirigwi Mwangi

Kõri T-Rex
X Markus don’t shoot her 😂🤭
(If you understood the reference then congrats)

Comment from : Kõri T-Rex

Dudu Rodrigues
10 years later!
Comment from : Dudu Rodrigues

I Am The Dragon Queen 7
Comment from : I Am The Dragon Queen 7

Lina Zed
3 décembre 2019 ❤
Comment from : Lina Zed

Tommy Vasec
This video is well done, the voice is good, everything is shining golden, BUT THERE IS NO EMOTIONS in this clip. This is why I quit after 3:00 minutes....
Comment from : Tommy Vasec

bubble butt
RiRi 2020
Comment from : bubble butt

who‘s here for Dr. Jackson Avery???
Comment from : blackhawk

December 2019 ;)
Comment from : FlixIsland

s kke
Wait the guy is Jackson Avery from Grey’s Anatomy right ?
Comment from : s kke

Angelique B.
Jackson Avery ☺️
Comment from : Angelique B.

Buhlebezwe Dlamini
December 2019?
Comment from : Buhlebezwe Dlamini

Dusan Babic
Mi nider✊newer
Comment from : Dusan Babic

Mary Jones
Comment from : Mary Jones

Никита Рахманый
Русские есть?)
Comment from : Никита Рахманый

Terry Smith
OMG Jackson from Grey's Anatomy
Comment from : Terry Smith

Kimoye Brown
Who's still listening in 2019?🔥❤
Comment from : Kimoye Brown

Etim Carvalho
Música belíssima Mulher magnífica
Comment from : Etim Carvalho

꧁Беатрис Гимарайнш ꧂
Это то, что вы думаете о матушке России?
Comment from : ꧁Беатрис Гимарайнш ꧂

Sabrina Ouameri
1 ديسمبر 2019
Comment from : Sabrina Ouameri

Agali Odera
December 2019 who’s listening
Comment from : Agali Odera

Phoenix Echoes Audio
Dec 1st, 2019. song randomly came to mind. Has it been 7 years already???
Comment from : Phoenix Echoes Audio

Brooklynn Vasquez
I was singing this song since I was 3 LITERALLY 🤣 I wish she was still making music 😭
Comment from : Brooklynn Vasquez

Jomarie Antiquesa
December 1 2019
Comment from : Jomarie Antiquesa

Amal Mouatacim
November 2019
Comment from : Amal Mouatacim

Almost ten years!
Comment from : Firewave

Abdel abdel
This song never get old 💓🔫🔫🔫
Comment from : Abdel abdel

Ilham 'Digits_15
J’ai l impression de vivre un cauchemar qui ce répète sans arrêt c’est terminée elle reviendra pas pourquoi vous forcer
Comment from : Ilham 'Digits_15

Ximena Alona
I still listening this song Nov 2019😘
Comment from : Ximena Alona

whos watching in 2200 AD?
Comment from : TS

destiny gal
Ooh noo i miss her music😓❤❤❤
Comment from : destiny gal

Aaaaah😭 pourquoi je pleure je comprends même pas les paroles
Comment from : ARIANATOR Grande

I can not get why russian....
Comment from : CallyFox

Jam V L O G S
Who's listening before its 10th year anniversary release?
Comment from : Jam V L O G S

Mkenya Daima
1st January 2020...still feeling the vibe
Comment from : Mkenya Daima

Imchalemla Longchar
Who is listening in Dec 2023?
Comment from : Imchalemla Longchar

Abdel abdel
Who's here november 2019
Comment from : Abdel abdel

Светлана Фадеева
Слава КПСС!
Comment from : Светлана Фадеева

Лило Лин
Comment from : Лило Лин

Olga Angelini
Rest for that tiger this is not you and never be.
Comment from : Olga Angelini

eylul doludag
One of her best songs
Comment from : eylul doludag

Marrus Mccay

Comment from : Marrus Mccay

Mikha Lyshy
Respira, respira profundamente,
cálmate, me dice él.
Si juegas, ve a por todas (juega para ser el mejor),
coge la pistola y cuenta hasta tres.
Ahora estoy sudando, moviéndome despacio,
no hay tiempo para pensar, es mi turno,
y puedes ver mi corazón latiendo.
Puedes verlo a través de mi pecho,
y estoy aterrorizada, pero no me voy.
Sé que debo pasar esta prueba,
así que simplemente, aprieto el gatillo.

Reza una oración por ti,
él dice: cierra los ojos, algunas veces ayuda.
y entonces tengo un pensamiento escalofriante.
Que él está aquí, lo que significa que nunca ha perdido.
Y puedes ver mi corazón latiendo,
puedes verlo a través de mi pecho,
y estoy aterrorizada, pero no me voy.
Sé que debo pasar esta prueba,
así que simplemente, aprieto el gatillo.
Y mi vida se proyecta delante de mis ojos,
me pregunto, ¿veré alguna vez otro amanecer?
Muchos no tendrán la oportunidad de decir adiós.

Pero es demasiado tarde
para darme cuenta del valor de mi vida (pick up on).
Y puedes ver mi corazón latiendo,
ahora puedes verlo a través de mi pecho.
Dije que estoy aterrorizada pero que no me voy, no,
sé que debo pasar esta prueba.

Puedes ver mi corazón latiendo,
puedes verlo a través de mi pecho,
estoy aterrorizada, pero no me voy, no.
Sé que debo pasar esta prueba.

Puedes ver mi corazón latiendo,
puedes verlo a través de mi pecho,
estoy aterrorizada, pero no me voy,
Sé que debo pasar esta prueba.
así que simplemente, aprieto el gatillo. CRY VLC

Comment from : Mikha Lyshy

Salim Morad
I like you so much
Comment from : Salim Morad

Ilham 'Digits_15
Pourquoi je doit regarder ça
Comment from : Ilham 'Digits_15

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