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1:46:09 - how does he check back the straight here? id be value betting that all day
Comment from : slavtrade

Benjamin H
very bad sad its mafia dont play here
Comment from : Benjamin H

Thomas Sommer
I really hoped Jayjay would loose....
Comment from : Thomas Sommer

Dont think deadfizh knows what ICM is.
Comment from : Pablo

That big stack chip leader in the beginning 3:1 chip lead it’s amazing how he knocked out in 7th. He played so BADLY. I think he just folded his way through he would have achieved a better placing 😋🤣😅
Comment from : Libraguy85

Pi Jay 1976
Too much post bet artificial hands
Comment from : Pi Jay 1976

всем Добра
Выиграл самый маленький стек,ахуеть
Comment from : всем Добра

всем Добра
Чипаку в конце не хватает ставки ,почти всегда,чтоб аппонент скинул карты,колят на флеш дро,стрит дро,но в конце сдается
Comment from : всем Добра

Valters Krauze
computer program shit - not fair!
Comment from : Valters Krauze

Holy moly, uknowProsky gets dealt good stuff so often
Comment from : mibs56

Renato Valancaska
Fuck You poker magic
Comment from : Renato Valancaska

Rockoy House
29:40 best ever seen
Comment from : Rockoy House

BanZzai - Poker Replays
Timeline :
36:53 Busto 1
56:02 Busto 2
1:37:24 Busto 3
1:53:30 Busto 4
2:00:50 Deal ?
2:03:50 Numbers & Deal ?
2:17:26 Busto 5
2:28:40 Deal ?
3:08:18 Interesting Hand - Busto 6
3:10:41 Busto 7
4:11:07 Finishing

Comment from : BanZzai - Poker Replays

Cody Tau
All the pros are in the comments,
Comment from : Cody Tau

Here i was hoping JayJAy would lose .. so sad here :-s .. that cocky mofo .. "i should get more ... even tho i`m 2 million down in chips" ..
Comment from : Ladosligese

Masticlox Poker
I am at 39 minutes, Prosky looks like a terrible player, dont know what will happen at the end.
Comment from : Masticlox Poker

Any wanna bet on the I.D. of the one dislike? LOL
Comment from : thtsfhuny

he honestly deserves to lose calling all in with aq off thats stupid
Comment from : Ammarsky

Arc Net
4:12:51 "Get yout cookie jars out"
can anyone explane me the meaning of these words.

Comment from : Arc Net

Artis Spertāls
What a terrible all-in by A/Qo against a four-bet. If one of them would've had 1/3 of chips or less, that would be fair, but to gamble 400k with A/Qo against a four-bet for the 99,9% chips in play - so bad. What could've he possible beat there? A/J? No one would four-bet with A/J in that spot. Even if the opponent has 9/9, hes behind. Terrible, terrible play.
Comment from : Artis Spertāls

fuckuptheworld fuckuptheworld
they won 1mil each and they still talk about some 200k disgusting humans im disgusted are they serious? he deserves to be punished fucking idiot
Comment from : fuckuptheworld fuckuptheworld

jonas is 100% not good enough to make that J6 call at 3:45:00 . nice one doug lol
Comment from : tedteddy28

maybe at 3:35:19 lol
Comment from : tedteddy28

3:10:41 (where doug polk started playing) hahahahahahahahahaahahah
Comment from : tedteddy28

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