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Brooks Parfitt
Ultimate X is a tough game to learn. Very hard to play within even .2% of published EV for the game.

That said, the guy playing Ultimate X in this video is just lighting money on fire. He's not playing anything CLOSE to optimal strategy. He's probably playing at about a 92% ROI, at which point he might as well go hit the high limit slots instead.

Comment from : Brooks Parfitt

Bigkats Poker
Big dollars.
Good video.

Comment from : Bigkats Poker

Man they don’t allow my dog in the casino like that

They don't need to get him drunk, He will give it away
Comment from : albatrossin2

paul vanaman
WOW!!! Loads of mistakes! I had to stop watching after only 10 minutes!
Comment from : paul vanaman

David Hustle
Id kill to have someone with this much money stake my poker career! This guy plays big on the regular and i know he does it for fun! but it hurts knowing i could be a much better equity play given the chance and not having the chance being where i am in life! Love to the channel anyhow
Comment from : David Hustle

Chip F
His play is not strategic. Which means he loses probably 25% more than he should. He is in it for the high limit thrill regardless of minimizing loss.
Comment from : Chip F

Desmond Castro
I enjoyed the Bonus Streak video Ultimate X poker.
Comment from : Desmond Castro

Lee Bride
Holy fuck that stack of cash he pointed at the machine!!!!😲😲😲🤯🤯🤯
Comment from : Lee Bride

Gary Sharp
I like playing 10 grand a hand for better pay offs
Comment from : Gary Sharp

Al Smith
keno and video poker like watching paint dry.just kidding great video
Comment from : Al Smith

henry gonzalez

He must have gave back ATLEAST 50k in this short clip

Comment from : henry gonzalez

Wabam Hand Painted
If you ever play keno again, try my numbers 10, 30, 50, 80, 79.39,38,36,5, 15
Comment from : Wabam Hand Painted

Chocolatetown Forever
To me, playing video poker for that kind of money is just stupid. Did he say 4 of a kind pays him 10 grand?
Thats one of the top payouts he can even hit, and how fast at 250 a pop does he spend the 10k anyway? Its his money, and god bless him, but theres a real sickness going on at this high of stakes. As fast as you can spend it, there really is no amount of money that gives you much of a win.

Comment from : Chocolatetown Forever

Steve Weiser
Terrible player ,,, he had 10 Jack and King of diamonds and only help the King and Jack ,,, and lots of other mess ups …
Comment from : Steve Weiser

Tracy Garrett
Cleopatra Keno has a bad pay table compared to regular Keno. Always check what the five spot pays for one coin. Anything over 800 is worth playing. It doesn't mean you have to play a five spot, that just shows you if the machine is giving you good odds. Same idea as 9/6 machine for video poker.
Comment from : Tracy Garrett

Nld 89
What do you do for a living and how much do you put through those machines to have them allow your dog in the casino?!?! Awesome stuff 😀
Comment from : Nld 89

Worst game
Comment from : JerJerBynx

I'm reassured that some people who have $50,000+ to gamble at video poker know a lot less than I do. Maybe he'll extend me a personal load some time. I think his dog Coco probably has a better life than he does.
Comment from : BigGuyBoleslaw

Evil Spock
Someday I will point stuff out with a massive stack of cash just like Howie.
Comment from : Evil Spock

Peace Mon!
RICH People.. Can I Have A $100..🙏🏽😢
Comment from : Peace Mon!

Austin Alba
Did Aria or IGT hire you? Because with plays like this, everyone watching is worse of a player now.
Comment from : Austin Alba

Sol Brilla
Have you been to golden nuggett or lauberge LAKE CHARLES??
Comment from : Sol Brilla

This is terrible.
Comment from : Nicklin30112

Triple Double Gainz
How can this guy from New Yawwwk play so terribly at such a high denom? Whatever money he has will be gone.
Comment from : Triple Double Gainz

Kind of bad vip snack room.mgm near me has a huge spread. From roast beef and shrimp to salads and pasta
Comment from : BroskyWhoDatedHoski

Whats howard secret to winning club keno on the lottery . ?
Comment from : BroskyWhoDatedHoski

Tom Frey
Do they let cocoa sh@t on the carpet
Comment from : Tom Frey

Tom Frey
He has a man no carrying his dog, love this , it’s insane
Comment from : Tom Frey

Tom Frey
Good god, video crack
Comment from : Tom Frey

Nate B
Terrible strategy
Comment from : Nate B

Les Schopeck
I would love to know how many millions he has lost before and after hitting the 200k...His cash, his business, but made me sick... Oh well,, not my money. He puts in 35K and is happy with a $2,500 hand pay,,, I don't get it
Comment from : Les Schopeck

Jose Victoria
I have never played that high. Most i ever bet was 20 a hand in video Poker. I recently discovered your videos. I always thought the more you bet the higher a chance of winning but its not much. About a month ago i got 4 4's with the kicker a 2. Betting $10 a hand and won $1,600. I was so excited to hit that id have a heart attack if i ever hit over 4k lol only once have i ever hit a Royal and it paid 4k
Comment from : Jose Victoria

Nice to have the experience of watching clueless ploppies throwing away money that isn't mine.
Comment from : Pogonian

Andrew ski
What do these guys do for work?
Comment from : Andrew ski

Robert Madigan
Impossible to watch this video poker play
Comment from : Robert Madigan

King of slots MILLION
Dude your my new favorite slot player
Comment from : King of slots MILLION

Shannon Paturel
I kept seeing a bunch of comments about the dog. I have one thing to say. That dog is much happier being there than he would be sitting at home alone with nobody around.
Comment from : Shannon Paturel

Travis The Great
Please explain why you say 1 dollar super chat? Nobody knows what this means? What is super chat and why do you say that on all your videos?
Comment from : Travis The Great

I cant take any more. Nauseating to watch somebody play that poorly and make so many foolish errors with stakes that high. This guy should only play slots.
Comment from : titantron10

Nagesh Kasagani
boring video, sorry!
Comment from : Nagesh Kasagani

Tony Harris
It's the bad play like this why casinos should not fear AP's.
Comment from : Tony Harris

Bradley Mcdonald
Wonder how much you have to gamble to bring your dog?
Comment from : Bradley Mcdonald

Mike Staples
Definitely needs to work on video poker strategy. He is literally throwing money away.
Comment from : Mike Staples

Henry Bauman
Ever been to any of the casinos in mass maine or connecticut would love to meet you there sometime maybe you could show me the way of the handpay and get me enouph ti buy a ring for my girlfreinf to get engaged love your videos keep up the good work
Comment from : Henry Bauman

Tonya George
Loved the high limit video poker!! Please include more vp in the future! Thank you Scott!! And thanks Howard!! (Even though Howard was not playing DDB correctly.. still fun to watch!!)
Comment from : Tonya George

jacob bailey
Imagine not gambling all your money away!
Comment from : jacob bailey

Bennett Hastings
is my math right? did that guy just blow through 6-7k in 13 minutes?
Comment from : Bennett Hastings

Must be nice to have money
Comment from : Chris

Mike Tubbs
A fool and his money...did you really just hold A FOUR???
Comment from : Mike Tubbs

Cleo keno has horrible odds, You should play straight keno and only play 5 numbers
Comment from : S

Never play 10 numbers in Cleopatra keno. Best play is 8.
Comment from : Bornnusa

William Dawson
Texas hit em hard!
Comment from : William Dawson

Jo Brookes
I had to rewatch this late night play, I really like poker but have not seen any machines here on the Gold Coast Australia, I know there will be those who prefer the reel machines but I have always enjoyed poker games so thanks for this live play. Maybe you could get the click father to do some live play with you Raja later in the year :-)
Comment from : Jo Brookes

Rosemary leonetti/finelli
Tied in to others just like Mega Millions machine watch how fast that one goes
Comment from : Rosemary leonetti/finelli

Rosemary leonetti/finelli
He plays top board thats all I play
Comment from : Rosemary leonetti/finelli

Rosemary leonetti/finelli
Keno i play 1 11 16 17 28 29
Comment from : Rosemary leonetti/finelli

Timothy Van Horn
This guys video poker strategy, or rather lack of any apparent strategy at all, made this tough to watch.
Comment from : Timothy Van Horn

PGS poker guns silver
Holy shit after watching him play I'm 100% certain that by the time he hit that 200k he was in for 400k 😳
Comment from : PGS poker guns silver

Kris Green
It's his money and he obviously has more dollars than sense and can play however he wants! It's fun to watch but his money would stretch a lot further if he learned how to play. The object of the game is to get the BIG hands but to also lose the least getting to those hands. This guy doesn't care whether he wins or loses. To us that know how to play Video Poker, it's both exciting and causes painful cringes with every other hold. Holding a lone 3 or 4 is never the right strategy. He got really lucky a time or two and that's what keeps people making those kinds of holds. He missed so many 3 to a straight flush holds. He tossed KQ suited and opted for a single Ace. A few pairs got tossed to hold an Ace. I'd love to see someone betting this big but also playing correctly!
Comment from : Kris Green

We don't have many higher limit poker or multi hand machines where I live so i rarely play but I am surprised not more handpays on a $250 or $500 bet....
Comment from : rollerboy

Cheryl Houghton
Love video poker but.... and keno is boring....
Comment from : Cheryl Houghton

frances womack
Great Video! Sorry I missed it live but so fun to watch nevertheless! Thank you for the great content and thank you to Howie for sharing your play with TBJ. Best slot channel on YOUTUBE!!!
Comment from : frances womack

AliceSudbury 15
Wow that great did I just looks bunches 💵 cash in hand of that boss chocho howie? 😆❤️ points the screen w it that much cash in hands 😤
Comment from : AliceSudbury 15

Chris Dawson
That was awesome 😊😊😊
Comment from : Chris Dawson

Thanks for the high limit video poker stream. Those are really rare on youtube at that level. Probably the highest denom dream card poker I've ever seen!
Comment from : wrxrob

Wade Atkinson
dude has a mobster accent lol
Comment from : Wade Atkinson

coming soon
Awsome video! That’s my favorite casino. Can’t wait to film there in April! Those black widows machines payout in the high Limit room. I hit the 10k wheel of fortune twice within 15 minutes on my last visit.
Comment from : coming soon

Aria is an amazing place to be. It has a variety of slots in high limit. If you are a high roller, the have tons of comps that can be used across MGM properties. They also have high prizes slot tournaments either buy in or free for high rollers of slot.
Comment from : willie

Tell Howie if he ever needs a sitter for Coco.....
Comment from : Luckylindalou

Sally Lacerda
Nice to watch you playing my favorite game.. Cleopatra 😄😄
Comment from : Sally Lacerda

Video poker is about the only thing I've ever won on at a casino. I hit all progressives for about 4k on a slot once. Other than that video poker is my go to.
Comment from : Daniel318

LOL, Howey had a massive stack of money just laying there...lol
Comment from : djflexmaster79

Shirley P
He needs to read a video poker double double book! His draws are horrible on about 40% of his hands!!! He's not playing %!!!!
Comment from : Shirley P

Patrick Negro
Raja, you’re so renowned!You should be on Bob Dancer’s radio show, “Gambling with an Edge”.
The show has interviewed professional Slot players and a lot of talk on video poker.Any way your channel
is great!Finally you’re showcasing video poker!

Comment from : Patrick Negro

Gregory Perlman
High limit Video Poker is great....but learn the right holds! Watching some of the bad moves are tough. You can't play the same on DD Bonus and Jacks or Better. Video Poker For Winners Software and practice!
Comment from : Gregory Perlman

Dan Godsy
I never question anyone's play but at 17:11, he had 4 hearts to a flush but held only the ace? Is that the right play?
Comment from : Dan Godsy

Slot Shimmers
What an awesome night of streams Raja, missed this one after we passed out, but thank you for the show man! Great stream as always!
Comment from : Slot Shimmers

Now that was awesome Thanks
Comment from : luckyvic7777

David Mc
Lima, Peru
Comment from : David Mc

David Mc
Lima Peru
Comment from : David Mc

David Mc
Comment from : David Mc

Jim Fromearth
A 🐶in a casino? That’s a first. Is the dog of gambling age? Does he have a players card?😎
Comment from : Jim Fromearth

He should have went for the flush at 3:45 wtf
Comment from : martinishakerxxl

Dawn Keener
I suck at keno...my numbers never hit and even when i switch em then the numers i was on come up. Lol.
Comment from : Dawn Keener

Dawn Keener
Wow woke up to some major bettin going on lastnight!!
Comment from : Dawn Keener

Comment from : rrCHRISxx

Belinda West
Love seeing the poker
Comment from : Belinda West

Fast Eddie
Killer show Raja!!!👍
Comment from : Fast Eddie

Karen Gray
That’s quite a fistful of cash Howie’s holdin!!!
Comment from : Karen Gray

I was hoping to see video poker or keno from you - yeah I do better with playing diagonal lines not blocks of numbers. I love playing Keno at the Fremont - they still use real balls vs a computer chip. My sister in law was dealt a Royal Flush on a $10 machine - max bet 5 play.
Comment from : vinjulieann1

Mark M
nice video poker action, thanks for sharing!
Comment from : Mark M

T Woods
Comment from : T Woods

Psychic Gambler
That was different, but fun. Congratulations to BOD!!! Yeah!!!
Comment from : Psychic Gambler

Ty for another great video 👍🏼👍🏼❤️❤️👍🏼👍🏼 #THEBIGJACKPOT #RAJA
Comment from : Bugbugpuppy

Rosemary leonetti/finelli
Phone Beep woke me up was good come on scott Win. With Poker have to think but not hard u would Win
Comment from : Rosemary leonetti/finelli

Rosemary leonetti/finelli
He hit on Keno good one
Comment from : Rosemary leonetti/finelli

Rosemary leonetti/finelli
Where u at Aria Casino now
Comment from : Rosemary leonetti/finelli

Rosemary leonetti/finelli
Did he get aces
Comment from : Rosemary leonetti/finelli

Jason Temps
Is that Allen from the BBC documentary with louis
Comment from : Jason Temps

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