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Neily 777
A lot of people have been asking where to get the bank. Here is the website: winnersbank200.com?partner_id=6
Save 10% off your purchase of the WinnersBank. Use PROMO CODE: NOTTESEN

Comment from : Neily 777

Cullen Obrien
So is it not better to put say 100 in all at once? So it’s better to just put in per game
Comment from : Cullen Obrien

Stats Redner
Mine is play for a good time not a long time lol piorod
Comment from : Stats Redner

Alan Carda
When I play, I play similar. I usually have a threshold of $30 to cash out, but anything over the original "play" money gets set aside. Last casino trip was to see Alan Parsons, paid for the concert ticket and about half of the hotel room with my winnings.
Comment from : Alan Carda

Li Li
How many lines do you pick on the machine?
Comment from : Li Li

That's actually how I usually go about doing it (minus the bank because I didn't know that was a thing) but I use the playing/winning pocket where I keep my playing money in one pocket and my winnings in the other. (usually I keep the tickets until I am ready to go home so I know I won't spend it)
Comment from : Bond


Briana Nicole
This is my same strategy. Cashing out at $25 or more. The only thing I do different is combining all tickets taking out what I came with (if I even still have it) and just playing instead of putting away my winnings per ticket. I leave having spent my budget more often because of it. I like your strategy better. Plus I have seen the banks and need to get one because that's awesome too. It's it's hard sometimes to have the discipline to leave whether you're winning or not so the bank is a cool idea. Thanks for this!
Comment from : Briana Nicole

Mark Mallette
I do the same damn thing! Funny I came across this video lol. It rly works tho!
Comment from : Mark Mallette

Wisky the Dog
You’re very handsome
Comment from : Wisky the Dog

Tommy O'Connor
Hi everyone,i'm Tommy and i'm 30 years old,I know maybe I still very young,but I usually play slot on the internet,with my experience,I think everyday the host will pick a few games to make it easier for player to win,and I call these days are the day to make money.And I usually play not only 1 or 2 games,I play 6,7 difference games,I will try play like $5 for each games? Which game more win or easy to win bonus so I play that game longer.But you guys know we also need luck,and all we need to know the first rule that no matter how much we won we need to cashout as soon as we need to.As I Am,I always use $10-$20 to play for a day,If lucky I won like $50 or maybe more so I just cashout right away,and just leave in my account like $10-$20,if I lost all so I will deposit from the money I just won,if lose all so I will stop and wait tomorrow,if tomorrow I lost again so I would wait for 3,4 days and play again.Because when I play slot,I feel like the game they knew what i'm thinking and they knew how I feel.Like sometime I lost,I felt a bit angry,and I click the button a little harder or something like that,and the game like they knew i'm angry so they won't let me win.I just think we always need to be calm when we play,each time we click the button need to the same.
And we always big win with the new slot game that we ever play before .That's all my experience .I know it could be different than play real slot in the casino but hope it could help you guys win .Oh and sometime if I keep lost in 2,3 days so I change to play casino like rolette,baccarat or blackjack and texas hold'em . Ok sorry for comment too long, and forgive me about my English if I wrote something wrong .Thank you Neily for your experience and thanks about the video you share with us.

Comment from : Tommy O'Connor

Tianyu Zhang
What if you lose the $20? When you start losing and doesn't get back to above $20? I've had situation only starting with $20 once I start playing it keeps losing.
Comment from : Tianyu Zhang

you won't make money doing this but at least its really unlikely to go home broke i guess
Comment from : Infisnake

Love your videos u gamble like me
Comment from : NO NICHE HOUSTON TX

My friends name is neil 🙌
Comment from : hellaflush49

John Ellis
When you went through the $20 the first time I would have cashed out and left with the profit rather than going back. Maybe that is just me, good video though and good strategy
Comment from : John Ellis

michelle Udontneedtoknow
I still need to buy this bank! It’s a great strategy
Comment from : michelle Udontneedtoknow

Well i just put all the money i won in the ticket counter and cashout and go home. Its a win for me and I still had a great time playing

TheeKiddd 21
Not a bad strategy haven't tried yet but I'm a believer and when I get off in 30 mins who know
Comment from : TheeKiddd 21

Ricardo Campos
Thanks for sharing
Comment from : Ricardo Campos

How do you choose your games? I've never played slots and I'm thinking about going this weekend to try them.
Comment from : CrashedMC713

Noella Nix
I tried a similar strategy to yours and hit the minor jackpot which won me $380 on Big Red. Big Red is a $1 machine and i made $4 bets, i switched between 6 Big Red machines. However, i changed the strategy up a bit, if the machine wasnt paying out within around 1 minute, i withdraw my money and repeat the process on a new machine which usually gets me the free games feature within the first few clicks, I dont chase my money or stay on one machine hoping to win because usually it results in the machine taking all of my money, if it wants to pay it usually does so pretty quickly. I prefer bigger bets because obviously the payouts are bigger. Im in Australia though :) You've inspired me to want to make a similar video :)
Comment from : Noella Nix

Winter Beach
This system works. I usually play with $1 and $5. The cashiers will sometimes tell me to only cash in 3 tickets at a time. (Am pretty sure cashiers are well aware of this system and dislike cashing in tickets for $1.25 on a dollar bet, but that's the amount I feel safe using.)
Comment from : Winter Beach

i tried this method and got lucky at first, stopped when i started getting unlucky. is there any specific games you specifically play? if so how much should i place on bets?
Comment from : yourmomsboytoy90

Callme J
I bought 200 to the casino and I used your method and every 20 I inserted in the machine when I got over 25 I cashed out and the last 2 20s I put in I won over 100 on both and cashed it out and left, thanks Im proud that I was able to leave with cash
Comment from : Callme J

Callme J
Where did you order your little bank from
Comment from : Callme J

m j clark
At first I thought he was using magic $20 bills as he seemed to make a profit everytime, but he was honest enough to admit he ended down overall.
Comment from : m j clark

Steve Brown
Great video sir
Comment from : Steve Brown

Joe Ballze
So what happens if you do not reach a $5 profit ?
Will you lose the 20 or do you give up before that happens and switch to another machine ?

Comment from : Joe Ballze

Santiago Solis
Can't wait to try this out
Comment from : Santiago Solis

Lakia Young
Where do you buy by bank at?
Comment from : Lakia Young

Just think how much money you'd go home with if you reversed what you put in your bank. Play your initial money and cash out as you do, then the 20's or higher go into your bank and play off of the rest. You may have your next trip financed and might be able to start with even more or save the extra money for whatever. In any case, I appreciate your videos, Neal. :)
Comment from : AK MCGRATH

Jason Pintur
I did this it is brilliant. We went with 1k to loose lol, but by doing this we only lost 100 bux!! It helps that I hit $500
Comment from : Jason Pintur

Joseph Garcia
Reshoot video. Get assistance to see screen of entire video game better. Great tutorial. What do you do if you loose the full $20 throughout several games?
Comment from : Joseph Garcia

I am cheaper... I use ten-dollar bills and play "turn the ten into a twenty" (or more) game... plus, I rarely play all the lines (I won $641 on a 15 cent bet on a Tri-City bonus once, lol) plus I alternate the multuplier... great system, works every time... nice video... thanks
Comment from : Michael Peterson's LOVING MUSIC, LOVING LIFE

I think you're really good looking and I love your videos. Thanks for the awesome share!!! Subscribed and liked your channel.
Comment from : David8024667

Bradley Welsh
Saturdays when the rock and roll band starts playing the games around the band wins but when the band stops playing nobody wins like it's remote control
Comment from : Bradley Welsh

I usually spend $50 until I feel enough, and never really won over $100. Today I spent $20*3 games and walked out with $1015!!!! Thank you for sharing your strategy! You’re amazing!!!
Comment from : Miki

Knowing myself I’d place the key-less bank on black at the roulette table
Comment from : j3hadipi3

J Wagner
Good ideas. I'm going to try it next time I go to the casino.
Comment from : J Wagner

Keith Andrew
I've had a strategy that has helped me from putting my winnings back in the machines. For those of you that have girlfriends or wives, give this a try. When I hit a jackpot (say over $350) I'll text my wife that I hit it and tell her that I'll come home with at least x amount (say $100). I then cash out and put $100 in my wallet and continue playing. When I end up losing the rest - which is just about guaranteed - then I still have my $100. Of course now your wife knows that you have $100 and that could be a problem for some lol. Fortunately my wife is cool about that.
Comment from : Keith Andrew

Thank you for advise👍
Comment from : Awoken33

Okay cool
Thanks for tips! I haven’t really played the slots before bc most of them have so much going on that it confuses me. Do you place max bets with each spin?
Comment from : Okay cool

Mike Maes
Who here would take their bank into the bathroom and smash it when they ran out of money????🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : Mike Maes

angela johnson
Comment from : angela johnson

Michael Sullivan
I use the power of self control
Comment from : Michael Sullivan

Kvng October
I do the same thing with roulette but I cash out every 10$
Comment from : Kvng October

Jan Jan
I seen some player changing machine every certain timing. I think they use this strategy. That's good. Will try it next time.
Comment from : Jan Jan

Jackpot Mama
SMART!!! I will be trying this
Comment from : Jackpot Mama

Tmi Icon
Definitely the right idea. Thi reminds me of my scrape for dollars style of slot gaming: I oftimes play a certain set of games at minimum bets and because not all lines are rented I've learned to stop them on a dime and at steady intervals generally not even letting it spin its reels apart. Its a highly stressful style of playing that requires concentration and a focused attitude..well since I find I seem to play better at the beggining of my bank..I cash out a voucher every time I win much of anything and start over with a new/or the recycled bill pocketing the winnings..usually just loose change until I tire out or eventually don't get a return. Probably if I don't quit first, I lose the playable solid bills thats when I'm done..I count out my scrapings and ideally its more than what I started with and its in coin forms so I cant put it back in play.
These tactics are appropriate to my saying: say the only way to beat the casino is to quit. ie know when(and in this case how) to fold/cash out.. but in more specificc words from my not so great experience its basically about money and time management. Its sometimes helpful to have a clear idea of how much I need/want to win or whatever other goals I have for that play time.(eg I want to see how x,y,z games are playing so when I come back with my real bank I'll know what games to put my best stakes on. I also typically use my bank/budget to determine everything from how much I bet per spin/line,exactly what games I play and even whether or not to rent all the lines in some specific games that let you decide.(I've found that some games are better for "bank building" then others when paying for only 1/4 to 1/2 the lines)
I'd say think of it this way.. If for any reason you feel your bank is limited then there are only 4 ocassions you should be "just betting max" and not paying attention to the current win/bonus frequency you're sitting there paying to witness:
1.When you first start(and you know you're playing a game that typically has good pay back rates per line wins even outside of bonus/fever games or Jackpot wins),
2.You've found a game that is obviously playing "hot" and or you're very familiar with the game so much so that you can tell its actually playing how you usually like it and not "clipping"(nerdy word for graphic error that I appropriated to describe when a slot game is "near missing" big wins,stacks or bonuses so often that its only after you lose your entire bank trying to finally trigger one that you realize its basically some kind of non malfunctional glitch ) or running just plain cold.
3. You're a classical GAMBLER through and through and thats just how you'll always play period..win/lose/ all or nothing-no draw..no hustles..no hassles...get lucky or go home hard/fast/and furious. This also goes for the "I'll math when I'm sober type of players" who just need to decide their bet amount and stick to it no matter what based on how long they want to be in the casino and before they start drinking. :P
4. You're ready to leave the casino anyway so..its time for bells and whistles! all or nothing hail mary style.
to be fair, NOT max bettting or at least betting YOUR max comes with its own regrets of course..plenty of times I played too cautious and result was missing alot of big wins or just feeling like I'd have had more fun betting higher rather than being slowly tortured and drained anyway small betting is often just a losing battle against the house edge (the house for a slot game doesn't have limited funding so its destined to win in the long run.)

Comment from : Tmi Icon

Cne' Mitchell
I did this in Vegas last weekend and doubled my $$
Comment from : Cne' Mitchell

Lally Amante
Wow you inspired me . That’s a very very smart way of thinking, to earn money and not lose money in the casino. I’ll do that weekend then ! Flying today from nyc to Vegas ! 💜💜💜
Comment from : Lally Amante

Paul Korchuk
I tried your method today to see if it works. I took 200 dollars played your method for 5 hours. Walked out with a small profit of 20 dollars. A lot of fun and came out with some cash.

Comment from : Paul Korchuk

Really Will be'
Comment from : Studio1231

Annett Shine
What happens if you put in 20 and dont win anything ? Surely that happens too?
Comment from : Annett Shine

Paulette Bourgoin
im going ro vegas for first time at end of month, i am certainly going to try your method
Comment from : Paulette Bourgoin

Comment from : BARBARA HARGUS

Charlene Hermonstine
This sound interesting I'm going to give it a try. Would let you know how it works out for me.
Comment from : Charlene Hermonstine

Jason Pintur
My wifee andd I are returning to Vegas in October for our anniversary. When we got married 14 yrs ago there was no youtube. We had NNNNNOOOOOO idea there was so much!! I loooove yor 20 dolar trick,when I play slots I will be doing this thanx again. I have been asking numerous ppl about transportation though. We do not do cell ph so Uber is out. We thought the monaarail would be the best fo r the strip. I do want to visit Fremont St buuuuuuuut no celll. I guess the bus is the only way.
Comment from : Jason Pintur

Amazing Gfrg Panel building Construction world life
Comment from : Amazing Gfrg Panel building Construction world life

Jason Pintur
Comment from : Jason Pintur

Lb Goodvibes
Can this apply on any if not favourite vlts and what about half of the amount
Comment from : Lb Goodvibes

Andreas Arristos
Dam your lucky
Comment from : Andreas Arristos

Andreas Arristos
I been doing this for years
Comment from : Andreas Arristos

Sherman Peewee
When I win I spend the money I won, then that way when you go back to the casino if you lose all your money you at least used some of it to buy what you wanted
Comment from : Sherman Peewee

Marcella Jaynes
I have my implemented ways too. I’m fairly lucky, but walked in the hole a few times. Can’t wait to try yours!
Comment from : Marcella Jaynes

Cool. I was mesmerized.
Comment from : lesley.l

marilyn Wools
Neilyy do you a card?
Comment from : marilyn Wools

Marcella Jaynes
Maybe I missed it. It looked like you were putting a 2nd $20 in the first machine, once you cashed out w your first $20 & winnings, but then it jumped to you being on a totally different machine. Do you repeat the insert/win over $25/cash out more than 1x on any 1 machine, or only 1 insert/win over $25/cash out, per the same machine? Thank you for your time/help! 👍🏼🎉
Comment from : Marcella Jaynes

I probably won’t see your reply.
But if you would’ve left when u cashed out the first time you’d be a winner for the day
Comment from : I probably won’t see your reply.

Vegas Slots Online
Very great video Neily! From reading the comments, you've helped a lot of people. Really awesome, man!
Comment from : Vegas Slots Online

Jennifer Collins
I tried it. Walked in with $300 and left after 5 hours with $160
Comment from : Jennifer Collins

Het-heru Khepra
Comment from : Het-heru Khepra

Irene Silvas
Nice! I wish I would have seen this sooner!!! Lol
I will be trying this out soon! 😃

Comment from : Irene Silvas

Nikki Ayala
Wow I play the same way you do. I bring $1000 in hundreds n play until I'm over $100 and cash out. Free play is the way to make sum money. I bank the profit.
Comment from : Nikki Ayala

Comment from : JIM RICK

Bethany Ramsey
Hello!! I'm going to the casino for the first time tomorrow! Any tips?
Comment from : Bethany Ramsey

Maria ortiz
Comment from : Maria ortiz

Joseph El
Just wanted you to know that you are the reason I own a Winners Bank 200. Along with the strategy you mentioned, I generally leave the casino with money.
Comment from : Joseph El

My bank roll stragedy is to keep bank roll in one pocket (right) winning on the left. Always do maximum bet. Put $20.00 ounce machine has hit big meaning $30 and above leave it and move on to another machine. My bank has been $300.00 and came back with $1000.00, so my profit has been $700.00. Plus I get points for free hotel nights and free concert tickets.
Comment from : M

Never ever have you left a casino broke? I seriously find that hard to believe
Comment from : Tad&Lottie

Tree Floraken
That’s so cool! as a trucker, I was driving thru Vegas every week, and I developed a very similar strategy to not go home broke. My strategy takes self control, but I have never had a problem with it. It requires a pair of jeans with pockets.
Like you, I go in with a quantity of 20’s. My play-with money is in the front pocket on one side, and I play one bill at a time, with a set win, although mine is usually 50 bucks or nothing. Then it goes into the other pocket. When it’s all used up on the original side, I leave. This way, I have very often gone in with 200 and left with 700 or more. While I was driving cross country, I would often double my pay.
Also, our boss would give us money for loading/unloading our trucks. One time, a bunch of us stopped at a casino and lost everything. I had 4 nickels, and on the way out the door, as we were discussing what to tell the boss, I dropped my 4 nickels into a machine. It won, so I spun again. A couple hours later, I had won back all the money we had all lost, and we were able to leave with just enough to cover all the expenses again. We still told the boss, later (he was very cool!) and we all laughed about it, but it kinda became one of those legends that are so cool, but you never see again! lol what memories.

Comment from : Tree Floraken

Nick Gunz
Is it ok to play the minimum bet on a slot??
Comment from : Nick Gunz

Do you have a strategy for what machines you pick to play or is it just random picks?
Comment from : ByPassedDabz

Hey man. Thank u for the tips man.
Comment from : dr.chaos

edmyr vespucci
this is actually my strategy too. i bring 10 $20 bills totaling $200 with me and whenever i go over a certain amount I move on to the next machine. this helps me stay on top of things.
Comment from : edmyr vespucci

Homegrown Aquatics
This is also a good strategy just to make sure you get variety in your games rather than getting sucked into one game until you are spent. Thanks for the tip!
Comment from : Homegrown Aquatics

I write the software for slot machines. I can tell you without any hesitation, all of us that write these games LOVE people like you!
Comment from : n00b

Spiritual Warrior
Can I do this in Arizona casinos if so let me know
Comment from : Spiritual Warrior

Roslyn Ballard
Let us wonder about this
Comment from : Roslyn Ballard

Andrea Talbot
Thank you for sharing. Do you ever bet low denominations? And do you go to favorite machines or just random ones? Last one lol, do you ever go with less than 360?
Comment from : Andrea Talbot

What casinos do you gamble at
Comment from : Woody45

Leigh Lavigne
Wow most views on a video ever!! Lol
Comment from : Leigh Lavigne

Trying this exact strategy next time I go. I go about 4 times a year and take $500 with me. It’s hit or miss but this is an excellent strategy. Subbed! Thanks man!
Comment from : GamingWithLeppy

Nice, smart money management. Easy enough to follow. Good job on the video.
Comment from : MrMatipid

This is honestly a smart concept. I went to the casino bet 100 and came out with 20$ 😪😂

Never again.
I plan on using your method next time.

Comment from : SunKissNicole

Dennis Swanner
Maybe a two part strategy will net more perhaps when cashing out bank your 20s and then turn your 5s and into 20s and begin again. Turning the 5s and 1z into 20s will help keep you from betting sporadically and keep you on a winning path as fives and one tend to disappear before ever winning at all. Just a thought. Thanks for the video. Very helpful strategy. Good luck to all.
Comment from : Dennis Swanner

Victor Colon
Do you know where I can buy that cash bank at? I feel like it will really help me the next time I go back to AC.
Comment from : Victor Colon

Chris Trinder
Very interesting! Will definitely rewatch before I go to Vegas again, if I do. M from the U.K. and not a gambler and only been there once this last June. I only lost lost about $60 in a week there because if I’m honest the machines kinda frightened me a bit and I didn’t know how they worked or what wins and what doesn’t!! Anyway I found this very interesting watching you playing the slots and the fact you take a limited amount of dollars and your cash in routine! Makes perfect sense! Thanks again!
Comment from : Chris Trinder

How much bankroll do you start with???!!!
Comment from : ncpapaz

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