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DJ NightStar Official
This show was 1st in the global progressive psy trance chart 😍 💥🌟🔥 www.mixcloud.com/DJNightStar/progressive-psytrance-mix-cybertrance/
Comment from : DJ NightStar Official

Gracias y saludos cordiales desde Mallorca para ti también dj nighetsr oficial fantástica música 😍😍
Comment from : Batallador1957

Douglas Fencesotall
Girls a drift, I am great Shark,let consumes ya putang deep la zang
Comment from : Douglas Fencesotall

robert gotze
Best set
Comment from : robert gotze

Наташа Антонова
То чего не хватало!!! Хорошие треки, классный настрой . Так держать!!!
Comment from : Наташа Антонова

Marcin beee
39.10 link ? please
Comment from : Marcin beee

Silvana Gavazzi
Playlist Nice
Comment from : Silvana Gavazzi

pawel blokesz
Piękny Mix kocham
Comment from : pawel blokesz

ник ник
раскрас -для дебила. а музня порой очень да нгечего
Comment from : ник ник

antoaneta marinova
So Nice!!!!!!!
Comment from : antoaneta marinova

Alan MacDonald
i am i trance mix fan and i love the way that they mix the bass and everything else together
Comment from : Alan MacDonald

Yash Patil
Comment from : Yash Patil

mannytimur uhde
Merhaba Süper süper Müsik Video Tesekkürler ( Hos bir hafta diliyorum
Comment from : mannytimur uhde

Samva South
Огонь 🕺
Comment from : Samva South

Zoran Markovic
Comment from : Zoran Markovic

Mark Vooght
Love this version of trance, proper bouncy, full of base trance. First track awesome. Cheers Daniele take care.
Comment from : Mark Vooght

Pawel Sieradzan
Comment from : Pawel Sieradzan

A Gyra
Dj.......Das sind so Dinge......Die Feiert Man.........!?.........Prost....
Comment from : A Gyra

Здорово получилось👏👏😻
Comment from : O`ksana

Нелля Мухина
Halloween holiday.......😈
Comment from : Нелля Мухина

tw wolf
😋Nice..You the Star👈😎
Comment from : tw wolf

Stephan Frei
Boooom... und wieder hat ers getan.... ;) einfach geil ;)
Comment from : Stephan Frei

Hammer so musst das Sein einsteigen und mit fahren 👌🕶🚘🎶
Comment from : Mike KILSCH

Asif Zeshan
Comment from : Asif Zeshan

Muito Show....espetacular.
Comment from : DECIOGWOOD

Отличный микс!!! Автор ты гений!!!
Comment from : Андрей

Andreas Beutke
Wow super sexy Sound absolut Heiss Dj Night Star i Dancing 👏👍🙋
Comment from : Andreas Beutke

Freilicht Sachsen
Listen to Freiweiler - Midnight Dance 👍👍
Comment from : Freilicht Sachsen

Jerome Lamarque
Comment from : Jerome Lamarque

Tim Schraubendreher
Beste, lange gesucht und hier gefunden!!!!
Comment from : Tim Schraubendreher

steve m
Always perfect. Enhancing, in every way, my journey thru time🙏✌️✌️❤️
Comment from : steve m

Fotini Nas ॐ
Comment from : Fotini Nas ॐ

Stary Rower
Comment from : Stary Rower

N3m3s1S95 Orion
Awesome Daniel :D
Comment from : N3m3s1S95 Orion

Moon Light
🎃🍂 wooooow 🎧❤️🎧 👻 a brilliant special edition for halloween 🎃👻🍂 awesome mix 🎧❤️🎧 i love it 🕉️❤️❣️❤️ 
Thank you NIGHTSTAR 🇨🇭 
Love and respect 

Comment from : Moon Light

Skittles31 skittles31
Love it....👍🌟👍🌟👍🌟👍👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️
Comment from : Skittles31 skittles31

leonard Vinci
Toujours excellent DJ NightStar
Comment from : leonard Vinci

You're mix Master🙂well done🙏🙏🙏
Comment from : M.K.M H

sehr geil !!!!!
Comment from : volunatic

Paweł Bochenek
very Good👍
Comment from : Paweł Bochenek

cosmic Michael
Listening to this first thing in the morning. Very nice.!

Comment from : cosmic Michael

Backner official
Ahuebo este progressive me gusta
Comment from : Backner official

Music Evolution
Музыка 🔥 РеспекТ автору! Думаю и у меня вы найдете музыку для своей коллекции с плейлистом и тайм кодами!
Comment from : Music Evolution

How can I give 100 thumbs up for this one video 🙌🙌👍👍💙💙
Comment from : BrainGames

vicky mahi
Comment from : vicky mahi

Nicole Pretzell
👻🎃🍂 wooooow 🎧❤️🎧 👻 a brilliant special edition for halloween 🎃👻🍂 awesome mix 🎧❤️🎧 i love it 🕉️❤️❣️❤️
Thank you NIGHTSTAR 🇨🇭
Love and respect

Comment from : Nicole Pretzell

Роман Абрамович
Comment from : Роман Абрамович

ℒℴve Summer Daimonds
🎧 ✌
Comment from : ℒℴve Summer Daimonds

Salomão da Cruz Coelho
Loucura de som louco
Senti a vibe

Comment from : Salomão da Cruz Coelho

Agnieszka Miler
Good work as usual ....
I love this music ❤❤❤🎶🎧🎶🔥🔥🔥

Comment from : Agnieszka Miler

Diego Valdivia
Muy bella Catarina la que usaste de portada!
Excelente mix amigo. Saludos desde México ✌🏽

Comment from : Diego Valdivia

Darius M51
Like always perfect :)
Comment from : Darius M51

Sonia Sol
💞 👏👏👏 !
Comment from : Sonia Sol

Sándor Kálmán
Comment from : Sándor Kálmán

Alina Kty
Comment from : Alina Kty

Dantes Pupkin
Оуууу еееееее!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : Dantes Pupkin

Smoke Weed

Can cause a bad trip.

Comment from : Smoke Weed

DJMA Dj Mário Afonso
May each new day be a realization in your life. Wonderful work as always. Congratulations! Greetings, DJMA - DJ Mário Afonso
Comment from : DJMA Dj Mário Afonso

thomas harms
Comment from : thomas harms

gizi svarc
Fantastic mix! Thank you :-)
Comment from : gizi svarc

David Ej
Hey Mr DJ, night star, morning star, Anytime shining Star 🌟🤗👻💓
There is no coming back from your journeys... Lost in universe, The lost star i have became 🤤

Comment from : David Ej

Deaconu Cristi
Comment from : Deaconu Cristi

Benny Vidales
Comment from : Benny Vidales

Umit Oncu
Fantastic... thanks for the vibes as I study.
Comment from : Umit Oncu

Владимир Сибиряк
Привет DJ!!! Слушаю сейчас микс. Норм. Спасибо!!!
Comment from : Владимир Сибиряк

ножичков у нас на всех хватит
Ништяк сексом заниматься,так и не кончил
Comment from : ножичков у нас на всех хватит

Martin Staiger
Einfach genial!!
Comment from : Martin Staiger

Aleksas Dovydaitis
Comment from : Aleksas Dovydaitis

Ezekiele 73
My God, you’re a DJ phenomenal, wonderful, unparalleled, prodigious, memorable, amazing DJ....

Comment from : Ezekiele 73

Podrías resubir tus vídeos ya no están todos
Comment from : breniak

Ezekiele 73
Mio Dio, sei un DJ fenomenale, mirabile, ineguagliabile, prodigioso, memorabile, sbalorditivo.... 🙏🌈🍾👍🎵💖🇮🇹🙏🍀🌏💪🔥
Comment from : Ezekiele 73

Thnx so much for another mix Nightstar.
Comment from : MK

Silvana Gavazzi
Nice Nice
Comment from : Silvana Gavazzi

A Gyra
Comment from : A Gyra

Walter Schroeder
Comment from : Walter Schroeder

x Zojda x
Nice halloween mix 🎃 👻👌🙃
Comment from : x Zojda x

pedro kaka
Por qué no me invitaron

Comment from : pedro kaka

Xxxx Castom
спасибо за нормальные треки !
Comment from : Xxxx Castom

Luís Couto
Another awesome sound... Nightstar you rock 👍
Comment from : Luís Couto

pawel patric
Какого Хрена? Меня девка трахает под ЭТОТ ШЕДЕВР!
Comment from : pawel patric

Alexander Müller
Cool,,👏 liki from Germany 🇩🇪
Comment from : Alexander Müller

katarina valentova
| £¤₩€ ¥¤μ
Comment from : katarina valentova

Für deine geile Mucke braucht man keine Drogen, sie ist die Droge ✌️🥰🎉
Comment from : MikaelFeinoehr

Lynda Martin
AWESOME😱📣🔊🔊🔊🔊💃❤Party 💀N🔥🔥🔥👓👀😲
Comment from : Lynda Martin

Ines Kammer
Sehr geil💣💥Wow!!!!!
Comment from : Ines Kammer

Luciano Viegas
Comment from : Luciano Viegas

Luciano Viegas
Comment from : Luciano Viegas

Luciano Viegas
Comment from : Luciano Viegas

Trance Music
great music
Comment from : Trance Music

Shadow the hedgehog
Comment from : Shadow the hedgehog

👍👍👍musica maravilla.🤪

Sehr gut ❤✌🎵
Comment from : lailakzy

Miguel Calzato
Decir que es extraordonario es poco
Comment from : Miguel Calzato

Marek Kocoń
Good work :)
Comment from : Marek Kocoń

Kostan Ney
Comment from : Kostan Ney

hhh the king of kings
Comment from : hhh the king of kings

Belvisi Antonin
j'aime 😉...
Comment from : Belvisi Antonin

Comment from : Pat64

Mpp Didi
MORE ... MORE ... MOOOOOOOREEE !!!! love it
Comment from : Mpp Didi

Leva Zumagaliev
два диза это поклоники Шуры и Моисеева!
Comment from : Leva Zumagaliev

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