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I doubled down on 11
Comment from : nintendonerdsvideos

Daniel Pacheco
Your tip on not breaking up 2 pair unless “Aces”. For the life of me I have always broken up the 2 pair to get the 4 of kind. I will see how I fare later tonight..
Comment from : Daniel Pacheco

#4 what if the hand is 5-7-6-8-10 no real suited connectors ? Do you go for the 4 or the 9 to complete the straight ? I tend to notice it will give the higher straight so If I had to pick one I'd go for the 9 . Whats your thoughts ?
Comment from : MaRiNuS ScHuNcK

Tim Brown
Steve Buscemi?
Comment from : Tim Brown

Ai David
I Follow this and made $1000 last night playing 25cent slot
Comment from : Ai David

Mr English
Why is it called ddb?
Comment from : Mr English

latest plague
I never go for the gutshot in any video poker game unless my machine is playing badly and I want to mix it up a little or occasionally if I'm playing dueces. People can disagree and argue math all day but with that hand I prefer going for a pair of j's or better to atleast recoup the bet or gamble for an even better hand that pays better than the str8.
Comment from : latest plague

Nicholas Houzenga
I have become shy about taking the Full House in Double Double Bonus. I only seem to get 4 of a kind when playing on Jack's or better which gives much less. I also have never gotten that 4th ace when throwing away a full house in Double Double.
Comment from : Nicholas Houzenga

Stacy Infante
is double double bonus better than jacks or better in terms of winning?
Comment from : Stacy Infante

Mark McGunegill
Why would you hold an unsuited inside straight on Double Double Bonus? The straight pays no more on DDB than for Jacks or Better.
Comment from : Mark McGunegill

Sean H
What is the proper play in Double or Triple Bonus if you are dealt a face card and a low pair tens or lower? Alot of time I keep the face card and end up getting another one. And if I keep the low pair I dont win.
Comment from : Sean H

Are you kidding? No. 2 goes w/o saying after no. 1, but no, you wouldn't hold 2 pair unless they were 10's or under.
Comment from : robideu

a gutshot / inside straight...say I'm dealt 2,3,5,6, Q...triple suited...play for the straight or keep only Q
Comment from : MM MM

IN DD I am dealt A J 10 of hearts A club and a 4 do I hold the 2 Aces and the 4? Just the 2 Aces? or the 3 cards for the royal draw?
Comment from : Piggy-218

Hyper Hektor
since you play normal poker too, i wonder if you every had the same idea like i had,
using the same bet size every time is not make you "rich" ;) .
I tried to use a variable monemanagement, to alter the betted coins.
Sure you first have to bet and then you cant change when you see the "flop"
but you can count count the consequential losses, similar to card counting in black jack to bet more when its likely to win.
Just a crude example, wait until you loose 5 hands in a row the raise your coin bet by +1 or x2 (x2 is very agressive)
then do it util you win and then bet normal again with 1 coin.
I have seen loosing streaks of 12 hands in a row with basic strategy in Jacks or Better.
Try this in demo to fine tune/test this method.

Comment from : Hyper Hektor

Steve Burke
I'm thinking if you have aces full of 2's, 3's or 4's, you'd hold one of the small cards? 1/47 of getting 4th ace for 2k payout or is this wrong?
Comment from : Steve Burke

Chihuahua Waves
I hit 4 Aces and kicker out in Vegas last month, Golden Nugget. Paid $2,000. Darn, they gave me a tax slip! Next time I will look for a game that pays $1,200 or under.
Comment from : Chihuahua Waves

Maximus seguidores
Great video and explanation
Comment from : Maximus seguidores

Max Nikitin
i here u v anytime when u have option when u win the hand to double down over an over an all loose ur bet 52 cards u pick higher card ot best advantage in atlanic city u can most machines keep doubling had full house paid 40 i doubled up 320 four times
Comment from : Max Nikitin

Max Nikitin
jacks are better best game like when they let u double down over an over u win in ac they are higher card out of 5
Comment from : Max Nikitin

Phil PJ Davis
Very good! Bout time someone used the term "Garbage". I've been watching a lot of poker videos. Also, I've been playing DDB video poker almost everyday since 1990'. Weather at a casino, PC, pocket game and ever since it became available on our smart phones!
I have played, just to test, every type of combo you can think of. When i get 2 pair, 22, 33, 44 with any pair, i keep the kicker cards and always go for the quads! I treat them as AA. I see a lot of people play them like JJ'S or better on DDB poker, like 3355 going for the boat? Drives me nuts. I've hit more quads just holding the kickers this way over the year's! Good video!

Comment from : Phil PJ Davis

Roy Knight
If you are a poker player you will know what to hold. If you have three aces and two sixes you take the winning hand right then instead of a gamble of getting another ace.
Comment from : Roy Knight

Diane Ogi
Thanks for the video--I thought it was interesting to hold that Ace pair n discard the other pair in order to try for the 4 Aces...as well as when there is a full house w 3 Aces, just keep the Aces..I will try that on my next trip soon! It seems many times the machine will sort of trick u into taking the lesser win--tempting....
Comment from : Diane Ogi

Kiho Jung
Only aces working.
Comment from : Kiho Jung

Andrew Banchak
Today I had 4 Jack's with an ace kicker. I kept the 4 jacks,should I have got rid of the ace or keep it? Was not sure if there was a better way of doing it
Comment from : Andrew Banchak

Ryan Depaulo: Degenerate Gambler
Why is gutshot better than in jacksnor better
Comment from : Ryan Depaulo: Degenerate Gambler

Ryan Depaulo: Degenerate Gambler
Good video thanks
Comment from : Ryan Depaulo: Degenerate Gambler

Nicholas Houzenga
I have had the worst luck with these machines. Even with practice I have never won more than seventy five dollars. I only did that once as well. Best player I ever saw. Just took A's over just about everything else. I saw him hit three to four four ace hands this one day.
Comment from : Nicholas Houzenga

John Bernard
I have got the four aces and an a 2,3or 4 over ten times!
Comment from : John Bernard

4- 2s and a 2 made 800 first draw second draw 4-5s i think for 250 had to go home early xD
Comment from : 089

TJ Malone
Thanks for the helpful video. One question about the full house with aces. What if you are dealt a full house in which you only had 2 aces instead of 3. Would you still hold just the 2 aces or do you need to have 3 aces in order to throw away the full house you were dealt?
Comment from : TJ Malone

Jedi Master
had a question....what specifically is a 4 5s thru kings...thanks
Comment from : Jedi Master

Garrett Periard
so you're saying if you get Ace Queen Jack even if they are unsuited you are going to toss the ace and keep the queen and Jack? this is a great video by the way
Comment from : Garrett Periard

Koji Kabuto
Hi CLubMike.

Question(s) involving two pair (with one of the pairs being 2s, 3s or 4s):

1) 22KK - What is the right play? Do I just keep the KK? or keep the 22 and hope to get 4 of a kind.

2) 2255 - Do I keep the two pairs or keep just the 22 and hope to get 4 of a kind with a higher payout.



Comment from : Koji Kabuto

Ansul Singh
I go for aces and that changed my game. But that one i learn just by playing. I have uploaded few of my winning on my channel.What you think about triple double bonus? They have more payout. I just came to know about that.
Comment from : Ansul Singh

Erika Sandstrom
I usually play jacks or better and I was told that the only time you throw away a winning hand was if you had a high pair plus 3 to a royal. I didn't know there were other exceptions in double double bonus. I would usually never throw away a full house. I guess I was playing all wrong!
Comment from : Erika Sandstrom

Thanks for the informative video. In regard to Ultimate X Double Double Bonus, you not only look at the current hand but the next possible one as well. So a full house would give the next hand 12 times it's value (if you are lucky enough to get a good hand). What adjustments would you make for Ultimate X Double Double Bonus over Jacks or Better or even the info above?
Comment from : kellen43

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