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Angelo Cipriano
Wow hot hot hot nicely done Lady Luck 🍀🍀🍀💰💰💰💰
Comment from : Angelo Cipriano

Francisco Garcia
Hola guapa como estas
Comment from : Francisco Garcia

Jay Lacson
I've never played this game. Always played the old school buffalo. Gonna give this a try. Good video!
Comment from : Jay Lacson

That's one hot machine . . By yous hotter ma no lie😊😍
Comment from : W S

Billy D’s Slot Channel
Tough Session . Best of luck on your next spins 👍🤑
Comment from : Billy D’s Slot Channel

Gary Bever
Im assuming you all live in vegas?
Comment from : Gary Bever

Ima Cooper
As always, I love watching your channel. But on your who's getting lucky, the people are winning are low betting. It seem that every channel I watch the lower rollers are winning the high bid player money. On guy wins 18,000 on a fifty-cent bet and another player wins 100,000 on a twenty dollar bet. Good luck to the both of you.
Comment from : Ima Cooper

Лёха Сенин
WTF why you so beautiful😍💓!!!
Comment from : Лёха Сенин

nick aguirre
I love these machines! Nice video!!!! Good luck on the next!
Comment from : nick aguirre

Todd Sharp
Doubled up👍
Comment from : Todd Sharp

thomas washington
Congratulations Naomi! What a day you had!
Comment from : thomas washington

Nice right in my neck of the woods you guys. Yeah chuckchansi gold and Tachi palace both give away jeeps every year no exaggerating you two and the tickets and or kiosk swipes are free once or twice a day just as long as you are there at the casino, pretty cool huh.
Well LLHQ And Hubby if you guys can spare just a little of that quality luck me and the honey sure can use it when we go to Lake Tahoe Cal on Aug 6,7,8, for the car show called Hot August Nights. We might just win. It's always so cool hearing the wins from here in California from your channel Francine. Thanks sorry so long of a spill.

Comment from : PEOPLE WATCHERS!

Kevin Kern
Another great win by LL.
Comment from : Kevin Kern

Bonsai Yama Review
Great run on one of the hardest games! Fran your face is priceless evert time you get that bonus lol. Great video guys !
Comment from : Bonsai Yama Review

Fahri Keskin
Give me 5 roulette numbers

Comment from : Fahri Keskin

Mandingo Calderwood
WTG Naomi!!
Comment from : Mandingo Calderwood

Jimmy Long
Can u future who’s not getting lucky. 🤣
Comment from : Jimmy Long

michael andrews
Ky Downs racetrack and casino giving away 3 vehicles August 24th a Ford Edge Ford Mustang and a Ford Ranger keeping my fingers crossed as I earn entrys while playing slots lol keep up the great videos enjoy watching
Comment from : michael andrews

Brian Harris
What a night for that girl.. $10K & a car that's like the Price Is Right game show winners...lol
Comment from : Brian Harris

Brian Harris
Congrats on your big wins :-) My sister was playing the regular buffalo last week and on her bonus she got 3 windows all x3 and bunch of Buffalo for $7400.
Comment from : Brian Harris

Cassanova Slots
Congrats to Naomi! And that first spin on Buffalo was insane! Great one guys!!
Comment from : Cassanova Slots

GM Lady Luck
You did it Again
Enjoy n Have Fun👍👍✌

Comment from : LadyBadness

Nice Win 🤗🤑
Comment from : mandito108

10 grand on a 2.50 bet ill take that all day long.$$$$$
Comment from : RICHARD FASANO

Naomi's Slot Channel
Omg thank you 😊 for featuring me in who’s getting lucky 🍀 🥳love your channel and I’m sending all the luck your way 🍀🍀🍀👏👏👏🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑
Comment from : Naomi's Slot Channel

Johnny Del moral
that first line hit was awesome gtz guys.
Comment from : Johnny Del moral

Sylvia Trevino
Awesome win!🙌🙌
Comment from : Sylvia Trevino

Robert Gordon
WOW GREAT SESSION you won that 900$ fast LOL thAnks for sharing have a wonderful day :-) :-) :-)
Comment from : Robert Gordon

Margarita Ortiz
Hello lady luck great session awesome win. my favorite game buffalo good job congrats. 🐃🐃👐
Comment from : Margarita Ortiz

Zo Time
Now that was a nice hit to start out on.
Comment from : Zo Time

Logan Whitten
Awesomeness... She won enough to pay the taxes on the car.. 😄 great video as always
Comment from : Logan Whitten

dr. jones
girl I love that bullet hole dimple in that left cheek lol its perfect on you!
Comment from : dr. jones

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