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Dimas Orduno
Scotty" that's poker baby, love the attitude
Comment from : Dimas Orduno

TnT Collection
Love Daniel😚
Comment from : TnT Collection

dija krasniqi
Solitare TriPeaks Journey Level 860


Comment from : dija krasniqi

David Kunoy
i have no idea of poker works, but i'm somehow still watching this
Comment from : David Kunoy

D. Day
Dam the wife didn't look happy..
Comment from : D. Day

Colista Marsha zhang
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Comment from : Colista Marsha zhang

Angel YT
Shawn’s last words “im all in”
Comment from : Angel YT

Reynir Rúnarsson
Who had the life coach again? Didn´t quite catch that.
Comment from : Reynir Rúnarsson

Laogiie Rahman
Comment from : Laogiie Rahman

token 04
Iya tlpnin polisi yang ini
Comment from : token 04

Thomas Freeman
Cuckold wifes got the A of spades
Comment from : Thomas Freeman

Daniel is Iranian
Comment from : ASSASSINS HELL

Piotr Charczuk
film zrobiony pod rozdanie ? zawsze ktoś ma coś dobrego na wejściu... śmiech,,, kogo interesują cycki na publice, ?
Comment from : Piotr Charczuk

BarZ ZarZ
Josh your too greedy hot chilli peper.... You cannot win to me if thsts your style!
Comment from : BarZ ZarZ

Nick Zhen
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Comment from : Nick Zhen

Muki Viswanathan
Unnecessary loud jesus
Comment from : Muki Viswanathan

rina lia
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Comment from : rina lia

Bono Konendi
Bet you anything that scotty wife broke up after the game
Comment from : Bono Konendi

S Kael
He's only 25; how long could he have been waiting for the title?! Come on.
Comment from : S Kael

Thanh Nguyen
Scotty. Hahaha.
Comment from : Thanh Nguyen

Bruno Avalos Oficial
Make a donation pokerstars account: bruno1990v coin dolar, thanks
Comment from : Bruno Avalos Oficial

Win Slot Academy
Comment from : Win Slot Academy

Layton Vanegas
Why no one told me that their was a live action version of Darby vs jotaro
Comment from : Layton Vanegas

Jump Start
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Comment from : Jump Start

I mean.. nothing against the guy but The Toilet ? I am very open minded but that's just lame no matter how you twist it....
Comment from : Dani

Tom Ham
miskin mendadak
Comment from : Tom Ham

"...there's the toilets girlfriend" hahahah
Comment from : roberto

These lot love playing with their chips, don't they? I thought I was bad.
Comment from : Shinx990

kl. johnny
The poker player with "special" connection with the woman dealer HOLDING the pack of cards IN her hands is in the BEST!!! position to win!
Comment from : kl. johnny

Samuel Champaign
22:47 "She better break out the Tidy Bowl!.....🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : Samuel Champaign

kikukiku k
professional poker? flop all in wit A 7 hahahahahahah...the big one dint played a hand and just went all in with k 8 for desperation....
Comment from : kikukiku k

Rino Ferdian
still amateur, it's better not to play if it's just that much skill
Comment from : Rino Ferdian

oğuzhan uzun
Math is easier than Poker.
Comment from : oğuzhan uzun

phil driver
scotty and negreanu are my favourite players .
Comment from : phil driver

quentin avrain
Faraz is very very bad, my little sister is better !!!
Comment from : quentin avrain

Kim Leng
Iff i wobt im go can ur doit.but tanggung jawab dong.hihi.fuckin share.
Comment from : Kim Leng

Kim Leng
itsfuckin not clear history.naother fuck
Comment from : Kim Leng

poker players are trash, joan rivers was right
Comment from : konstantinmilekic

Muddassir Ghoorun
The toilet got flushed :P
Comment from : Muddassir Ghoorun

tait perch
I thought the first one was a slow-roll
would have been pretty funny acting

Comment from : tait perch

Kip Valentine
Watching the poker vids, training the game all while listening to music that makes me sharp and able to achieve. I like Delta Parole, AFi, etc as music, what you guys listen to focus I am curious?
Comment from : Kip Valentine

do they really show how many kids in which age the players have? why?
Comment from : Henroin42

Norman Anderson
Texas Holdem is a Suckers Bet.............. Should be called The Fake House of Shills.. it's all on the "Come" and take the sucker down.. Stud and Low Ball are a Professional Gamblers Only Choice
Comment from : Norman Anderson

Mike King
Yea..... thats what I want to be when I grow up...... a card player.
Comment from : Mike King

Curt Zeek
All in, all in, all in. This isn;'t poker.
Comment from : Curt Zeek

владимир ткаченко
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Comment from : владимир ткаченко

Вадим Беляев
затащил бы, если бы туда позвали!
Comment from : Вадим Беляев

Tyler Roberts
Thank God "tHe ToIlEt" IS GONE!
Comment from : Tyler Roberts

Sean Dineen
I've never seen so many 'all ins" pre-flop for huge cash. Like.. wat
Comment from : Sean Dineen

william yang
22:46 ^_^
Comment from : william yang

The worst final table I've seen. Absolute trash poker and another Josh's meltdown in heads-up.
Comment from : Barlatan

Richard Broski
Josh is easily one of the least likeable people on this planet.
Comment from : Richard Broski

Yaidel Guedes Beltran
Comment from : Yaidel Guedes Beltran

Corek BleedingHollow
How do they count the chips so fucking fast?
Comment from : Corek BleedingHollow

Corek BleedingHollow
And the look on Faraz's wife's face when he lost a big pot... she was all smiles then that happened... lol
Comment from : Corek BleedingHollow

Corek BleedingHollow
The look on Scotty's wife's face when he got knocked out... LOL
Comment from : Corek BleedingHollow

Corek BleedingHollow
10:35 what? how does the 3 of spade eliminate the Ace of spade from play? That didn't make any sense.
Comment from : Corek BleedingHollow

farnoush arjmandi
Comment from : farnoush arjmandi

Dio Brando
Nice limp with A7 Josh
Comment from : Dio Brando

Si Ocong
2019 ,,,???
Comment from : Si Ocong

ivan sivic
I didn't know Paulie Malignagi played poker before...
Comment from : ivan sivic

Chris Johnston
How is a king on the turn "the dream card" on the K3 vs 910 hand.. lol. Statement shows how little they know.
Comment from : Chris Johnston

Bisa deposit pakai pulsa, banyak permainan dan banyak jekpot,pemain player vs player, buktiin aja sendiri,saran jika ingin menang main dengan sabar dan jangan emosi.

Comment from : LAGU ANAK ANAK

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Comment from : user name

denna fransisca
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Comment from : denna fransisca

Desay A
Sak mene akehe..aku tok sing wong indonesia...
Comment from : Desay A

Comment from : 博彩分析

"The toilet desperately needs a plumber right now" dead
Comment from : Abe

King King
That’s poker baby u know what I mean classic 😂
Comment from : King King

Anime lovers
In my country ( Indonesia) if you have USD 100.000, you're a rich people
Comment from : Anime lovers

Neil Hartley
So many better players out there
Comment from : Neil Hartley

Nice game

e harris
Das poka babee!!
Comment from : e harris

grent trel
20:15 the daffy duck sounding commentator :"how much can he get from THE Toilet this hand?"
Me: eee, shitloads?

Comment from : grent trel

Guitar Flash
no girls on the table no fun right only chinese hip hop man
Comment from : Guitar Flash

Pao Martinez
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Comment from : Pao Martinez

The Trần Quang
7,7 all in wtf
Comment from : The Trần Quang

Beni Hariadi
luar biasa
Comment from : Beni Hariadi

Küfürbaz Haydo
Shawn back down little boy
Comment from : Küfürbaz Haydo

Alex TmQJ
Shit game for ... lucky people ... fuck it
Comment from : Alex TmQJ

It’s a hilarious question, I do play poker with family and friends and on apps but is the pot amount genuinely real amount of money?
Comment from : Vik3102

rifki alamoudi
dealer wpt not good
Comment from : rifki alamoudi

Tota tota
قمار مال حرام الله لايهنيكم فيه
Comment from : Tota tota

Spoiler Alert!!! He got a life coach!!
Comment from : Pureflow7

Anime Liver
Comment from : Anime Liver

fck nice hand daniel lucky
Comment from : 젊은공원

Christian Sibbald
Whatch The Eyes!
Comment from : Christian Sibbald

Steve Thomsen
Damn when Scotty lost, his wife was like "ok, first divorce lawyer on Google search...."
Comment from : Steve Thomsen

Steve Thomsen
The Toilet is literally the cruelest nickname one could ever acquire.
Comment from : Steve Thomsen

Comment from : Hazeus

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Comment from : 박정훈

Rowing Bears
You never wanna hear your wife say, “You’re a little short.”
Comment from : Rowing Bears

Shay Thiele
I wonder if Scotty calls his wife baby 🤔
Comment from : Shay Thiele

Maxım Marketıng
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Comment from : Maxım Marketıng

John Ozols
Comment from : John Ozols

John Ozols
Too much ra ra and yacking
Comment from : John Ozols

Cassius Clay
Folds Ak then goes allin after flop with 7s?
Comment from : Cassius Clay

Doggiedudes Charlie
Comment from : Doggiedudes Charlie

Arya Munandar
shawn is stupid as fuck
Comment from : Arya Munandar

I would smash all their wives.
Comment from : Kasper

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