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Wrath Gaming
He 100% stopped videotape and lost 64.000 lol
Comment from : Wrath Gaming

King tutankhamun
Mate you have some serious balls!!
Comment from : King tutankhamun

Dean Husband
Shes pissed your winning
Comment from : Dean Husband

how come the max bet 10k and he bet with 22k somone explain
Comment from : AYMAN T-N

Aziz Alsharafany
Comment from : Aziz Alsharafany

silent tiger
I been watching your vedios for years and wondering if they are real or not but this one proved it to me. How is it that you are betting $22000 per a spin and the table max is $1000?
Comment from : silent tiger

Zaza Dayı
You know whats strange? You win for example 18000 or 36000 but other players win amounts of 123.67 or 28.56? How is that possible with those cents? In my opinion this is fake!!!! No way those guys can win in cents!
Comment from : Zaza Dayı

22000 like butter on hot pane🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃
Comment from : Gamblerjoker

Metal Avalanche
You bet 20k On single spin and I sometimes can’t buy a pack of cigarettes for myself 🤦🏻‍♂️
Comment from : Metal Avalanche

Ali Zaker
Is that real money
Comment from : Ali Zaker

Now gambling off a 1k budget a stream. Proof anyone who does this goes broke
Comment from : 06kiely

Aftab Khan
22k spin OMG lol. you have really got balls of steel mate. keep smashing up the casinos like that. congrats mate.
Comment from : Aftab Khan

Yiu Chung
Sicko Rolla.... Legend Bro...
Comment from : Yiu Chung

Daniel Russell
After you hit that £72K and you ended up with £86K you should have just stayed with that and got out.
Comment from : Daniel Russell

KinG 4EveR
This is maybe one of the biggest win i saw
Comment from : KinG 4EveR

Will Petrie
Fuk ing hell 22k bet repeat
Comment from : Will Petrie

GiveAway Empire
Damn that is a great win
Comment from : GiveAway Empire

Altin Altin
Not real money ppl relax
Comment from : Altin Altin

AutoMan Dan
Why no show the cash out?
Comment from : AutoMan Dan

stickman be cool
You win 72000 and lose 72000 next day nice
Comment from : stickman be cool

Stream vlog video maker Nguyen
I noticed you always play same Numbers 8,11 or zero section once you had orphelians not too Many times but love to see you hit on 2 , 4 8,10 and 35 damn but i did lost 50 K damn i want to hit it so hard do you have Instagram please ADD me 22hrsdaynite
Comment from : Stream vlog video maker Nguyen

Hell Bro
Wins 4.5k

“Are you fucking kidding me!??!??”

Comment from : Hell Bro

still mega down tho
Comment from : MrGough22

Ngân Hoàng uk
nice ilove11
Comment from : Ngân Hoàng uk

That last spin...
Comment from : J.E.N

What a massive win!!!
Comment from : Onetime

BARTO 2.111
good session
Comment from : BARTO 2.111

Patrick RESCH
Omg for 22000 i must 2yeas work and you loose in one spin sry for my english im from austria
Comment from : Patrick RESCH

lol lol
Fuk arnaques
Comment from : lol lol

How do u know this gambling site is not rig?
Comment from : 2phalanges

Brent Holbrook
Is it me? but at the 3:50 you can see the wheel jolt.... WTF?
Comment from : Brent Holbrook

U got a problem m8 ITS not going to END well
Comment from : kimthecallofduty

Marin Marius
that size bet is a third of the value of my apartment...it is unreal to give away money like that...if those are your money, you should think twice before betting so big
Comment from : Marin Marius

yee boy
is that chick real
Comment from : yee boy

George Kirkman
I’ve seen you win £250k twice a few years ago , didn’t think this was your biggest win ?
Comment from : George Kirkman

Simon Jupp
Great win. Hope you stream tonight...
Comment from : Simon Jupp

Jay_B explorations
Shame he lost 70k in another video
Comment from : Jay_B explorations

dick mclongthorpe
I'm afraid that this guy will end up homeless one day, the gambling bug has bit him bad, all the big wins he has and he still openly admits he is massively down overall (which is commendable) as alot of gamblers wouldn't admit it, stay safe rolla, and be careful my friend
Comment from : dick mclongthorpe

You know rocknrolla's i have really a question from you please response if is possible i would love to ask you that how much do you win in a day you would stop playing that day right away ? only that day !! you hit 86k why would you even repeat the bet ?? are you rich that much? i watch your video for while i'm your fan
Comment from : Ash

Jezz Chapman
Who in there right mind bets 22k in one spin when they've only deposited 5k 😶 crazy
Comment from : Jezz Chapman

Stream vlog video maker Nguyen
Omg your the only one in the world that to display huge stakes like that and to be honest I’m exactly like you I won’t stop till I see my numbers hit and I love the phrase get the fudge in there
Comment from : Stream vlog video maker Nguyen

Fabio Dellino
Ehi man ...1:00.. the number before 30 were 27 and 3 that at my home makes 30. It was so clear
Comment from : Fabio Dellino

casino royale
The biggest win I had was a 100 k and after that I played it AL alway in one day that was on my mind for a couple of months
Comment from : casino royale

Josh Walton
Send £1K my way I’m poor as fuck haha jeez
Comment from : Josh Walton

Valentino A
Just another greedy addict. Truth hurts.
Comment from : Valentino A

Muhammet Kartal
yedik , ananı yiyim senin
Comment from : Muhammet Kartal

Crab Burger
When I read all these f**king sheep commenting on how you must have a sickness to gamble in this way or massive bollocks it makes me laugh they just haven't got a clue have they Paul they have no f**king idea what you're doing, they're completely under your spell...f**king funny sh*t really is mate...
Comment from : Crab Burger

David K
22k that's a yearly pay for most in USA , that's life changing money for me. Do u teach any systems? Or just go by luck.
Comment from : David K

Martin Hansen
so? i just win $125.. but will later surely lose $125.. same to u.. u wil lose more than u think.. so be careful.. roulette are fucking asshole when u lose
Comment from : Martin Hansen

jonny kitchen
sweating just watching the spins
Comment from : jonny kitchen

Peter Edwards
get in there lad fantastic hit
Comment from : Peter Edwards

Makaveli The Don
Hes betting 18k because its not his money idiots. This is how the devil works.
Comment from : Makaveli The Don

its fun to see how a rich man gambles.
Comment from : N O

looks fake
Comment from : Rohullah

Кирилл Апро
Comment from : Кирилл Апро

David Knight
What is your casino called that you play on Paul
Comment from : David Knight

Really you're out.. 72K is big for you but 13K ? Is peanuts...
Comment from : Flav

bastiano mazzune
fake video! I play 36 numbers for 2 times I leave only one number before the 27 toc 27! after I leave 1 .. toc 1! and I play no more than 2 EURO in number! roulette I realized that they are all rigged and I will never play except at most 20 euro men!
Comment from : bastiano mazzune

silver haze
Crazy lucky gambler.
Comment from : silver haze

Andrew Ellis
Roulette is a lot of fun when you're sitting with $100-200. I can't imagine getting to the point where I sit down with this much and have to put it all-in on every roll. This can't be fun any longer..
Comment from : Andrew Ellis

Undisputed Blackjack
You sick fucking Goon!!! ( in an exciting & good way). Congratulations Mate!!!! Parkour!!!! 😱🤗👏✌️😀
Comment from : Undisputed Blackjack

Depson Bhattarai
I like your emotional control and with the real man I salute ❤️❤️🙏
Comment from : Depson Bhattarai

Sly Gamblee PokerStarsI Ita
Comment from : Sly Gamblee PokerStarsI Ita

72k hit and walked with 64k... Paul I get it but come on man! Like what the actual fudge 🤯
Comment from : ManniMusic

It’s crazy gambling, even winning.
Comment from : J.E.N

Benno DelRicoh Meric
Rocknrolla, in your opinion, who is (except you) the best roulette player of all time and why? Thanks
Comment from : Benno DelRicoh Meric

Can anybody tell me what website to play this myself?
Comment from : rileybacon47

Stewie Griffin
close, close, close, close, close, alt-f4, close close
Comment from : Stewie Griffin

Audrius J
You are sick sick muderfucker, that was intense - 22k spins, congrats!
Comment from : Audrius J

Good job mate and well done walking away when u did 👍
Comment from : Scoutlander

Tudor Mihai
And why thafaq would you throw away 22k..after that hit just go
Comment from : Tudor Mihai

Tudor Mihai
If its maximum 10k how you bet more than that?or its 10k on a single number?
Comment from : Tudor Mihai

Crypto Miljonair
Its a max bet of 10.000 on this table, how the FCK can you bet 18,500 a round🧐
Comment from : Crypto Miljonair

Tenile Youens
balls of fuckin steal paul. congrats on ur win. big bets equal big returns
Comment from : Tenile Youens

Stewie Griffin
lol. If you bet 22.000, then 72.000 isn't such a big win.
Comment from : Stewie Griffin

Stop mythomane Ju poker
Comme tout les autre.. Il a continué.. Puis perdu.
Comment from : Stop mythomane Ju poker

james Parr
Major this man,,, they 22k repeat wtf,, this is some gambling ffs 🤦‍♂️
Comment from : james Parr

tom derby
22 grand on a roulette wheel. U need help
Comment from : tom derby

2:53 holy shit ... i got soooooooo scared haha damn volume on high....
Comment from : DjMiBsweden

Your absoloutly insane. How do you sleep at night?
Comment from : serialchiler

Jurij Larin
Why is showing in topo left corner that what u can bet is from 1-10,000£ but ur bet 22,000£ how is that possible or u just work for them?
Comment from : Jurij Larin

manu pareja
You have a big problem men
Comment from : manu pareja

Mike C
probably been asked before but how on £1 min roulette do so many of the winners on the list win x amount in pounds and then a x amount in pence? £23.32 £36.41 etc?
Comment from : Mike C

Big congrats Paul! that's just fucking insane :) i enjoy watching but i can't gamble even tho i would've won that amount i wouldn't be able to stop thinking about those last 22k you lost
Comment from : YT ACC

isnt it funny when thare stays in the top left corner $1---$10k and this man can bet like 20k
Comment from : NL RS

What are your balls made of , titanium ? Well done pal ! GTFI
Comment from : muyhecho

Onder Geyik
72 bin euro hemide vay aq 500 bin tl yapiyo neredeyse
Comment from : Onder Geyik

Jack Night
I mean i hope you will stop
Comment from : Jack Night

Jack Night
The problem is that nobody said you should stop gambling
Because everybody would like win like this but they never risk highrolling . And they don t know the real hard life of a real gambler .
They only see the results .
So paul i hope god bless you and if one day you hit really big i hope you will start 😉

Comment from : Jack Night

Jason Laws
Comment from : Jason Laws

Mate your fuckin brilliant. You’ve got the biggest pair of balls I tell you that! You’re the man!
Comment from : Noname

Forest The Deep
qu"elle est ta strategie de jeux ?
Comment from : Forest The Deep

mike battalion
balls a steel mate
Comment from : mike battalion

Dan R
This is so fake the companies know who he is and use him as advertising
Comment from : Dan R

snert met rookworst rookworst
Most people.dont even make 22k pound a year. You Just spin it away because "you have to repeat it" fkn sick. 86k pound. That's years of happy life. Just insane.
Comment from : snert met rookworst rookworst

Lol fake
Comment from : JerJerBynx

Connor McCloud
Don't think u should do this ever again
Comment from : Connor McCloud

Get in there my son
Comment from : Peaceganjareggae

1KinG TV
Im not gona congrat u becouse that stupid repeat of 22 jizzz
Comment from : 1KinG TV

hang onto you balls , omg get the **'# in , congrats on getting the cash out  , still think your going to hit 500k/1mill on roulette at some point
Comment from : rubbyslippers

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