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How did we ever make it through the stone age? Lol
Comment from : Git'Nth'TRUCK!!

Andy M
Ok so my draw length is 26" with a 60 lbs pull..... I am using sp340/ 6.2mm shaft.. using a bear pledge.... and yes I am new to compound bow....any advice. Getting ready for next year's hunting season would like to get this all square away. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
Comment from : Andy M

connie turner
Thànk u, a lot for your videos I have learn a lot from them thank u god bless
Comment from : connie turner

Daniel Balter
Very informative and helpful. Thank you!
Comment from : Daniel Balter

connie turner
But I have some 300 spine order to to see how they shoot with a 29inch draw 70lbs
Comment from : connie turner

connie turner
Will I thank that I am going hunting with them but I am going shoot them first I no that the 400 spine pretty good going to try 340 spine they problem shoot better with 150 grain swhackers
Comment from : connie turner

connie turner
Where to go on to see arrow chart
Comment from : connie turner

connie turner
What do you go on
Comment from : connie turner

connie turner
Will a 340spine work with 150 grain swhackers
Comment from : connie turner

chris stokley
thx- confused hell out me! now I need to get help- picking out arrow.. lol... good news for me though. cause im more options .. with being im short 5,7 inch tall/shorter draw- stronger spined arrows.. I don't want it even close to blow -up.. so I use stronger arrows and thicker + heavier.. will be practice 55 lbs+ hunt 65 lbs... close range :>) … I like the solid hunt tip you used !
Comment from : chris stokley

putrid human
Awesome, thank you
Comment from : putrid human

Slayer's adventures
Very informative great job man thanks 🤘🤘👍
Comment from : Slayer's adventures

Александр Жевлаков
Thanks for the answer! I understand you ! If possible add subtitles in the near future!
Comment from : Александр Жевлаков

Александр Жевлаков
I'm from Russia! Put subtitles for your video! Thank you!
Comment from : Александр Жевлаков

James Volo
Wow! 60 years instinctive shooting w/o all the tech. How did I do it? Just kidding. Great info.
Comment from : James Volo

Very interesting and very smart advice 👍👍👍👍👍
Comment from : rolyebe1066

john anderson
I just started getting back into archery and felt I needed a refresher in all this and I must say...That was the best vid I've seen explaining arrow selection...Ever. Wish you would have been there when I was changing from shooting my 45# Bear recurve to my 1st compound, a Martin Fury 70@ 29", back in 1999. Now THAT was crazy ….like the difference between throwing a rock and firing a howitzer....Thanks again Sean and keep up the great work, God bless.
Comment from : john anderson

David Woodward
I can't begin to tell you how useful this video is, and how easy to understand you made it all. Thank you, and keep up the good work for us newbies.
Comment from : David Woodward

Big O Kayak Fishing Adventures
Very good job explaining. Thank you.
Comment from : Big O Kayak Fishing Adventures

Zgard Takal
Very very helpful video, thank you very much!

Do you have a video on which arrows (spine recommendation for carbon arrows) to use for 70lbs long bow.

I found that wooden arrows have a lot of flex in it, even when they are recommended for my bow (70lbs). I understand that the arrow needs to flex around the bow, but the arrow doesn't stabilise during the flight in time.

Any thoughts ?

Many thanks in advance.

Comment from : Zgard Takal

John O'Brien
Thank you Sean. Very informative.
Comment from : John O'Brien

David Wederstrandt Sr
The true "Must See TV". I am a new fan, subscribed and liked.
Comment from : David Wederstrandt Sr

The San Diego Werewolf
Thank you Sean.
Comment from : The San Diego Werewolf

Casey Cambre
I want to thank you for your videos, always great and always informative. Keep up the good work. Your videos are always appreciated
Comment from : Casey Cambre

This video was a game changer for me. Thank you for taking the time to explain all of this for the average bowhunter to understand.
Comment from : Jglass2088

Vince Dunn
Just saw this. Just got a new subscriber. I'm old, and just learned about how to pick the right arrow for my bow. Other than how long I need it. (Which is all I knew).
Comment from : Vince Dunn

Sean Clark
Thank you Sean.


Comment from : Sean Clark

Tracey Matula
Sean, can new style cams be put on a old 90’s wheel type compound bow?
Comment from : Tracey Matula

Chris 09
Easton injexion27 inches with 20 grain insert and firenock outserts so 142 grains up front 400 spine arrows and 58 lb. Mathews bow shoots better than i ever could
Comment from : Chris 09

About the expandable broadheads...i follow 10gpi or higher and recovery dramatically increases.
Comment from : CutbankOutdoors

Zbych Zbychowski
Ok ok so what spine for 70# xpedite? Easton recomend plus 5# for low bh and 5 for 350fps so 70# xpedite is like 80# normal bow ? Do for 3d and target about 400gr? 5gpp
Comment from : Zbych Zbychowski

Luvin Itall
cracking explanation. My simple head is going to need to watch some parts of this a few times over but I love how you break this 'dark art' down into a formula. Really appreciate people like you doing that - giving up your time and knowledge to help others :) Subscribed :)
Comment from : Luvin Itall

Very informative video
Comment from : J M

Anthony Tindell
I shoot a long bow and ive ben a subscriber to your channel for over a year now cuz you seem ta really no your bow huntin and tunin inside and out and I still set up and tune conpounds for my son and who ever needs it thanx
Comment from : Anthony Tindell

Man the examples and word choice you use is so easy to follow yet insanely informative, great job!
Comment from : STEN

Dobie Dad
Great video, covered a lot, and cleared up all my questions on arrow selection. Thank You! 🎯
Comment from : Dobie Dad

connie turner
My arrow is 29 inch draw is 29 and at 70lb so will 400spine arrow and 100grain be alright
Comment from : connie turner

connie turner
Will 400 spine and 100grain be all right
Comment from : connie turner

Back to life
great presentation, demystified the number system regarding spine use
Comment from : Back to life

good info thank you
Comment from : johnny6148

great video and explanation
Comment from : scooter

connie turner
I have 70lb bow and I have shooting 400 grain arrows with 150grain broad heads is that to heavy for my bow
Comment from : connie turner

I feel like I just got taken from a beginner to an intermediate in one video. That was amazing. God bless!!
Comment from : gingerninja430

rowdy J
Curious, what is the life span of a carbon arrow? Of course alot depends on care. But I am curious as too when they should be replaced?
Comment from : rowdy J

Rebecca W
Man Its very complicated, this will be my first bowhunt coming up this deer season. I have bought 2 bows and a ton of arrows. 400s 340s and easton fmj 5mm. I'm pulling at around 60# at a 27 1/2 Draw . I have a mechanical 100 grain BH and 3 blade fixed 100 grain. I don't know what I should go with
Comment from : Rebecca W

Creepies Chan
Many thanks 🙏
Comment from : Creepies Chan

Bill Dickson
Sean, try some Victory arrows, the Victory VAP TKO Sports Shafts are fantastic. .The 350's are 8.8GPI shaft ID 0.166 shaft OD 0.237.
Shaft straightness comes in 0.001, 0.003 or 0.006 The penetration is amazing.

 Cheers from Bill

Comment from : Bill Dickson

holy roller
Comment from : holy roller

Christopher Richardson
Hey dude much love from the UK, gonna make my first compound strings this week and all the good information i've got is from your channel so thanks buddy you've been well helpfull keep it dude. Happy hunting :)
Comment from : Christopher Richardson

isaiah williams
thanks you broke it down wonderfully
Comment from : isaiah williams

spyder 860
6:16.... this is why size matters
Comment from : spyder 860

I didn't know Nathan Fillion was an archer 😂
Comment from : gizmonomono

andrei dreve
Hi, recently I’ve bought a Defiant 34”, but I have a problem with it. No matter how I adjust the arrow rest, up or down, I can’t eliminate the up tear. It begins to come out only when the arrow loses its 90 degree angle to the rope very visibly, and even in this situation it is not completely. it can not be fletching contact with the arrow rest because it's the same situation with the barrel shaft.
I am using easton FMJ 300 spine at 32” , 12 GPI with 125 grains target points, at 70 pounds ( 325 IBO). please give me a sugestion, there’s 1 terrible inch tear on the paper and i don’t know what to do.

Comment from : andrei dreve

james fry
Comment from : james fry

Bryan Zellinsky
Bryan Zellinsky North Vancouver Enjoyed your discussion on the Physics of the arrow and it’s intentional flight. I had my head rapped around building recurve take down bows and now the arrow. Your discussion on the forces and the result was the best descriptions on the subject. Thanks I am a subbed viewer
Comment from : Bryan Zellinsky

Josh McCarty 804
I’m sitting checking my bow right now after doing few shots
Comment from : Josh McCarty 804

Josh McCarty 804
Great video dude I shoot est arrows and you so right with everything you say
Comment from : Josh McCarty 804

killcam 321
You solved my problem thank you sir.
Comment from : killcam 321

Lucky Ducky Driving School
Thank you for the in-depth overview. P.S. Why are most arrows (target or hunting) usually colored black or other dark colors? Wouldn't having a brighter colored arrow aid in tracing the arrow path to hone in your shots, and finding it afterward if you miss? I guess for hunting it makes sense to have an arrow that is less reflective and noticeable, but I feel like an arrow is already so thin that most game would not notice it's presence compared to a human or a bow even if it's a bright color.
Comment from : Lucky Ducky Driving School

Could you tell me what scale you are using?
Comment from : Loyalty03

Awesome videos man! You have been helping me a lot lately trying to figure all this out..there us a lot more to all of this than one would think when starting out. Little overwhelming honestly. Thanks for your help
Comment from : Loyalty03

Jamey Henderson
Excellent video. Well researched and great delivery. Have subscribed and will watch other videos.
Comment from : Jamey Henderson

Tom Forward
Thanks. Big help as a newbie. I thought fly fishing was complicated!
Comment from : Tom Forward

Sean: The cams of the Mathews Triax are medium cams?
Comment from : curalaba

lukes 2777
Very good videooo! So clear thankss!
Comment from : lukes 2777

Hoytshooter 1990
Quick question what length do you like to cut your arrows I usually leave about a inch off the riser I watched a John dudley videohe likes to cut them to the center of the burger button
Comment from : Hoytshooter 1990

Jake P
Why not just use extra stiff on all arrows?
Comment from : Jake P

Wilbert Evans
Thanks for the video I’ve been trying to figure this out for months. And I love that you explained it simply. Most guys use a bunch of jargon without explanation to blow up their egos.
Comment from : Wilbert Evans

Hi Sean, great video! I just got into archery and have picked up a Southwest Spyder XL recurve in 40#, and I also got 50# limbs to work up to once I develop good form. I do plan on hunting deer with this bow once I become proficient. Are there any special considerations I should be thinking about when selecting arrows for my recurve? I know to get feather fletching, and I am erring on the side of carbon because it's durable and there's no straightening needed (why I probably won't go for wood). Just curious if you have any insight about arrow selection? Also, aside from field tips, I have looked at the g5 montec, but was wondering if you could recommend any other fixed blade broadheads? Thanks!!!
Comment from : aaronsabin

George Veltchev
trying to understand something here . The lighter arrow will have less mass but will rich the target with faster speed so the kinetic energy compared to the heavier poundage slower arrows should be equal in theory ... why in practice this is not the case I wonder ? Thanks for the great video Sean !
Comment from : George Veltchev

Craig West
love your videos! thank you for sharing this knowledge!!
Comment from : Craig West

Not spending 30minutes when I just get given 3 random arrows sorry
Comment from : CHRIZ CANADA

Mr. White
Im new to archery but read some but not all i need to know.

Wow with it all said and done my arrows are 488 grains too much for what i want (target shooting now that i just seen this video) they are carbon mayhem ds 350 (Spine at .350)...

For my bow its a diamond edge sb-1 and i haven't completely set it up but i want to test the poundage at 55-65 range and my draw length is 27-28, Im thinking i should go down to 250 on there arrow shaft.

Field tips are Dead meat practice heads at 125 grain. probably should go down to 100 grain on those too. Owell i have practice hunting arrows i guess...

Comment from : Mr. White

Lael Hall
All the details in one video, Thanks. This makes the info easily to absorb and make sense.
Comment from : Lael Hall

Jim P
hay guys if you are using a 100gr broad head what arrow shaft would you use
Comment from : Jim P

Bryan Calhoun
EXCELLENT! Great class... Thanks.
Comment from : Bryan Calhoun

So, I want a bowling ball filled with grain, made by the easton bunny? Man this bow stuff is complicated.
Comment from : Just1Spark

Shane• shady palmz •Palmer
i ordered a set of feild tip carbon 30 inch arrows but 27 1/2 is my draw length is tht too much a difference? is is ok if they stick out 2 or so inches past my shelf???? or do i need to try cut them when i recieve them??? PLEASE HELP!!!!????
Comment from : Shane• shady palmz •Palmer

Jim P
I hove a diamond edge sb1 compound bow can i use tiger 500 arrows at 45 lb draw weagth
Comment from : Jim P

Mark Miller
For hunting deer elk moose & bear which arrow & broadhead
Comment from : Mark Miller

Mark Miller
On a #35 recurve with a 62" draw length which arrow
Comment from : Mark Miller

Finally there is someone to give very in-depth advice that doesn't come off as an obnoxious ass. Thank you for the information and a regular guy demeaner.
Comment from : drummer0864

Ridge Outdoors
Hey Sean great channel! I just got back into archery myself. I will be shooting a Hoyt Carbon Spyder at 67# with a 28” draw length. What spine arrow would you recommend? What grain insert would you recommend? I will be shooting 100 grain broadheads. Any input what would great, thank you!
Comment from : Ridge Outdoors

Thank you 😁
Comment from : VahiDKI

Good job Sean. Thanks for demystifying the whole arrow thing; and keeping it on point without wasted words.
Comment from : TomBrooklyn

Travis Bracha
Great Video! Im thinking of purchasing a scale to know exactly what im shootin'. I just bought a brand new bowtech reign 6 which was a holdover and got a great deal on it! My purchase was based on your review so thanks!! is there any reason why I couldnt weight the entire arrow, rather than everythin seperate? Any Suggestions on the scale to buy and bow weight scale to determine the draw weight? Thanks
Comment from : Travis Bracha

Mark Mendell
really well done.  the focus on the basics is what I need most .
Comment from : Mark Mendell

Jose Herrera
I just started on target archery, my bow is ·28 70 inches, Beginner bow. My draw is 30 inches. What kind of arrow would you recommend??
Comment from : Jose Herrera

andrew campbell
Just getting away from the trigger and into the string and your videos have made the transition much easier. Thanks for all of your help, one of the best channels for information.
Comment from : andrew campbell

I just purchased my first ever bow it’s a Hoyt Intruder. What size arrow and grain broad head would you prefer. It’s a 60 lb draw weight and a 28 draw length? Please help!
Comment from : J-Hooks

Thomas White
Good job im out of shape, rusty and you answered my question
Comment from : Thomas White

I loved the wooden recurve behind your left shoulder. Can you please tell me about that?
Comment from : Hakan AYDIN

Kyle Snavely
This is a great review I return to every year.
Comment from : Kyle Snavely

Tad Roccaro
You did an excellent job on this video. Even though it opened the door of more decisions to make I feel comfortable making them now.
Comment from : Tad Roccaro

Andy Kennedy
Awesome channel and content Sean. Thanks for taking the time to help so many of us out.
Comment from : Andy Kennedy

Boris Slaminka
God bless you ! I've just got home with my first Compound bow and your information are gold for me !
Comment from : Boris Slaminka

Richard Ganz
great video
Comment from : Richard Ganz

19 Neufeld
So i can use a stiffer arrow while still shooting lower poundage
Comment from : 19 Neufeld

max m
I baught 350 grain arrows 29" draw i cant use 45-50lbs bow? I know 60-70 is compadible but is it possible to use 45-55 lbs compact takedown bow?
Comment from : max m

red w0lf
Great explanation
Comment from : red w0lf

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