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Rudy K
Also annoying is that the commentators use other than players’ screen names. Even though they explain the used names...it means the viewers need to remember them. For viewers who missed the names explanation it remains annoying.
Comment from : Rudy K

Rudy K
Commentary too often really annoying. Too often talking abt anything but the hand during a hand. It’s ok to talk abt other stuff between hands, but during hands it is so annoying... #unnecessary noise.
Comment from : Rudy K

Christopher Xiao
lets go PHIL 37 suited scared money dont make money
Comment from : Christopher Xiao

Derek Dishart
Commentator doesn't know what 5 cards play on the paired board. Yet wants to talk about GTO and shit. Funny.
Comment from : Derek Dishart

Neil Hartley
I remember when you had to be smartly dressed to go into a casino
Comment from : Neil Hartley

Paul Hare
sack thee dealer
Comment from : Paul Hare

Nicholas Costa
So happy that fkng nit Cohen didn’t win. I Hate nits like him.
Comment from : Nicholas Costa

Trishen Naidoo
Don't want to win too much money fro. These guys they migth sue you
Comment from : Trishen Naidoo

Gareth Walsh
HAHAHAHAH why would I waste an hour watching these unknown fishes? CYA #unsub
Comment from : Gareth Walsh

Віталь Казьляк
Love this fishy table
Comment from : Віталь Казьляк

Euan Rayner
What's this run good from Datashvili all about. Worst thing is, he's fucking shit! It's tilting to watch him.
Comment from : Euan Rayner

6:30 they just coapeting!!!
Comment from : karso111

Michael Edwards
i am 2x better than the best player at this table Neri
Comment from : Michael Edwards

Michael Edwards
these guys are horrible, how the hell did they make it this far
Comment from : Michael Edwards

Vitalya RYTP
wow so many quads :D
Comment from : Vitalya RYTP

Ive seen and heard bad commentators over the years, especially during the poker boom years ago, but these 2 douche nozzles and the hole with them are about the shittiest ever. The hole contributed less than nothing as they usually do. Anf the other 2 guys are typical over estimators of their own skills because they know all the fancy poker lexicon
Comment from : BK MONEYSTACKS

This idiot commentator said he would raise the river with the 2nd nut flush on a 4 flush and paired board. ????? Lol where do you find these dummies?
Comment from : BK MONEYSTACKS

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