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The Grand Sound
We want to thank everyone for the continuous support and most importantly for spreading the word about Progressive House music. 💗
Comment from : The Grand Sound

Quang Luong
Mot ban best progressive house hay,sau lang.
Comment from : Quang Luong

Michael Stowell
Comment from : Michael Stowell

Jakub Celý
Very beautiful.
Comment from : Jakub Celý

This whole entire mix was fire from beginning to end
Comment from : EDISON GARCIA

Tristan Armes
great mix as ever, thanks for all the support and plays :), much love as always!
Comment from : Tristan Armes

Ahegao Tap
Feel bad for the lady she is just there resting her hand under her chin does it hurt???
how will it imprint her chin!

Comment from : Ahegao Tap

These mixes are just what i need for my long regular commute to work.. i cant get enough of this. your channel has made me fall in love with this type of music.....Keep up the fantastic work. :)
Comment from : Kyver78

I swear to fcking god why did people in EDM collectively decide that both this, and the more festival style is BOTH progressive house. not festive prog house or so, just both have the same name. jesus
Comment from : Anym

Luis Sanchez
Comment from : Luis Sanchez

Максим Чуприн
Очень сочно и драйвово ! СПАСИБО
Comment from : Максим Чуприн

Hidden Temple
This is not House music, this is Progressive House !!
Comment from : Hidden Temple

Андрей Иванов
Новосибирск. Улица Грибоедова на волне!
Comment from : Андрей Иванов

Spocky Official
Yo bro, this is Progressive Trance, not Progressive House.
Comment from : Spocky Official

Iván Pucheta
La música es espectacular!! Muy estimulante!!
Comment from : Iván Pucheta

Jhon Duran
Excelente música! saludos desde Colombia :D
Comment from : Jhon Duran

Андрей Иванов
Привет всем из Новосибирска.
Comment from : Андрей Иванов

True Review
The answer to that question in My opinion is Not , I've been driving an M3 RWD in Michigan for the last 4 years and it's my only car I own , I change My tires in winter and just take it easy on snow and it just goes fine ! It's all about experience .
Comment from : True Review

Николай Гаврись
Вот это музон.........!!! Мне понравилось.....!!! СУПЕР..........!!!
Comment from : Николай Гаврись

Arindam Deshmukh
Supper surrounded expressed over the head... 😰😰😌
Comment from : Arindam Deshmukh

Ambri Septiyadi
Level dewa bro kelas 😎🥰
Comment from : Ambri Septiyadi

Gracias por las Hermosas melodias las uso para mis viajes y mis previas me encanta.
Comment from : VDJ ESPANTAMIX Concordia

Just a friendly troll
absolutely blissful! listened to every single track. Thanks for another night of magic&euphoria, from your #1 fan/
Comment from : Just a friendly troll

Mekao - Nip (Tristan Armes Remix): triple melodies intertwining @ 16:04 🤩 <GooseBumps>
Comment from : ericgelders

K Crouch
this is my new benchmark for progressive house mixes
Comment from : K Crouch

Thomas Perez
1:14. 💯😮
Comment from : Thomas Perez

Didi Dido
OMG...I love it !!!!!!
Comment from : Didi Dido

Baited by the thumbnail pic. lol
Comment from : Lilbizkit

Designer ProPHECY
Mind = Blown. Richard Bass and others
Comment from : Designer ProPHECY

yudi ariawan
Love this music!
Comment from : yudi ariawan

The heroic watering can
49 People couldn't get back into their house.
Comment from : The heroic watering can

wayne conover
6:16 a happy melody
Comment from : wayne conover

People have the ability to make themselves feel worse or better. This music is IMHO a powerful tool for the latter, I can feel genuine excitation when listening🎆 . Said it before, but I truly believe this music can make the world a better place.
Comment from : ericgelders

Amir Poorkhodabakhsh
Polyed. With you..... o0o0o god. 🙌🙌🙌🙌
Comment from : Amir Poorkhodabakhsh

Charley White
Awesome mix! I was so drawn into it that I was surprised when I saw it was almost over.
Comment from : Charley White

Ernesto Martell
Me encanta,Buena musica
Comment from : Ernesto Martell

Jose Sergio
Comment from : Jose Sergio

Amir Poorkhodabakhsh
One day all people will listen to progressive house !!!!. One day
Comment from : Amir Poorkhodabakhsh

Haju Naju
amazing feel the way it starts! Fel like in some galactic. Thanks
Comment from : Haju Naju

Comment from : willyserf

Houce Music
Can't believe I made it with my colab with Kamron Cabo Frio. Cheers for supporting our track
Comment from : Houce Music

Richard Bass
Thanks for the support mate!!! <3
Comment from : Richard Bass

The Grand Sound always is amazing 👍❤
Comment from : MusicHD

Growing Up...amazing track.
Comment from : Navigata

Again... so glad to be featured here! Thank you TGS <3
Comment from : Cosmaks

Idontgive Ashit
When a song immediatly stops you from thinking about whatever went through your mind and drags away all your focus in a second, you know it's great. That's how Vastness feels.
Comment from : Idontgive Ashit

Серега 73
Обожаю этот канал))))))))
Comment from : Серега 73

This is one of your best mixes in a long time! Great job, love this channel!
Comment from : BernardTheExecutioner

Found this channel in 2012, stayed since 2012
Comment from : Carloslqtx

Вася пупкин
к сожалению сборник-ГАВНИЩЕ
Comment from : Вася пупкин

Markus Men
Great Mix! Reminds me of those one back in the days in 2014/2015. Keep on producing these melodic progressive ones!
Comment from : Markus Men

אפי זיו
Comment from : אפי זיו

Suprot Wattanayon
Comment from : Suprot Wattanayon

Miggie Gomie
Shane, wow these prog journeys remind me why iVe been listening for many moons
Comment from : Miggie Gomie

lourenco aureliano
If we could put these sounds in the reservoir of an airplane to the place of kerosene .... they would fly forever !! good job your channel cleans me, is the best !!!
Comment from : lourenco aureliano

Manojkumar Borad
Comment from : Manojkumar Borad

Manojkumar Borad
Comment from : Manojkumar Borad

Rajat Sahoo
brilliant mix
Comment from : Rajat Sahoo

Geweldige muziek, kan er uren naar luisteren.
Comment from : A.v.K.

White Eagle Music Network
wonderful music session <3
Comment from : White Eagle Music Network

Steve Milner
Thank you, TGS! Another spectacular set! Great way to start my weekend!!
Comment from : Steve Milner

Summer Melody
BIG thanks for the continous supporting of our label Summer Melody!. 💙 💛 ❤️ It means a lot for us!.
Comment from : Summer Melody

Thank you so much grand sound for the double support! Beautiful mix altogether. 😊
Comment from : E M R O

Thanks for the support <3
Comment from : Design8

Игорь Балабан
Дякую за гарну мелодічну збірку🤩🙏🙏🙏😉👍
Comment from : Игорь Балабан

Pasti Music
What a beautiful mix! <3
Comment from : Pasti Music

Great.thanks from the uk
Comment from : lambrettagfdf

Jin Izzraeel
Dude...about fucking time. I thought you quit or something. Upload an uplifting trance next, please. :)
Comment from : Jin Izzraeel

Mr V B
as always...Grand Sound!!!
thanks from Portugal 😊

Comment from : Mr V B

Trance K Blade
Good Job on the Mix. It is perfect 👌
Comment from : Trance K Blade

Music Therapy
Just one word I love it so much ....
Comment from : Music Therapy

Armand Wonderland
Comment from : Armand Wonderland

Holy! Shit! Damn!!! 💕💕💕
Comment from : 정민기

Kareenaz Love5
Wow wow wow
Comment from : Kareenaz Love5

Григорий Шадов
The Grand Sound
Отличная подборка 👍👍👍👍👍👍
Спасибо !! 👍

Comment from : Григорий Шадов

Val & Nathan
Comment from : Val & Nathan


Lucas Dp
Que buena onda esta musica porfavorr!!!. Estamos todos de acuerdo que es el mejor genero?
Comment from : Lucas Dp

Future House Cloud
really great mix!
Comment from : Future House Cloud

Felipe Archanjo
Musica que te faz relaxar.... 🎶🎧❤
Comment from : Felipe Archanjo

Miguel Morales
Excelent music mix of The Grand Sound. From Panamá Congratulations Please Including music of Ledo, Alex H. Japeboy, Ciree, Lumidelic,
Comment from : Miguel Morales

Юрий Рендель
Кайфую прям.Спасибо за музло
Comment from : Юрий Рендель

Alfredo Ruiz
Saludos desde Venezuela pa' todo el mundo! Siempre atento al canal por excelencia de la mejor musica trance.
Comment from : Alfredo Ruiz

hater hater
Muito bom👽
Comment from : hater hater

ghora giri
Comment from : ghora giri

Максим Максименко
Люблю такую музыку беспрерывную с плавными переходами.
Comment from : Максим Максименко

Brilliant set just for wonderful first october weekend ... Thank you for your amazing vibes and lovely music .. much love from Canada ⚘💃♥️🎧🙏
Comment from : Lenamusic

Great mix, thanks for the support! <3
Comment from : Valiant

Денис Евдокимов
О,я не один здесь русскоязычный поклонник красивой электронной музыки!
Comment from : Денис Евдокимов

Trance Music
good set
Comment from : Trance Music

Коля Калыч
Хорошая подборка мелодичной и прогрессивной музыки.💓

00:00 🔵➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 1:55:27
🔀🔂🔁 ⏪ ▶ ⏩ 🔊 💜
00:00 01. Emro - Vastness
03:38 02. Design8 - Chasing Shadows
09:12 03. Richard Bass - Sweet Spring
14:34 04. Mekao - Nip (Tristan Armes Remix)
20:34 05. Musty - Horizon
26:49 06. Emro - Meraki
31:49 07. Aaron Dmitriew - Growing Up
36:49 08. Skua - Light The Way
42:49 09. Tristan Armes - Halcyon
48:20 10. Talamanca - One Day
54:53 11. Kamron Schrader & Houce - Cabo Frio
1:00:58 12. Adam Sein - Dreamers (Dmitry Kostyuchenko Remix)
1:06:02 13. Aeolu5 - Beskonechnost
1:12:08 14. Alex H & Lumidelic - Never Too Late (Cosmaks Remix)
1:17:32 15. Nuestro - Amazona
1:21:13 16. Marcel Vautier - Ahead
1:26:21 17. Rainbow Addict - Rush (Progressive Initiations Remix)
1:32:44 18. PoLYED - With You
1:37:36 19. Tristan Armes - Paradigms
1:43:59 20. Mark & Lukas and Alex H - Dolomites (Valiant's Balearic Island Mix)
1:48:52 21. Blissful Waves - Childhood (Mark & Lukas Remix)

Наслаждайтесь и не забудьте нажать👍лайк под видео✌😉

Comment from : Коля Калыч

Спасибо за новые композиции !
Comment from : Евгений

Juan Diego Uriana Rodríguez
Lake si amas la música electrónica 🙋
Comment from : Juan Diego Uriana Rodríguez

ЛЮДМИЛА Матвеева
МУЗОН КЛАСС, ТО ЧТО НАДО, ПО МНЕ В САМЫЙ РАЗ!!!! СПАСИБООО!!! 😘👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼🎶🎶🎶💥💥💥💥🔥🔥🔥🔥💣💣💣🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆
Comment from : ЛЮДМИЛА Матвеева

Brad's Gaming
Comment from : Brad's Gaming

Fredson Henrique
Good afternoon !!!!!!
Comment from : Fredson Henrique

nick edstrom
2nd 🌟🙏🌟
Comment from : nick edstrom

Максим Гелик
Ура, отличная музыка.)
Comment from : Максим Гелик

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