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Comment from : ezgold4u

Robin Murray
we are 100% in miners triple ETFs doing GREAT! barchart.com/quotes/JNUG
Comment from : Robin Murray

Sanjay Bakshi
Keep buying gold
Comment from : Sanjay Bakshi

William Wilson
HSBC talking gold...that's like a robber talking about banks.
Comment from : William Wilson

But for now they can still go in and short gold
Comment from : S W

John Dunston
8% is nothing to sneeze at...short moves and Happy to have it.
Comment from : John Dunston

AND fiat currencies are losing value.......
Comment from : R R

Jeff Walker
It would be interesting to see mainstream news talk about work skills like they do money....."And today in the HVAC market, hot weather has boosted the demand for Air conditioning tech workers; analysts report as much as 15000 homes in Miami alone out of AC this week and expected. RV technicians see a boost in demand as half the country are living in RV and parked at truck stops and various campgrounds. Analyst reports parking is real tight in the Midwest....chuck shumer has the story in Gary Indiana....going to you Chuck." (Chuck) "Yeah, holy shit Darlene, the freaking RVs are everywhere, brokdown half the time and Ammonia leaks plague the RV industry and technicians are scrambling to keep up the pace....back to you Darlene." (Darlene) "well in other news....financial reporters are not so much in demand any more people are looking at real indicators for their answers....like their paycheck stubbs and food prices and rent increases year over year. Back to you CNBC. :)
Comment from : Jeff Walker

iwont answerback
The more people pay attention to the world markets the more they realize they need to have money in gold and silver. Here's 2 questions to ask yourselves. Why have the central bank's been purchasing and hoarding gold in the last 5 years at a pace they never have before??? #2 why has jp Morgan been hoarding silver at an insane pace as well?? One reason. They know they can't continue to print money backed by nothing much longer. They know what's coming, I hope you all do 5 min of research and see I'm telling the truth and start covering your butts as well.
Comment from : iwont answerback

Oliver St.John
Btc gold silver
Comment from : Oliver St.John

michael lilienfeld
Buy bitcoin gold and silver
Comment from : michael lilienfeld

Doctor Poopypantz
The more afraid people are, the more willing they are to take their money out of productive businesses and buy a commodity that doesn't produce anything and hope the next fool pays more for that commodity than they did, the more gold will go up.

And silver and all the rest of it.

Comment from : Doctor Poopypantz

H Pn
Buy silver it's cheaper.
Comment from : H Pn

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