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Melodie Lavolpe
Fuck Chino literally roasted them this time
Comment from : Melodie Lavolpe

Is the money real and where does it come from?
Comment from : hotfootage

41:27 that guy on the left who wants to take a sip and just completely miss a straw... well, we all know this feeling. I am with you bro.
Comment from : vodovo

How many A show up wtf.
Comment from : KhoiKO

fop fop
Such a sick hand! have not seen it before
Comment from : fop fop

Darth Daddy
I can spot a coke head from across a YouTube channel
Comment from : Darth Daddy

Naw Dude
Liv Boeree is a dream, whether she's playing or in the audience, I can't keep my eyes off of her.
Comment from : Naw Dude

wow, suck aaassss 3 dang :(
Comment from : C.C. ACEDIAMOND

James Tran
When you are hot... you are hot...
Comment from : James Tran

Douglas David Wallis
I am calling the CLOCK on Phil Hellmuth !!!!
Comment from : Douglas David Wallis

Bunlar insansa ben neyim ao


qwe rty
anyone knows wich is the outro song ?
Comment from : qwe rty

Dj Micth
He’s to good to be this lucky it’s not fair
Comment from : Dj Micth

Chino has douchey friends lol
Comment from : Sam

Bunch of tossers especially all those gobshites sucking outta straws on the rail
Comment from : Fenway

Oh wow that river 3!!
Comment from : TEARZ

Straycat Annie
Maybe Rheem can pay off some debts now....
Comment from : Straycat Annie

Beki XxXx
Cina is stupid as sh*t
Comment from : Beki XxXx

Ira Epstein
lmfao 28:19 "what is that.....eggs?"
Comment from : Ira Epstein

Kevin Beattie
These are the best YouTube comments I’ve ever seen I love the poker community
Comment from : Kevin Beattie

Oj Blackcat
If you make a salary from it, it's not a "not for profit". You are literally profiting off of it. Way to spin it as a charity though.
Comment from : Oj Blackcat

Daeng ucup
25:23 change flow the game
Comment from : Daeng ucup

Tư Vấn Đầu Tư Bất Động Sản Bình Định
wow 3 3 3 i dont think so, So lucky
Comment from : Tư Vấn Đầu Tư Bất Động Sản Bình Định

Dylan O
Wellenbach the GOD.
Comment from : Dylan O

NooBee P
Congratulations 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉❣️ Chino !
Comment from : NooBee P

People are getting paid back , he’s 1 in a million that owe money , he’s manned up and admitted it, isn’t that better than running and denying , you loan money freely especially in gambling , then you need collateral, money was soooo prevalent in poker in those days , Full tilt poker days
Comment from : 123

Michal Olender
I do miss the old school dudes, more character there.
Comment from : Michal Olender

miguel 1685541
23:30 lol
Comment from : miguel 1685541

i want to play local tournaments for the prestigiousness!!! XD
Comment from : Beanmachine91

Whats the Intro music?
Comment from : xbanana

Alfredo Pancracio
Weird that nobody is saying here that rheem was kinda lucky... the other players had always a bunch of outs and never got them
Comment from : Alfredo Pancracio

how sad they look when they have to leave the table with 300.000$ or even 500.000$ hahahaha
Comment from : Diplomat

How much luck veksler had
Comment from : Raptain

30:27 i don't get it, shouldn't he have a double pair? two 8 and two 3?
Comment from : Zontar82

Google User
27:08 That awkward moment when you go for a high five, but your buddy doesn't follow through with it
Comment from : Google User

Chad Santos Vlogs
6th placed player was fish
Comment from : Chad Santos Vlogs

Simple Figure
23:29 lol
Comment from : Simple Figure

Harry Tay
26:40 imagine that
Comment from : Harry Tay

BS Bullshit
On top of the commentator stupidity he's also a moron who patronizes the older player when he makes moves...what a douche!!!!! (Not to mention his annoying voice)
Comment from : BS Bullshit

BS Bullshit
The idiot commentator puts fantastic thoughts in those players minds like they know at all times where they are in the hand and what their opponents holds. Ridicules...
Comment from : BS Bullshit

Ray Hogan
Where is that smell coming from?
Comment from : Ray Hogan

Leo Wong
So brave
Comment from : Leo Wong

Jemboy Dumagno
Her I,am to ure house I'm waiting to ure comback to me breader
Comment from : Jemboy Dumagno

Tony Dunst is a dweeb!
Bring back Mike Sexton!

Comment from : z2001lhcjer

Horizon Studios
God I love stapes lol.. amazing
Comment from : Horizon Studios

Poker Stars on line play is so fixed. I've been counting amount of flush boards come up in a tournament game and after 50 games at least 45% of the boards come up flush possibilities. Also noticed all-ins are won by the big stack 70% of the time even if they're behind. Go to other sites to get a better game.
Comment from : stargazer7426

For some reason, Veksler looked like a sailor in some nation's navy.
Comment from : Trapper50cal

Chef Matt Hammerschmidt
There was a well played hand there. I most likely may have played it way differently.
Comment from : Chef Matt Hammerschmidt

alaeh alaeh
Comment from : alaeh alaeh

Pipo rudy
Can anyone tell me how do we buy in OR play in this PCA tournaments
Comment from : Pipo rudy

Corek BleedingHollow
RIP Bahamas
Comment from : Corek BleedingHollow

Nugget SauceBBQ
c'est de la merde votre truc c'est largement mieux WINAMAX on gagne bcp plus
Comment from : Nugget SauceBBQ

william yang
26:50 how many people ~~~~LOL~~~~LOL~~~LOL~~~~~^0^!!!
Comment from : william yang

Khendi so
If you fear you lose...get your feeling and all in ...
Comment from : Khendi so

Eren Perez
23:30 haha
Comment from : Eren Perez

Raul Ribas
Muy buena la partida pero el we de capucha no deja de joder haciendo ese ruido con las fichas
Comment from : Raul Ribas

Eddie Baker
I find it strange that Wellenbach is too polite.
Comment from : Eddie Baker

A straight jewish final table here
Shalom shabat

Comment from : CRNI LJILJAN

lukman kardiasa
Trash player, nothing special
Comment from : lukman kardiasa

How could AJ ♦️ brick out in that all in hand? Unreal bad luck...
Comment from : Firpo

Snow Flowset
All that money 💰
Comment from : Snow Flowset

ciby sitam
Stupid old man
Comment from : ciby sitam

Cédric Schoofs
Imagine if Rheem won the prize money + was allowed to cash in his chips
Comment from : Cédric Schoofs

Awara Munda
How much the entery for the tournament anyone knows???
Comment from : Awara Munda

Jerome Kenneth Menseras
27:08 lezgawwww :(
Comment from : Jerome Kenneth Menseras

Chino deserves the win! Congratulations.
Comment from : hanabahtah

I love James as commentator - great voice!
Comment from : emwu86

When you start understanding how to play poker is when you start appreciating watching poker and also, what a river for that 3 holy shit
Comment from : Nez-Gars

PolyMathMomma, SimplyFly
Comment from : PolyMathMomma, SimplyFly

where did Lon McEachern and Norman Chad go ?
Comment from : LukeO9

Avaz Production
zor gap yoq
Comment from : Avaz Production

lost atnewyork
Dude got left hanging

Comment from : lost atnewyork

Makoto Swiss
Next time for me!
Comment from : Makoto Swiss

I love you Joe. If I'm stranded on an island you are the one I choose to be with. Dying of laughter is more fun then dehydration
Comment from : GamePlayRaja

Lalith Krishna
these guys are real noobs
Comment from : Lalith Krishna

gg ricegum
Comment from : Trizzy

Chip Whitley
Chino you scamming piece of shit
Comment from : Chip Whitley

Michael Clements
Joe Stapleton is the most annoying motherfucker i've ever heard speak
Comment from : Michael Clements

Steven Summer
When you're soo noob at this game and you can't read shit .
Comment from : Steven Summer

I literally can’t stand Chino Rheem. Smug prick. Lucky af. So lucky it was unreal.
Comment from : Phil PBOY

So does this mean Chino's going to pay off some of his debts or is he going to disappear until the next tournament?
Comment from : Gunman610

Brian Lee
What's Chino's estimated debt total after this?
Comment from : Brian Lee

Cameron Gillotte
WOW!!! That 3 that came out. What a hand.
Comment from : Cameron Gillotte

Mixed Man
Bosca suffered the tragedy of too many outs.
Comment from : Mixed Man

Mixed Man
Man that dude who busted in 6th got cost 100,000 bucks at the very least by dude hitting that two outer 3 right before that. Man that sucks. That dude who spiked the two outer is sacraficing a goat to the poker god's right now.
Comment from : Mixed Man

Jordan Connor
Ajs well deserved bust should shove pre
Comment from : Jordan Connor

Jordan Connor
wouldnt recommend shoving a3s there
Comment from : Jordan Connor

Jordan Connor
first hand holy fuck these are the worst commentators ever
Comment from : Jordan Connor

Who's the absolute brainlet in the white v-neck t shirt on Chino Rheem's rail? He didn't shut up the entire heads-up play about going to Nobu and even made fun of Sterlitz for the clothing he was wearing. Not to mention he made that comment while wearing a hat that has "Live Lavishly" written on the underside of the brim.
Comment from : CondorPlaysVidya

Gabriel D'avila
:( I was cheering for the old man
Comment from : Gabriel D'avila

27:08 handshake fail
Comment from : xTheSweatalla

26:50 what a moment
Comment from : DaenDven

Yutaro Tanaka
500k viewers with 2.3k likes, what a nice community lol
Comment from : Yutaro Tanaka

gerry o sullivan
Why didn’t the 15Bb guy shove the AdJd??
Comment from : gerry o sullivan

tuktu tuktu
i can't believe at this level with so much prize money players play hands like 7,2 its crazy
Comment from : tuktu tuktu

Một cộng Một bằng Năm
"where is the smell coming from"
Comment from : Một cộng Một bằng Năm

I LOVE that they put the winner in the thumbnail definitely doesn't spoil anything. 👍
Comment from : JustinLovesCats

John Doe
26:50 Damn...
Comment from : John Doe

Thought this was a nigahiga video judging from the thumbnail
Comment from : B K

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