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DJ Electric Samurai
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25 euros / 27 dollars tous mes mixs de décembre 2018 à fin 2019
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Comment from : DJ Electric Samurai

This is like synthwave, but less 80's and more beats
Comment from : SpectreLegion

Por favor una playlist en Spotify 😭

Solaire of Astora
This is orgasmic, I love psy
Comment from : Solaire of Astora

Jorge Alvarez
Excelente set! 😱 Uno de mis géneros favoritos 😎👌🏼
Comment from : Jorge Alvarez

Иван Кузнецов
Ритм! Это мой ритм! Это моя жизнь! Я этим живу! Ритм! Я жив! И это идеально!
Comment from : Иван Кузнецов

Тимур 1980 Тимур
Отлично спасибо
Comment from : Тимур 1980 Тимур

RapidTuber 3
This dude should seriously have his own pandora station
Comment from : RapidTuber 3

yXung K!ller
Pmffuaaaaa doo. lkmzmdld ofbbdldb,
Comment from : yXung K!ller

Francesca Fancelli
Progressione musicale...
Comment from : Francesca Fancelli

Lee stean
Haven't listened to psytrance for years missed it so much
Comment from : Lee stean

Im new to the psytrance scene. Mostly an uplifting/emotional trance person, but I love this. This sounds like something that would be on Subculture.
Comment from : EcoR1

Drogen Schmogen
Comment from : Kampfbacke

Bet Alcala
i need money for crazy glowing raver gear to impress samuri!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : Bet Alcala

Reza Heydari
this is amazingggggg
Comment from : Reza Heydari

Brasil sil sil sil
Comment from : valnei426

Jorge Cortes
¿Alguien sabe donde esta mi chula Ciudad Neza? bueno, pues desde acá estamos girando
Comment from : Jorge Cortes

Deska Gaming
god mix wow wp man !!
Comment from : Deska Gaming

Max’s 420 Grow
Flame!!! 😁👊✌
Comment from : Max’s 420 Grow

Aida Serrano
Yeeeeah eeeeeh bro
Comment from : Aida Serrano

Bet Alcala
this video make me reminiscing
Comment from : Bet Alcala

Bet Alcala
i need MONEY FOR SAMURI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!÷!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : Bet Alcala

Como siempre un Éxito...
Te sigo desde capital Federal,Argentina.
Grande del Electro... Éxitos y por más... 🎵🎶😎🤘🏻

Comment from : AXEL NÚÑEZ

hippie _ Daniel bruh
This makes me happy like a puppy
Comment from : hippie _ Daniel bruh

Monika K
watch this on ket thank me later
Comment from : Monika K

Your mixes are my go-to whenever I feel like I need some psytrance. Love from Sweden!
Comment from : Jonnehbg

Mr. T Torts
Close your eyes and feel it !!!
Comment from : Mr. T Torts

Kakarot32*1,35/0,125*0,0000000002583222333 Vegeta23
He dresses up as the Lakeside Rooster, and he makes this drink called the Purple Passion. So Jesus Shit on it 🐔
Comment from : Kakarot32*1,35/0,125*0,0000000002583222333 Vegeta23

Miguel De Man
3 eye best music psytrance for healing the soul :) <3
Comment from : Miguel De Man

Jon Doe
DJ Electric Samurai,
you are not only a good mixer, but also excellent in choosing Psytrance tracks. Just perfect!

Comment from : Jon Doe

Hüseyin Özkan
ძალიან მომწონს
Comment from : Hüseyin Özkan

Karmic Spark
Amazing work once again
Comment from : Karmic Spark

Артем Вдовиченко
Вы молодчина! Всегда с удовольствием слушаю Ваши сеты! Я тоже пишу псай, могу ли я отправить Вам свой трек? Если понравится добавить в новый сет?
Comment from : Артем Вдовиченко

Иван Кузнецов
Comment from : Иван Кузнецов

Keith Pieterse
Hi there DJ Electric Samurai! Thanks for sharing the music. One question about the visuals start @ 14.00 - If you were to lower the portrait the concentric rings of energy would radiate from between the eyes, or even from the forehead if raised more instead of the nose? Just asking. Have a GOOD weekend!
Comment from : Keith Pieterse

edd saasil
Excelente set
Es un viaje!!!
Alguien más en español???

Comment from : edd saasil

X Khan 313
🔥🔥🔥 set me on fire
Comment from : X Khan 313

Ivano Riboni
number one!!!!
Comment from : Ivano Riboni

cj Hillier
Awesome! Loved It! Thanks!
Comment from : cj Hillier

Astral soul ॐ
another beautiful dj set
You are my biggest inspiration!

Comment from : Astral soul ॐ

Валера Маргун
Comment from : Валера Маргун

love it :D
Comment from : Mr.Alexander

Maxim Bolma
Супер беру на тренировку
Comment from : Maxim Bolma

Groove Techno
***************+++++++++************s p a c e L O V E baby)))
Comment from : Groove Techno

Daniel Schäfer
Cooles Set !
Comment from : Daniel Schäfer

Diablo DemonHD
saludos Samurai esto esta bueno
Comment from : Diablo DemonHD

Harish Sharma
Comment from : Harish Sharma

Trance Music
Comment from : Trance Music

George Voulkidis
Comment from : George Voulkidis

Jason Hollister
Enjoyable "RYTHUME"....!!
Comment from : Jason Hollister

Yaghiyah Brenner
tight tight tight, the first track is really great I like the grunt (wavetable) samples.
Comment from : Yaghiyah Brenner

Trance Music
very good set
Comment from : Trance Music

Bethesda Master of None
Massive set as always, Respect from South Africa
Comment from : Bethesda Master of None

Hardy Sol
this is good AF
Comment from : Hardy Sol

Leonid Rasta
Thanks to You I fly again 🔥🔥🔥🕉️🕉️🕉️
Comment from : Leonid Rasta

Emir Polar
Es lo mejor
Comment from : Emir Polar

Emir Polar
Comment from : Emir Polar

Jacek Palka
Comment from : Jacek Palka

mindaugas jankus
Comment from : mindaugas jankus

boullat ismail
Fucking Awesome
Comment from : boullat ismail

ole kjær
Excuse me but your music is fucking good. Like your rhythm or beat (or whatever you call it) I be totally happy and I can thank you for DJ Samurai
Comment from : ole kjær

Atanu Chakraborty
Yes!!!Again a superb one
Comment from : Atanu Chakraborty

De la Bombe samouraï 🕉️🌅🕉️🌅🕉️
Comment from : TO-NEE NINJA

Undergroundd Lol
Deee ste bre narkomanii
Comment from : Undergroundd Lol

Gianfranco Jose Buongiorno Medina
Comment from : Gianfranco Jose Buongiorno Medina

hey Samurai, one question. can I use your music for my videos? I´m making fitness videos, especially calisthenics videos. waiting for your answer. many thanks in advance.
Comment from : Treborianus

Gianfranco Jose Buongiorno Medina
Comment from : Gianfranco Jose Buongiorno Medina

Thank bro.. it's a bomb..
Охуенно 🤘👽🤘

Comment from : ALEX TROZ

Let's check this out ;)
Comment from : Alextra

what a great mix again !!!!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
to share and propagate without moderation 😋

Many many thanks my friend !

Comment from : Laloutre31

November 11th, go to ko Phangan Full Moon Party!🤩🤩🤩👍
Comment from : 鷹南涼羅

Mike A
Великолепно 😀
Comment from : Mike A

Mr. CringePants
Who needs Sziget when you can have OZORA?
Comment from : Mr. CringePants

Paul Genua
Another incredible set!!!
Comment from : Paul Genua

Gary Blomgren
A love the music
Comment from : Gary Blomgren

огонь просто!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
Comment from : ЗМЕЙ

sai santosh
Amazing mix bro

Makes my pill work To its extent.

Comment from : sai santosh

Отлично полетели!
Comment from : ДАВАЙ ПОЖЕНИМСЯ

Comment from : Pat64

mayin power
Esto se va a descontrolaaaaaar😲😲😲 aqui en mi canton a todo lo que da 😎
Comment from : mayin power

Petri Louhenheimo
<3 <3 <3
Comment from : Petri Louhenheimo

Hello bro how are you? 😊😊
Comment from : AntoineAy

Олег Соболев
Миру Мир ))) ✌
Comment from : Олег Соболев

KMS Activator, bro
Comment from : Карантин

Знакомое лицо.....
Comment from : Карантин

На старте =)
Comment from : 1976skyspirit

Alex Koff
Я уже в экстазе)
Comment from : Alex Koff

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