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don't forget about all those other chips around his, lots of ppl made money!
Comment from : Frooshantay

VEX •_•
I would hide my winnings nobody tango with the rango
Comment from : VEX •_•

Leonardas Vaitonis
Suddenly he got lots of friends
Comment from : Leonardas Vaitonis

10 minutes later: GUY LOSES 3.500.000$ betting on red
Comment from : YouOnlyLiveTwice

zakary silverman
Out here betting houses on 35-1 that’s cool
Comment from : zakary silverman

wers von knossi hier
Comment from : meme

Peter Cheng
he won big, but not $3.5 M, each chip is probably $1.
Comment from : Peter Cheng

Caleb Lawrence
If you bet $50 on red or black color spaces on the bottom of the table. You will have a 1-1 chance of winning, or 50/50. Thats even better than most black jack tables.
Comment from : Caleb Lawrence

Lucky Luke
22.5 in losses minus the 3.5 million gained puts them only at a (19.5M).
Not bad.

Comment from : Lucky Luke

Nicholas Costello
I’m jealous
Comment from : Nicholas Costello

coca-cola bling 69
Overdosed on cocaine and hookers that night!
Comment from : coca-cola bling 69

Fuji HD
He bet €42.000
Comment from : Fuji HD

hasan salman
boll şans
Comment from : hasan salman

Why is everyone so lucky?

Mine unlucky ball will hit blue or something

Comment from : Rijksoverheid

Don Jour
Casinos do host Roulette tournaments for VIPlayers. Uour colour chip(s) has no value until you give it a denomination. Say the tournament rules are; To score as many point/ money with 100 (colour) pieces in 'x' number of spins. Because its for fun each chip is worth 1k. just to clarify the payouts wouldn't be real.
Comment from : Don Jour

sinan pektaş
roulet camputer www.youtube.com/watch?v=GccV3-z4Vu0
Comment from : sinan pektaş

rudy law
I luv roulette!!
Comment from : rudy law

Edwin Escobar
I love this video
Comment from : Edwin Escobar

The camera is all over the place.
Comment from : RouletteMan

Logan Riki
The management would like to express their sincere apology sir, but one of the table legs was lopsided thus voiding your bet. However, we can comp you a hot dog and coffee.
Comment from : Logan Riki

ItsAiroGamingHD AiroftKoen
Aaaaaaand its gone
Comment from : ItsAiroGamingHD AiroftKoen

Boi i cant even bet 10k on gta 5
Comment from : CJ

rj doggman
What it doesn't show is all the bets he did before this. He's not just showing up and putting up one bet and hitting. He probably bet a fee different times before he actually hit.
Comment from : rj doggman

kapitain krochet
Paye ton tacos
Comment from : kapitain krochet

lol 35/1 odds or he's in with the casino and they turned the magnet on.
Comment from : studas2011

Gabriel Porras
This man is living a movie😂
Comment from : Gabriel Porras

Nikolay Popov
Am I the only one asking ? What is the number he bet on ?! :D
Comment from : Nikolay Popov

Guy P
If I had 3.5m for every pixcel on this video, I too would have 3.5m.
Comment from : Guy P

100k 1 number straight??i dont think soo maby 100k pesos yea sure!
Comment from : Juventus2013

Kenneth Diaz
I hope he is not a beta male and not let any women take advantage of him. I bet women were very friendly toward him that night.
Comment from : Kenneth Diaz

The trick is. You need to record it. Then your luck is 99.99999%
Comment from : AtlasForce

Evan Allaire
He Drunk
Comment from : Evan Allaire

Dominic Haggerty
Also btw your actually not allowed to film in casinos so I’m not sure if it’s staged
Comment from : Dominic Haggerty

Ben Mahoney
Tryin this in gta be like:
Comment from : Ben Mahoney

Kirby Heaton
All this money going around and 240p quality
Comment from : Kirby Heaton

Able to put 100k on a table but still pull out his 2003 camera
Comment from : Skertchlbogg

Book of STE
Comment from : Book of STE

What a fucking madlad
Comment from : Levsque

chami roy
Next night he’s broke lol, good job
Comment from : chami roy

Francisco De Nova
What casino allows recording?
Comment from : Francisco De Nova

Michael Reyes
You could win at roulette 75% of the time with this system here: MootSpin.xyz

The 0 and 00 is how the casino gains their edge. I only play roulette with the single 0.. this will cut their edge in half. It makes a difference, even though it seems insignificant.

Comment from : Michael Reyes

joe douglas
i reckon he was card counting
Comment from : joe douglas

Jamie Dee
3.5 million!!.. Ugandan dollars.. = about £68..
Comment from : Jamie Dee

Even a super super VIP room won't not allow 100K bet per no. Look at those around him ... wearing normal tee shirts inside a super VIP room ... come on this is for kid shows.
Comment from : but2star

S-T Connection
Rich get luckier. Rich get richer. Even if I find a hoe that wants me I'm gone marry her
Comment from : S-T Connection

Seun Johnson
You know you done good if even the dealers are clapping for you!
Comment from : Seun Johnson

Brazilians XD
Comment from : FxGames

Dang! I only feel like that when I find a babysitter lol good job!
Comment from : keithjohnson839

T ลูกทุ่ง ข้างแรม
Rich to roulette www.youtube.com/watch?v=Og_vWoiTJU0&t=186s
Comment from : T ลูกทุ่ง ข้างแรม

Jews getting happy
Comment from : Arnold

Nathan Heaver
and how fast did he loose it?
Comment from : Nathan Heaver

Max Mustermann
If I could bet 100k on Roulette...then I wouldn't.
Comment from : Max Mustermann

Ayoub 123
Comment from : Ayoub 123

Shona Collins
Comment from : Shona Collins

Laeti Leroi
I ncrédible with tthis sum you can to be the king bby.....
Comment from : Laeti Leroi

Crab Burger
This is totally staged Bollywood bollocks, if you believe it then you are simply a mug....
Comment from : Crab Burger

3.5m Indonesian rupiah I think
Comment from : jblee17

ty cromwell
Comment from : ty cromwell

Thomas Turelli
And when he goes to leave after being compted a week long suite he'll find his car missing,dead,won't start.tge airport will say his flight was cancelled or they overbooked.everyones in on keeping u the player gambling.they don't make it easy for u to leave.
Comment from : Thomas Turelli

Unc's Info
Check out UncsInfo.com to learn how to play roulette and much more. Link directly to how-to roulette video youtu.be/El-Yv3ydrJA
Comment from : Unc's Info

Danny Joyce
These guys could have easily staged this. It could have hit any number, all you see is a bunch of guys jumping around.Either way, the guys an asshole, him and his uncle have billions of dollars in a country were have it's citizens don't have clean water,medicine, toilet paper,electricity and who dig through garbage for food.
Comment from : Danny Joyce

Shadowkry Trane
Come back anytime sir. We'll give you a free hotel and complimentary champagne.........
Comment from : Shadowkry Trane

wendi xie
3.5 million peso?
Comment from : wendi xie

NC Styles
So he bet $100K USD and will receive a pay out of $3.5M USD? Nice!!!
Comment from : NC Styles

wy do nat show the what number come up ? wy the camera tirn to up ? how can we belive the corect number come up ?
Comment from : CUMHUR ÖZBAY

Jacob Harrington -CoCorKiller
Wat u film this out of ur ass?
Comment from : Jacob Harrington -CoCorKiller

Mangos and Pineapples
Comment from : Mangos and Pineapples

Crooked Dreams
2 or 8
Comment from : Crooked Dreams

Journey of my soul
It’s actually $32,000 which turns out to be 3.5 million
Comment from : Journey of my soul

Daniel Grant731
Here at 666 bad luck.
Comment from : Daniel Grant731

Ajmal Nazari
Fuck in hell what is wrong with u people there is not a single casino in the whole world who allows u to bet 100k on a single no not even in vegas trust me i know this from my own gambling experience of 14+ years yes u might be able to gamble that much only if u open a private table not when bloody every body bet on that table well all those chips can be $2 chips btw people who win small amounts screams the most.
Comment from : Ajmal Nazari

The marksman aims at himself
19 pesos is $1
so he won $184,000 USD

Comment from : The marksman aims at himself

Where are the huge one time bet loss videos? It's not rational to think this, but can't help but wonder if the whole crowd thinking about said number and hoping for it actually makes it hit and so the collective can change the future through thought. Would be interesting to do a study. Put 50 people in a room, give them $1k each if the roulette hits a number they should all hope for twice in a row.
Comment from : MatteNoob

Impossible that he won that much. The highest betting limits without approval in the USA are found in the Chicago area ( Rivers Casino in Rosemont, IL and Horseshoe Casino in Hammond, IL), and neither of those casinos can you bet anywhere close to 1 million on a single number. You can however max a single number out at $9,000 of inside bets at both of the casino I mentioned.
Comment from : KING OF BACC

Bibak Gramlich
Vegas Baby
Comment from : Bibak Gramlich

Blair witch project cameraman?
Comment from : Haluaisinollasimo

1 Garoto 2 Mundos
Comment from : 1 Garoto 2 Mundos

Steven Fox
Here is the problem. After taxes he is left with $11,579 and then he still has to pay state and local and that comes to -21,937 . Yes he actually owes money.
Comment from : Steven Fox

smelly and jealous people around..
Comment from : nexttttttt

ryan bell
What casino allows $ chips to play the inside??
Comment from : ryan bell

thais blink&neverland
Brasil kkkk
Comment from : thais blink&neverland

Jayson Coutou
It's stage they hired actor's and actresses
Comment from : Jayson Coutou

Someone definitely got laid that night
Comment from : ST&NLY ST&NLY

Danny Brockman
Comment from : Danny Brockman

Sepher Saadat
► Roulette Geheim Tabelle - Playlist: www.youtube.com/watch?v=3InmhINapHQ&index=4&list=PLpp8UfwxP7kZwEIHG-JuWUDEMAgyL3NYp&t=0s
Comment from : Sepher Saadat

Edward D
3.500.000 pesos or usd ?
Comment from : Edward D

Na Me
That day he win next day he fall,he came the same place and din't notice he has being watching(turn to take all the bit he win)
Comment from : Na Me

Dealer is getting fired
Comment from : Alex

Roulette Hit
gratisroulette24. com - Die zuverlässigste Taktik des Spiels + es ist völlig kostenlos
Comment from : Roulette Hit

At Foxwoods Casino one night, two guys walked up to the table with $1,000. They hit on a few spins, and put $1,000 on number 28... It hit and they went berserk! The best part was, they were dressed like they were at the beach ... shorts, tank tops and flip-flops!
Comment from : DC D

False, this is a public table. Those are inside bet chips, and table max in only 3k 😑
Comment from : Alex

Zachery Alderton
$ 3,500,000 lot of money
Comment from : Zachery Alderton

emmett fjrod
Your title is telling us that he won 3 dollars and 5 cents... fix it
Comment from : emmett fjrod

Hell if I know what the fuck happened? Paul not Kim
Comment from : okflix

laurin walton
$180,000 in the US
Comment from : laurin walton

Donny Don
What number was he playing
Comment from : Donny Don

Nice. Lucky man.
Comment from : AIR JORDAN

death painful
OH MY GAWW! !! WELL DONE BROTHER!! Unreal , hope that money helped your family's out!! Congratulations! !
Comment from : death painful

Andrew Flood
Comment from : Andrew Flood

Mohammed Muhi Uddin
I work in a casino. No way he won that much. He won something but not a million. Maybe close to half a million. Depends how much he had there. But remember there's table maximum. So even if he places 50k on a number and the dealer calls maximum plays on number. Then only max will be played and change will be given. For example if the max is 5k and he places 50k then he will only be paid out on 5k and 45k will be given back as change.
Comment from : Mohammed Muhi Uddin

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