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rick b
Wow what a great fun time!.
Comment from : rick b

ddd228/Dave in Seattle.
Here,put your hand between my legs...
You both play good basic strategy on VP.
You both could play a relaxing game of Roulette,if you can find a good minimum.Comp drinks,too.Main Street or The DTG.

Comment from : ddd228/Dave in Seattle.

Comment from : KOHL GUY

How much do you usually tip when you get your photo taken with someone?
Comment from : winebox

@1:20 with the short hair face was ugly but had ass
Comment from : mikeandmars2345

David Musielak
GREAT video as always !!!!! LOVE each and every one. You are FANTASTIC!!!!!!
Comment from : David Musielak

I also love the video poker myself looks like you had some pretty good luck there , always enjoy your videos thank you
Comment from : Davey51

Danny Burleigh
A really nice one here! Good Stuff! )))) :-)
Comment from : Danny Burleigh

Dante dang
Nothing like the loser high five for a big $12.50.
Comment from : Dante dang

Ken seven
poker.. my favorite game...need to see more on the casino.. awesome video.. good job!
Comment from : Ken seven

Comment from : 晓辉爸爸

Jedi Master
how much do they asks for tips....last time i went they were asking like 5 or 10 bucks...but how is it in freemont
Comment from : Jedi Master

ddd228/Dave in Seattle.
PHUN.. on Fremont Street! Perfect play on V.P.,not so good on B.J. It's all fun guys!
Freaks Standing Everywhere=F.S.E.

Next year for me.

Table games? IF you allowed to video,B-4 getting caught.

Goof off on roulette for a bit.Slow game.Can you find a single zero wheel? Yeah,for $5 $10$25 spin,inside.

Just play more video poker.Erica is very good.Double-double,9/6,your choice:Plaza,M.S.S.
The Downtown Grand has great 80's tunes on the casino floor,not so good video poker.

If you are in a hurry to get towards The Plaza,from Fremont Street(Golden Nugget,The D),take the Zoom Line.My buddy uses the Main Street Station/California parking lot.

Good luck and have fun!

Comment from : ddd228/Dave in Seattle.

denny kong
Don't be saying my government name ! Lol
Comment from : denny kong

denny kong
Comment from : denny kong

Miss Vicki
loving all your vlogs! you guys are awesome!
Comment from : Miss Vicki

Finally put Fremont St on our list this coming trip. Aside from the zipline, what's the "Must do" down there. Gotta say, it looks like fun.
Comment from : Josh

Ethan Mccoy
We so have to do the zip line when I come out
Comment from : Ethan Mccoy

joe groves
awesome you guys always have a good time, i never get tired of seeing Vegas or your videos, thanks for sharing
Comment from : joe groves

dennis cahill
next date night, how about gillys and ride the bull!
Comment from : dennis cahill

Brett Hager
Can you guys gamble at The Linq next? I used to have fun at Imperial Palace and would like to see how much it has changed. Keep up the good work!
Comment from : Brett Hager

Is there a vlog that tells more about who you are and what you do?
Comment from : Vegas2sandiego

Dayna Morris
Comment from : Dayna Morris

Jeff N.
How about some craps at Casino Royale?...another great vlog :)
Comment from : Jeff N.

Puri Sahib
super great
Comment from : Puri Sahib

Puri Sahib
super great
Comment from : Puri Sahib

when are you taking us to the top of Mt Charleston?
Comment from : aceyorba

C Gibbs
Girl, you were killing it calling those cards! Love your fun times on Fremont date nights!
Comment from : C Gibbs

Hopefully next time you guys will win it big :-)
Comment from : viperNohio

Man you guys have had allot more date nights lately lol YouTube must be paying off haha I wish I could have date nights in Vegas more often
Comment from : Z BEAR

Signatures Sales Agent
Looks like another fun night in Vegas!  Thanks for sharing!
Comment from : Signatures Sales Agent

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