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Donald Leske II
WHERE IS THE ACTUAL CASINO? I WON $894,000.00 Php/Pesos on a 3 card poker table, in Solaire Casino! Straight Flush hearts K,Q,J,10,9 was only missing the Ace for a Straight Royal Flush. It seemed to take FOREVER to get paid, the money was in multiple stacks of Pesos ....but, finally got them to pay me in US currency $18k +. NOW, if I declare that I spent all that money in the Philippines then none of it came home and I cannot be taxed on it. - No side bets on this table, it is called "Three Card Poker" with; Ante | Bet | Play circles.
Comment from : Donald Leske II

wing kwong
the Philippines is a lovely holiday destination .but sadly its still very much a third world country .
it lacks in advanced infrastructure. its still a developing economy will majority of people earning 300 php a day .which is less than £5.
there is such a massive divide between rich and poor . the poor have a extremely low quality of life .the Philippines still suffers from political instability
such as insurgency .still suffer from over population of poor .the sanitation is still horrendous . the average filipino have no access to heath care .the system of low salary
needs to be address , the average filipino don't earn enough for health care or savings .

Comment from : wing kwong

Okada is Korean man.
Comment from : okinawapunter

Casinos? Because Manila need to attract more gamblers who are mostly elite family and corrupt politicians, which will soon to be followed by prostitution, crime, fraud and tainted family value. Also why the hell you call it New Vegas? Pinoy just love to copy.
Comment from : AMM0beatz

Jim Claire
Really nice. I would not go heritage if I could go luxury. Peter, you sure do know your way around. Thanks again, as always for sharing. Peter, what is your email address. Please drop me an email at:
Father.claire @priest.com
God bless.

Comment from : Jim Claire

Cici Brandt
hi people's chill out it is so beautiful hope I can see manila soon😉😉😉😉😉😉
Comment from : Cici Brandt

The Phillipines Gov - should build more factories for the people to earn a living Instead of Casinos—- A breeding place for crimes !
Comment from : yupeter1947

Mark Dennis Capistrano
Based on the latest WB data, the Philippines would attain upper middle income level in 2019 with USD 4,154.20 at 1.6% population growth. Moreover, PH will surpass TH in 2027 in terms of GDP nominal at USD 625.47B against TH USD 616.45B. PH will become the second highest GDP in ASEAN. Currently, PH is ahead (GDP Nominal) of Malaysia and SIngapore.

If rebasing of GDP will be done this month, PH GDP would increase by at least USD75B.

Comment from : Mark Dennis Capistrano

The Gov is putting the priority wrongly— Should direct resources to built more infrastructures — Or Factories for the benefit of the huge unemployment problem in the country
Comment from : yupeter1947

Marialuz Raga Pew
The reason some of them are such negative about there own native land because they never had a chance to visit there country land or they are just hated it for any reason. In a way is pretty sad. I think they should at least visit once in every other years. and the'll find out is much modern in those 3 largest Island. I try my best to visit at least once a year when I have a chance..Thank you..
Comment from : Marialuz Raga Pew

Marc Dacanay
Manila entertainment city is still under construction.more infrastructures are still under construction there. also check Manila Bonifacio global city.soon Manila will be the next las vegas of Asia
Comment from : Marc Dacanay

Reinhard Antonio
Fantastic Manila.
Comment from : Reinhard Antonio

Emmanuel Emperado
Philippines is the new emerging and middle class country nowadays
Comment from : Emmanuel Emperado

Araos Staid
Kaysa away kayo ng away sarap pag aralan ang patern ng baraha mga bopol sigurado bigla kayo yaman sa sugal hehe 364 ang kabuuang bilang ng baraha
Comment from : Araos Staid

Nancy Lam
finally! judgement for the greedy people.
Comment from : Nancy Lam

Renato Belda
D kailangan Ang casino sa pinas,dadami,Ang.magnanakaw,
Comment from : Renato Belda

Eleo Reyes
huge WoW screen views !!! .😱
Comment from : Eleo Reyes

Mr. Comment Boi
Guys I went to a buffet there in okada. NO LIES
Comment from : Mr. Comment Boi

Marc Dacanay
wow!and now they are turning that place into like Las Vegas or Macau!
Comment from : Marc Dacanay

Wow! It's good to know you don't need to go to Dubai or any prime destination to experience this. Makes me proud to be a Filipino.
Comment from : armorbearer

Kim Rae Ferrer
I went in there when we went in the MOA
Comment from : Kim Rae Ferrer

Gator 33
I found this comment from a viewer, very interesting about the culture... here it is ...my list: #1 Hypocrisy...this is a culture where people lie, cheat and steal and then go to church on Sunday, get forgiveness and start the cycle again; they constantly complain about corruption while being corrupt themselves.....#2 Brain Drain...Phils is the only country I have been to where EVERYBODY wants to leave, to the point that it was my impression that everybody with an IQ over 80 has left the country....#3 Filth and Ugliness..garbage everywhere, no recycling, Manila harbour in the SE monsoon, the world's most hideous architecture; in all my travels there Dumaguete was the only city that had a lovely waterfront, the usual being shacks, litter and shit....#4 Patriarchy....no divorce, little birth control, 10 million single mothers living with their parents, deadbeat dads, male infidelity and mistresses, a birthrate 3 times as high as other SE Asian nations....#5 Hey Joe!....5 year old kids begging, almost no social services, in general, a "give me something because I am poor' mentality.......#6 COLD FOOD!
Comment from : Gator 33

FULL HD Vidoes
Sub2sub please
Comment from : FULL HD Vidoes

It's amazing that it's already 2017 and still a lot of ignorant people in the world. Many comments were made here and stated that the Philippines is a third world country. It was considered a Third world country in the past but for several years now it enjoyed as an emerging country/developing country as it it holds the second best economy in the world behind China not once not twice but five years in a row. Please educate yourself and surf the web. For Filipinos, visit your native land. It's 1000 times better since you left 40, 30, or a decade ago.
Comment from : ALM

Celralapintor Rala
I miss back home
Comment from : Celralapintor Rala

Edgar Mendoza
Okada casino japanese billionaire
Comment from : Edgar Mendoza

Rylie Elise Lorenzo
I been in OKADA
Comment from : Rylie Elise Lorenzo

Gator 33
Philippines is third world! how can it beat Las Vegas... Vegas tourism per year is 40+ million.. Philippines tourism is 5 million on a good year. Do the numbers. I live in Vegas and I have visited Manila, went to the casino, not impress. not par to the Strip Resorts. Even downtown casino's is better than what I saw in Manila. Just my observation!
Comment from : Gator 33

enrico contreras araneta
one of the largest and high tech casino resort in the world..OKADA MANILA
Comment from : enrico contreras araneta

Gamblers !! You will be 100% Losers !!
Ask yourself --- Who pays for the hundreds of staff at the Casino & Maintenence staff too !!!
Remember -- You are the ones Who finance them!!!

Comment from : PETER YU

I'm not interested gambling casino, most of people in Philippines no jobs, very low income I wonder why lots of crimes bcs what theires in need. Then buildings casino, I hate to heard that.
Comment from : SHOPPING ZOMBIE

Kenji Reukin
is it open to public? i mean do i need to check in or gamble just to enter okada?
Comment from : Kenji Reukin

Joseph Rodriguez
wow makes steve wynn's casino looks like 20 years outdated.
Comment from : Joseph Rodriguez

Maposa Posa
Comment from : Maposa Posa

I don't like to gamble. However, i'm impressed with the restaurants and shops there. The fountain show is awesome!!!!! The best. Thanks.
Comment from : RN

judi May
Really Wow...
Comment from : judi May

Silver White
Dapat may dress code para Hindi making bakya ang Lugar.
Comment from : Silver White

Lyn Ali
Comment from : Lyn Ali

jojer megara
I have a okada hangover! And Cant wait to go back there! The projection mapping looks awesome! Im impress! Hehe
Comment from : jojer megara

Nathaniel Villapando
Nice Shoting!
Comment from : Nathaniel Villapando

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