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Whoa! This is like a youtube crossover episode lol
Comment from : sumthang678

Russ T
What is he saying at 19:00?
Comment from : Russ T

I love both your channels, and I'm subscribed to both too. I think you and Brian need to do this again, but on his channel, which would add more of Brian's color commentary while still highlighting all your expertise and humor. Hope you can do this same game or another collaboration video soon.
Comment from : angelenroute

Sassy D
TFS! Im a new subcriber! Luv u Brian!
Comment from : Sassy D

Savvy Ajumma
I was so excited to finally play a real video poker machine when I went to Michigan. "Video poker'" machines are not RNG in my state and Holding doesn't make a difference. I'd been playing Deuces Wild. I bet 1 on a 5¢ machine, "to practice", drew my first hand, checked the few tips I had typed on a note in my phone after reviewing videos & sites the night before, and held J Q to a royal flush (No 26. on ACG's cheat sheet) and got it!! The guy next to me played for another 10 mins, then said, "I can't stand it" and left!
Comment from : Savvy Ajumma

steven togami

Great video! Never did see or play a multiple game like this!
I normally play the single JOB machine, and drew Royal! Machine just locked up, didn’t need to draw any cards.

Question: if you draw a Royal on the initial deal on one of these multi deal machines, do you get the same Royal on the 20 X or 100 X deals?

Comment from : steven togami

joel diaz
Here is a question/concern/comment. Lately, When I go to the casino and stay there for a few hours and leave to go home my head is still spinning from I guess the sound/lights. If I turn off the sound or play a machine with no sound will it affect my brain less thus less likely hood of developing addiction? What do you guys think? Or should I go to the casino plugged in to my own music while playing. I just want to minimize the machine altering my brain since I do play in the casino a lot.
Comment from : joel diaz

Carol Mc
Thank you for posting this video 👍 I bought your guide last year for my trip to LV and found it extremely helpful. I haven’t paid video poker before but this inspires me to give it a try next time I’m in a casino ( I’ll try the practice software first 😉 before I invest any $) Thanks again, this video was very informative 😀
Comment from : Carol Mc

yankees fan
Tripple double is the best game dummy
Comment from : yankees fan

Stay Positive
Great study video!! It was nice seeing both of you together!! I'll watch it again because I wasn't sure about one thing! Thanks guys
Comment from : Stay Positive

dude, why you put my name in there? I don't gamble and shit.
Comment from : FirefighterBrian

Can you do video poker in spanish?
Comment from : Steve

Merv Watson
I thought the points accumulated on a high payback video poker machine are less than if you played a regular slot machine? Also, video poker is pretty boring. I understand tier points and everything, but doesn't it take some of the fun out of gambling if you're solely trying to break even to grind out comps?
Comment from : Merv Watson

Paylines Slot Channel
Great to see BC and Steve playing together. For video poker this was awesome to watch.
Comment from : Paylines Slot Channel

Claire Pierson
i love video poker its wonderful nice to have an instructor by yur side
Comment from : Claire Pierson

BonusTimeSlots by Handpay1200
Great video!! Can't wait to try poker!!!
Comment from : BonusTimeSlots by Handpay1200

Sharon Martin
Brian, usually the best paying VP is at the bars in the casino. One thing to watch is whether you get paid for 2 pair. A lot of machines pay the same for 2 pair as they do for 1 pair..... like double bonus poker. Stick with Jacks or Better or Bonus Poker. It's also a good idea to pay. 25 cent machines that cost $1.25 per hand. I played a lot of nickel bonus poker and got 3 royal flushes on my last trip. They only pay $200 but I played for hours on end and never put more than $20 in a machine. I get really good comps for my cheapie play too. I play regular slots also but if I want to kill a lot of time I recommended of you play VP. Now and then I'll pay $1VP... that's $5 per hand but again, your money lasts way longer. Get that tutor that Steve suggested, it's great. Learn to pay 1 or 2 games really well and you'll be all set. My husband like paying deuces wild. That is played TOTALLY differently as is Double Bonus of Double Double Bonus VP. You can also play 50 play VP in pennies. Hit 4 of a kind and you'll make some money. If you get a machine that isn't paying out, switch to the one next to it. Some go through cycles and a bad cycle can eat your money up fast. Video poker players have a different mind set when we gamble. We expect to play a long time and not lose a lot of money. Have fun!
Comment from : Sharon Martin

Jayne Michalik
Very good Visio Thank you
Comment from : Jayne Michalik

Dixie Chick Slots
I love my brian!! Y’all are the best !!!
Comment from : Dixie Chick Slots

Carlos G
Great content!!! Thanks Steve and Brian
Comment from : Carlos G

Mike is one of the best. I like this and hope to see more to promote vp. Cheers.
Comment from : Superdan

Bogan Painter
That is my favorite machine at Cosmo
Comment from : Bogan Painter

Yvonne Sanders-Lombardo
Thanks for the lesson ACG & Brian!!! #RUDIE4LIFE
Comment from : Yvonne Sanders-Lombardo

Rene Lopez
Great video
Comment from : Rene Lopez

Georgette Beacham
Tried video poker. Just so boring
Comment from : Georgette Beacham

Bill M
So after watching this video I went and played video poker for close to 3 hours online. I lost about 2/3 of my money. I went back to playing slots and won back all the money I lost over those 3 hours and then some within about 2minutes or 5 spins. While I do agree your money lasts longer in video poken because of the pairs payback. I also feel like hitting a big enough payback hand that makes it worth your while is much much more difficult to obtain. I'll try Video poker again eventually. For me playing slots is much more entertaining and easier to hit a big payout.
Comment from : Bill M

eries ara86
Thank you Brian!😊
Comment from : eries ara86

Lourdes Rivera
Thanks for having Brian on. This was fun and entertaining
Comment from : Lourdes Rivera

Robert Bocchino
Good work! Love the content!
Comment from : Robert Bocchino

Psychic Gambler
That video helped me a lot. I've usually come out ahead in video poker, but don't always. I'm glad I got to see this one ❤
Comment from : Psychic Gambler

Link to Brian Channel? Thanks.
Comment from : MikeOnTheBox

Flush not good? Why not held 3 suited cards? or 4
Comment from : MikeOnTheBox

"Win more" no.... "Lose less" :P
Comment from : MikeOnTheBox

Neal Mac
Is he sponsored by the casino to increase revenue
Comment from : Neal Mac

jeffrey mcfadden
be a man, play a real VP game,,,
5 aces poker!
not easy to find, but worth it.

Comment from : jeffrey mcfadden

Brud Gur
I actually thought if you have like AJ876 you only hold one high card so only an Ace or a Jack instead of both, but I guess I was wrong there.
Comment from : Brud Gur

Dexton Dalan
I really enjoyed watching this video! It gives a better idea on how to grasp the skill of video poker
Comment from : Dexton Dalan

Tina LaBelle
I want to help you create something beautiful/again.;-Bettina LaBelle
Comment from : Tina LaBelle

Wynn Wynn
Steve you should have pointed out that the Ace 2 3 of spades going for the straight flush has the same odds of hitting as the Royal Flush. Great Video one of the best video poker videos I have seen.

Comment from : Wynn Wynn

Tina LaBelle
Crazy interview/(I Know)/Totally qualified. message me.P.S. (will donate 3 months until you deem me true towards your welfare,) Brian/Looking for something new to bite,/challenge me/ please.I haven't witnessed the best day of my life yet, Sincererly, Bettina LaBelle
Comment from : Tina LaBelle

Tina LaBelle
Ok , dropped the mike.
Comment from : Tina LaBelle

Tina LaBelle
Brian, you are 4 aces in my heart/Pr agent/
Comment from : Tina LaBelle

Tina LaBelle
Reading the Bonus feeds on poker machines are soooo crucial,
Comment from : Tina LaBelle

Tina LaBelle
Steve is awesome!
Comment from : Tina LaBelle

Tina LaBelle
Computer odds/Limitless.Kills outcome,F me,
Comment from : Tina LaBelle

Tina LaBelle
If you double up/STOP.
Comment from : Tina LaBelle

Tina LaBelle
Comment from : Tina LaBelle

Tina LaBelle
Slot machines are free for all. Poker slots # table slots are where you have some control of thee outcome. Oh hell yeah/pardon.
Comment from : Tina LaBelle

Tina LaBelle
Comment from : Tina LaBelle

Tina LaBelle
I have studied Steve for some time Brian. He's so smart.Well, he is so good at MATH.LOL
Comment from : Tina LaBelle

Ha! It'd be nice to have Michael Shackleford and Steve Bourie advising you every time you gambled!!
Comment from : IllPropaganda

can you do video on why or why not to play bingo?
Comment from : LaZyB0neZ

I never play bonus poker. Bonus poker is the wrong game to play because if you get a low 4 with a kicker, or 4A's with a kicker you won't get paid the big bucks. Double double, triple double or super double is what people who plays video poker should play.. That 4 3's towards the end woulda paid you 400cr instead of 200cr and if you were playing double double and gotten a kicker, you would of gotten 800 cr and triple double with kicker would be 2000cr.
Comment from : SuperDv8

Jack Mill
I would be His number one fan for video poker vlog!!
Comment from : Jack Mill

Dora Canales
Great video! I'm a subscriber to both channels and it was such a pleasure to see Brian playing video poker! I'm a slot player myself but seriously thinking of giving video poker a try! Thank you!
Comment from : Dora Canales

Why wouldn’t you recommend having the strategy card/paper on the machine?
Comment from : Hintonbro

Anastasia Pappas
Hey like both of ye guys I've watched hundreds of Brian's videos I've been a fan before 5000 subs love his channel
Comment from : Anastasia Pappas

the big d zone
I am a rudie and i have the book ! wow looks like i will be playing video poker/
Comment from : the big d zone

Conrad Crawford
Hey BC! Great to see him on here!
Comment from : Conrad Crawford

That was a fun video, I'm not very good with the video poker so that was nice to get some insight from Steve,thanks for sharing have a great day Brian
Comment from : SlowPokeSlots

Hey Brian! Good to see you on this channel!
Comment from : Twinsen764

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