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How much money do you guys have saved for the new dlc???
Comment from : ALLSILENCED

Timo Ojakorpi
Car yes
Comment from : Timo Ojakorpi

Timo Ojakorpi
108 liked
Comment from : Timo Ojakorpi

light skin
I have all 3 of my ceo garages full of dupes money for days 🙏
Comment from : light skin

Chadd King
I’ve seen the green/white armored money truck leaving the casino a few times, but didn’t give it much thought🤔🤔
Comment from : Chadd King

What casino mission is that planing board on?
Comment from : a5always

Tony Scorea
#notification squad##
Comment from : Tony Scorea

I've notice a black and grey armored truck near the casino.
Comment from : Luizilla01

Richy Pfleegor
# notification squad
Comment from : Richy Pfleegor

Angry _
Comment from : Angry _

javier garcia
When the dlc comes to ps4 this week or the next week?
Comment from : javier garcia

Sushi Machine44
When are we going to get Snow on GTA online?
Comment from : Sushi Machine44

Jeffery Vroman
Comment from : Jeffery Vroman

MoMo_ Beatz
I remember when u used to post consistently I swear to god I used to gw ur content, what happened? Been subbed for about 3 to 4 years or something back when gta was the fcking shiiiittttt In its absolute prime
Comment from : MoMo_ Beatz

MoMo_ Beatz
A casino heist right after the casino dlc? That's terrible this sound shiiiitttt
Comment from : MoMo_ Beatz

Matthew Yaworski
Noti squad 🙏🏻
Comment from : Matthew Yaworski

King Wolf
#Notification squad
Comment from : King Wolf

Bane nWo
Noti Gang
Comment from : Bane nWo

beese churger
When you have no money😕
Comment from : beese churger

Hal Griffiths-Kidd
Looking forward to the new update definitely gonna cost me tho

Comment from : Hal Griffiths-Kidd

Will there be snow for Christmas
Comment from : doggo

Title: “NEW DLC”

Me: MOM!!! Where is you credit card.

Comment from : MeVeryFrosty

Playboi Tay
Notification squad
Comment from : Playboi Tay

new cars and shit?
Comment from : mahad

Xxx_-_-_xxX &
No cops so u predictedtiom was wrong but ayyy its all good
Comment from : Xxx_-_-_xxX &

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